Rich Homie Quan – Safe ft. Cyko

Rich Homie Quan – Safe ft. Cyko


  1. Eduardo Fermino Dias says:

    Rich cara loco

  2. Eduardo Fermino Dias says:

    Hit hit hit bom$$$$ ₩$$

  3. Mc Duzap says:

    sera qe sou o promeiro brasileiro a comenta ?
    sou fã um dia ainda nois grava uma junto



  5. Wilson y Crazy says:

    Dios! No entiendo nada pero me gusta !!! El Puto amo

  6. JV Lombardi says:

    El mejor tus canciones lo mejor liberó toda mi tencion cuando te escucho saludos desde chile 🇨🇱

  7. Solomon Oho says:

    You are one with Young Thug. please make another album together.

  8. Lidio Garcia says:

    Sound like the quan cameback hard
    Sound like the old quan

  9. René Birowicz says:

    Why the clicks ?

  10. René Birowicz says:

    Where are the clicks ?

  11. Dimitri PAUL says:

    Great Job 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💢💣

  12. Virus& IllDott Official says:


  13. ItsJust Ty says:

    I here a lil old richhomie💯

  14. Yj_ Jue says:

    rhq safe version way better the young thug safe version

  15. yovngpapii says:

    Thought he died

  16. Black Saullo Official says:


  17. Kenneth Ceasar says:

    I like the song but the money fake and his red flag fake 😂

  18. Jay Mosely says:

    The tech got my name on it Draymond..🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Kenneth Ceasar says:

    I jam this song all day I realize that's a hi sitting bike 🚴

  20. DeMarcus 13 says:

    Where you been Qaun

  21. brevardCo boy says:

    He still making music

  22. Darron Clemons says:

    palm beach kounty 561 boynton beaxh fl

  23. Жэпа Каканов says:

    Заебись, суко!

  24. isiah whitaker says:

    This song goes hard asf!!!

  25. Moebetta'sArchive says:

    This is young thug brother

  26. Angel Pope says:

    Oh shit he back

  27. Joshua Arnold says:

    This shit goes hard 💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Cynde Shepherd says:

    Mateo didn't get nothing from no one everybody took it

  29. Cynde Shepherd says:

    He ready tho

  30. Michael Owen Mc-Dermònn says:

    He HASNT falling off wtf y'all sayin lol it hurts to say hood slang like y'all

  31. Darron Townsend says:

    cool song

  32. King Tut says:

    Bread already in my safe🔌💸💸💸

  33. Sephace Nzeukou says:

    young thuy ok

  34. ManMan 300 says:

    Rich Homie "Fell Back"
    Neva Felled OFF. Differences

  35. ManMan 300 says:


  36. SPAM GOD says:

    that other bitch ass nigga ruined the fucking song

  37. manuel .c says:


  38. manuel .c says:

    The girl bad af 😰😍

  39. manuel .c says:

    They 🛌 on my nigga rich homie

  40. M8Y LEGIT says:

    Why hasn’t this blown up? 🤔🔥

  41. M8Y LEGIT says:

    I lowkey thought this was one of his old songs becuz , it’s so fucking fire 🔥🔥😢

  42. Aidan Shank says:

    That is so fucking fake when he rides the bike

  43. Javinjaxinrene Rene says:


  44. Big Mike Daniels says:

    My nigga quan 🔥🔥

  45. Isaiah H says:

    All this new rhq is fuckin lit. he bout blow up again fr

  46. Storm Entertainment says:

    Rich homie!

  47. Jun Waen says:

    This man is sitting on a motorcycle while it’s on a trailer going down the road

  48. amahd batres says:

    continue to make more song quan

  49. MittyThaKiiD says:

    How can you fall off when you had a million fans before you were put on

  50. Big T Banks says:



  51. Brandon Brosas says:

    Talk about thick asf. Nahh not her. I meant the RACKS💸

    ⌚ = 💰

  52. Leo Henrique LAS says:

    Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Isaiah Evans says:

    Rich homie going in

  54. Kamaya Thomas says:

    I no your son driven he got to my school

  55. deshawn morton says:


  56. Trauma GanG says:

    He ALWAYS been better than young thug

  57. IIFlyyBoii_Steph says:

    Bring out a song

  58. Everyone B says:

    Love YBN Nahmir

  59. Sir Drake VI says:

    I actually like these babk2basics video type

  60. Upgrade gaming! says:

    This is garabage. I need old quan

  61. Lucas Autotrans says:

    This Beat 💥 His Flow 🔥 !!
    Musicão Brow . #TeamRHQBrazil ✔💯😎

  62. Sebastian Guerrero says:


  63. iball musicgroup says:

    What's yo email bro?

  64. Miaya Neal says:

    Love this song. go Homie Quan.

  65. Lucas Autotrans says:

    Fireeeee 👏🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Lucas Autotrans says:

    Como uma música tao sem graça igual Gucci Gang, faz mais sucesso do que um Musicão desses ?! Não dá pra entender a mente das pessoas hoje em dia ! 🤔😓💥

  67. GenSo Beats says:

    Cyko blyat

  68. Richey Westbrook says:

    Even though he's coming back he sounds a little different like he became softer

  69. Lauriesha Wallace says:

    None Hitler associate report))) my social security number is to be 11st ccllaass Rriigghtteeoouuss hheeaallttiiee mmoorraalliittyy mmoorraallss vvaalluueess mmoorraalliittyy safe /safe

  70. wav 3x says:

    The goat 🐐

  71. Dr.Danger says:

    RHQ can do both melodic vocals and deliver bars… that’s why he never gets old for me, rare talent. As soon as his singing starts to get stale he goes in hard with the rap switchup. Shout outs to Z-Ro for similar skills

  72. Black Inferno says:

    Way better new thugger

  73. Gaming I.N.C says:


  74. Gaming I.N.C says:

    💧💦💦💦💦💦💦 splash

  75. Joshua Williams says:

    Rich homie still got it one my favs.

  76. Krystal R says:

    🔥🔥🔥 Love this song!

  77. Clarence Davis says:

    I Love You song

  78. PeaceGod Chief TC 617 says:

    Yes!… Had To Grind And Grind To Go Get It, HAD TO STAY AWAY FROM PO' NIGHAS… Yea

  79. Young Tru3 says:

    RHQ always lit

  80. Young Tru3 says:

    RHQ forever

  81. Young Tru3 says:

    who wanna start a rich homie quan fan group??

  82. JayRich Films says:

    Still Bumping This 2018-2019 Stop ✋ Safe This Hoes 👱‍♀️💔

  83. Tiffany Manning says:

    My baby

  84. lil homie sullivan says:

    He's back

  85. 1st klass strawberry says:

    He didn't Fall Off He Just didn't want to sign with other lables like every other celebrity so he turned them down in his new song he clearly said "I'mma independent rapper I'll never sell my soul for all the money in the world" 👏👏👏👏 proud of him for not doing it

  86. BGE Bones says:

    Y'all Playing Rich Homie Da Goat

  87. Lorraine Olivas says:

    He alwayz brings tht 🔥🔥🔥. Can't let a b**ch hurt me… NiCe

  88. Margarete Santos says:

    Top rick

  89. aint neva satisfied says:


  90. CAM Humphries says:

    EXTREME G #1998

  91. nelson semedo says:

    Rich homei quan fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. Gazaballa 876 says:

    CYKO doing his thang 💪💪

  93. Trxll Gxng says:

    Niggas wild asf saying Homie fell off 🔥🔥🔥

  94. latto g Don says:

    Up top 🎰

  95. Bunny Wright says:

    Still in 2k19

  96. Shaquilla Ivey says:

    Man I done slept on this that dude rode on this I ride to this as I speak

  97. DA'REAL Queen B says:

    I'd love to here him on a classic BENTLEY BEAT

  98. Daiquan McMillan says:

    Still fye

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