Roppongi Tokyo: Party Central

Roppongi Tokyo: Party Central

Welcome to Roppongi in Tokyo! The wildest and craziest place where foreigners and Japanese come to party Interesting food, Interesting shops, Interesting restaurants, Interesting people and random things that show up like a sudden game of Mariokart? If you’re looking for a fun and interesting place to party in Tokyo and don’t speak much Japanese I definitely recommend coming to Roppongi. Roppongi has a good mix of Japanese and Western culture. I decided to come to TGIF to celebrate my friends birthday. Roppongi has a reputation of being a little seedy and there are a lot of weird characters about in the area But if you wanna have a good, fun, safe night I recommend going to the Tokyo Pub Crawl. Which is what we did after dinner Tokyo Pub Crawl has their own Facebook Page and its basically a weekend event where a whole bunch of foreigners and Japanese come together to hop from pub to pub in Roppongi and get to know each other Each pub offers a welcome shot plus along the way you get shots of tequilla poured down your mouth to keep you happy and entertained until you get to the next bar. The pub crawls remind me of University life. Each week there’s a different theme this week was Beauty and the Geek It’s a fun, frat style party Wow, Japanese graveyard at night. Scary. But now we’re going down this dingy alley which is possibly scarier. Along the way in each pub, not only do you drink and dance but there also different games and meet and greet kind of things so you can get to know other people around you which is a good opportunity for people who are looking for new Japanese friends. Or Japanese people looking for foreign friends. Hello! Movie? Movie, video, Youtube! You looking for me? One thing I must admit is that especially if you’re new to Japan, Roppongi can be quite intimidating Especially a lot of the Nigerian guys who come up to you, talk to you and try to get you to come into their clubs. But overall I would say it’s a fun, friendly area. And it’s very safe. I definitely recommend if you do come, check out Tokyo Pub Crawl and just enjoy the party in Roppongi


  1. 1Post Daily says:

    I came across a lot of guy asking if I wanted to see some…..Strip Clubs! WOW! Watch out for that which attempts to pass as girl but it is not! You are never drunk enough to mistake a man dress like a chick as woman! Be careful!

  2. Kanto Kitsune says:

    Good to see you had a good time. Did they give ya free entry for shouting them out? ;3

  3. Japan and Me says:

    I would have thought this was awesome at one point, but now I find myself thinking…. 'yeah, no thanks'

    I have changed 🙁

  4. Nikko Sisowath says:

    Roppongi is also the grand central for hookups too!

  5. Joseph Meets Travel says:

    I love Roppongi but it isn't for me. I like midtown better as its more chill and relax. These pubs are a place where foreigners compete with each other to hookup with girls. I almost got into a fight at one of the clubs there because of it.

  6. Goldberry Bombadil says:

    For some reason Roppongi reminded me of Durarara! hahahah! I like the sound of Pub Crawling…better than Bar Hopping. Happy Birthday to your friend!!

  7. Ash Grey says:

    Everyone is so drunk ! Eheheh.

  8. Dream Ferociously says:

    I noticed that one of the signs said "Maharaja"… was that an Indian-themed nightclub?? 🙂

  9. David Austin says:

    Where were the Yakuza guys? I wanna see some more shady stuff.

  10. Trauma says:


  11. TheConspiracyMan8 says:

    OMG!! Ozzy… those girls in yur party are damn HOT!!!

  12. Kaygee79 says:

    What's the legal drinking age in Japan?

  13. 124marsh says:

    photobomb at 6:07

  14. 124marsh says:

    LOL I mean at 1:02

  15. Background Noise says:

    Safe?! Not when your drink gets spiked and they steal your money.

  16. matt lee says:

    is that were Tom Green bought used panties

  17. Maaike and Takeru says:

    Where were you in this video ? Hahaha Seemed a fun night out ! Happy birthday to your friend ! 😀

  18. joseph llanas says:

    lol nigerian fight vs the ugly indian guy

  19. Dan Zena says:

    I'm both interested and not interested in Roppongi.

    When I go to new cities I am always interested in seeing the seedier parts of it to get a feel how ghetto's differ in cities, unless it's way too dangerous of course. From what I seen, it seems like I can handle Roppongi with no issue. I been too and lived in some rough areas in cities in the U.S. (Bronx, Brooklyn in NYC, Camden in New Jersey, West Palm Beach in Florida, Detroit to name a few).

    On the other hand, Roppongi is not the type of place I would want to spend most of my time in Japan. Unfortunately, since I don't know much Japanese and don't have have any friends in Japan, I'll stop by there just to at least experience it for myself. I'll also be alone so that should be fun and interesting.

    Also, if its easier to hook up, I'm ALL IN.

  20. Sean B says:

    Too American… feckin TGI Friday to eat when you are in Tokyo… and too many Woooooooos

  21. burninmage says:

    What is the intro song that you used?

  22. RooFleX says:

    What is name sound 1:47 ?

  23. HaiDesu says:

    Ozzie, like the vid but the difference in volume in your narration and the music makes it difficult to hear without changing the volume. Please adjust the volume. Thanks.
    I had great times in Roppongi.

  24. David Wu says:

    Is this the ultimate beta male circle jerk

  25. 1990 says:

    Nowhere near as good as it was 25 years ago.

  26. pilgrum90 says:

    Lol celebrating his birthday party not his birthday. Lol

  27. salvage35 says:

    I was there in 1969.. It was GREAT.. I was in the Army 602nd and I loved Tokyo and the night clubs and all the people.. I miss you all.

  28. Fizzy Elf says:

    Where you from ozzy? You tried alife club?

  29. hammertlme says:

    Asians so afraid just because a black guy approaches and speaks to them haha.

  30. MIKE ROZEN says:


  31. Paul Paolo says:

    the most unattractive saddest bunch ever

  32. Rima Malik says:

    Hi Dude,how are you? This is wonderful video I really appreciate you,God bless you

  33. what? says:

    Crisis no matter where you are in the world there are Nigerian guys at clubs doing sketchy shit.

  34. oiocha says:

    1:52 song?

  35. Rock Ade says:

    Tokyo pub crawl was a waste of a night, they take you to the shittiest place,

  36. ben08820 says:

    That's like ITAEWON in seoul korea.

  37. NYC Lovey says:

    I miss japan 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  38. Changing Destinations says:

    Roppongi is more like a red light district, a few good clubs, but they are off the main strip.

  39. Salvatore Villetta says:

    Dude you are awesome! I arrived at Tokyo 3 days ago alone and while there is plenty to do, it became exhausting pretty fast and started to put myself under Pressure to go out alone, thank you so much for doing this video, after watching it I booked two pub crawls, one in Osaka where im heading to tommorow, and in Tokyo before I have to leave for my Flight back home, this maybe saved my trip, so thank you from the bottom of my Heart!!!

  40. Sally Mc says:

    best bar i went to in roppongi was Propaganda. The owner and staff were so cool and funny, and we met some crazy awesome characters there too. the vibes were so good! i 10/10 recommend propaganda bar

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