Rich The Kid Hits The Skatepark & Explains The Importance Of Being A CEO | IRL

Rich The Kid Hits The Skatepark & Explains The Importance Of Being A CEO | IRL

Rob: Man, Rich the Kid, I know you’re a
skater for real. A lot of rappers say they skate, but don’t
really skate. End of the day, can’t none of y’all
motherfuckers talk about y’all skate if you can’t fuck with us. He won with the nollie back heel, but niggas
still can’t see none of us, nigga. That nigga got the title. Rob: I’ma straight up bust my ass. Rich: You’re doing this at your own risk. Rob: Yo, we about to get into some skating,
then we about to get into a little interview. You ready? Rich: This a little bit of everything, bitch. Rob: Let’s get it. Rich: Gang Rob: Tell me what to do. What’s the pointers? Rich: See this what you do, one right here
by the bolt, the other one back here and just ride down. Rob: You ready? Fuck this. Rich: Be careful. Quiet on set! We’re rolling! Rolling! Rob: So we’re here at 50/50 Skatepark in
Staten Island. Rich: Staten Island! Can we get a blunt or something? Damn! Rob: Where was it when you first started skating,
man? I just want to go back to that first of all,
because you’re pretty damn good. Rich: I was in Kennesaw, Georgia. I was deep down, down in Georgia. You know what I’m saying? Rob: When do you first start picking up skating
and what was it about skating that made you fall in love with it. Rich: I was like 15, you know? I was just out there. Lupe Fiasco, kick, push, and coast. Rob: Was there ever a time in your life that
you thought you might could go pro, or if that could be a future for you? Rich: I coulda been pro! Rich: Tell Tyler the Creator I got $5,000
on a game of S-K-A-T-E, right now. Young Rich the Kid. $5,000 on a game of S-K-A-T-E. I’m the best skateboard rapper out. Rob: You got into a little bit of trouble
out there. Rich: I had a little bit of a rap sheet. Shit, I wasn’t tryna be in jail. Is it this or is it that? This way or is it that way? The money way, or the jail way? Rob: As much as I know about you, you a hustler. You get things done, by any means necessary. Rich: Get off yo’ ass and hustle! Now that I flex with muscle! Niggas they running for cover! I take jets like Ubers! I made myself a boss, CEO. Dad! I got my dad with me, bitch! Rob: I don’t want you to take offense to this,
man, but I think you’re the king of finesse. Rich: The finesse king! Nah, nah, no you not the first one to say
that, man. Come on. Rob: Originally, to get your song on LiveMixtapes Rich: Yeah, Live Mixtapes. I had made… Rob: What were you doing? Rich: I was making my own mixtapes. Rich: I had a DJ, Cortez. He had a login, so I’d just send him the
shit. Make the mixtape. Send it to him. He’d upload it. Rob: People thought they was going to get
DJ Cortez mixtape. Just picked out the hottest joints. For a lot of ways it was the hottest joints,
but this was a vehicle for you to get your joints off maybe when other DJ’s wasn’t putting
you on they mixtapes. Rich: I was putting all the new shit, you
know what I’m saying? We was like premiering shit on the mixtapes. Like, “Damn, this that new shit premiering?” “What the fuck?” Rob: What are you taking from what you learned
there to apply to your album? Rich: Shit, I’m executive producing my own
shit. I pick my own beats, get my own features,
you know what I’m saying? I ain’t gotta call the label like, “Yo, I
need this person on that.” It’s just like I’m still doing the same thing
I used to do. Rob: Why does everybody fuck with Rich the
Kid? Rich: What you mean why? Rob: I guess what I’m tryna get at is the
power of relationships. I think a lot of people don’t understand the
power of relationships. Rich: Well really, the people I’ve got on
my album, they’re like people I really fuck with. Wayne, I’m tight with him. Migos of course is family. Swae Lee, that’s my boy. Fucking Future. Rob: Talk about Rich Forever the label, man. Rich: Jay Critch. Rob: Yeah, go ahead. Jay Critch, who else? Rich: Famous Dex. Almighty Jay. Rob: Lab Cook. You got the producer also signed to you. Rich: That nigga Lab Cook, man. Lab Cook made “Plug Walk!” Rob: Coming into the game, to have a roster
already so early in your career… Rich: Yeah, flexing on niggas. Flexing on niggas like… It’s either you boss up, or get bossed around. You know what I’m saying? I’m a CEO. I’m in partnership with Interscope. I’m my own boss, you know what I’m saying? When I dropped “Plug Walk,” I wanted to
drop “Plug Walk.” It’s like, “Yo, it’s time. We’re dropping “Plug Walk.” This what we doing, you know what I’m
saying? And then boom, ‘Plug Walk’ went gold in
two damn weeks. I got a mind for this shit. I got a ear for this shit, so I’m on my
CEO shit. I’m gonna take over the world. This world is mine, shit. Read this shit. CEO. Rich: This says Rich the Kid too. Rob: Did you ever try to sign Uzi? What was up with that? Rich: Nah, niggas know what’s up with that
nigga, man. Before a lot of niggas knew about him, y’all
can go back. He was supposed to be with Rich Forever. Rob: Right. Rich: Off the bat. Off the jump. It didn’t work out that way. Rob: What’s the process like for you in the
studio? I imagine these songs get knocked out real
quick. Rich: Get this. Boom, boom, boom, bam, bam, bam, bam. Alright. Remake! Money Way! Let’s get it. Alright, we done. See, I just finished the song. That quick. I’m fast, bro. I ain’t playing no games in the booth. When I used to go to the studio, I didn’t
have a lot of money to pay for the studio. I didn’t have enough. I was jacking shit to pay for the studio. So, when I got to the studio I might have
like a little bit of money. So, when I get in the studio I get in the
booth. I get the beat. I already have everything, the beat was ready. I don’t know what I’m gonna say, but when
I get in there I gotta rap so fast ‘cause I ain’t got enough time and they going to
kick me out the studio. I only paid for this much time. So I’m like, “Come on, bruh.” “Let’s go in here and do this shit ‘cause
I ain’t got enough time.” I ain’t got money to be going over time. You know what I’m saying? And it was like another thing, like a rule
I had, in the studio, in the basement, in the bando it was like a 15 minute rule. If we doing a song like me, you and him on
a song, I do my verse first, or I might do the hook, you have to do your verse in 15
minutes or niggas be like, “Alright, bro.” “Get out the booth.” Next person on the song. That’s deadass how we was recording ‘Streets
On Lock’ mixtapes, and niggas were dead ass like that. 15 minute rule. Rob: Who’s your dream collaboration, man? You’ve collaborated with so much. Rich: Beyoncé. Rob: You and Beyoncé. Somebody else you could be like, “You ain’t
never gonna collaborate with no Beyoncé.” When you say it I believe you. Because everything you say you was gonna do
so far came to pass, right? Rich: They gonna have to read about it, bro. You gon’ see, I got another album already
ready. Just be ready for that. Another album is ready! Read about it! Bro, I got a vault. That motherfucker locked and it’s filled with
bangers. I’m a father. I’m a lot of things. I’m just doing my thang. ‘The World is Yours’ is out now. Go get it in stores. Wrist drip. You dig! Rob: I can’t believe you gon’ skate in
the Pradas, man. Rich: Who gon’ skate in the Pradas? Rob: I don’t know. That’s what I heard. Rich: I can’t skate. I can’t skate in these shoes. Rob: They didn’t tell you you was coming
to skate today? Rich: They didn’t tell me I was skating,
no. Rob: How many times? We told everybody! Rich: They told me I was coming to a skatepark. They didn’t tell me I was gonna be skating. Rich: Today I cannot skate. I got these Pradas on. Got this Louis. Got these diamonds, but we can skate. Pull up on me. Real shit, no cap. Real rap. Somebody get me a blunt. Friend: We didn’t have no skate shoes, or
nothing. Rich: You lame as fuck. Friend: Oh, you told him? Rich: He didn’t tell me nothing. Alright, guys.


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