Rich The Kid “New Freezer” Feat. Kendrick Lamar Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Rich The Kid “New Freezer” Feat. Kendrick Lamar Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

$75,000 for the Papa Smurf. I see a lot of y’all niggas running around
with these diamond chains. Motherfuckers 45 to 35 a piece. I know your shit ain’t real, boy. Diamonds! Real. V‘s. Check ‘em. Test ’em. Anytime. New freezer. Bitch! My A&R, he bring in Kendrick. I met Kendrick for the first time. He was like, “Let me feel your vibe and
hear your music.” So, the first record I played, he was like,
“The fuck is, what is this? ‘New Freezer?'” “This shit is crazy. I can get on this song?” I was like, “Yeah.” I heard the verse, I was tripping out. ‘Cause this is a whole different type of
Kendrick on this song. Like, he going apeshit. The bitch is so foreign that she needs a visa to come to the United States, but I really
don’t need the bitch. I think she from Switzerland. She from Switzerland. Switzerland. She a eater. She eat everything. Eater. Eat! She get to work! New freezer is basically some new ice. When you just copped some new ice. You might’ve got a new pinky ring. A new motherfucking watch. A new diamond chain. You know this shit cost. Get some new ice. That’s a new freezer. You know what I’m saying? Really my whole neck, that’s fucking freezer as you can see. This right here is Audemars Piguet. Know what I’m saying? Real diamonds for you fake rappers. I’m Rich The Kid. And I woke up rich. So I’m always Rich. Bitch. So, when I first got the Maserati, I was in New York. Speed racing. Literally. Bam! Crashed into a motherfucking bus. Well, I wasn’t really driving, somebody else was driving. But that was the Mazi. I got the Mazi. I crashed the shit. We put the world on a lot of shit. Dat way, money way, a lot of y’all new wave
shit, y’all running off with, we put the world on a wave. But I don’t give a fuck, ’cause I’m paid. You know what I’m saying? Don’t give a fuck. I don’t care. In the back of the movies! In the back of the back! Back back! You ever been to the movies with the reclining chairs? Recline. Read about it. It was the first time I ever was on any blogs
and shit. Before that, you might’ve hit a blog up
for a post. They ain’t fucking with you. But then, “Jumping like Jordan” came and
now they wanna fuck with a nigga. So it’s like that. If you don’t remember the song, “Trap Jumpin’ Like Jordan,” you can read about it. Me and Migos. Gang shit.


  1. LocalComeup— says:

    that nigga is high

  2. This guy Is sick says:

    Бля,он же вообще в сопли обдолбан

  3. Trina Robinson says:

    Were you rich when your a kid??

  4. PrinceShino says:

    What is he saying?

  5. Jonas Matyi says:


  6. Jonas Matyi says:


  7. Jonas Matyi says:


  8. Bv 5076 says:

    This mf is high assssss ballsss and also cocky but i fuck with it??

  9. Komrade Kanye V.2 says:


  10. Spacekid Greenalot says:


  11. Avil play Games says:

    He do look like a crack head

  12. Brian Brian says:

    he like kid buu

  13. Quike100 says:

    1:18 E A T

  14. Innocent Ndizihiwe says:

    I understanded one Word Maybe

  15. Keeshawn Tate says:

    Nigga do not know how to talk in a interview ??

  16. Super Saiyan says:

    If u know what he says u get paid

  17. just Hunter says:

    New frezzer more like new seziure

  18. just Hunter says:

    Drop a baby on a bich face this guy is crazy

  19. Harmony Lalla-Wilcher says:

    He got A.d.H.d

  20. Mohamed Naser says:


  21. Ananyaaa says:

    1:08 um, Switchahland? Swishaland? Swishersand? he def did not say Switzerland, plz tell me he didn't try to say Switzerland

  22. Ananyaaa says:

    Someone get him a drug test

  23. Ananyaaa says:

    0:18 10-year-old girls showing off their friendship bracelets

  24. Ananyaaa says:

    2:03 omg i can't, i woke up rich, so im always rich bitch

  25. Saul Gomez says:

    Why am I barely seeing this lmao

  26. Jay Elevate says:

    Nigga said swisherland ? he hella high, prolly thinking about swisher sweets n shit.

  27. Dog Ramen says:

    Papa Smurf…

  28. KawaiiX Kiki says:

    High asf jesus

  29. Alexr Gaming says:

    Police: Hello
    RTK: Hello
    Police: You good man.
    RTK: Hello

  30. Layla Ellis says:

    Send help

  31. Emsi says:

    1:09 the best part ? cap

  32. tiko cutey says:

    Leave a like

  33. Lil Fan YT says:

    1 sec in the vid all ready flexin'.

  34. Lil Fan YT says:

    before this he probably did some cocain or somthin'

  35. Janoah Nightwing says:


  36. Ethan Tanner says:

    This dude got me cracking up

  37. dario marino says:

    Ma io non capisco cosa cazzo dice quando fa nioseeeh

  38. Zeltonic says:

    “Audemar get”

  39. Dorian Mitchell says:

    Idk why I laughed so hard watchin this

  40. Chloe Boughrum says:

    I have a quick question…. what was he on ?

  41. RIP Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo onfroy says:

    0:17 what the fuck

  42. Kurdish R6 says:

    Bro white ass teeth

  43. T3R Elemento says:

    0:17 Rich The Kid New Freezer

  44. Help me reach 100k subs without any videos says:

    You good fam?

  45. 1tHraxTV says:

    1:09 why is this hilarious to me

  46. Faited says:

    Yeet peenis hxcg

  47. Divinest Beats says:

    Dumbass wasting money on chains

  48. Amenbeatz says:

    why he look like rick

  49. Mateo Palacios says:

    Nigga, I’m seeing this in 2019… and I still think my man Rich The Kid was high asf

  50. T3R Elemento says:

    0:21 Rich The Kid

  51. T3R Elemento says:

    0:20 Rich The Kid

  52. T3R Elemento says:

    Rich The Kid New Freezer Feat Kendrick Lamer

  53. Lumbo Mukuka says:

    Rich the kid high as fuck

  54. T3R Elemento says:

    0:17 Rich The Kid Flexin

  55. T3R Elemento says:

    0:18 Rich The Kid

  56. T3R Elemento says:


  57. T3R Elemento says:


  58. T3R Elemento says:

    0:17 Rich The Kid

  59. T3R Elemento says:

    0:19 Flex

  60. kith okaifu says:


  61. Tamara Erby says:

    Boy you high asf

  62. xXiiCreeperSlayerXx says:

    Ok this is a little sad

  63. Khalid Elmaseri says:

    Intro doeeeeee ?

  64. Brandon Ritze says:

    He’s high.

  65. T3R Elemento says:

    1:17 Dimitri Roger

  66. PermafrostPyro says:

    I just wanted to know if he had a lisp or if it was autotune and I got my answer

  67. YungboiZAY 44 says:

    Wrist shield
    Wrist shield
    Wrist shield
    New freezer

  68. sheldon mccoy says:

    3:15 is where i died

  69. TruthfulShowsHaziq Needlove says:

    Basically,he's high during this video

  70. Bruh Moment says:

    3:16 he had a seizure

  71. dirruzi says:

    The beginning was kinda corny???

  72. zhu kevin says:

    Is he itching?

  73. Kymani V - Topic says:


  74. Life with T&J says:

    0:18 I just knew he was high when he did that??‍♀️

  75. Angelina Cole says:

    When the teacher gives me a packet for homework.. 0:20

  76. Infinite Fortnite says:

    In the beginning I was dead when he said

    I’ll new freezer………………B****!

  77. kkorner ukko says:

    When I teach my alien I stole from Area 51 to talk and smoke weed.

  78. jam wither says:


    B I T C H !

  79. BurntPasta.mp4 , says:

    This man seems like a real fun person to be around

  80. The Mpire says:


  81. Mr. Lemur says:


  82. gavrn says:

    B I T CH

  83. Alexandra gacha says:

    Bro on some real shit them chains sound like plastic and a milk carrier lol

  84. harvey dhillon says:

    50 secs he about to say “who else on this song” well it was asap ferg but kendrick got him kicked off ?

  85. Ur mum 2 tittys says:

    He reminds me of a mixture of lil wayne and lil pump

  86. Joseph Jostar says:

    He really is a kid

  87. Mr. Swing says:

    lol the whole time he speaks with kinda low and slow voice and then 0:20 comes in

  88. Nick Muzquiz says:

    this nigga rollin' off some molly

  89. Name me says:

    This nigga a little autistic isn’t he?

  90. baby boo mwa says:

    Chill out nigga

  91. baby boo mwa says:

    God damn

  92. Salamander Man says:

    He got a 5 head

  93. kyndall golden says:

    Why this nigga lookin like he had the producers high before

  94. Hanafee Azmee says:

    When he said "bitch", I laughed

  95. Hanafee Azmee says:

    0:20 you are son of a.. .. .. .. .

  96. Hanafee Azmee says:

    Rich the Comedian

  97. WillieDeadInside Bruh says:

    Dude how high is this man?

  98. The real SMKEXLUSV says:

    New freezer BITCH!

  99. Joker says:

    1:16 ok then.

  100. Phoenix god says:

    This nigga high of some shit

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