Rich Kidz™ – Friends With Benefits (Official Video) Lyrics

Rich Kidz™ – Friends With Benefits (Official Video) Lyrics


  1. Quan Thomas says:

    we in did bitch till it end

  2. jay hundley says:

    They shoulda done blew up, they got sign to universal when the released the yars ep then universal fucked em over… Been listening to these boys since 2010… 6 years later fam still rocking this ish

  3. DJACee1 says:

    this sounds fyee with head phones

  4. Peyton Hires says:

    So true

  5. Peyton Hires says:

    Dope song💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  6. Peyton Hires says:

    Rich kids where y'all live

  7. AMAYA 4Life says:

    my song

  8. Juanita Ransom says:


  9. Makiyah Ward says:

    My 3rd favorite song

  10. Isis Faust says:


  11. Goldie says:

    Lol I love that song

  12. prettyy laaredd says:

    common sense will tell u to leave me alone.

  13. kiera Lee says:


  14. Kaylinn Dedrick says:

    :im roytavius doster thats fucked up how rich kidz underrated they shouldnt be been rocking with them sence day one

  15. Danni Smith says:

    answer the phone …. I know you see me calling

  16. K.A Perreira says:

    I'm Mr.take yo girl and give her back

  17. kvngRico aka Knowledge says:

    Skooly came a long way his new mixtape go hard

  18. Malek McGhee says:

    how one a blood n one a crip

  19. Its Dezire says:

    my shit ❣

  20. BarbieeDoll. Tee says:

    I Still Like This Songggggg 😍

  21. DavidGProductions says:


  22. Amaya Autman says:

    my song 💙💚💛💜

  23. Chanese Bradley says:


  24. Nyson Houston says:

    i love this song

  25. Dana Brown says:


  26. Luck Fove says:

    "CRL+ALT+DEL" 😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ skooly wild

  27. Shalay Bethea says:

    this in bantonrouge Louisiana😍😍😍

  28. tristancameron4 says:

    2017 we need more of this

  29. Last Legend Bread Ent. says:

    2017! we still listening

  30. Ryan Anderson says:

    If you ain't never had a friend with benefits you don't know what you missing💯💯💪

  31. Tay Moon says:

    Over with

  32. Gabrielle Gamble says:

    Omg Bandit I love you

  33. Rip GunnaLx says:

    2017 and this song still snaps 🔥

  34. Kee Matrese says:

    I love this song #2017 🎵🎶

  35. Fatclick123 says:

    2017 about 2018 and this still jam 🎸

  36. OSOIC says:

    who's here from ian connor

  37. Shakirayah Roberts says:

    u did the right thing skooly but u can come and chill with me

  38. Dakid Uga says:

    2018 Still Lit 💎

  39. BOSS BASS Babyredd says:


  40. Shannon Pearson says:

    need more music from them 2018

  41. Chelsea Wellmaker says:

    Rich KidZ ok ayyyweeee

  42. PiSToLXxTDB says:

    I’m everywhere

  43. Yung D.T says:


  44. darren says:

    2018 still fucks with this shit.

  45. Dj Riley says:

    still bumpin this in 2k 18

  46. rich rasheed says:


  47. sunita bhakuni says:


  48. rich rasheed says:

    2018…mayz days

  49. kidwooh86 kidwooh86 says:

    2018 listen

  50. Kiana McRae says:

    i looove thiiisss

  51. ZaySlime BallSavage says:

    Im a atlanta nigga and this is some real atlanta shit

  52. Jay Haire says:


  53. Terrell Boyd says:

    2k18 still bumping

  54. Zay Santana says:

    Skooly came a long way🔥

  55. Vaygo says:


  56. Mikata Cleveland says:

    Omg… memories I wish i didn't even remember 😂😂

  57. deundra hopkins says:

    True song

  58. deundra hopkins says:

    True song

  59. Jazmine Gandy says:

    Idk why they're not more mainstream

  60. Aaron Plunkett says:

    I remember when yall had 300k plus followers now not even 100k

  61. Qween Eisha says:


  62. FRED_ON_ FACTORY'S says:

    2018 💯

  63. Bob Kushman says:

    They were so big in the A surprised they haven’t made it worldwide fr

  64. theyh8 jaii says:

    Still listening to this from 2016

  65. De’yannah Xtianna says:

    Back when i was in middle school ,now im grown omg time fliess😔😔😂😂


    2018 who still listen

  67. Wavyjayy says:


  68. BOSS BASS Babyredd says:

    Arelette in a closet with a older women

  69. BOSS BASS Babyredd says:


  70. Alexis Perkins says:

    My shit

  71. A & Z says:

    My shit🤞

  72. Khoi Maraj says:

    2019 Anyone🎀

  73. Daniel Gedeon says:


  74. Da Real Taee says:

    have y'all recognized that the short dude is skooly

  75. Dreamii Mariie says:

    2-19-19🔥❤️ this still my shit🎶

  76. Sayyso says:

    my old ringtone😂

  77. Reese Johnson says:

    2019 vibe

  78. Queen anna baby says:

    2019 03/01/19

  79. Chris Lipston says:

    I'm still here 2019

  80. young mann mann says:


  81. CuteBoy says:

    this song lit

  82. DAP WasHere says:

    Damn Middle School days 😔😔

  83. Billee Jean says:


  84. Marona Winston says:


  85. Eric Switzer says:


  86. Lex Monroee says:

    Throwbaaack fr lol I miss middle school 😭💕

  87. Jasmine Tyus says:

    High School Memories 😭‼️😩

  88. Kkarter Braxy says:

    2019 BAYYYBEEE

  89. Breyanna Sumerall says:

    Skooly 🥰🖤😫

  90. BlockBoi Ty says:

    Still here this won’t never die😤

  91. Lonniebaby84 Stanley says:

    Still my single 🎤💃🏿

  92. Dee says:

    Can't believe it's been 8 years!!

  93. Rado G says:

    Still jammin 2019

  94. Nichele Luster says:

    “ She the stove in a niggas kitchen”. She’s BURIN!!!!😭👎🏽

  95. Lynn Marie says:

    Still listening to this

  96. Jennifer Halloway says:

    I love this song

  97. Cierra Brown says:

    I like this song

  98. d'zire veal says:


  99. Tip Tip says:

    Loved this song when I lived in Atl R.I.P Candi😘😘😘

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