Roblox: Ditch School to Get Rich #2: FART GUN!!! [Annoying Orange Plays]

Roblox: Ditch School to Get Rich #2: FART GUN!!! [Annoying Orange Plays]


  1. Zombie Coco says:


  2. Nora Munez says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaay orenge continiu the game

  3. bailey 1 Plays says:


  4. Super Yolo Yt says:

    YoaTO B

  5. Deadlyskull RL9 says:

    8:46 how about tntornado

  6. ventu ventu says:

    # fart orange

  7. Irishbananamafia says:

    Was Rowley inspired by poo to make the emoji movie obby because it has a poo emoji in it or is it because the movie was poo?!!

  8. Nydzu says:

    i realized that annoying orange played roblox from the bloxys

  9. renzmatthew Ramos says:

    I like your video

  10. LordOfToasters says:

    Losers lounge? Why do i get the feeling apple should be playing this?

  11. 媚如許 says:

    Hey ao play super blocky ball but 1⃣st some tip
    1⃣. Don't focus on anything
    2⃣. Have fun
    3⃣. Focus on runing

  12. Rob Barker says:

    Oh vey is Yiddish for oh woe or woe is me

  13. Jayden Hamilton says:

    No wonder orange can fart on command.

  14. Dakota Simon says:

    You were having a party party party party Orange

  15. Layla Delvalle says:

    Haha this was sooo funny….. FARTS😂

  16. Ibrahim Aldiyev says:

    what is your name anoying orange

  17. Ibrahim Aldiyev says:

    what is your name orange

  18. Shark Playz says:


  19. Ashley Davenport says:

    The hacker

  20. Renato Gonato says:

    That's robot sonic

  21. kyle githui says:

    pear is naked

  22. Natalie Medina says:

    I'm poopin in the floorrr

  23. 陈宗龙 says:


  24. Ademenibal153 980 says:

    2:03 his name is metal sonic orange

  25. Ademenibal153 980 says:

    2:45 he shot fire at you… 😑

  26. EpicMaxie67497 Idk says:


  27. neih sungch says:

    Play evocreo

  28. Gmer Shroom9 says:

    Metal sonic is evil

  29. Evelyn Canilang says:

    6:30: A Phineas and Ferb reference.

  30. Isha Saidy says:


  31. Rachita Singh says:

    Play sonic CD please orange

  32. King Wesley Rivere says:


  33. Esha Goodroe says:


  34. Mehran dubai Mehran says:

    Karen Nani

  35. Angelicahdz Hdz says:

    annoying orange how old are you? -your favorito fan. (your the best)

  36. Sarah says:

    The Mariocart countdown

  37. Kevin M. says:

    Come on orange you're smart that is Metal Sonic how would you not know that have you even played Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

  38. Insiders Network brony says:

    Emoji movie x cyberchase

  39. AuraDemon says:

    Everyone farts hahahahahaahaahahaahahahaha

  40. Matt Mularoni says:

    The power of farts

  41. Shailendra Talekar says:

    How are you so rich now

  42. Dennis Gurley says:

    in Metal Sonic not Sonic

  43. The king gaming says:

    I ate u in real life true

  44. The king gaming says:

    # orangeiscool

  45. The king gaming says:

    Fruit tart makes pear fart a tart

  46. Omar Moreno says:

    Hey Anoyying Orange Whats your Phone Number??

  47. Carrie Brook says:


  48. abc abc Xyz says:

    the fart gun is in minions movie

  49. abc abc Xyz says:

    sonic is sonic E.X.E

  50. abc abc Xyz says:

    why you so love hot lava?

  51. Jsson Strahan says:

    He loves lava because lava is the same color as him

  52. RJ ZJ says:

    It's actually Metal Sonic ,Orange …

  53. Elizabeth Gilliam-Mayo says:

    Hi you sooo funny and cool bye!

  54. Naina Padda says:


  55. Rockstarfoxy Production's says:

    Am I the only one who got the Phineas and Ferb reference

  56. Benjamin Crucena says:

    I liked ur vid even though its bout' escapin' school.

  57. Vivian !?! says:

    Hey what do bees use to comb their hair honeycomb

  58. Scratchy says:

    Orange: Soni the Fart Hog
    Scratchy (me): More like Metal Sonic the Fart Bot Lol

  59. Marites Linsoco says:

    I like this:D

  60. The crazy Adventures of BoB! says:

    Did you hear the song from phinios and feed in the obstical cores

  61. ItsHyperrPlayz says:

    He plays on Xbox

  62. Lance Agripa says:

    You need the dragon orange because:
    When no one else flies,

  63. RJ ZJ says:

    2:06 That's Metal Sonic,not regular Sonic!

  64. Leina Laurent says:

    I want to marry annoying ORANGE

  65. 198227c says:


  66. Wagstaff TV says:

    Joke: what do you call a fun mushroom? A fungi
    Get it fun guy fungi mushroom

  67. Garen Boyadjian says:

    Me: Orange no farts Orange:😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  68. Straya cunt says:

    You should've bought speed coil M8 it's FUKIN hilarious m8

  69. michael Wright says:

    Who you calling ugly superrkid5

  70. dum ination says:

    React fgteev

  71. Matthew Seibel says:

    Metal Is A Evil Sanic Dats Metal

  72. Daemion Raley says:

    metal sonic

  73. Ahmed Mohamed Nagdy says:

    Fart in the TNT

  74. Xander Nix says:

    It’s a poop gun, Orange!

  75. Malcom Frink says:

    Aren't you know that was from Phineas and Ferb and orange aren't you a little young to be buying robux

  76. Justin Trainman Farrell says:

    Metal sonic wil get you

  77. Michelle Jackson says:

    The chase stage for Metal Sonic's music is from Sonic Mania!

  78. Luis Flores says:

    9:48 that's stuff from the captain underpants obby

  79. Dan & Trey DAT says:

    6:31 Phineas and Ferb reference

  80. Ash and Emily's Adventures says:

    Play ethangamertv mini games I dare u to 😛

  81. Kamal 2018 says:

    How many fart's have you made?

  82. Alicia Swanson says:

    Play even more

  83. Linda Earheart says:

    How2 get robux without using your phone money

  84. Candy Cadet Fan says:

    That green guy with a ship is Hacker from CyberChase 8:07

  85. Art Machine says:

    Rocket fart

  86. Ani Annuar says:

    Hey apple knife🍎🔪

  87. J.ustR.hythm22 says:


  88. Elisha is Crazy says:

    He plays on Xbox

  89. nadra cadeey says:


  90. Vincent White says:

    Fart gun fart fart fart fart

  91. grace ibanez says:

    Gago farts tang ina mo farts fuckyou farts gagooooooooooooo tang ina mooooooooooo fuckyouuuuuuuuuuu

  92. Daryl Keane Gutierrez says:

    HOT LAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUTT HAHAHA

  93. Ortega Ralph Danielle says:

    lets farty

  94. CUTl3 Pl3 ART says:

    Why is metal Sonic in this?

  95. Treyjamarion Collins says:


  96. George Horejsi says:

    Lol 2:46

  97. Panetta Cade says:


  98. Umm Waleed Higazy says:


  99. Umm Waleed Higazy says:

    what is a snakes favourite subject?

  100. Tiffani Coats says:


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