Rich People Who Turned Themselves Into Plastic

Rich People Who Turned Themselves Into Plastic

nice Plastic surgery is a controversial topic when done minimally and tastefully, it can often enhance someone’s look. However, It’s sometimes really hard to draw the line regarding when someone has gone too far and can no longer look natural. in this video we’ll show you ten people who spent major cash on some major plastic. Before we begin, make sure to hit that subscribe button just in case you’re inspired to get plastic surgery on your hand and need to heal after our video. Hitting a notification button should also make your recovery feel faster. Pixee Fox: Most people would consider being called a cartoon character an insult; but for pixee fox, that’s exactly the look she’s going for. In order to get an enviable thin waist like Jessica rabbit, pixie had six of her ribs removed. While she may like how this looks, she also admits that her organs are now much more vulnerable since she removed their protective casing. She also changed the color of her eyes from blue to bright green through a rare surgical procedure usually reserved for non cosmetic reasons. If colored contacts just won’t cut it you can cut your eyes instead; and have inter ocular implants inserted into your eyes. In total pixie has had over 18 surgeries. she claims that she adores beauty and sees herself as a canvas upon which she loves experimenting. And sometimes it takes a lot of experimenting to get that art to look just right; considering that she’s had rhinoplasty four times. She’s had her brows lifted and sculpted and fillers injected into her cheeks and lips. Even her eyelids haven’t been able to escape the surgeon’s scalpel; as she has reportedly undergone a blepharoplasty. According to pixie, she is just warming up and is looking forward to more surgeries in the future. Chloe Lattanzi: Having a wealthy and famous parent and being able to afford hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery isn’t always a good thing. Just ask Olivia Newton-John’s daughter; Chloe Lattanzi. Reportedly, she has spent fifty five hundred thousand dollars on plastic surgery. Starting when she was just a teenager, what started out with lip injections, moved on to breast augmentations when she was just 18. In addition to subsequent surgeries, she began injecting her face with all sorts of fillers. For years, it seemed like there was no limit to what Chloe would do to her face in pursuit of perfection, As her face was professionally pumped full of plastic, her mother worried for her daughter’s health and sanity. Now at the age of 31, Chloe admits that her obsession with beauty had become a disaster. For a long time she struggled with body image and an eating disorder. But now has removed many of her facial implants, to embrace a more natural look. There were rumors that she had a rib removed to look thinner, but Chloe dismissed those as ridiculous and insists that her small size is due to exercise and wearing a waist trainer. Finally at the age of 31 she claims that she finally loves her body. Rodrigo Alves: If you thought it was only women who were lining up to go under the knife, think again. Rodrigo alves is better known as the human Ken doll. And one look at him will tell you why. He’s gone through 57 surgeries and already has his 58th booked. He’s scheduled to undergo Pixee Fox’s eye color changing surgery. His pathway to plastic began when he was just a teenager. And so far he has spent over five hundred thousand dollars on various surgeries. However, the value of the surgeries he’s received likely far exceeds that; as he claims that he gets discounts from Doctors eager to show off their work. Because of his unique look, he spent years in the public eye and dreams of having his own talk show. He wants to discuss current beauty trends and challenge societal beauty norms and taboos. Alves has appeared on many talk shows over the years. And while he loves being a guest, he can’t wait until he is the one asking the questions. Despite his many surgeries, he claims that he’s not addicted. He’s thrilled that the work he’s done, has caused him to become both happy and famous. Blondie Bennett: As far as Blondie Bennett is concerned, plastic surgery (even a massive quantity of it) isn’t enough to qualify you as a human Barbie doll. However, that doesn’t mean that she’s skimped on her plastic surgeries; far from it. She’s had implants in her chest and cheeks; had fillers put in her face; she’s even had liposuction on her chin. Which, we didn’t know was a thing. As far as how she affords her surgeries, her fans are more than happy to subsidize her transformation. We guess that Blondie isn’t interested in appearing as one of the many employed versions of Barbie. What sets Blondie apart from other people who want to resemble Barbie, is that she does more than look the part. She gets weekly hypnotherapy sessions that she hopes will slow down her brain and make her less intelligent. Blondie claims that it’s already working. And she feels more ditzy during her day-to-day life. For most of us, going through life easily confused would be a detriment. But for Blondie (the human Barbie), it’s part of her chosen lifestyle. Why does she want to be Barbie so badly? She claims that Barbie has the best life. And that all she does is shop and make herself look pretty. Justin Judlica: Another version of the human Ken doll is Justin Judlica who has undergone over 190 different cosmetic procedures. Where do we even begin listing some of these? Well, of course he’s had his nose done. And he had implants put in his chest, shoulder, biceps, pectorals, thighs, calves, and triceps. He has had his cheeks done, his brow shaved and lifted, and had augmented his lips and his butt. Unselfishly, he is also helping other people with plastic surgery as well. And assisted in the creation of the first-ever thigh implant marketed towards women. Don’t worry about dropping your phone in the toilet anymore ladies. Just get a couple of thigh implants. Justin claims that he loves pushing the limits of his body. And even had a 6-pack of abs surgically created instead of spending hours at the gym. He got started on his plastic surgery journey at the age of 17, when he got his first nose job after being inspired by watching lifestyles of the rich and famous. Like many others, he saw plastic surgery as signifying wealth, power, and glamour; and wanted some of that for himself. Sarah Burgess: While many of the people on our list got their first surgery as a teen Sarah Burgess had hers at the young age of 7 it began with surgery to make her ear lay flatter against her head and today She’s had over 100 surgeries with no end in sight After receiving many surgeries she was a victim of domestic violence which left her face disfigured although she felt like giving up She kept going and eventually opened her own cosmetic surgery consultation business She visited top plastic surgeons and offered them a deal if they could improve her appearance She would recommend all of her clients to them as a result she hasn’t had to pay a penny for her surgery since opening her business Sarah claims that since her job is recommending plastic surgery to people She is just testing out the products before her clients booked their appointment It’s estimated that she has had three million dollars worth of surgery Completely free and it looks like her daughter papa me will be following in her footsteps as her mother has been gifting her with plastic-surgery Vouchers since she turned seven including those for breast enhancements and liposuction Papi thankfully won’t be able to redeem them and tells you that least 18 years old Silvia Pellegrino It’s not uncommon for trans men or trans women to undergo surgery during their transition Period However that doesn’t mean that some of them don’t go a bit overboard in their pursuit of perfection. Just like cisgendered people do 56 year Old Italian Woman Fulvia of Pellegrino plans that she won’t stop until she looks absolutely perfect She’s been getting plastic surgery for over a decade and has undergone more than 150 procedures including Cheekbone fillers implants Liposuction and lifts Silvia has spent over eighty seven thousand dollars on her surgeries so far and shows no sign of stopping Although she has the support of her wife Marissa fulvia admits that she is subjected to a lot of dirty looks and Discrimination in her small town of pomerode no in Northern Italy when she was 15 Kolya knew that there was something different about her although she was forced to repress her nature because of her conservative family she tried to overcompensate for her feminine feelings by exaggerating her masculinity in public while wearing women’s clothes in private Despite the difficulties. She faces to this day. She’s determined to continue on with her plastic surgery Edward Sprague most people who get plastic surgery do it to make themselves look like perfect human beings however for Edward Sprague Plastic surgery was a way to transform himself into another creature entirely namely a lizard 45 year old Edward is a sideshow performer who had gone to extreme lengths to modify his body to look more like a lizard He has a full body tattoos of green scales a forked tongue Sharpened teeth and plastic implants placed under his skin even his lips have been tattooed green He has five ridges implanted over each eye in order to make him look more lizard-like Although his unusual appearance is a gimmick that doesn’t fail to draw in crowds he also has a lot of impressive peaks that he’s able To perform please include fire kneading and breathing sword swallowing and laying on a bed of nails Oh yeah, and he’s actually in a rock band called lizard Skynyrd awesomely enough He is also in the guinness book of world records for most weight lifted and swung from the earlobe His sideshow skills are so renowned that there is even a life-sized statue of him at many Ripley’s believe it or not Museum stalking cat His real name was Dennis abner But he was better known by his native American name stocking cap or just the cat man like the lizard man Stocking had used plastic surgery as a way to appear more like an animal It’s estimated that stocking cat had 14 surgical procedures in addition to many other cosmetic additions besides the full face tattoos and fang dentures steel implant for detachable whiskers were attached to his face as You can see fillers were injected into his face to give it a more feline appearance and he has silicone implants and his cheeks Enforcement his ears were pointed and his lips were split during surgery Talking cat is his native American name and was given to him when he was a child he claims that he began his feline Transformation in order to feel closer to his totem animals he wanted to turn himself not into just a tiger But a female tiger and ultimately Blur the lines between the genders Sadly he passed away at his home at the age of 54 Nanette Hammond So many people look up to Barbie and not just as a beloved childhood toy, but as a fashion and beauty icon Perhaps the most infamous and controversial Barbie girls is Ukrainian Model Valeria Lukyanova her transformation into the human Barbie was shocking And she looked like a photoshopped version of a person at one point however. She claims that she’s never had plastic surgery Another girl known as a real-life anime girl is anastasia ‘bageena who uses makeup instead of surgery to look like a living doll If their claims are true mother of five nanette hammond could have saved herself half a million dollars by learning some contour She spent that much money on surgery to look more like Barbie in addition to her spray tans extensions and dye jobs She has also had three breast augmentations And her face is Chock full of filler Nanette has no plan to stop getting plastic surgery and actually plans to get more as she ages She claims that her look is worth every penny and makes her feel happy and secure Besides her look she embraces everything pink and barbie even treating herself to a pink convertible just like the one Barbie drive after Watching this video We bet you have a whole new appreciation for your natural beauty we supposed aging gracefully isn’t for everyone Aqua once said life in plastic It’s fantastic And after all if we can’t trust Aqua who can we trust to? See more extreme people be sure you’re subscribed to the hub don’t forget to like our videos, and we’ll see you next time Bye for now


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