[Scam Alert] Success Resources Gary Vee London Event Review

[Scam Alert] Success Resources Gary Vee London Event Review

hello James Greaney here from internetbizuni.com and in this video I will be doing a review of this event that I
was at in London yesterday and the day before was a two-day event garyvee was
the headline speaker at the event it was called the success resources business
squared business hustlers 2.0 garyvee was the main speaker there was a few
other speakers and in this video I will be giving you a rundown off it you know
I thought some parts of it was absolutely terrible and I would advise
you to not go to this type of event on the back of that but then there were
some parents that were good so I’m going to go into both in this video so first
off I’m gonna start with what was good so as you probably know if you follow my
youtube channel I put out a video explaining that I will be going to this
event and anyone interested in going to join our meetup group and I will put the
details in there and we would meet up at the event and yeah it was great I got to
meet a good few people who actually follow the YouTube channel and watched
my videos in the past so that was really good at you know to get to meet people
who have watched my videos and you know just been interested in what I put out
you know it was really kind of humbling to to actually meet people that you know
were who came to kind of see me and came to meet me that was probably the best
part about the entire event the second best part was seeing Gary Vee
speak he’s an amazing speaker and you know as always just speaks 100% the
truth whether it’s what people want to hear or not and he just came out and
done his usual his usual talk but blew the crowd away everyone in the crowd
loved him and you know it was really it was really good to see it was the first
time I’ve ever seen Gary Vee speak live I’ve gone to a good few of these type of
events before in the past but never one that Gary Vee was speaking at so that
was the two main good points from us and then
the rest of us was filled off with other speakers so it’s a to Dave and wasn’t
sure when exactly Gary Vee was going to be odd because the event didn’t even
have a schedule they wouldn’t tell you when each speaker was on they gave you a
booklet which explained a bit about each of the speakers but they didn’t tell you
what days or what times any of the speakers were on so you’re kind of just
going in hoping to see the speakers you wanted to see and hoping not to see the
speakers that you didn’t want to see and that kind of brings me to the next point
the point that wasn’t so good about the event and that was a lot of the speakers
that were speaking at the event wore in my view gave absolutely zero value all
they don’t was speak about themselves and how great they were and actually
didn’t give any tips one guy came on he was calling himself a billionaire crypto
investor and he admitted even up on the stage that he didn’t even know what
blockchain was couldn’t even describe briefly about blockchain or what it was
or anything like that but he was calling himself the billionaire crypto investor
so yeah it was it was an all all in it was an awful lot of that stuff like it
was literally just them giving himself credibility but again I don’t want to
tarnish tomorrow so I’ll go through a few of the different speakers there was
a guy called sandy Grif probably saying his name wrong and he was okay sandy was
okay and gave a few tips about kind of world markets and different things that
he kind of foreseen and yeah it was it was good it was good solid pitch at the
end he was selling his two grand course again
but yeah all in all he gave bill better value away sold his course at the end of
us then was guy Paulo mani he was my next favorite speaker a parrot from Gary
B he’s from Limerick in Ireland so maybe
that has something to do with it I thought I could rush Nate and laugh with
what he was talking about he was just a regular guy back in I think was 2007
when he quit his job quit his corporate job started to make money online and
yeah now he’s like over a million followers across social media and Europe
makes it makes a lot of money and just doing that got around talking to events
just on the back of kind of the follow what he’s built on social media but
again came across very honest and yeah his talk was was good and I would look
out for future talks appears his name was Palo Manny I haven’t checked him
online but I will be checking on my line because I thought he was good and won’t
be interested in hearing more from him then the next one we move on to was a
guy called JT Fox I don’t know if any be know this guy but he in my view was
absolutely a joke the whole time he came out all he was doing was trying to pick
himself up telling everyone how great he was what he owned who we knew who he met
basically what I got from his talk he goes around meeting celebrities taking
pictures with them posing with them and trying to get them to come to his event
and then he uses them celebrities to show people how famous he is he’s
actually the guy that was called as a billionaire crypto investor and again he
was coming across saying he had no interest in money whatsoever he is
enough money to do how many lifetimes but yet he’s really pushing his course
hired at the end he’s two or three grand course at the end and just gave
absolutely zero value from what I got out of it anyway really didn’t like his
talk was very uncomfortable sitting there through it all because he was just
talking up here shoddy to be honest and yeah would definitely advise you not to
go and see him if you were going to event and you wanted to learn a few
things unless you wanted to learn how to fake it until you make it then I
definitely wouldn’t go and see JT Fox then there was keen Wong Kim Wong
was actually good he was talking about a facebook video the power of Facebook
videos and they produce a lot of high quality videos their number one producer
on Facebook they showed some stats which Facebook shows the number one publisher
of videos on Facebook and they were ranked number one and yet he just gave a
few tips along the lines I’ve produced a video but again it was more just telling
you that you should be producing video you should be uploading it to Facebook
she’ll be running ads against it and that’s the attention on Facebook is very
underpriced at the moment and videos are performing very well so yeah he went
into that and then the next guy was guy called Jason James is his name and a
parrot from JT Fox he was probably the most followship person I’ve ever heard
in my life he was really just digging himself up the whole time given zero
value whatsoever really pushed his course extremely hard he don’t make one
of the most slimy moves I’ve ever seen he asked the audience anyone interested
in getting mentored by him to stand up to put the hand up first then he goes
don’t stand up and then he was like no come up to the stage and he was kind of
not telling what he was getting them up for so of course a lot of people that
are totally new to this didn’t know what was gonna happen next
someone who has been to a few different events like this in the past would know
these kind of tactics that they use to sell whatever systems they’re selling
and but yeah he got everyone to come up on stage that was interested and then
when they were up on stage he first off showed a picture of himself in Louis
Vuitton and said you know the first 20 to buy I’m gonna give you the
opportunity to buy my system the first 20 I’m gonna bring you to Louie Vuitton
with me kick you out in gear give you 500 pounds spend the money
and yeah just get you looking and dress and like success and basically brought
them up on stage and and then kind of told them all you know about his system
and looked so many people that was the crazy part I was like who’s gonna go up
on stage for this sad and looked and there was I’d say there was a hundred
people up on the stage and yeah then he just obviously talked about his system
and and told people to go to the back of the room to purchase his system from the
table if they were interested and anyone he seen sitting down he was like running
after them because he obviously knew they were interested in his mentoring
because they came up on stage so then he knew if they wouldn’t buy his course or
his system or whatever it was I don’t even know totally what I was selling
those it was basically just a whole big hyped up thing about himself his whole
speech was just about how great he is and then he was selling whatever
whatever was involved in his system yeah he was just running after people like
tell them not to sit down that if they sit down they’re gonna regret it
that’s why their stock that’s why they haven’t got to where they want to go
because they’re quitters and like he was just longing after people like telling
them no go over to the table by in am I on my team and then one of the girls
that was over at the table one of the objections she went on with she was like
so if I sign up now do I get the louis vuitton thing and i overheard him say to
her he was like know what we do is he didn’t say no he said what we do is we
pick worn out at the first 20 people that signing up so yeah if you if you
buy now you’ll have a chance to win it but basically when he was up on stage he
was saying 20 the first people to sign up will get this five hundred euro
purchase our flew Eva town on him and get to go out shopping with hinton our
live it was actually comical to see in an action but on the other hand it was
quite sad because you’d see a lot of people who are there who are keen you
two events that really want to just change their life really want to do
better with their life by him in to this sort of thing because this guy looks
like he’s successful and sounds that you know the way he was talking about
himself and people he’s met and the pictures of his lovely Karen just just
everything like that he was just really portraying the image that he’s a really
successful person and you know people who are desperate to become success a
lot of them bought into that I really could not believe how many people were
buying in to this kind of bulk that some of these were shouting about but
definitely yeah Jess and James and JT fucks are two people that I will
definitely not be going to see and if I see them on an event I probably avoid
the event and the future of the cars it’ll kind of tell me a lot about the
event and that was one of the big Downers about this entire event I’m used
to going to events I get it 100% you have to sell your stuff you’re not gonna
no one’s gonna go and try to you know just simply not make more money but I
just didn’t like the kind of tactics that they were pullin on it like some of
them were very slimy with the way they were were selling their product and
really just selling himself not not given any value given any content would
any real value at all but yeah that’s it that was my review offer this is my
notebook don’t have a whole lot of notes taken from us a few of them again Paula
Matheny and gave some good content the course was amazing shot a video put it
on the YouTube video I put out my youtube channel when a life turned his
talk so a lot of you could see us and again with clarity you just know what
you’re gonna get you know he does speak about a lot of the same stuff repeats it
over and over but it’s one country sent the truth and it’s what you need to hear
a lot of the time and that’s kind of why he has so much respect in the Americas
and that’s why you know so many people just constantly like to listen to what
he says but yeah that’s pretty much it hope that you have enjoyed this video
leave a comment below again I like the Gary Vee giveaway for Gary Vee bundle of
trainers so leave your comment below too have an extra chance to win that and
I’ll be announcing the winner whenever I get to 15,000 subscribers so please be
become a blow just let me know what you think after this video what you think of
my review and yeah hope that you have a good day
speak soon right


  1. iPredict says:

    "talkin pure shit" Crypto billy

    Louis V getting their name dragged through the mud ha ha

    Look out for the "Jessie Fox" combo folks ??

    Great video James…

  2. stevemayo77 Mayo says:

    Great honest feedback. Thank you James ?

  3. Pocket Man says:

    Turns my stomach to here people who are so desperate they give their money to these bastards

  4. Frigster Rigster says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Lorkappo says:

    Respect for calling it like it is

  6. MyStall Trader says:

    Lmao ?? you've absolutely nailed it. Great to meet you James, top bloke!!???

  7. Wendelinho says:

    What's crazy in this video is your not sure if it was a 2k or 3k event. When actually everyone knows it was £1997 down from £54997 or £7997 or 34597 or some over 97 hahaha

  8. Wendelinho says:

    You should go and put your not recommend reviews on the success resources facebook page of you think it was a poor event. Try and help others not make the same mistakes.

  9. dindipanesar says:

    totally agree.

  10. nebllav says:

    Feel sorry for people who get sucked in by all this BS. Fair play to you James for exposing and ironic that Jesse James was an American outlaw/bank robber back in the day !

  11. Léo Castel - Limitless Marketing says:

    J T foxx was a joke but just one thing I liked from him was the the energy when closing, that I think some missed. (important if you're doing webinar for example) shame I didn't meet you, that will be for next time 😉

  12. Mind Over Matter says:

    That's why it is better NOT to promote anyone outside of yourself. You are a good guy, your course is very good, but don't get carried away with other peoples events.

  13. Helena Beak says:

    I'm not a big fan of much of success resources but I loved UPW London 2017 and I've seen Paul O'Mahony at Progressive and I think he's brilliant. I haven't seen Gary V live but I do enjoy his FB videos (though I can't let my 7yr old son watch due to some of the language)
    I think success resources and the good people like Paul and Tony really suffer when they promote less genuine people especially when they use the slimy tactics!

  14. EasyRead Time Teacher Ltd says:

    Completely agree with your comments James, it was a dreadful event and shocking to see the tactics used by some of the speakers to promote themselves. I found it so unbearable I couldn't force myself to stay to the end and see Gary Vee. Success Resources should not be allowed to treat their customers in this way – putting on an event, not even publishing a schedule. I saw a comment on Twitter saying it was like being herded into a room and sold a timeshare for 2 days, just waiting for 45 mins of Gary Vee at the end. Dreadful, especially as people had paid to be there. Thanks for sharing your review and good to meet you.

  15. Hilton shaw says:

    u have seen sandy and I considered his talk dangerous to people. He spoke about forex and his comments were just hyping people to buy the course, if those people invest like those comments professionals will destroy them

  16. Trish Chanda says:

    It was an interesting event I went for Gary Vee and made it my mission to meet him and I did. I literally ambushed him, if you don't believe me, you can watch the video on my YouTube channel. ? There's valid points in this video. It was a bit salesy but let's be fair we got quite a bit of value from the speakers that made sense or connected to us but others not so much. One thing I would recommended is UPW tony Robbins seminar is life changing and I would advise anyone to go. JT fox ? is mmm interesting he bigs himself up but TBF he makes money ? I think some of them were very American for the British public. Thank you for the video, I enjoyed it! ?

  17. The Cryptovator says:

    Hey bro. Totally agree with your review. I only stayed for Gary.

  18. Garry Grant says:

    If I was in the UK last month I would have considered attending this event. Would have been good to meet but unfortunately there are far too many events like this where the speakers big themselves up and offer little to no value. However the fact they hadn't given any of you a talk schedule is a dirty tactic and completely unacceptable way to treat a paying audience. First time I have heard of this for a paid event actually.

  19. Vrox says:

    Same in Melbourne. They advertised with Gary's face, but Gary didn't come on till the end of the 8 hour day. It was just full of people trying to sell their courses. It was such a horrible image for Gary and I feel bad for anyone that brought friends along.

  20. ladyfitness67 says:

    Thank you. I was thinking of attending.

  21. Eliza Grogan says:

    Their latest ad is for Tony Robbins. It's on Utube constantly. Price for convention is up to £5,000 per person depending on whether you are entitled to Ruby, Gold or other entry (according to the price paid). I've contacted the Press and I believe there will be reporters attending the conference. They even mention that refunds can only be claimed after lunch on the second day. It's obvious that they have many disgruntled patrons. This company must be making a fortune from gullible attendees. This whole thing reminds me of timeshare salesmen.

  22. Joe Hoe says:

    thank you

  23. Andreas R. Basu says:

    Can just support your view after spending a fortune for the trainers. You really need to make a very good choice which is hard when you are pimped up with tactics and music. So stay clear and if you don't get any real content, then stay away. Success Resources is the worst company I have ever met – they don't care about you, just make their money. It is nearly impossible to get your money back.

  24. Chris V. Noire. says:

    Don't be so fucking sensitive. Sheesh. Even if they talked about themselves there's lessons to learn. You had a buffet of speakers some hit with you some missed with you…if you asked others you'd be surprised that they were probably moved by the speakers that did not move you. Thats whats resonance is about, different people resonate with different people because everyone is at different parts of their journey. Cry me the damn Thames.

  25. [ REDACTED ] says:

    Gary Vee is a shill, just like all these other gurus who sell expensive tickets to them yelling down a mic only to sell you even more expensive tickets for next time.

    The way Gary works is this: you ask him a question, and he berates you in response, interrupting and cutting you off at every opportunity, so that you're wrong wrong wrong and he's aggressively right right right. He guilts and demeans people until they simply back down entirely and say 'yeah, you're right'. He's an expert brainwasher.

    The ironic thing? One guy was asking about success and how to get it on a low budget, and he had the nerve to say 'you're not successful cos you throw money away on stupid life coach courses'. LIKE YOURS, GARY!?

    Complete hack.

  26. Mike Winnet says:

    I was at the same event James. Agree with lots of your points. I enjoyed Daniel Priestley and Paul's talk, the rest, less so… I discussed this with Gary Vee when he invited me over to NY. His response… "expose those f*ck faces".

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