Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Money From Home | Rachael Ray Show

Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Money From Home | Rachael Ray Show


  1. Sarah Veley says:

    Where does she sell it?

  2. Sarah Veley says:

    Haha just kidding

  3. Meli s says:

    $50 dollars for toilet paper rolls? Not true, just went to eBay and you would have to be selling a minimum of 300 empty rolls to get that amount of money, This without counting eBay and shipping fees.

  4. dodobrain says:

    Bunch of bullshit

  5. Jill Hollon says:

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  6. Fluid Airbrush says:

    I don't know where when is selling all of this at to make that kind of money but nobody around where I live would pay $20 for a bag of crayons that you could go to the store and pay significantly less for.

  7. David Prince says:

    Ha ha. So rachel ray had somebody come on her show and rachel handed her $1000 and said just walk around and hand people 20 dollars here and there for stupid shit because i mean lets face it…rachel ray is rich, her show makes money and shell just write it as a tax write off. Nice try but even though the rest of this country may be dumb enough to believe this shit…..im not! Peace

  8. Tanika Lovett says:


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  9. Top & Best says:

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  10. Horne James says:

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  11. Tatiana Flores says:

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  12. Ada Aguilar says:

    Rachael those shoes a sooo ugly

  13. Pam H. says:

    The prices she claimed were inflated, but all of these items DO sell on eBay, check the 'sold' listings, you'll see!

  14. Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

    Great video

  15. hef-T & lefty says:

    Go to dollars true.come/refer=46701

  16. Mike C. says:

    Total BS! Been selling on eBay for years. She is WAY overstating those prices. Example: 12/26/17. a 3-pound box of broken crayons sold on eBay for $10 with FREE Shipping by Priority Mail. This would have easily cost the seller $7 to ship. eBay and PayPal fees would be another $1.30. The seller is left with $1.70, not worth the time to write the listing, upload the photos and then pack & ship.

  17. Logan Miles says:


  18. tea girl says:

    Rachel I like your tv show your welcome to stop by my channel . Merry christmas to you & your family hugs ❤????⭐??

  19. MrQbenDanny says:

    There comes a point where you have to talk a little louder than usual and say:
    "This segment is NOT happening on my show". I could see you counting the long few minutes to the disgusting end.

  20. Gizmobeautiful Martin says:

    Rachel Ray Show Where the site to sell my stuff… I went to the website but where I find the Information about selling these products…

  21. SJ A says:

    sooo.anyone else bought to go diving into their trash cans…i know i got a few egg cartons in there

  22. Manuela Darazsdi says:

    Rachel has some man hands!

  23. Lilleybugglane says:

    They should have sold the shoes Rachel was wearing…

  24. Poker Girl says:

    Your stupid as hell if u think that will sell

  25. Cecilie M says:

    Don't think that I will be buying..USED dentures!! There are some things that you can't go cheep on!!! ?

  26. Emir Fajardo says:

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  27. eequalsmcdonald says:

    $20 for a "box of broken crayons"?

  28. Sam Tate says:

    That’s a bunch of crap and I don’t believe it

  29. Kim Thomas says:

    where did she find this lady? like yea right

  30. C Jasz says:

    I have been trying to sell on CL and Kijiji – cheap and good stuff , offering tested high tech and crapola.
    Guess what?
    People are cheap and have no extra money – this clip here is all BS.
    Nobody buys NADA unless they see it at Walmart and Costco.

  31. Michael Bomar says:

    good stuff thanks

  32. Holly Tree says:

    How can you so blatantly lie to our faces like that? Because if we are gullible, you are the only one making money. But just remember there is always a cost. Your cost will come on you when you least expect it.

  33. Joe Smith says:

    I wonder how much I could get for my shit stained underwear???? With all them years of skids, it seems they would have depreciated by now… but believe it or not, they're worth $60.00 WOW THANKS!!! I'm going to go buy some more undies!!!!

  34. Mimi BeautifulSurvivor says:

    Rachel is Silly!!!!! But gotta love her ❤️❤️❤️

  35. maria thiede says:

    You can buy that stuff way cheaper…..yay false hope. Fake tv. Still love for everyone, rach ray etc but just saying. This is a waste of time to watch

  36. Vespa Davidson says:

    What a load of crap!

  37. biff322 says:

    "Your poo streaked undies might seem worthless to you, but some Japanese weirdo will pay you $200 for them! So here you go!"

  38. Bernal Diaz says:

    That was really stupid.

  39. gwen joplin says:

    Whre do you sell these things like toilet rolls

  40. gwen joplin says:

    Mines the money u paid for them

  41. JulieAnkha N. says:

    Noo way

  42. Lethallady66 says:

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  43. Money Zyro says:

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  44. Flor der Campo says:

    Used toilet paper rolls are tricky. If the person using them has manipulated them with dirty hands (nasty residue) is spreading germs. Yuck!!

  45. Scott Henderson says:


  46. Stan Lee says:

    ????? where do you find these people who will buy all this crap?

  47. Rachelle Nixon says:

    So unrealistic. Broken crayons for $20! You can buy more than that brand new for less than $10.

  48. Tina V says:

    I would never pay 20 bucks for broken crayons!! Such bull!

  49. skizzo19761 says:

    Fuck this…not enough money for buying crack! Need more

  50. Lewis Schatzdorfer says:

    I got to say that I didn't believe I could actually sell TP rolls, but was surprised to find out it's legit! Thanks for the tips.

  51. doctor sunitarajashaker says:

    try this

  52. M J says:

    Yes we can sell some of these items but her prices are way off

  53. Adan Molina says:

    Where did they sell… Because i don't know any one in the right mind wtf buys shit paper rolls

  54. Kvngky says:

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    This is fuckin stupid…dumb cunts

  56. Taneica Gayle says:

    I'm sorry but I've watched a few vids and find out that Rachel can get annoying. Please allow your guest to complete what they are saying before you jump in and cut them off… you talk over too much?

  57. Victor Pena says:


  58. C P says:

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  59. Lidia Valle says:

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  60. Richard Cunningham says:

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  61. Pam H. says:

    Remember, there are many people who live in the middle of nowhere and have to drive long distances just to buy groceries….Heck, even Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, says she has to drive a minimum of a half hour to the store.
    Those people buy unexpected things on line & figure in the cost of gasoline, wear & tear on their vehicle and their personal time when they calculate what something is worth to them.
    We all know, too, crafters can get crazy over supplies!!!

  62. BadFinger says:

    Watching this Rachel Ray show makes me want to go dumpster diving for cash. There's a fortune to be made !!!!!!

  63. B Moore says:

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  64. R.J Rios says:

    Hmmmmm… $50 for a bag of used toilet paper rolls.. I’ll do that ?

  65. MoneySaving CouponGal says:

    $50 for a bag of toilet paper rolls??? You could buy toilet paper cheaper. lol

  66. Wisberty Cruix says:

    okay…why can't I get the info. live and here right at this video???…Mmmm…I guess just another bullshitterrr trying to catch new subscribers on it's webpage???…maybe getting pay-per-subscriber is much sweeter!!!…LMAO!!!..people in this days is really out of notion…if this really works…then why if he took the effort that takes to publish a YouTube promotional video he didn't completed everything and for once???..like talking about the whole process of achieving this he talks about???..it would make more sense in regards of promoting his businesses,right?…but hey….the slick licks while the di¢ks looks…lol

  67. Kristi C says:

    so where do you go to find someone to actually buy this stuff?

  68. Jocelyn West says:

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  69. Noel Brown says:

    why? why the hell do you yanks laugh at every second word and give applause every time some thing is done or said? frustrated house wife's or is it more sinister?

  70. RayFire51 says:

    I got a pile of cat shit in the litter box …any takers $50?

  71. follow Jesus! says:

    if you REALLLLLY believe that chicken farmers are going to pay up to $4 each for "egg holders?" / comon Rachel? think…. a dozen eggs are less then $3 / why would a farmer pay up to $4 for one carton? / there were 12 cartons on the table and the lady said up to $40? omg!!!!! welcome to lala land! do these people even hear themselves talking?! no one out here in the real world is doing any of this / women are savers women are couponers / or they just get them for FREE after they eat the eggs ….. Dauh!!!

  72. gramma doh says:

    ? buckshit. That lady is nuts. It's easy for her to give free money for junk, no one would pay that much for such stuff. RR just needs more things on her program besides canned foods.

  73. Randomly Fun says:

    Who in the right mind would buy a box of broken crayons for 20$ when they can get 24 pack for 1$

  74. ᴄᴛʜᴜʟʜᴜ ᴛʜᴇ ɪɢɴᴏʀᴀɴᴛ says:


  75. Nicnine Murphy says:

    Supply and demand who wants the demand of toilet paper rolls is the question

  76. Kathie Britt says:

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  77. Jennifer 007 says:

    I can't believe this lady buying those garbegs this much expensive.

  78. Kaykay 94 says:

    Yeah no crafter is gonna buy a bag of crayons for $20 when you can get a box of 24 anywhere from a $1-2 that’s about 20 boxes or 10 new boxes of fresh crayons

  79. Rene' Michelle Floyd says:

    This show is very UNHELPFUL because there are NO LINKS to where you can sell this stuff!!!!

  80. Roxanne Galvan says:

    what are the web links where you can sell things that you spoke of?

  81. Whatever goes says:

    compllete BS

  82. LKR says:

    This is so stupid ha

  83. spilling says:

    This way too expensive no one would buy it.

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  86. starlite556 says:

    This  is  so  stupid.

  87. Mon Richud says:

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  88. Susan D says:

    did she say 15 or 50 for the toilet rolls??

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