Sam Seder DESTROYS Social Security Hater Alan Simpson

Sam Seder DESTROYS Social Security Hater Alan Simpson

it’s sts alan simpson no i don’t know if he gets paid to go
around doing this and we do know that he gets you know somewhere around forty grand a
speech uh… when he’s charging people and yeah he’s an old guy who likes to
follow fly-around feel relevant i mean who wouldn’t want to go on the daily show right and we we see evidence of simpson trying to
court the youth by going on the daily show and also
doing a gangland style parity which we will will play maybe after this but gingham style apparently i mean i’ve seen the video it is a south korean uh… singer whose
mocking song is about mocking a agus gang a ms neighborhood right in
south korea that is uh… rather posh so he’s mocking essentially people like
alan simpson uh… people born with a silver spoon in
their mouth simpson’s father i think it was was a
senator earned so that’s you you know we know how and simpson roles um… so since it does on jon stewart program and i don’t think that we can underestimate
the influence that jon stewart has on young people so it’s a great place to go if you’re
trying to live a young people and not just to reach those people but also
sadly to some extent and many of you love jon stewart i like him i’ve always been a fan but there are some areas where he is a little bit uninformed or just not that i have i’m
gonna say unimportant and you know what india if i was a little bit older maybe and i was
making that at the cash in and do a comedy show i wouldn’t spend my time necessarily getting so unformed although on the
other hand i don’t think i could have alan simpson on the program of it in sit
down with somebody who could actually come ilike where the
points really that this guy is selling their ball and so let’s start at the beginning with
this um… and you should know like i was saying yesterday aspirin had
a great piece uh… about simpson bowls being magic that everybody praises simpson bowls and no one really knows what’s in it at
least to the extent that so i’m sure they do now but you hear of those on the right
calling uh… praising simpson bowls yet it calls for uh… even greater tax cuts that seemed in
didn’t seem to be on the uh… table right now excuse me tax increases that seem to be on the table right now um… it calls for cuts in spending which all of which will shrink the deficit in
this gets back to the point that i was trying to make yesterday the guy i was driving uh… to up to
wester didn’t know that the fiscal cliff will shrink the
deficit and that’s why everybody’s afraid of it well so too would the simpson bowls plan so it is no solution to the fiscal cliff it is the fiscal cliff in and out of self and uh… perrine in his piece appointed
to i guess it was a uh… a rather non-scientific poll but it was
in business insider and presumably right these are the
people who are really interested in the fiscal clip a plurality of people had no idea but the fiscal cliff will contract will
contract the deficit there is simply a presumption that and a mistaken presumption that the
reason why we have this financial crisis is because the size of our debt and
deficit as opposed to our debt and deficit being as large it is as a
function of the financial crisis and that the reason why people are
afraid of the fiscal cliff to the extent that anybody is it’s because they’re
afraid it’s going to shrink the deficit and therefore sink the economy because austerity at a time of week
uh… economic growth is like putting gas on that fire the economic growth that’s the opposite it’s bad for economic growth let’s put it that way and so um… let’s go to this first clip of the
simpson on jon stewart show because there’s a a couple things that need to
be corrected uh… so let me let me let me start with
you two years ago two-and-a-half years ago you are approached to chair a committee with risking bowls that is going to set up the the deficit reduction plan read at play but the country you come out with a plan you study it
you very diligent everybody hates within twenty four hours
the democrats say it’s to watch the republicans are you reading taxes too much two years later as we stand on the precipice of a click suddenly this plan is seen as the most a reasonable thing in town and
people are coming to you uh… to find out your sage advice what happened in those too pot-smoking i’ll tell you what happened p peterson sunk another several hundred million
dollars into advertising little kids that that
is going up p peterson uh… flying in uh…
journalists into uh… at think tank eh… conventions and conferences and putting ads out there and a encouraging business uh… groups
to uh… why don’t you uh… bring uh… simpson bowls in it forty grand a pop and of course nobody wants to tell the truth to the american public on one side you’ve got uh… week needed
ministration officials who can’t who don’t feel they can sell keynesian
economics anymore and on the other hand you’ve got uh…
republicans who really just want to slash government services in taxes for
the rich and they can’t tell anybody about uh…
what the implications of their austerity so that’s what’s happened also commentators like a jon stewart don’t necessarily do
all the work they should and so uh… they have guys like simpson on because
he’s an old continues interesting well the people young people with now you can do this you can’t pack your way out of this whole grow your way out of the four we had every economist said you could have
double-digit growth for twenty years you can’t go your way out of it all the
posit did you hear what you just said first of all the idea that we could have
double-digit growth for twenty years i don’t think that’s ever happened uh… i don’t know that we’ve had
double-digit growth that we’ve had double-digit growth more
than two or three cars ever the idea that we could not get rid of the deficit
or death with double-digit growth five or ten years is just absurd it’s absurd now maybe the double digit she’s talking
about is something like one point one percent grows may be those of the two digits is
talking about but disguise i don’t know if he’s just
lying or he’s just seen a but that’s just absurd dot what been of really good place for jon stewart say
we we we excuse me wired you’re saying that if we had ten percent growth for twenty years we would not raise enough reptile i don’t think it’s possible frankly
uh… to have that type of growth maybe even for one year um… because of our limited resource and just
because of the how it’s polishing that would be but uh… so that’s his first sort of
big lie that goes uh… and uncontested at cut spending your way out of this
whole everything we did and said and we have five democrats five republicans an arrangement dick
durbin of illinois very progressive democrat and coburn of oklahoma
progressive conservative five dams five republican one
independent at the super-majority and for god sake the reason we were so
successful positively affect super-majority well sadly the committee was not set up to ratify a proposal with a super-majority it was set up to be to ratify a proposal
with fourteen out of its eighteen members some really what jon stewart got upset at the
beginning is your proposal failed it was charged with fourteen out of
eighteen people there was a reason for that you couldn’t get your proposal i mean even i guess store costar the
solving by simply being this whole we mean by hole one of the implications of this whole ever so successful is really effectively pissed off
everybody in america deregulate held firm test operate but in america the guy who push that guy into the
subway tracks this notion of we pissed off everybody
in america we must be doing something right really i really just like that guy i think i could push
the subway that that was that on the subway tracks that probably pissed off everybody in
america must be built up highly hi now we get the second clip right i let’s go to the second place predator and erasers on board there’s a lot of talk about corporate tax rates and lowering them
and making them more competitive in mind i corporations that have already was
twenty years the role of the planes they have a in look at it factually corporate profits are at an
all-time hope of hard that was a freudian slip of tear it off oriel so i guess on confused as to why we are
chasing uh… their favor when they seem to have had such a good ron over these past five
thirty years ok great point now here’s where alan simpson starts and
uh… going into complete nonsense i mean i can’t let me get the idea that
this guys respect it is a thoughtful person on this stuff is just ludicrous it he’s barely com prayer comprehend
comprehensible in this guy yeah well uh… are corporate tax rate is the highest in the
world and so but not actually well thirty six percent of che’s river
rat ways what we did we took away fast all of these pack it is true that are corporate tax rate
that thirty five percent is uh… one of the highest in the wild uh… it is also true as as the word out to that they don’t actually paid they don’t come close to pain very few corporations come even close to
paying that as an effective tax rate expenditures all of these deductions all
of the stuff this is just earmarked by any other in a minute
spending by an unnamed and it’s one trillion one hundred
billion bucks a year and only twenty percent of the american people use eighty
percent of the stuff in that tax code is active in the wake up call whose would
get me in the system right ok but you got reset and so we got rid of all
batman and we say not give the american people from zero to seventeen graham
they pay per cent from seventy granted to two hundred and
ten thousand pay fourteen and they were that twenty-three take the corporate
rate to twenty-six from thirty six and not taxing twice when they bring it back and when they bring it back the
democrats positive posit i mean this guy’s completing somebody divert things
here he’s talking about tax expenditures for
the wealthy is uh… individuals in this country he’s not addressing corporate
taxes at all in that whole run of garbled he got that he just uh… laid
out there um… i don’t no problem with with getting rid of some tax
expenditures not at all uh… it won’t happen we also know what
happens when you do you do that ronald reagan did it in the mid eighties they got rid of the loopholes got really
all the deductions they drop the tax rates and then guess what two years later all the loopholes all
the deductions off of the expenditure backs expenditures they came back you don’t believe me go google love fred
grandy and i are fun uh… nam on kudlow grandy actually go go for was uh… was
in the congress of the time and then he offered that and now he’s getting into now what simpson’s talking about i mean
he just seems to throw out stuff without even having a day in the end what in any
way contradicts allies with simpson’s now about to do talk
about is the uh… notion of repatriation of
profits from uh… u_s_ corporations in money
that they make overseas who says a democrat were democrats will
stay well they’ll just use it for dividends
and the bar stock and he said well hell at least they’ll be used in the united
states of america and said the standard over there and wait a minute right
although they could also disease of the bonuses are or just want to know they’re
all of you and i possibility now understand that the reason why u_s_ businesses who are centered in based in united
states keep their their profits offshore is because when they bring them back they’re subject to u_s_ corporate tax
rates they are allowed to die for bringing back repatriating these profits because of a plan that i was in our
started i believe it was in the fifties to encourage foreign investment we do not need tuf code to encourage foreign investment
anymore in this country so the question is in allow them to bring it back at a lower
rate so he okay they use it for dividends in a just give it to rich
people but at least there’s they’re spending it
here well how about let’s go back to pre eisenhower where they can keep it off shore where every year they got to record
their profits and they’ve gotta pay a tax rate that’s not even on the table as far as this guy’s concert in part without anything you’re a a
republican between you and me now that would’ve been a great time for
storage is a what the fricking you talking about but these guys get a comedy shows so he
makes the joke and he’s got to take a break all right so they come back from break and uh… this is where our alan simpson
really he supposedly a traitor to his class his
class being uh… older people as opposed to what is class really is is
rich people and party now let me tell you what that is less
like bet your country but really stupid because i’ll tell you
there’s a group out there that didn’t give a damn about republicans or
democrats or presidents and it’s the people we’ll sixteen trillion bucks too was apparently aust or we the largest
that hold their own country that half of this is owned by private private people people in new yorker cody
wyoming the other half is owned by the feds and
half of that’s owned by china so that’s the debt you can’t just for a
positive right for those of you who are not too clear
on remedial math you can only have two house you can have three house of something now if he was saying i don’t know what he said he say half of
the federal road that is owned by china and baba let let let’s be clear on who
owns the u_s_ federal debt nineteen percent of the debt is uh… a is owed to the social security trust fund about two point seven trillion dollars eleven point three percent of the debt
is owed to the federal reserve eight percent of our debt is owed it to
china eight percent six percent almost seven percent is to those private people in wyoming in
new york now half six percent is uh… about look forty forty four percent less than half just for those of you who aren’t good at
math out there now this is the guy who’s in charge of the so-called etc commission not so good with numbers apparently six percent of our debt is held by
cheque educated three point five percent by state and
local governments three point five percent of pension funds two point four
percent united kingdom then you have money market mutual funds and some more uh… states a
municipality got about two or three percent each some retirement funds so he’s walking out of his ass but china in chinese so we’re going to say hi the debt to china nine percent and they’re relying on on our stability of our country so that they can maintain their growth and everything else that they do over
there without a stable united states china
falls into the to the red sea or the chinese see or some city i’m speaking metaphorically of course so nam those people out there who are worried
about the debt analytics a republican candidate said forget their
pro-life everybody would like to meet the creditor and so here you have a situation where the where the markets we’re going to call
the shots they’re going to say you proved if
you’re a dysfunctional government you also pro-direct dicted today at
you’re sixteen philly you don’t need a stimulus wasn’t only affect the one trillion one
hundred billion dollar deficit the as per your affiliate of stimulus it’s money that you byron you don’t have
any it’s wore that comes in chill the market you’re going to crack
down and at that point if say we don’t give a damn about who’s
out there but they one thing you guys or or history because but we’re
going to give you more money well we want more money for our money
and interest rates of pickup in inflation will kick in in the guy to get
screwed was the little guy the middle class then yeah i dairy is is is is a
middle class champion down since then what he’s saying there is the stupid basic basic things he saying when he’s saying we’ve got one point to go bomb point one
trillion dollar deficit and incidentally you’ll recall that when the president
obama was inaugurated on the day he was inaugurated the deficit was projected to be one
point seven trillion for two thousand nine so it is shrunk at its fastest rate over the past three
years and any time since i think seventy years despite the fact that we haven’t had
double digit code for ten twenty years and this is what deficit hattori is this
is when people say bond vigilantes this is what they’re talking about alan simpson is arguing that those people who are loaning us
money either the soc cure to trust fund which
holds ninety percent of our debt where the federal reserve which of
eleven point three percent of our debt or i guess not chinese which are
desperately tied to our economy and they only only
eight percent of our debt are gonna say we’re not going to buy your dead anymore
because you’re addicted to to get and we’re going to where we’re only
going to buy your debt for more for a higher percentage rate in
other words when we loaned you money we’re going to
require a higher percentage rate on that and then it’s going to be impossible for
you to maintain your books is what’s happened to greece they don’t have control over their own parents see so to buy a greek bond i don’t know how
you get a get a twenty five percent return because you think they’re going to
default now supposedly this is going to happen
to the united states but what alan simpson does not say and what uh… john store does not say well then why is it that people are loaning us money on a twenty year note that if you include inflation actually cost them money right now when the united states
government borrows money on a twenty-year know if you factor in
inflation the government makes that’s how low the interest rates are that the u_s_
government has to offer to potential owners to this country so what would alan simpson is talking
about his fantasy and that’s really what jon stewart sort
of question coming out of the through the several things i pointed out that
would’ve been a big one there to there but i’ll tell you but
will get you there it both times part ring this business well if you talk to entitlements or
crash let me tell you healthcare is on automatic pilot and the reason it
will never worked on my card elvis presley care if you want to bring it
can’t work because there’s no cost containment except down the road chile a member of the last the law said
you that the dark for making too much money we cut ’em or how who shows up all day long at the
congress of docs we won’t repeat will do that now we did adopt excel costas two
hundred and seventy five billion over ten years and they’ll never ever reject anybody down the road but i tell you if you think this can
work when you got to take care of us three year old with a pre-existing
condition would be sixty one one person in the united states weighs more than
the other two that’s a statistic that the the the guys who choose to do booth drugs and
the whole work and you’re going to pay for if you think they’re going to go
into a preventive health program with her on me past this guy is one of the two chairman of this debt commission and he’s insanelymac he can’t even string together a coherent sentence always say what dot com entitlements
kids got fat people and we’ve got three year olds who got a can cost containment doctrine
extended under the medicare patch in the bob bob dot about black cut hearings are blamed it on the yeah party graham kerr and uh… this is where john stewart has
the really the only thing you can say at this point and and and all the rest of us and you got the proper prevalent that
got your center because otherwise you could do it if you know i hardly ever
get the the and i want to just corrected jon
stewart this guy’s no longer a senator so he’s just due to chair at all on the
side the highway yelling at people who you were divided on your show who’d tease john stewart invited on his
show right indeed and so uh… this notion of cutting entitlements while there it is a
meanie that’s basically what it would it gets down to i’ve rarely attribute any type of of real uh… had personality defect in these policy
things are usually see them in a sort of broader strokes but this guy really does think that
there’s something immoral about seniors not having i’m not saying zaidi in their retirement first off we know there was a report
that came out that i think it was today by the kaiser foundation on the implications and this is something i’ve been saying about what happens when you raise the
road the medicare eligibility age lifting the eligibility age from
sixty-five to sixty-seven in medicare would reduce the federal spending by
about five point seven billion is in the first year of its full
implementation but that would be offset by eleven point
four billion dollars in spending by other people and other words the people who have to
pay for their health insurance on the
private market three point seven billion in higher cost
for sixty five and sixty six year olds four point five billion from employers
through company-sponsored insurance programs point seven billion from state
governments two point five billion in higher average prices uh… for third parties once these younger people are taken out
of medicare and uh… out of that risk also you
increase the cost of medicare you’re going to increase the cost in private insurance because now you’re
putting all the people sixty five a sixty six year olds who are otherwise covered by medicare
into the private insurance risk pools and those of the people are going to use
health insurance more than anybody else statistically speaking so it doesn’t save anybody any money except for arguably the government but at the end
of the day you know this is going to end up costing private individuals more and that means that our grandkids who hoop floral grandpa’s simpson cares
about are going to pay for their grant at parents in their parents to get health insurance when they’re sixty six in sixty five and even insurance companies are worried
about it because they’re going to have to have a uh… it worse risk pool now i will say this consist of what we’re talking about
yesterday nancy pelosi came out at three uh… later that afternoon and said i am very much against that and i think
most of my members are in terms of raising the medicare eligibility i don’t
see any reason why www that should be in any agreement so we’re seeing a staffing of the spines
of democrats which is why uh… all men simpson’s out there makin gang them
style parity videos to try and appeal to kids will play this let’s play right now houston ramming your breakfast and printing your first and getting on utube celia conceding
them style is dancing removing those pressures
social media skill go up sign people up on this baby three people one week let
it grow the partner here picking apart or diesel cultural cleanup occurred
before you get there now is dancing again laughter yeah hoop uh… tell you that last part was imparted video that
was apparently just uh… storm for that jumped unbelievable unbelievable not job disguised and you should know when we talk about so security have said
this many time before over fifty percent over fifty percent we didn’t have that
part where he’s gone through uh… somehow we’ve missed it at one point during his interview with
um… was stewart he talks about what they’re proposing in terms of
entitlement cuts he says we’re gonna make the uh… for the cost
of living increased more productive and stuart doesn’t catch a but what that
means is we’re gonna we’re going to cut the cost of living increases for so scary over fifty percent of soc purity recipients rely on so scary for sixty percent of their income in the top in the second-highest quintile another
words you divide up uh… income for senior citizens into five groups the top group so security makes up i think only about
twenty percent on average for the next group it’s still is the biggest source of income and for about half of that group it’s about half of their income and we’re talking your average so scary
payment somewhere around what well fourteen hundred dollars a month so there’s nobody out there who’s living high on the hog because they’re getting social security and so you know i i i really think if
you’re gonna invite this guy onto your show and allow him to further his plan to reach out to the
youth in get them to after themselves you are watching her audience to do a little more work on this but i do appreciate you doing it in
releasing the video so that i could do that work


  1. brandnutopian says:

    Go Sam!

    Shit, maybe you should get a consultant position for the Daily Show?

  2. Teresa Fawkes says:

    I don't agree about Stewart not having researched it properly. I get that he's choosing his battles, not going full metal jacket on the old coot. Part of it — and maybe I give him too much credit — is that Stewart seems to respect the intelligence of his audience.

    Also, the whole thing is a bust, so he doesn't need to butt rape him. Just let him talk and we'll all see how full of shit he is.

  3. brandnutopian says:

    Social Security payments come out of every check you receive for your entire working life. TVs, computers, Xboxs have nothing to do with it. What, you don't have hobbies?

  4. kurd55 says:

    Work at "dumb" jobs? What does that mean? Are you mocking labor? And, by the way, you're suffering from a "small sample" fallacy.

  5. kurt gerstein says:

    great comment.

  6. dominsu says:

    Social Security is paid for by the payroll tax. Anybody who is paid a stable wage, is paying for social security. When the Republicans (and a lot of Democrats) try and gut it to try and cover the wealthy, they are essentially stealing from the poor, to give to the rich. Social Security has not done a thing to cause the deficit, it has not caused a problem. In fact, it has grown a massive surplus, that has been used again and again to fund terrible economic policies.

  7. pjamesbda says:

    As pointed out numerous times…it is the height of irony to expect the working poor to "share" equally in sacrifices when we haven't "shared" equally in the prosperity. All we know is hard work and sacrifice. There is no end to it. The question is; how long will we fail to make the correlation between the gluttonous aristocracy and our own condition? Not only do we need to realize it…we need to aggressively take down the plutocrats that facilitate it (who are themselves "the rich").

  8. Tounushi says:

    6% is not 44% less than 50%, 6% is 12% of 50%.

  9. ezekielthemack says:

    Sam: "I don't know what do tell you…" LOL LOL LOL. Alan Simpson is the reason why white guys should never go anywhere near a dance floor.

  10. Toosin Beymen says:

    A classic. The number one best breakdown and explanation of the "fiscal cliff" available in the media. Sam, you hit a home run in this clip. Kudos.

  11. Tomek Roksela says:

    Psy isn't making fun of people like Simpson. He's making fun of people who are poor, or middle class, but they act and spend money like they were people like Alan Simpson.

  12. LonerWeirdo says:

    Ehh.. I think what he's making fun of goes beyond class and wealth. It's this attitude and culture of.. I don't know, putting yourself out there on display? To me being proud of owning a Ferrari is equal to someone posting a 'duck-face' picture on FB – it's ridiculous to me and I'll never understand it.

  13. MrOttopants says:

    We call those people 30k millionaires. There are a lot of them getting off the plane in Las Vegas.

  14. Little Pinky says:

    I think so too esp now cause in the Senate they won't have as many repubs anymore to pass things. So they want to get it done now.

  15. Little Pinky says:

    For Sam: Gangnam is a district in South Korea. It's where all the wealthy people live including Psy himself and his family (he grew up there). So yeah he's poking fun at the life styles there and showing how even they have fun and such.Al Jazeera had a great segment on Gangnam that shows what it means to the country and how obsessive people can get with Gangnam and wanting their children to be there to be successful If you do a youtube search for Psy you can find interviews where he mentions it.

  16. Little Pinky says:

    Alan Simpson is the exact type of person that Psy is talking about. I do agree about Jon though. One thing I so ugh with him is the "both sides do it" crap cause it def isn't true. I really like video's like this that go into issues like this and really point out what is shit.

  17. Little Pinky says:

    Uh no. Psy himself has said he's making fun of rich people in Gangnam including himself and his own family.

  18. kurd55 says:

    You know, if you're going to pop off with that pie-slot of yours, you ought not pull information straight out of your bunghole. Stewart makes at least 14 million a year. That makes him a 1-percenter–PERIOD. What is it with you? Glassy-eyed star worship? People like him don't need defenders like you.

  19. garry lafferty says:

    Hes nuts no doubt.

  20. YY4Me133 says:

    "People who are actually from Gangnam never proclaim that they are — its only the posers and wannabes that put on these airs and say that they are 'Gangnam Style' — so this song is actually poking fun at those kinds of people who are trying so hard to be something that they're not." – Psy, from the article "Interview: PSY on 'Gangnam Style,' posers and that hysterical little boy," on cnn com
    He must be laughing all the way to the bank – the people he's making fun of sing right along with him.

  21. thefakeyeti says:

    My pont is this, they are not saving for a rainy day, or for retirement, should it be the government job to step in for it?

  22. thefakeyeti says:

    No matter how you cut it, it is the government ensuring you care for you..

    OR the government taking from you in order to pay for the current retirees with the promise that they will take for future generations..

    Not sureI can agree with it in principle..

    HOWEVER, perhaps we are to fucking irresponsible and stupid to take care of our own retirement, but call it what it is..

  23. Da Fuq says:

    John Stewart has long been pushing this "false equivalency" bullshit – and his rally for nothing was idiotic. For me. the discussion of whether or not there is a difference between the left and the right begins and ends with the fact that one party fought to give 9/11 first responders aid money and one party filibustered it,

    As for the mean ole gubmint taking care of people — you pay into social security – you should get it back. Spare me the evil gubmint Fox News bullshit.

  24. VictorFr0st says:

    You cant play a video of the daily show interview?

  25. kathy kelly says:

    Ppl shouldn't be allowed to keep their own money and plan for their own retirement if they wish?

  26. Da Fuq says:

    Because it's hard to save when you earn 8 dollars an hour because the Walton fucks wanna save a buck.

    You pay into social security – you get it back.

    If you are talking about paying taxes in general. Not if you expect to live in a country where you don't want bridges collapsing on buses filled with school children, or when top 1% bitches – like Mr. Simpson here – keep starting wars that aren't paid for – nope. Pay into social security and don't let top 1% pigs like Simpson take it from you.

  27. Da Fuq says:

    Comedy Central won't let them use their clips.

  28. brandnutopian says:

    SS has an overhead of about 1%. It's the single most approved of government program in America and it prevents many seniors from falling into poverty. That said, you would be hard pressed to sustain yourself on a SS check alone. I don't know how old you and your peers are, but retirement isn't necessarily the primary concern for most people in their 20's.

    Perhaps if you sought out info about SS on websites that aren't right wing, you could better grasp the importance of it.

  29. Little Pinky says:

    Yeah he's talked about it a few times on interviews he's done that are here on youtube. Lol yes it's amusing to see that people are singing along and shit and don't really know what he's singing about unless you know Korean or bother to look up the English translations. Psy does political songs and has since he has first been around in 2001. So it's nothing new for him to laugh to the bank. Oh and Psy does have an official youtube channel. I can't remember if YGE posted any interviews though.

  30. Little Pinky says:

    It's nothing new. Jon has done that before with conservative guests.

  31. Little Pinky says:

    I bet if you were to ask people wouldn't even know what "Oppa" means unless you're already into Kpop and Korean culture (I'm coming up on my 10th yr). By the way "Oppa" is a Korean term that girls use in Korea with boys. It's used informally for an older guy who you are close to (like a brother) and I've also seen it used by girls with guys they like (and want to date) and/or are dating.

  32. Little Pinky says:

    Oh and along the lines of that mentioning from Psy Al Jazeera had a great segment on Gangnam I highly request. It's talking a lot about what Psy does about how other Korean's want to so badly live in Gangnam cause it's a step-up in the world of business/economics. People will hire you more etc. Parents can get really crazy and obsessive with the whole thing and wanting their child/children to be successful instead of just content and happy and taken care of.

  33. Little Pinky says:

    Oh and dunno if you'd care but the girl in the mv with the orangeish hair and her eye brows the same color who dances with Psy some her name is Hyuna and she's a popular singer in a girl group called 4minute (who are pretty good imo) and she also lives in Gangnam from what I understand.

  34. kurd55 says:

    Have a great "life" worshiping Hollywood stars, fan-boy. LOL.

  35. ecwaufisxtreme says:

    The ONLY reason why Sam Seder is able to destroy Alan Simpson is because Alan Simpson HAS A PUSSY! He DOES NOT have a DICK!

  36. NotAnonymous says:

    Sam Seder Vs. HowTheWorldWorks/Lee Doren


  37. sheltercrow says:

    Ostracism, political practice in ancient Athens whereby a prominent citizen who threatened the stability of the state could be banished without bringing any charge against him. Alan Simpson would be a no-brainer.

  38. jakemoss1 says:

    Sarah Palin has no dick either. That's why the bitch lost. Right?

  39. Ryan Hayes says:

    So glad to hear somebody criticize Jon Stewart… he is not even funny.

  40. ezyernie says:

    jon has descended as if his appeal now makes him responsible for 'balancing' his approach. he kinds sux these days.

  41. ecwaufisxtreme says:

    Jon Stewart is truly Sarah Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! Palin PWNS this DIRTY JEWISH LIBTURD and she will EXPOSE his CIRCUMCISED PUSSY for the whole world to see!

  42. ecwaufisxtreme says:


  43. jakemoss1 says:

    I love you ecwaufisxtreme

  44. TheLayman says:

    A sweater vest Really?

  45. godthisisannoying says:

    Is the sam seder channel run by a third party? Or is sam seder in the business of addressing himself in the third person in his video titles and boasting of his deeds in all caps like a groupie?

    Sam Seder ANGRY.
    Sam Seder SMASH!

  46. coopmuch56 says:

    killing all the homeless people may help decrease poverty but that doesnt mean we should do it. Same goes with social security, an immoral solution to a problem. How about we find solutions that dont involve force,coercion,violence and theft.

  47. lcbreezyl says:

    The other thing people dont talk about is out debt is not that simple among other things not only does china(and other countries) hold some of our debt or we owe them money. But we also have loan them money. As far as i know they show the total amount owed by subtracting total debts owed to each other. Another thing money injected into the total supply the by the fed is money borrowed therefore added to the debt. (IMO a racket on the american ppl)

  48. lcbreezyl says:

    Also correct me if im wrong. The federal government borrowed money from social security and what politicians are trying to do is not pay the money back. And because this will cause problems with social security being able to pay out to the people that are owe other words the people that have paid into it, they want to cut it such as pushing back the age in which you start recieveing benefits(and maybe other ways i forget).

  49. s9z9s says:

    So the media is made up of Republicans now? Do you have any polls to back that up?

  50. kathy kelly says:

    liberals hate admitting that politicians steal money from social security, they want you to think its solvent.

  51. sharper68 says:

    When someone steals from from us and then just then shut down service they robbed because they never liked it anyway. When you borrow money you have to pay it back, this is no different. In your responsible world you would borrow money and then demand the bank you got it from be demolished as it is clearly some kind of resource sucking monster.

  52. sharper68 says:

    Media is owned by corporatists and they are lazy ones at that who have let the GOP define the terms to describe our policy for over a decade. If you do not understand this you have not been paying attention.

  53. s9z9s says:

    You're right one one thing. Only over the past decade has the footing gotten more even in the media with the internet. Before the internet, AM radio and the occasional Wall Street Journal op-ed was all conservatives had. All of the television media was hardcore leftist in lockstep before Fox came along, which is why such a special hatred is reserved in leftists' hearts for that channel.

  54. sharper68 says:

    The media is not driven by the internet and if it was shows like the young turk's like programming would focus of more television content as they are proven successful as ratings generators. The reason these formats are not pushed by most of the media is because these shows messages are often contrary to the owning corporate interests (be they left or right leaning). Fox drives the programming it does because there is well defined rabid audience hungry for the content at no corporate cost.

  55. R U POed says:

    When government rule and people don't, it's a concern. The majority should rule America. Unfortunately the truth is the politicians that are elected only work for the 1%. This isn't a Game: Left or Right. Quit with the division that's exactly what then elitist want. A 3rd world country where the middle class has to use credit to afford a living, after working a 40+ week job. The country is screwed because people believe the media *period* Research your pundits every word. Think for yourself.

  56. pjamesbda says:

    There are no end to examples of sloth and entitlement, and as truth would have it, the rich, who indulge deeply in it, are much quicker to blame the poor than the other way around. Given the choice, in the face of hard times such as these, I would choose a "thieving commie" for a neighbor rather than a capitalist. Both have their faults. There are only a few, such as yourself, who stand faultless before us.
    ps. The harder you hang on to your "stuff", the more likely you will loose it Padawan.

  57. pjamesbda says:

    Are we good consumers? That's the question. Do we fix stuff, or do we just buy new ones? Are we selective about where things are made, and by who? When we gas up at the pump, do we know there is a suicide everyday by one of our soliders in the mid-East?

  58. Keith Donovan says:

    Simpsons' Gangnam Style clip is ungodly condescending.. >.> I don't even see it working on elementary school kids.

  59. lTheShieldl says:

    I am so mind-fucked right now. I JUST watched the exclusive Alan Simpson TDS interview and thought Alan Simpson was a genius. Then I google his name to learn more about this awesome guy and see your video. I have never heard of your channel on yt and watched this whole video and realized I can't recognize nutjobs when I see them. Man i can't believe I'm this impressionable. The ONE thing I heard him say that I knew was stupid was the three halves quote. I will definitely check out your show now!

  60. macgeek2004 says:

    That's disturbing that Simpson came off that way to you! I mean, it MUST be a common reaction, you know? O_O

  61. macgeek2004 says:

    In a recession??? Balancing the budget is a TERRIBLE idea! There are only two times when you should — and MUST — deficit spend: during times of war, and times of ECONOMIC RECESSION. All you do by shrinking government spending, a.k.a. Americans' incomes, is shrink the economy. That's it.

  62. LJY08 says:

    Jon Stewart would have had this guy on to appear as though he is non-partisan. He does it so that the right wing pundits can't write him off as a Liberal. He can't have all of his guests from the Liberal camp or it will appear that he is not centrist and infact biased (like the conservatives). I find that more frustrating than anything because I don't believe Jon Stewart is really a centrist…he just says it to get the heat of his back IMO.

  63. LJY08 says:

    …and one more thing. Jon Stewart needs to stop with the 'this is comedy not political analysis' thing; he is a political commentator. It may be wrapped up in comedy to make it more palatable but it's political commentary one way or the other.

  64. Ramiel says:

    The debt % of this show are bullshit.
    So… screw this show.

  65. caboomlol says:

    I guess waking up to reality is gonna be a longer process than fossil formation for the US people, however I suppose seeing people like you saying this, is a sign that it maybe possible to save your country, the question is what else are you guys willing to do besides pointless debates and petitions to whoever you think cares, but in reality will never give a shit about you.

  66. pjamesbda says:

    "..people like me." I'm not sure what that means…pointless debate may appear as such, but taking the fight to them begins with setting out the differences in ideologies. Then, when we go another direction, they will understand that the threat these differences impose are REAL. They affect them at their most treasured place; their pocket books.
    BTW, what makes you think we give a shit about them.

  67. Da Fuq says:

    "Most republican voters ARE good intentioned." So funny. You mean the ones that filibustered giving aid to 9/11 first responders or the ones that threw peanuts at a black CNN reporter at their Klan rally … er… their GOP convention? Or the ones that cheered a person without healthcare insurance dying in a ditch or the ones that booed an actively serving soldier because he was gay? Which ones are the "good" ones?

  68. MyTotalRemedy says:

    Actually, Alan Simpson is an old RINO Social Security loving coot.
    He's a stereotypical old geezer who's like "not mah Social Security! We need to spend millions of taxpayers' dollars on it!" and him and the Democrat Bowles keep pushing an Obama spending plan that doesn't go nearly far enough. And young people don't really give a damn about not having to pay these geezers' Social Security checks and if the media geezers didn't brainwash them they'd be upset about the Social Security system.

  69. Alex Bagoli says:

    Sam Seder is a dangerous mediocre mind masquerading as an intellectual – typical low-grade latte shop philosopher.

  70. Alex Bagoli says:

    this program is setting his mediocrity in stone… for the whole world to see. if i was this stupid, i would take mark twains advice and shut the fuck up lest ye be discovered. but this dumbass made a radio show to broadcast his stupidity for the whole world to see – truly shameless. this guy is better than comedy central for a good laugh!

  71. L. Sieu says:

    This is rubbish. Taking quote out of context is a parlor trick, but it's irresponsible address of important issues, Sam Seder. Deal with the substance and quit misleading your audience with your whining.

  72. Carlos Santiago says:

    Lily Sieu, what did he "quote out of context"?

  73. The Crusader says:

    Seder thinks he's a financial and economic genius, when in fact he doesn't know squat.

    Another 70-IQ liberal who needs to get a job in the real world.

  74. jjenson2006 says:

    Where is this discussion on SS? I don't feel like watching all the rest of the bullshit this guy is saying.

  75. danimalcollective1 says:

    I know the constitution has a minimum of age 30 to serve in congress (which is broken all the time),  can we have a maximum age for even being appointed by congress? Like, 65 and you're out. I've met a lot of old people in my life… very few have been "all there." We take care of the elderly but at some point, we gotta say enough is enough. I don't think a guy who was born three years after sliced bread was invented (Simpson was born in 1931, sliced bread was first sold commercially in 1928) should be looked up to for financial advice. He should be at home with slippers on and drinking tea enjoying retirement, not in charge of millions of lives and our future (of which he most assuredly will not be part of).

  76. philliesredsox says:

    Sam Seder has to title his video "Sam Seder DESTROYS Social Security Hater Alan Simpson"?  Wow so pretty full of himself AND a pseudo intellectual

  77. Dano says:

    Don't say Jon is uninformed, he's very informed

  78. Richard Blackmore says:

    When the title to your own Vlog is  " Sam Seder ESTROYS….." it is just laughable.  The level of hubris is amazing.

  79. Russell Isaacs says:

    Monday morning quarterback.  If you can do better then have them on your show.  Other than that, getting together with your "writers" to write your show and bash Jon Stewart is disingenuous and just an ego stroke.  Personally, you can stroke yourself in private.

  80. rtdnan says:

    You can "grow " your way out of a crap economy very simply –  Quit paying for the  Oil wars of the Richest Freaks in America.  This country has been bankrupted by 25 years of continuous Middle East wars.  Simpson is an insane white monster with dementia.  Can't people see this?  Taxes are supposed to be "for the people", NOT for the ultra -rich to battle over Oil fields and borrow trillions to do so.

  81. TheDovesoap says:

    FEAR ME 

  82. quidnick says:

    This guy uses "Destroys" at name-candy for his vids. What a narcissistic prick…

  83. darthvader5300 says:

    Social Security was originally created to be organized around the human life-supporting and human economic activity supporting Public Utilities and Infrastructure Programs wherein the working class is taxed by social security taxes and these social security taxes are invested into these public utilities-infrastructure programs which are all highly and strictly regulated in order to protect them from Wall Street and by it's evil counterparts. This is where all social security taxes goes into, in physical and tangible economic assets which are basic necessities of modern civilization, in short they are the basic needs of modern society which means a market will always exists for them and that is where the dividends are generated and dispersed to their recipients. That worked well during the 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s until in the late 60s some nut wanted to destroy social security by making people invest also into the evil stock market of evil Wall Street, and then introduced the 401k in the late 70s under the lies to supplement social security pensions benefits plans when in fact these two are twisted lies created by Wall Street to dupe the public again just like what they did during the 20s. And when Reagan came into the picture the Full-Set American economy in 1979 started to disintegrate by Reagan's outsourcing-globalization program whose purpose is to gut the American economy's of it's own vitals which are it's heavy high-technology engineering industries which was done gradually over the next 30 plus years and is still being continued by the rotten Obama administration and covering up his mistakes and the mistakes of past administrations by highly inflationary bail outs, carnivorous bail ins, by U.S federal bonds, U.S treasury bills, derivatives bonds, etc which are all worthless and speculative financial papers worth nothing at all! Social Security also worked well  during the 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s because the demographics are positive due to moderately high birth rates that maintained a worker to pensioner ratio of 5 young workers per 1 pensioner but as the lies and myths of overpopulation brainwashing propaganda started to work itself alongside with other highly self-destructive counter-culture social organizations then the demographics started to self-destruct suicidally and now you Americans are facing a vicious demographic circle that reduces the ratio of young workers to pensioner down to 1 worker to 1 pensioner. This creates a negative economic burden because instead of being spread and distributed to over 5 workers to 1 pensioner it is now concentrated on 1 worker which gives no incentive to get married, raise a family, etc which is is resulting into a demographic winter which is now being transformed into a demographic cliff as Harry Dent has both predicted and projected will happen and is happening now in several nations but this news is being self-censored by the mainstream media which is owned by 3 people who are members of the NWO who created a series of indirect and subtle economic policies which are all anti-natalistic in nature but whose anti-natalistic faces-effects is masked by a series of camouflages such as environmentalism, the report of Rome which was unmasked to be an outright lie, myths and lies of global warming which was unmasked to be only a natural effect caused by the Sun's natural solar cycles and not by man's activities, and so forth and so on, etc, which resulted in the "FROG AND POT OF BOILING WATER EFFECT!".

  84. rich says:

    ,Allen Simpson is insane.

  85. Johnnyohness says:

    This would have been so much more interesting with out your commentary.

  86. Clayton Clark says:

    Whether you agree with him or not, Alan Simpson is a very decent and honorable man! He is not a "Social Security hater," but does oppose the AARP's relentless calls to raise the employment tax on generations of working people.

  87. Bruce Basile says:


  88. Erik Klumpp says:

    I totally disagree with this. Allen Simpson isn't attacking social security he is attacking the idea that are debt is not sustainable over the long term. We must do something about social security, whether it be raising the cap or working to find ways to reduce the debt.

  89. K Dawg says:

    The previous generations pulled the ladder up behind them. They created this system and now they crow against the outcomes it produced like it's the fault of someone else. We (younger generations) didn't create S.S, medicare, medicaid, 24% credit card interest, 150k for college, 300k for housing, while two people working per household make a whopping combined 51,939 per year on average. They created it, but won't own it, because doing so would mean the greatest generation isn't so great and they utterly fail us and U.S.

  90. Darrin Rychlak says:

    Why if we could only have a system of private accounts…I would call them IRAs…then we could all be rich. And there are people who either believe that nonsense or promulgate it to suckers.

  91. Kevin Moore says:

    I wrote an article about this, check it out:

  92. Kevin Moore says:

    I've been binge-watching the Majority Report with Sam Seder this weekend – I first found MR and Sam on Air America like a hundred years ago and he's still great though my watching has kind of fallen off lately – and as soon as he gets into whatever subject he's talking or interviewing somebody about in the clip I quickly realize that I've recently written an article for about the same thing! Blowing my mind!

  93. David Heffron says:

    Why is there a corporate tax rate? I thought corporations were people.

  94. Charge0Complete says:

    and 2018 corporate profits are still at an all time high and wages still have not gone up….this country is so fucking stupid.

  95. Bozo1360 says:

    Obama appointed this fucking nutcase, Simpson. Moderate Republican Obama.

  96. Keith Austin says:

    Dude, are you retarded? Were you even listening to what he said?

    He wasn't saying we could have double digit growth for decades to get out of the hole. He wasn't saying we woild have double digit growth for a long time.

    He was saying that even if we did have that amount of growth it would not be adequate to get us out of the hole. He's not saying we would have that.

    I'm a liberal but I'm turning off this crap. Either you're completely retarded or you purposefully completely misrepresented what he said.

  97. Brian Remington says:

    So wait. What was the alternative here? This is pretty goofy. Simpson-Bowles raised the retirement age by two years and taxed gasoline among other things. I thought I might write that down because nobody thought to mention what it was in this informative piece. It was meant to reduce budget deficits and turns out to have done that.

    Not worth either the praise or the outrage in my opinion. The increase in retirement age is one of the surprisingly few scars we ended up with after the financial collapse. That’s noteworthy.

  98. Alex Barkman says:

    i watched this for the memories. its hillarious seeing this nutcase again.

  99. Drake Koefoed says:

    Every dollar you have is a dollar of debt the gov has. double entry bookkeeping, remember? credits equal debits. Every T bill. Our effective corporate tax rate isn't crap. and they take mountains of money overseas.

    Rates for individuals are also rigged, warren buffet pays less than his cleaning lady. at 14:03 he is mixing a lot of different things to say whatever he wants. The foreign money, what they do is put it in a us bank but claim it belongs to the irish subsidiary (apple). they borrow on that money and so now the money is in their us account.

    This guy is a total con man, and sam has him pretty well figured out. social security, the idea is, say it is broke and steal it.

  100. Gabriel Newland says:

    I’m genuinely curious if America can still make money on 20 year loans from other countries

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