Robert Reich: What is Universal Basic Income?

Robert Reich: What is Universal Basic Income?

You see this little gadget? Let’s call it an “iEverything.” You can’t get it yet, but if technology keeps moving as fast as it is now, the iEverything will be with us before you know it; a combination of intelligent computing, 3D manufacturing, big data crunching, and advanced biotechnology. This little machine will be able to do everything you want and give you everything you need. There’s only one hitch. As the economy is now organized, no one will be able to buy it because there won’t be any paying jobs left. You see, the iEverything will do… everything. I’m exaggerating a bit in order to make a point about the trend we’re already seeing. Even now, we’re producing more and more with fewer and fewer people. Internet sales are on the way to replacing millions of retail workers. Diagnostic apps will be replacing hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers. Self-driving cars and trucks will replace five million drivers. *digital voice* Where would you like to go? Researchers estimate that almost half of all U.S. jobs are at risk of being automated in the next two decades. Now, this isn’t necessarily bad. The economy we’re heading toward could offer millions of people more free time to do what they want instead of what they have to do to earn a living. But, to make this work, we’ll have to figure out some way to recirculate the money from the relatively few people who do very well in the economy of the iEverything to the rest of us, who will want to buy the iEverythings. One possible answer: a universal basic income, possibly financed out of the profits going to labor-replacing innovations. The idea of a universal basic income historically has had support from people on both the left and the right. In the 1970’s, President Nixon proposed a similar concept for the United States, and it even passed the House of Representatives. *President Nixon* I therefore propose that we abolish the present welfare system, and a basic federal minimum would be provided. The idea is getting some traction again. Some think it could be superior to welfare or other kinds of public assistance, because a universal basic income doesn’t tell people what to spend the assistance on. And everyone qualifies. In recent years, evidence has shown that giving people cash as a way to address poverty actually works. In study after study, people don’t stop working, and they don’t drink it away, they actually use it to increase their earnings. Interest in a basic income is surging, with governments debating it from Finland, to Canada, to Namibia. The charity Give Directly is about to launch a basic income pilot in Kenya. Providing an income for more than ten years to some of the poorest and most vulnerable families on the planet, and then rigorously evaluate the results. As new technologies replace work, the question for the future is how best to provide economic security for all. A universal basic income could be an answer.


  1. Azizul Wahab says:

    UBI only benefit to homeless people (which still a good thing, at least they can feed them self). The price of commodities will increase as income increase. Housing price in Silicon valley has increase 10 fold and displacing low income earner. Although the price of good will reduce due to automation but price for real estate still going to increase as the demand are high as people has more income. UBI only raised the bar but not address the issues of income inequalities. UBI should only target specific group of people (middle class) not everyone. Then income inequalities can be balance out. We should not have UBI , Instead improving current welfare program. Many welfare program has proven to work. Only the sentiment of individual on welfare are weak or useless need to rid off. It justifiable for people to have basic living condition and should be a normalize.

  2. Obi Wan Kenobi says:

    So it would basically create a permanent underclass who can only afford cheap cars and living in slums while they watch the rich get richer and richer? You will have generations of people who have never worked and obesity will be through the roof because no one will motivated to do anything or compete.

  3. Ben says:

    They said the same thing when computers and robots were first invented but more people are working shitty low wage jobs than ever.

    Ideally we should replace all the repetitive jobs that can be replaced by robots, the corporations who will save tons of money over time by not hiring people should be made to put that money back towards the people who would have had those jobs.

    As a society, we'd have more free time to enjoy life, to be creative, work together and actually solve problems and build stuff that matters. Let the robots do the bad jobs, let people do what they do best, use their minds to create.

  4. Michael D. Gutierrez Animation says:

    This will not work.

  5. Obmot58 P says:

    The arguments for universal basic income such as this "I-everything" are always so idealized and presumptuous. "500 thousand jobs here, 1 million jobs there, etc will be gone in 20 years." Oh okay I didn't know you could predict the future! How about the fact technology has exponentially advanced over the past 50 years and unemployment has roughly stayed the same. The economy does evolve. New markets get created. I mean how many people were making money blogging and making youtube videos in the 90's? Did the biotech industry even exist before the 70's? UBI is an interesting debate but the way people talk about it in such a manner that it will be an absolute must is absurd.

  6. Kaleb Swager says:

    I see UBI like all the the great "green/renewable energy" everyone is like wow man why aren't we using this?… Capitalism! Not that it's to expensive to justify it's not really that green, We would have to mine the crap out of the earth to get rare metals that is actually really harmful to the environment. Well others that don't live in a big city get screwed but I'm ok (damn electoral college). If you go to a 3rd world and give them money your only showing the best parts of UBI not it's ugly side. You say "they make more money" but you don't tax them the way they would need to be to support a system like this is kinda untruthful. I'm not say that the people getting the money wouldn't work I'm saying the people getting tax wouldn't work harder just to see it go away. Capitalism got us this far let capitalism figure it out before you destroy everything.

  7. Brandon Smith says:

    This gentleman suggests that there will a device that single handedly eliminates scarcity then asks how people will afford it? The device you purpose is so fantastical, to the point of being completely unrealistic, that it would be paradigm shattering. Money is only relevant when resources are scarce and people need to trade what they have in excess for what they lack. Who would need money or any resource if they owned one of those miracle boxes? You could be charitable without losing anything yourself.

  8. linda linacre says:

    It's a nice thought but consider 300 million people each gets 1000 a year= 300,000,000,000. 300billion is alot (more than 3x our welfare system if you don't include bailouts to stupid corporations and banks and greedy corporation welfare like oil and gas subsidies which is actually way more and ongoing) and if you want 10thousand each that's 3trillion. more than we make as a NGP a year. Now for the entire world, that's 8billion x 1000$ a year. 8 trillion just for a yearly income. Who is going to pay for that 8 trillion? You can bet China won't or Russia. They aren't stupid. This kind of social experiment may work in small countries with high income but not in high population countries. Of course, I'm all for taxing the robots who work. If it ends up pulling a huge income, we can think about this basic income stuff- it would be nice.

  9. Joe Marks says:

    Friedman advocated for a Negative Income Tax with a ton of great stuff in Free To Choose. Forget this pasty, watered down version of some really great ideas including the abolition of the Federal Reserve, the get rid of medical licenses for being private labor union cards, and stop making me pay for things I don't want or give consent to as per my inherent and unalienable rights granted to me before some stupid social security card I don't recall applying for.

    Why should I be forced to pay for drugs to be illegal? Why should someone, much less everyone, without informed consent? Th!nk about it…

    If you're kids won't listen to you what makes you think my wallet will make any kind of difference in their decision making process? If you're kids do listen to you, cool, you don't need me to pay anyone to make them say what you want them to say anymore and no longer require my support and funding for bad job programs and pay-to-play policies.

    Nobody spends somebody else's money more carefully than you can yourself. The tools on the hill want to take more and give it to the baby boomers and their spoiled brats. Think Trump and the inheritance tax reform bill, and up to the Koch bros.

    Put words into your own mouth, but keep them out of other people's without informed consent. Please and thank you.

  10. Three One says:

    1) Robots replace millions of jobs.
    2) Governments import millions of people.
    3) Our leaders need universal basic logic.

  11. Jade Armstrong says:

    my question to all is who will build and maintain all the robots that it will take also who will do quality control and what will they be paid with and why would they do it if they got money for doing nothing we must all learn to just do it out of the kindness of our heart and money would already be obsolete money exists because we say it does the true value of 1 is virtue

  12. Jade Armstrong says:

    my question to all is who will build and maintain all the robots that it will take also who will do quality control and what will they be paid with and why would they do it if they got money for doing nothing we must all learn to just do it out of the kindness of our heart and money would already be obsolete money exists because we say it does the true value of 1 is virtue

  13. W Winterheart says:

    Thinly disguised communism proposed by a thinly disguised Clinton communist.

  14. Tom Minogue Hastings says:

    this rules

  15. Eric Duprey says:

    LOL, Reich. We will have a magic box that can do everything, but no one will buy it because no one will have jobs. wtf? how will the people who make it sell it then? oh but only a few people will be able to afford it! then why can't we form CO-OPs to buy them? *crickets*'
    Pure Fantasy.
    Like Elysium, all the "greedy" rich in orbit around the planet have these magic devices that can heal all the sick people on the ground, but they're so greedy they don't want to sell them to you.

  16. Saleem Ali says:

    what an amazing system.

  17. Dreaming OF Freedom says:

    there are hidden reasons for bringing this in , Agenda 21, sustainable development, and the bringing in of communism . Beware – things are often as they seem at first,

  18. Shadow light says:

    Basic income is the ultimate capitalist idea because instead of giving money to inefficient government owned institutes like public hospitals or public schools, it just gives you the money directly, letting you decide what to do with it in the private sector. Remember, Communism wants to abolish the the private sector and the concept of money by centralizing everything while Capitalism wants to give you freedom to choose for yourself with money.

  19. Francis Kanneh says:

    This is not "Free Stuff"

  20. Three One says:

    I think illegal aliens should get universal basic income and free health care.

  21. Theo Kirkley says:

    Or just make more things free and educate people about self- and public responsibility.

  22. Dave Queen says:

    Universal basic income is a great,great,great idea,and $1000 per month per person is a good start.Since jobs are becoming automated and people losing their jobs,income is still needed.

  23. Steve says:

    I would prefer to "bypass" the Fed. & taxes all together & create our own money with a stand alone, tax, debt, & interest free.(UBI), (UBHC), w/medicare option for all. + A (K-16) basic, merit/aptitude based education grant. That would free up a lot of tax dollars for sure. My only requirement would be US citizenship. Totally voluntary. No strings attached.

  24. noobzaebot says:

    History has proven that government is corrupt. For companies to be taxed and then trickled down to citizens, some stealing would happen along the process.

  25. Kevin Prasad says:

    It works in Alaska

  26. SamtheBam007 says:

    what does this mean

  27. Jim says:

    All this will do is inflate costs so whatever is normally 1 dollar will be worth 5. Giving out free money just devalues the worth of money pretty obviouse if you think about it with a clear mind for 5 minutes.

  28. David Schmidt says:

    Why don't we teach people to create and own the means of production? Rather this video ignores basic human nature.

  29. Jason Scott says:

    UBI would be great for someone like me. I work full time and manage my own music career but can barely keep my head above water. With a UBI I could use that to supplement my income and buy the equipment I need to expand my music career. I would have no need to quit working.

  30. Ugo Spadafora says:

    This guy doesn't understand basic macroeconomics.

  31. First name Last name says:

    I love me some Bob Reich, his doc Inequality for All was eye opening. But this sounds like a horrible idea. How bout instead of giving everyone money for "free time" the government just rations out somas and broadcasts 2 minutes of hate every day?

  32. dosmastrify says:

    Actually wasn't there a couple studies from California that said that people would reduce their hours if they receive Universal basic income? The thing that I read said that whatever it took for them to stay underneath the limit to receive the free money they would make sure that they were working less than that limit.

  33. John Macintosh says:

    Why would you want even need money with such limited resources?
    Also, how would the rich stay rich with no customers?

  34. Dave Klebt says:

    those wealthy goofs can pay all us poor goof to pick up all the trash on the street… finally we will have a clean sidewalk and bus stop.

  35. Carl Malone says:

    That is what millionaires have. We work and they are guaranteed to get lasting incomes.

  36. Matt Keczeli says:

    Wait, slow down… Are you saying giving poor people money somehow, makes them less poor?

  37. I M Infamous says:

    Great idea, however the super wealthy and mega corporations already have a plan. Make the majority of Americans so
    desperate that they will except serfdom or slavery. They have been ACTIVELY working their plan. They are in the final phases
    of that plan. You can talk about Universal Income but if anyone actually makes any progress on it, they will murder them.
    The US Government is a puppet government for a brutal dictatorship. The first step in escaping from a trap is to
    acknowledge your caught in one.

  38. A.J. Hodges says:

    I am generally opposed to big government and entitlements BUT basic income as a total replacement for all other programs sounds like a good idea. People who blow it on booze or drugs won't have food or a place to live and it will be thier own fault. Those who use it to improve thier standard of living or even invest it wisely in school or business will be that much better off.

    The condition is TOTAL replacement. No food stamps, welfare, unemployment, or government healthcare. No free cell phones, energy assistance, subsidized housing, or social security. The added benefit is all these other programs have rules and limits and interviews and people whose job it is check for fraud. A simple basic income program needs a lot less of all of that. If you are a living legal resident, you get a monthly check.

  39. Christian Rupprechter says:

    Just give me 1000€ a month.
    Thank you

  40. J Johnson says:

    I laughed so hard no comments necessary

  41. Dredd Bustya says:

    That scratching on the paper is making my teeth cringe.

  42. Heartless Capitalist says:

    Basic flaw: If the iEverything exists, and there are no jobs left, money won't be a thing anymore. So, no worries.

    Until then, scratch the ridiculous idea of a UBI

    As for "job loss" through automation:
    There will also be new jobs created by automation.
    Problem solved.

  43. ufoengines says:

    Will A.I. make the rich as obsolete as the poor?  I got to see that .

  44. Devin Jones says:

    Or we could do as the Republicans want to do and just kill the majority of the country through lack of healthcare and food. Then there will be less people who will need money and the wealthy can just use the ieverything for themselves. Problem solved.

  45. fuckfannyfiddlefart says:

    UBI is unbelievably foolish, you might as well just destroy Socialism and welcome genocide.

  46. James Lade says:

    Brilliant! If you give poor people money then they won’t be poor! And they will spend the money and it will be a positive thing for businesses and the economy. Win win

  47. Far Far Left says:

    Maybe in a hundred years not now.

  48. Phillip Christopher says:

    The wealthy do not like welfare, minimum wage or unemployment payments; what makes you believe that they would go for Universal basic income? The wealthy rather have us all starve to death.

  49. Tom Minogue Hastings says:


  50. Ymi_Yugy says:

    I think the iEverything is not a really helpful concept, because the concept of everything changes constantly.
    If you asked a person in the stone age he or she would probably assume the the iEverything can hunt, gather, make fire, cloth, etc.

    If you asked a person today they would probably expect it to provide internet and advise you to which pension fond to invest in.
    Things the people in the stone age couldn't even image would ever exist.

    My point being there cannot be a iEverything.
    During the industrial revolution many jobs got replaced. Did people work less, have more freetime? No! They just produced more.
    Thats what every technological innovation does. Our most important goal must be not to preserve these jobs or give those loosing theres alms but enable them to be more productive via education.

  51. ufoengines says:

    Oh Robo overloads please don't kill us because we were stupid enough to invent you ,   .    Patents 672256, 3190554, 3013505 .

  52. Yafet Teshome says:

    Here is the link to a video of Milton Friedman explaining why he is against Universal Basic Income. You can edit your video to make a more accurate reference.

  53. northerniltree says:

    Universal basic income= expansion of welfare.

  54. GarlicPudding says:

    Handouts solve nothing. Scrubs should learn personal responsibility and tighten their belts.

  55. Seneca Brown says:

    Universal income and the carbon tax
    Carbon Fee and Dividend Animation,
    Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax.
    Jim Hansen's Granddaughter explaines Carbon Fee & Dividend,
    Canadian Carbon Tax – Most Citizen's Will Get A Rebate!,

  56. Mark Porter says:

    Bad idea, avoiding poverty is a great motivation to work hard everyday.

  57. Gavin Michaels says:

    Honestly as someone who is generally libertarian, its better than welfare since 1. its simple, and 2. also teaches people to actually use their money properly, or if not, its no longer my business.

  58. remcat says:

    This would be freaking awesome.

  59. Crazyninja30 says:

    So i'm a communist, but Robert Reich is one of those people that actually understands that social programs and basic needs being met should not be hard to implement.

  60. Erasmo C. says:

    Thank you Sr. for your videos and explaining all these concepts and giving us all this information and knowledge.I wish your channel good luck and hope you reach 1 billion subscribers. Does not matter if we agree or disagree, is about information so I can make educated decisions.

  61. Pepsi Max says:

    With this old people wont retire and you get your social security back you paid in , since isnt needed anymore, the poor are no longer poor and did i mention the old people wont have to either pay the rent or buy the medicine they need .

  62. Bobby Reynolds says:

    Back in 2006 I read an article in a business magazine (Forbes, maybe?) in which an economist predicted that in about 10 years or so Americans will have to depend on something else besides a wage or a salary to live or at least maintain their present standard of living. I was skeptical then, but now it's beginning to look as if that economist was right.

  63. John Kessler says:

    "I everything" is impossible. There will be always be something you can do for other people. If products become so cheap they are free, then everyone will be able to afford them. Money will continue its trend of buy power and influence, and less a necessity. Big companies will use their products for influence and make them available to everyone, just like Google with Android.

  64. Nancy Sutton says:

    BTW, this will not cost $3 trillion.. as opponents claim. Read the answers to the questions in this great response: (& I'm a Christian and an Independent – all of us have to compromise – not cave in – coooperate & coordinate to get a 'gov of, by and for the people')

  65. zo62 says:

    What’s the diff between this and welfare

  66. Vincent Krommenhoek says:

    Basic income is the first stap to eliminate money all together. I hope thats the future. Money is no longer a goal but improving yourself is the great motivator. I know, its from the Star Trek universe, but they really were on to something…

  67. Fortune and glory. says:


  68. mxferro says:

    UBI yes… But…the existing capitalist system has to be destroyed or abandoned. Society should not have elite top owners. It needs employee owner or society owned industries that diverse out the dividends and profits to the employees…. humans have evolved past the "corporate CEO BS" structure of corporations. There should no longer be Waltons or gates or musk…no more elites.

  69. Arjun V P says:

  70. Jason Lefler says:

    Milton Friedman wanted this?!
    Jesus, this idea could really have legs!

  71. Veritas Est Lux says:

    I don't feel like working. But, I do want others to give me their money. Give me my fucking basic income.

  72. David says:

    Yang 2020 – Democrat Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang proposes a Freedom Dividend (aka UBI), $1,000 per month to everyone 18 and above and no strings attached. It’s an option to Welfare and Disability, you get one or the other, not both. Check out and all his policies.

  73. Pheng Yang says:

    Can you interview Andrew Yang about his proposal for UBI? #yang2020

  74. Richard McAlpine says:

    Things aren't produced for nothing. The Ieverything makes money obsolete. If automation and technology is producing poverty rather than freedom and abundance than that problem lies somewhere else in the economy – and wouldn't that only come from a centrally planned economy? That is how can people sell products if no one can buy them. The problem in our economy now is the central planners and all I see UBI doing is giving more power and ability to such central planners whether they come from government or corporate firm. Imagine everyone on welfare, today – that's UBI not what is being explained here. Free the market and free the people is my opinion.

    I don't think those on the left or on the right are looking at it rationally – if they where the reasons why it's failing everywhere it's being experimented on would be obviouse. I agree with the goal and the needs talked about in the video but no UBI is not the answer.

  75. James Persinger says:

    Which programs are you wanting to eliminate?

  76. Barbara Brinkmeyer says:

    Our older systems just aren't holding as gov't is consistently cutting back funding. They will invest in war machines, but yes, Universal Income is most likely needed very, very soon in an effort to replace shifting jobs these next 20 years. Additionally, yes, many individuals also want to be able to train in areas representing their greatest interest.

  77. Trollstead Ent. says:

    No offense to Kenya, but why not start with an area that already has a functional and stable infrastructure? I will openly admit I am not familiar or educated enough about the details of Kenyan politics, economy, or infrastructure. But it seems to me that giving 10 years of income to "some of the poorest people on the planet" to prove the validity of this experiment puts the experiment in jeopardy of failure out the gate.
    So, I have a few honestly meant questions and thoughts. If anyone has any real information on this or answers, I'd love to see them, please.

    Ok, here I go…

    Yes, it would, maybe, drastically improve the lives of those people. It may allow them to rise out of their current level of poverty. But, will it also allow them to make far reaching, positive changes to the roots of what caused their poverty in the first place? Will it empower them to be able to create a more solid, sustainable infrastructure of communication, healthcare, education, clean water, transportation, etc.? Or, will it just give them the buying power to afford mass produced products and services that will make them more dependent on outside providers that will continue to charge them for services and disposable goods, perhaps at a steadily inflating rate?

    Why only 10 years? I can understand if that's all the funding they have, but poverty is a multigenerational issue. To truly show any lasting effect, ten years just doesn't seem like a long enough time.

    Is there going to be educational components to this? Will the the people be given access to information or educators on what to do with this sudden in flux of new capital and how to make it actually help them? Or, are they just going to be turned loose with a wad of cash to spend? I'm fully aware that they are fully aware and intelligent, thinking human beings, but I don't think most educated, financially stable 1st world citizens would know what to do, responsibly, with extra income.

    If a basic issue of poverty in an area is a general lack of access to working, reliable infrastructure, resources, or employment opportunities, how does impoverished individuals having a guaranteed basic income solve that? It is impractical to think that they're all suddenly work together to build roads, electrical power plants, water treatment facilities, hospitals, or schools for themselves. If those things don't already exist in an area for the people, having extra spending money isn't going to solve that, especially at the level of poverty they're dealing with.

    Also, is this program going to take into account the rampant political and economic corruption and violence that plagues Sub-Saharran Africa? What are the guarantees that this funding will get to and stay in the hands of the people it's supposed to help?

    Also, I'm seeing some issues with using a group of people in a historically exploited area of the world as subjects in an experiment to prove or disprove a social economic theory being conducted under the guise of aid. African nations have been used this way for too long by the "Western Developed World".

    Don't get me wrong. I honestly hope this succeeds. The benefit of any success will be being able to empirically showing this as a valid solution to curing income inequality globally. I also don't begrudge even the short term financial relief this may give even a fraction of the people involved. I just have some doubts and issues about the efficacy of this as a social experiment.

    All right, let the trolling begin…

  78. kyoxilbuzz says:

    Although UBI will unfortunately be needed as, yes, we will go into a transition period where lower skilled jobs will be automated, I am still wondering how we would control all the corporations and trusts from not increasing all pricing to match this increase in people budgets. Looks like UBI would work only if we do also apply some strict regulations on how services and items needed to live are priced…

  79. Barton Paul Levenson says:

    It would be prohibitively expensive unless they means-tested it.

  80. Kevin Blanchard says:

    This is something to think about. The question is how to convince people it is worth trying? I know this would never be accepted in many places here in the US until all the baby boomers die off.

  81. Antoine alessandro says:

    The only way people at the top would go for that is if they some how got a kick back like say…if the government says y'all only have to pay this one tax to keep people paid at a living wage….and we'll give you some sort of tax cut or something. On every thing else like say estate tax …..basicaly taxing them high on the ubi and low on everything else

  82. Jason MacNeil says:

    Hey Robert! There is a candidate running for office as a democrat in the 2020 election named Andrew Yang who is making a Universal Basic Income one of the three main pillars of his platform. He has over 100+ Highly detailed policy proposals already outlined on his website, and he is picking up a lot of traction in the past month. He is polling at 3% nationally on some major polls, and will be on the debate stage in June.

    I urge you to look up some of his long format interviews (Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Freakonomics, and Breakfast Club are great places to start)

    But he lacks name recognition. And it is such a sad thing that he would have a lesser shot because of that, because his platform is leagues beyond the other democrats on stage this time around. He is pulling as much support from the right, center, and from libertarians, as he is from the left so far. Even former Trump supporters are getting attracted, because he has plans to tackle the same problems that Donald Trump talked about (but did nothing about) to get him elected in 2016.

    I would love to see you have a conversation with him, or at least give a thoughtful talk about him and his policies. His team is very open to any interviews they can get to get his name out.

    What do you think?

  83. Simen Hb says:

    Andrew Yang 2020! Secure the bag!

  84. Dano1947 says:

    Basic universal income = too little too late..I'll keep my SoSec thank you.

  85. Dano1947 says:

    But it doesn't end poverty. Give a man a fish, doesn't work, teach him how does.

  86. Jacob Elledge says:

    Robert your videos are funnier than SNL. UBI has already in Finland in all places. I love the socialist aka dumb fuck mantra, keep trying it might work sometime.

  87. david abe says:

    A stupid video for ignorant people that fear what they don't know and allow greed to control who they support. The left and many outside of the left have becomes the new religious right. These people paint a picture of a future that will never happen and when they are wrong someone else will simply take their place and lead with fear in the next future.

    This person and this speech has been around for thousands of years, it simply reaches more people at a single time because of the internet. You are the scared peasants shivering in front of a preacher selling you their scam.

    It's easy to dictate the future when you lack any ability to predict it but suffer from such a heighten level of narcissism that you can't accept you're not a God. Making things easier or more efficient allows us to find new problems, this creates new industries and new tech… A boat is better than swimming and allows you to move significant more goods and catch more fish and a verity of fish… But a boat only created more industry as we discovered new problems.

    This morons are predicting Armageddon and you all quiver in front of them and scream down anyone that shakes their heads at you. You are common though history as we are only witnessing history repeat itself.

    Think I'm full of shit? Tell me how the end is coming and I'm to dumb to see it… Then in 20-50 years I'll remind you of when you were wrong… just like how it happened the last thousand times.

    And Omg this fucking asshole used Milton Friedman, who at no point in the history of the world supported a UBI… but you guys don't know better because you will never read or watch MF. MF supported a NIT… It was not universal and when you make a certain amount of money it goes away. It was only to replace welfare and he still didn't like the idea, it was simply a way to save tax payers money to lower taxes.

  88. david abe says:

    Finland and Canada already ended theirs early because it failed. Dumb da dumb dumb dumb…

  89. w41duvernay says:

    Soo, this will mean there will be more Baltimore when they rioted a few years ago. The driverless cars and trucks will cost millions of jobs, and is the most scary development to me. There are currently millions of people who switched to do delivery jobs to provide for themselves. The Feds might have to declare marshall law to prevent all the rioting from the people who can't work from this automation.

  90. HvMetal WarMonger says:

    I think a good historical example would be ancient Rome. Instead of machines they just had slaves. The future is machine labor. Its already started. Unless we regress instead of progress tech wise, it.will happen.
    I see two possibilities. 1st is a society of unparalleled freedom and creativity, where machines free us from every day drudgery of work leaving us with the ability to pursue the life we can only dream of today. 2nd is the tyrannical few controlling the vast hordes of people who have nothing.
    The start of attaining the first is a universal income that changes people's views on work and pursuing a life without the worry of how your doing to pay bills.
    Is doubtful we get the first there are to many that Care only for there own wealth and power to to ever let the many actually achieve actual happiness.

  91. Lanvin says:

    This is not only in Alaska, some countries give out money when they have surplus in revenue. Every citizen would get a bit of this money. The key is how to achieve that surplus. You can call it negative tax or tax return for all. It has nothing to do with communism. Those who call it communism, basically ANYTHING involved the word government is no good to them anyway.

  92. Mike Burns says:

    We should go to to the moon ,mars and beyond

  93. Tom Minogue Hastings says:

    ubi for everyone

  94. Boris Lara says:

    After this I am sure we will start seeing the masses die off

  95. Sheri Addis says:

    I love your videos but I don’t like the UBI idea. For one thing, we don’t have an I everything, for another, the money it would cost needs to go to Medicare for all, free college, and other social programs. And a VAT (value added tax) over and above sales tax on everything you buy is NOT something I want to pay. I don’t think it’s necessary to decrease homelessness because #1 it couldn’t be enough to pay rent in cities, and #2 we need affordable housing programs.

    It is just a bad idea to put everyone on subsistence welfare.

  96. Frank Prorock says:

    Universal Basic Income: steal the livelihood from working class and give to the lazy

  97. mrfuzztone says:

    The wealth produced by computer technology and robots needs to be shared widely, not hoarded by a few who own the technology.

  98. S AVANT says:

    Can I safely say that you are in the #YANGGANG? 🙂

  99. Aaron Johnson says:

    So… are you endorsing Yang?

  100. Smo Cloud says:

    “The simplest solution is most often the correct one.” This is a quote I always try and remind myself of. It’s a quote we all know and understand. So why does the simplest solution of “giving poor people money” just not seem like it’s going to work? Is it not the case that “the simplest solution is most often the correct one”? It’s the literal simplest solution. “You’re poor and need money? Here’s money.” Instead we have “you’re poor and need money? Sign here. Fill out this paperwork. Wait. And then do exactly what we tell you with the money you get, because apparently if you’re poor you’re stupid with money and because we think some government official is gonna know what you need better than you do, and also don’t make too much money or well take it away, even though needing to make more money is fundamental to being in poverty, we say you can’t make more than x amount , as long as you want these benefits. And as long as you’re making less or at x amount you need benefits. Also for as long as you’re making x amount, you won’t be able to get the education you need to get that better job that will pay you more like you actually need in order to get out of poverty. So in short? You’re stuck unless you get a combination of high work ethic, a unique idea, and a lot of luck. Fuck you and thanks for your business. Hope it all works out for you.” Why’s it so fucking complicated? “The simplest solution is most often the correct one.” But we’ve entirely avoided the simplest solution to this problem for decades and we wonder why the problem isn’t solved yet? Maybe if we weren’t going about it in such a complicated, round-a-bout way, it would have been mostly dealt with by now.

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