1. April Collins says:


  2. dina moniz says:


  3. Wendell Glo says:

    Lyrical The KID

  4. Giovanni Martinez says:

    Not hating I love rich the kid but don’t he look like the old frankienstein or however you spell it reply if I’m right if not keep scrolling

  5. Justino Pacino says:

    money way rich forever way

  6. Mike Lovin says:

    Super Wack 👎🏿#Uzi

  7. Kxngg.markis says:


  8. Horney Blueberry says:

    I love rich the kid kisses from puerto rico muuuuaaaaax

  9. manny bruhh says:

    I remember rich wasent that famous when thid droped i miss those days

  10. mrlace26 says:


  11. KOFI THE KYD says:

    It’s actually pronounced sherbet not sherbert, THERE IS NO R IN SHERBERT ITS SHERBET

  12. Ylamar🤑 says:

    If he dropped this now he woulda got 10m views in a week

  13. DJ Slxm says:

    I get the money you heard!!!!

  14. Candi Osama says:

    " Can't trust a bitch might turn on you " then his ass gets robbed

  15. DJ Slxm says:

    Think about it!! I cannot change for nobody!!!

  16. Kier says:


  17. Gabriel Levercom says:

    “Yeah nigga hop out the vert”

  18. Dé Dbz says:

    Underrated this track its like new freezer but solo

  19. Alberto 000 says:

    I been listened to this before 1 mill haha

  20. Алексей Доценко says:


  21. Kevin Pinho says:

    One of my fav songs

  22. price tag narcos says:


  23. GlockkHunnit says:

    who here cuz deestroying

  24. ChopinVidz says:

    Rich The Kid I like your jamz
    I love that instrumental n beat
    This song goes wild

  25. el2pua el2pua1 says:


  26. Daniel Adams says:

    This shit slap hard

  27. CJ Louise says:

    This song too underrated,need more views damn this got me mad

  28. Brady Holland says:

    This song and video underrated af

  29. Guilherme Augusto says:

    Essa música ficou viciante. Parabéns rich

  30. Alwayz Delicious says:


  31. TheBamboozler says:


  32. Tryna Be Me says:

    Old Rich was way better 😪

  33. Dawg Fan 03 says:


  34. elvis92795 says:

    under appreciated track

  35. D Patterson says:

    Im in tha maybach flexin 🔥🔥

  36. D Patterson says:

    This effects your soul in more ways than u know

  37. D Patterson says:

    So does everything in this world

  38. brian smith says:

    I just mixed it and damn …I feel like this vid

  39. Sheldon Selwyn says:

    Rich the kid you rock✌🤘

  40. Maximos O'Brien says:


  41. straightprimo says:

    Rich before I got famous!

  42. Wodavenge says:

    Still my favourite rich song 🤘🏾

  43. for averie says:


  44. Vic ToGoated says:

    This is deestroying intro song

  45. Kevin Pinho says:

    Song still fire

  46. Isaac Vanhouden says:

    straight flames

  47. LUV YOU says:

    Like if this song fire af

  48. Trio Wwo says:


  49. Isaac says:

    deestroying uses this

  50. King Daw Prod. says:

    Who else here from Dee?😂😂🔥

  51. ITS TECKO NIGGA says:


  52. Don Vergas says:


  53. David Alejandro Sandoval says:

    Vamos el rich papaaa💣💣🔥🔥

  54. kyle says:

    I listened to this while smoking cookies and sherbert >>>

  55. Deshawn Eustace says:

    Cookies 🍪 & Sherbert🥵

  56. FN Tsunami says:

    Who’s here for Deestroying

  57. mj city says:

    I just ate some sherbet ice cream

  58. Next Up Sounds says:

    who's listening in 2019? 🔥🔥

  59. McCheStar says:

    Best track by Rich The Kid!!! I like it!!!

  60. baileystv says:


  61. Adrian says:

    oh yeah yeah

  62. Playboi Slatt says:


  63. smg spam lol says:

    Still 🔥🔥🔥 in 2019

  64. That Kid Vertz says:


  65. Hdeezy x says:

    Still one of his best songs

  66. tesla williams says:

    Who is banging this 🔥🔥 2019

  67. Thibault Okal says:

    Still my favorite from him, even after TWIY2

  68. tastyfpv says:

    Same shit as always

  69. Konrad Błachowicz says:

    2019 and still burning 🔥

  70. Palamin says:

    Nahhh richie 2019 🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  71. King Ech says:

    hits hits hits

  72. Sambo92 says:

    I'm a pull up to DQ bumping this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  73. rafael alvarez says:

    Think about it, i cannot change for nobody, niggas they lame and so sorry, bout to cash out in a new rari….

  74. Êvil ŠD says:


  75. Quan Ava says:

    Is it me or it’s the fact that u. Came from bro intro

  76. MrRealAmericanvalues says:

    This the future honestly

  77. jacob goldberg says:

    This is super saiyan blue rich the kid no jaws🤣

  78. Einkäufe & Mehr says:

    Underrated AF !1!

  79. Сергей Позитивный says:

    Это просто шикарно🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  80. Tim McInnes says:

    864 to the 562✅💯

  81. UNeedHelp FN says:


  82. ZakZapGaming says:

    If you like this you should kill urself

  83. ZakZapGaming says:

    I hate you

  84. ZakZapGaming says:


  85. ZakZapGaming says:


  86. Сергей Позитивный says:

    Трек the ахуенно. А вот клип no ice

  87. tinai shaw says:

    This beat is sick

  88. chance turner says:

    rich needa hype famous dex up in a song again 🔥🔥 they lit together.

  89. l a n i says:

    Came from Deestroying.

  90. Kaelan says:

    1:08 is what you are here for

  91. rafael alvarez says:

    Think about it i cannot change for nobody niggas they lame they so sorry bout to cash out in a new rari!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥👌

  92. andrew stewart says:

    hella slEPTTTTT ON

  93. Josea Lenard says:


  94. Eric Sanchez says:

    Lean with the sherbet🍇🍒🍇🍒

  95. Patrick Simon says:

    I mixing🍪no🍦🤑🍧😝🍨😛🥧😜🧁😲🍰🥶🎂😬🍩🤔🥮🍼🥵🥛🤤🔥🚀💣

  96. T-rev says:

    The ones that gave this thumbs down hella lame

  97. 9MW Tone says:

    I cannot change for nobody 💯

  98. Ayesha Doll says:

    JaAN ""

  99. Chocolate Milk Animations says:

    1:08 for the people here from donald delehaye's channle

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