RNC Spokesperson: Pelosi has no idea what she’s doing

RNC Spokesperson: Pelosi has no idea what she’s doing


  1. Neil Kramer says:

    The recent Pelosi has no idea what she's doing because her mind is too old to think correctly. Therefore she needs to quit retire or be Fired

  2. Sphragizo says:

    She is a ghost now..

  3. Brenda Caronna says:

    No Pelosi doesn’t know what she’s doing!!! So let’s get her out NOW!!! Why wait??!!

  4. deceptive silence says:

    i am beginning to pity them

  5. Magsegdjmo Orion says:

    Pelosi should be killed for treason.

  6. Roxanne D. says:

    Dems do nothing, and they keep proving it

  7. GSpotter63 says:

    When alternative fuel sources and energy sources become more energy efficient and cheaper than fossil fuels the world will make the transition without hesitation. Forcing it is simply not going to work.

  8. edward thomas says:

    New Green deal is a job killer that's why they want it. Triple your electric bill.

  9. Tina Hellwig says:

    Probably Madame Pelosi needs to retire. Fighting Trump is quite difficult, and she is already almost 80 years old.

  10. Jerry Webb says:

    Send Nancy a big thanks for destroying the Democratic Party, keep up the good work excellent job

  11. StrnFn9099 says:

    NP knows what she's doing but it's completely wrong for the country.

  12. D B says:

    Only in the fox minds. Who cares????

  13. James Bell says:

    She'll say it was her medication and didn't realise what she was doing

  14. Jack Plow says:

    So, "Pre-Conviction" is the Democrat's New Rule of Law. Using the broadest of umbrella charges to fabricate and manipulated crime to fit their impeachment conviction.
    Total Chinese Communist Assets these Democrats.

  15. mr toehead says:

    dum de dum de duumm time to go to lunch

  16. Uncle fester says:

    Anyone that votes Liberal needs their head examined, why go back to the dark days of Obama doing nothing, stood up to nobody, lost jobs, higher unemployment, stock market in the shitter. Is this what you want again, if so you fit right in where they say Cant Fix Stupid.

  17. sealtite87 says:

    Why all the freaks come from California?

  18. Ross Coe says:

    The Left trying to impeach Trump for what Joe Biden did! WTF!

  19. Shasha8674 says:

    Get rid of his son's oil job? Nancy's daughter has a job with oil people also?

  20. Always Thinking says:

    Lushy pelosi knows exactly what she is doing along with her pals in congress now and the ones out of office…JUSST READ WHAT THE OMNIBUS BILL HAS IN IT..SEE HOW MANY STATES ARE BEING AFFECTED BY REDISTRICTING..WE WILL LOOSE SEATS!
    President Trump PROMISED he would never sing another rush bill again, and no mention AT ALL OF REDISTRICTING..AND HE HAS TO KNOW!

  21. Mike McKay says:

    The wheels are coming off the Democrat’s bus that keeps turning left.

  22. Valentino Serrano says:

    California for Trump here! ??

  23. Linda Beck says:

    Pelosi WANTS attention whether it's good or bad, it's still attention…that's what narcissistic arrogance "requires".
    Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a narcissist knows this.

  24. Yourname Here says:

    Boeing firing related to Clinton Foundation CRIMINAL investigations?
    Pay2Play kept 737max in the air while FAA investigators had their hands tied?
    Like Obama did with the DEA. DEA was forced to watch Hezbollah import multi ton shipments of cocaine with Jim Comey and Andrew Weissman manning the ship.
    Lots of people died of drug overdoses and crashing on planes which should have been grounded YEARS AGO.
    Boeing can't have indicted executives running the place.
    Merry Christmas Mr. and Mrs. America.

  25. Charles Kenney says:

    Don’t forget about how he is going to grovel to China.

  26. Regina Kornbrust says:

    Shes old and stupic and she hates Trump and wants him out so a Demoncate can get in office and f up the world and control us cause they are communist

  27. Jamin Walker says:

    There is no better leader to choose that is going to effectively run this Country but Trump. The Democratic party has shown their negligence in their congressional duty this entire presidency.

  28. B Strakos says:

    Fancy Nancy has never knew what she is doing. .

  29. Ivan M says:

    Blank paper, nothing get the house!
    Trumpence 2020!

  30. Ivan M says:


  31. Ivan M says:

    You can’t go green overnight
    If you have an infrastructure still set in oil and have shitloads of oil well!
    Make it and sell it!
    In the mean time solar on roof on every home with tax cuts!
    Troops home and wall up man USA!
    Aussie here gotcha back!
    Trumpence 2020!

  32. Robert Eskut says:

    Pelosi is crazy as a craphouse rooster! As well as her cronies.

  33. Calvin Adams says:

    Pelosi is in "NUT MODE".!!!

  34. christopher Lucy says:

    It must be me but I want to puke everytime I see JOE BOZO!

  35. S Wagner says:

    She got sober. Now reality sets in. She can't except her role in it.

  36. John Smith says:

    She's knows exactly what is going on!!! She's keeping 1/2 the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OUT OF JAIL!!

  37. ivorysteele says:

    You Democrats are now making people vote for Trump

  38. Kyles Isler says:

    No one with a D in front of their name has any idea what they're doing. They're idiots.

  39. DIANNE BOOMER says:


  40. MultiTigergutt says:

    They rig primary too

  41. ar1793 says:

    Biden committed the same thing Trump was impeached for in Article 1 of Impeachment papers. Trump made the phone call to Ukraine because he promised to drain the Swamp and he knows Biden is part of the swamp. Since Biden completed Quid Pro Quo and bragged about it, why is he allowed to run for president?

  42. Joy Coleman says:


  43. Mike Oneill says:

    Pelosi is an old Indian name ……..it means touch hole ?

  44. John Krausse says:

    They can't allow this to go before the American people for a vote? Nancy Pelosi has no brains left at all. Who the hell is she? So she's telling Americans she knows better than we do. Trash vote her out.

  45. Fat Albert says:

    Pelosi is drunk most of the time. She needs to retire and get into a rehab program.

  46. Randy Lyons says:

    Piglosi should focus on her talents; drinking, slurring words and incoherent mumbling.

  47. martin lawrence says:

    nancy for president.

  48. Shawn Hunter says:

    Noooooo ,she is being very smart ?

  49. Trump Is here says:

    Pelosi is garbage

  50. Andy Z says:

    Pelosi: "ok, we cant beat Trump in 2020 but we cant can fabricate some articles for impeachment. I know there is NO chance of them passing in the Senate but we can aim to sway weak minded voters into at least believing the impeachment is the removal of the president."

  51. gilfavor1river says:

    Nancy a career politician, proving that all politicians should have 8 years , before they get too entrenched into politics, Pelosi is showing how stale she is getting, misinformed and well really out of touch.

  52. gilfavor1river says:

    I like America first, I wish my nation would put "Australia first" in the same manner,.
    We appear to be in a marching drill, marking time, but not moving forward, we have removed some of our foolish left, not all but all the left are whackos, some are interested in the advancement of working people, if controlled tax cuts to business make America's working population have a higher annual income in some cases up to $6000 , then where's our Trump??????
    I think at least I hope some sense is coming back to our silent majority, when fear and nonsense run your politics you will not win government by that type of propaganda, we have a right winged admin in Aus now , but they are standing too still at the moment. I think President Trump in your nation will annihilate the Democrats next year and I think Pelosi might be part of the reason, going to war over nothing unbelievable she needs to get out of the system , her miscalculations will be dire!

  53. Robert Heatwole says:

    I think everyone including the Socialist/Communist Democratic party knows she's totaly lost it. She lost all control to Adler and Schiff but just maybe those three "real" imposters will be sent packing in the next election.

  54. Miss Deb says:

    SKELETOR is NO a leader…

  55. Miss Deb says:

    QUID PRO JOE is NO leader…

  56. Donna Johnson says:

    Joe Biden is a complete idiot. He has no clue what the hell he's talking about. Omg who would vote for this?

  57. Blue Lagoon says:

    They just figured this out now, President Trump should do something about it,it seems like she is President, come on now,other country's would not put up with this.

  58. Richard Crouse says:

    I know teachers that are smarter than Pelosi. How in the hell did she get the job she has without corruption?

  59. Lance Gin says:

    She is on drugs.

  60. Richard Crouse says:

    This chick is awesome!

  61. Myself andI says:

    That's real interesting because we were told we owed 899 dollars last tax season and we filed an extension, got a tax attorney to redo the taxes and somehow got almost exactly 6000 dollars back. GO TRUMP! MAGA~~ 2020!! FOUR MORE YEARS~~~

  62. Roger Doger says:

    HEY JOE!!!! WHY don't you and your ALPHABET agencies STOP CREATING these " CRISIS" so we can LIVE PEACEFULLY without YOU AND YOUR CRONIES CAPITALISING on them????????????????????????????????

  63. Arthur Bernales says:

    Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff=Dumb PERIOD!!!!

  64. Shane F says:

    Pelosi salons in a mental institution you can tell that just by listing of some of the crap that comes out of her mouth when is she getting impeached or is there enough signatures on the petition to ever impeached

  65. Alexander Perez says:

    She has no idea

  66. TuTu Fox says:

    Piglosi knows what shes doing!!!!!!!! Shes a Socialist, she hates that Pres Trump has done so many good things for America! Socialist want to "Fundamentally Transform America" & turn America into a Socialist country. They want this country to be AmeriKa???

  67. Larry Foster says:

    With nancy fighting Trump so much it makes ya wonder what she is hiding,it must be something big.

  68. Helicopter Dad says:

    Drunk stupid Nancy.

  69. Victor Johnson says:

    Newsflash, all democrats are evil.

  70. Veronica Holter says:

    I believe she knows exactly what she’s been doing! I question her integrity and believe she’s like a poisonous, lethal snake.

  71. Martin Munoz says:

    Joe is nuts

  72. Bruno Wills says:

    The Democrats are so out of touch with the working class it's scary.

  73. Lynn Winn says:

    Nancy P is ready for her 6 ft ditch and it might be sooner than she thinks

  74. FRANCIS AGUSTA says:

    i send all my love and prayers to donald trump cos hes fighting a war against evil god bless

  75. Steve Otting says:

    Pelosi is too busy counting all the millions she made off of the starkist tuna deal with Guam. She sucks, period.

  76. Fabien Eldridge says:

    Pelosi was aLoser now a bigger Loser, and Biden j..ust an idiot crook working for Soros and family, Someone tell him it's all over for him Obama and Hillary !

  77. Irene Peterson says:

    Thank you for sharing …. love and blessings from New Zealand

  78. scrub44 says:

    p p p p p pelosi seems t t t t to have l l l l lost it.


    Biden is lost in the 1960's, he reminds me of a guy hanging out on the corner, snapping his fingers to some tune on the boom box…yo!

  80. Sam McCarthy says:

    No idea what she is doing? That’s slander/liable bible says you go to hell for that

  81. Chris Britt says:

    Nancy went nuts when the squad even called her racist a few months ago and really woke her up, she totally realizes she should have shut up the far left 3 years ago, Nancy is spinning in circles BADLY!!! ?????????????

  82. The open mind says:

    Biden is confident that what Americans want is a return to the stability of qualified professional slimy con-men and pedophiles running things like they have since JFK.

  83. SupaNami says:

    Yep, straight Republican ticket … the left has gone insane!!

  84. Grace Sarah Williams says:

    Fox news is Republican fake news to help the new American Dictator. Sad thank God I am not American.

  85. Roland Bächi says:

    Ich glub die Linken saufen jeden Morgen Essig' wen ich mir die Fresse der alten Schabracke ansehe!

  86. T R-H says:

    Nasty Pelosi the Queen of HATE is waiting to get orders from AOC

  87. yolanda4445 says:


  88. sean ausome says:

    Democrats are still mad as hell at America and it racist citizens according to Democrats.

  89. Mr. Phayre says:

    Democrats won't be happy till all of America looks like Detroit……..

  90. doc says:

    Don't be foolish. She knows was she is doing. The bad part is that she is getting away with it!

  91. Brian Wurch says:

    Complete disaster the best kind of disasters. Look it up in dictionary. Nancy has her picture next to it's definition.

  92. Jon Gordon says:

    The Democrat's are going to lose big time in 2020. For what it's worth, the most entertaining part of all of this impeachment nonsense is the liberals who actually believed that once there was an impeachment vote in the House President Trump would no longer be "President"! These fools believed that he was no longer the POTUS, that he was going to jail, that he needed to move out of the White House ASAP, that he cannot run for President next year, etc. etc. You name it, someone out there believed it. It must be tough to be a liberal…

  93. Corey Seven says:

    Pelosis browns and newsoms been running califas with the greed for decades lockstep with the narcs and the narcotics lockstep with the institutions lockstep with the system of addiction slavery lockstep with the lobbies lockstep with the laundering of tax payer money and lockstep in a rigged political game and now CALIFORNIA SUCKS! And Biddeen been in Washington 50 years and now he’s gonna fix things dudes smoked way to much crack and is a creep.

  94. DopeBangin Junt says:

    Nancy knows what she is doing, its called a quid pro quo

  95. Steven Shepherd says:

    Well if impeachment is good for Trump, how great will his sacking be?

  96. Jack MWH96817 says:

    The American people knows she doesn't know what she's doing! MAGA

  97. Trent Evenson says:

    So you have to figure out what the game is. The lies are so transparent that what ws see cannot be the true plan. So what aren't we seeing because we are focused on the sham impeachment and lies? The liberals are going to be taken out along with the far right. Leaving those who have been synthesized. The mark of the beast is the Sunday law that comes about due to this synthesis.

  98. Jeremy Cremen says:

    Never had the facts but they could control the process… it just doesnt sound right that should not be okay

  99. Jerry Tidmore says:

    I'm not sure about how long Pelosi can hold these articles of impeachment. But I'm wondering if she isn't waiting to see if Trump gets reelected to try and use them then.Trump 20/20????????

  100. Alan C says:

    I am not American and I don't live in America, so as an outsider I can talk freely. I am absolutely amazed at the bias, the fake news coming out of your MSM. Every time I see the face of Pelosi, Biden, the Clintons and their cohorts, all I see it HATE. They are spending all their time hating and destroying America. How can anyone possibly vote for them and that Cortez woman? Trump got in because the American people wanted him to be president. Simple. Accept it and get on with life. He is not a politician and he is not mired in the corruption of politics, which is, of course, why some Republicans also do not like him. Democrat = HATE.

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