Rumors – a Broadway Farce

Rumors – a Broadway Farce

[Chris] Well, we arrived here at Charley’s house about ten minutes ago, and as we were getting out of our car we suddenly heard this enormous- [Ken] Don’t say anything! What? Don’t tell him what happened. Don’t tell him? Just… …do what I say. What about Charley? He’s all right, it’s just a powder burn. Don’t tell him about the gunshot. [Chris] But he’s all right. [Ken] He’s sitting up in bed, he’ll call him in the morning. He’s sitting up in bed, he’ll call him in the morning. You! YOU! He’ll…call you in the morning. You’re very sorry you disturbed him- I’m very sorry I disturbed you- -but he’s really fine. -but he is really fine. Thank you, goodbye. Where are you going?! HIM! Thank HIM and say goodbye! Thank you, and goodbye, doctor… [Chris] (…)-Lenny? [Claire] He’s coming, he’s walking slowly. He’s got whiplash. His seatbelt went right around his neck, and pulled him straight up. I left him dangling. [TELEPHONE RINGS] [Ernie] The telephone! [Lenny] We KNOW it’s a telephone! We all got telephones, Ernie, we’re all wealthy people here. [Cookie] Oh, fuck-a-doodle-doo. [Ken] …Should I go get him? [Ernie] No, wait. [Glenn] So… What’s going on? [Lenny] Oh, well, about…six weeks ago, we got an invitation for this party- [Ernie] Lenny, stop. [Ken] One, two, three. Two and two. No good. Try again. One, two, three. All the same! No good. Again! One, two- [Glenn] …Do you mean MY name? [Officer Welch] Yes, sir, is there a problem with giving me your name? I’m sorry, officer, I just can’t see you very well. You don’t have to see to talk, sir. The drops didn’t go in your mouth, did they? [APPLAUSE] I think it’s hugely impressive, the amount of work they’ve done! Both with the lines and script, and also the fact that it’s in english… I think it’s really well-made, and… My favorite thing is how you can tell that every actor… I’ll usually call it “Playing without the ball” when I talk to the kids, how you need to stay in-character even when you’re not in focus. (Like you need to keep playing even if the ball is out of your hands.) And this group really does that, 100%. They’re hitting the roof! They dare to give it their all, and dare to… They’re really brave, every one of them. It’s well-produced, interesting… Time flies! The show offers a lot of laughs, and a wonderful set of characters, that… The roles are very distinct. “Insane lies at Fullersta Bio!” “Classic farce proves that our youth can do it too!” So fun, they are unbelievably professional! And their american accents are incredible. Can it really be true that the director, Maria – who we don’t even get to see onstage – is the only one of them to have studied in the U.S.? Highly enjoyable! Truly the highest low quality!

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  1. Random Acc says:

    Could you all please do a musical?
    Like Hamilton or moana or something it would be awsome!!!

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