Rich Chigga “Dat $tick” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Rich Chigga “Dat $tick” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

We’re out here getting money and shit, we’re
finally getting rich. Like, I’m the president of Indonesia if
you don’t know. I used to do a lot of comedy rap type stuff
and I just did it for fun. And then one day I was like, “What if I actually go in on this shit?” Because a friend of mine was a producer and
he was like, “Let’s do a song, man!” And then I just went to his studio, he made
a beat and I recorded to it in like… I was just wondering what would happen if
I actually was serious on a song. 12, the police. A lot of people didn’t get that. A lot of people were like, “12 in the morning? What are you talking about?” And I’m like, “Nah. It’s 12, as in cops.” I was like, “If I have a song that blows up
and I’m this kid and I say the N-Word, would people be like “Holy shit, that song is so
cool when he said that N-word. I think I’ll let it slide.” That’s what I was thinking. I was basically just trying to make people
less sensitive to the word and take the power out of the word, but then I realized I’m totally
not in a position to do that. I was like, “I fucked up.” So, I just don’t say it anymore. I literally didn’t have friends until August
of 2015 because I just went to the club in Indonesia and met some friends and I found
out that they lived close to me and we started hanging out, but before that, it was like
zero. And
a lot of people are wondering, like, “What’s the stick mean?” The stick could be anything. It could be… I’m aware that it’s slang for
a gun, but shit, if you’re talking about wooden sticks, fuck it. It’s a wooden stick. This part was probably the only part in the
song where I was being serious. Basically in that line, I was just trying
to let people know that bad shit happens in Indonesia too. A lot people, they don’t really know where
I came from. They think I’m from like California and shit,
but Indonesia has it pretty bad. It’s getting better, but there’s definitely
some bad parts and I was just trying to raise awareness of that. At the time, I didn’t really have a female,
but I was just like, “Maybe in the future I will have a female that does me wrong and
I’ma flex on her one day.” I had a minivan. I’m not really into cars. It just sounded cool on the song. When I was making the song, I really did not
know what I was doing. I was kind of listening to all this Trap music
and when they’re talking about scary shit, I just love it so much. So I was like, “I kind of wanna recreate this. I wanna do something. I wanna have some scary ass lines.” And I didn’t realize what that could do and
how people would feel about that, because I don’t live any of this shit. I’m not with the shit. The Trap lyrics and stuff, the whole violent
shit, I was just trying to remake it, basically.


  1. halt wisen says:

    He's not a gangster on the outside, but deep within him there is the capability, that's what I get from the lyrics.

  2. The Adventures of Jeffy says:

    Bro he’s rasict

  3. Gonzalo Vazquez Avila says:

    I always thought it went: "Imma pull up with that stick and hit yo motherfuckin throat"

  4. yezen chan says:

    help me i’m falling in love with this human

  5. DR deractions says:


  6. Edle Gnade says:

    Rich Brian has a Rich Brain to make music. 🧐

  7. mad dog says:

    from indonesian
    "we proud you, brian"

  8. Cold3 says:

    Rich Chigga=Filthy Frank
    Rich Brian=Joji

  9. Deihan Kakah says:


  10. Fauzan Khusnudoni says:

    Rich chigga👊🤘

  11. Donni Warkop says:

    Dress like a Psycho, dope instead.

  12. Junjun says:

    On you "N" word… wakakakak.

  13. Jajaja Bububu says:

    Fuck.. this guy is totally my type💯

    Btw, i do hope Genius invited Little Mix.

  14. The jez says:

    I don't like this chigga

  15. LittlePanda 21 says:

    N-word:( i dont like it, im an asian but if i hear some n-word its make me angry 🙁

  16. Yovinda San says:

    Like like like like like

  17. Pyper Yankee says:


  18. RA P says:

    im tryin' to count he sayin "like".

  19. gcftteok says:

    my brother made me listen to this when it first came out
    one of the (not so many things) I’m thankful to him for

  20. slavelove YUTA says:

    Rich Brian in black turtleneck knitwear is killing me

  21. noHomos says:

    Y'all praising him for learning english from songs, youtube, etc


  22. Sarwo Hunter says:

    orang indonesia mana suaranya


  23. Rfqohh 11 says:

    Mampussss,, dari awal sampai akhir gw kgk ngerti, 😭

  24. BimBimZap says:

    Brian from INDONESIA 🇮🇩

  25. Wynne Wijaya says:

    he actually said "steak" right?

  26. Matthew Phillips says:

    The C word = Chigga

  27. Matthew Phillips says:

    My dude gets a slide for saying the n word but only one time tho.

  28. Story WhatsApp23 says:

    1000 rupiah

  29. Dez 093 says:

    Indonesian?? Only me??

  30. iqbal pras says:

    ganteng lau

  31. corralial gordon says:

    Why is this on my recommendations now??? Its 2019!

  32. SpongeboB NgeboB says:


  33. UNKNOW USER says:

    Rich Nigga

  34. Evan 7z says:

    Yo, this chigga guy is copying rich brian

  35. Fajar nugraha says:

    Indonesia mana suaranya

    Tolong bantu channel saya

  36. Park Hyera says:

    How many time did you say "like" im like, like, its like, like…

  37. Eridan Aldebarand says:

    He was so skinny back then and now hes getting into shape

    Hey im from indonesia

  38. Muhammad Hazim says:

    he looks like rich brian

  39. Rayva Aiman Hakim says:


  40. Jimmy Hopkins says:

    Rich Chigga, Indonesia

  41. Natalie Mendia says:

    Rich brian was still baby in this video

  42. ValerieMeow says:

    can we just talk that he looks like rich brian?

  43. Jaka Sonaria says:

    Rich chiga ( cina gadung )

  44. m. fauzan hanif says:

    rich Brian is an Indonesian repper of Indonesian pride

  45. Account says:

    Damn he started up as rich chigga on genius and now he’s rich brian on genius 😂

  46. Mr Sir says:

    This nigga looks like he actually sat down with pen and paper to write this

  47. JANS 299 says:


  48. Kevin Aryobimo says:

    Bang apa kabar

  49. alfaqih muqqaddam says:

    mantep rich brian semangat bang

  50. Noah Loire says:


  51. Queen Kim Ramos says:

    This chigga looks like Rich Brian :D.

  52. Ghifary ismail says:

    Bawanya 20 rebu doang anying

  53. Vincere Pugiles says:

    this steve job

  54. Myth!cBoi says:

    He looks like zhc

  55. Mello Kitty says:

    I dig how honest he is

  56. Edward Henderson says:

    He invited to the cook out let’s be honest

  57. kappa clap says:

    Chigga = chinese nigga ?

  58. NURUL RAIHANI says:

    This guy look like brian…lol

  59. Rachmad Alfaridz says:


  60. kid21cool soccer says:


  61. sm0kinq ' says:

    This guy looks like rich brian so MUCH 😔✌

  62. we sad says:

    god I love him please mom allow me to marry him

  63. Lonely_ Lucifer says:

    If you cant say the n-word say: C H I G G A

  64. Emily B. says:

    I swear to God if one more person comments, "Rich Chigga looks a lot like Rich Brian." I'm going punch them in the face.

    The first time it was funny… it stopped being funny after 200 people started commenting the same thing

  65. Aberu chann says:

    Anying orang indo… baru tau gw

  66. Atalariq Rizqi says:

    indonesia pride

  67. Sans Gaming says:

    money indonesian

    i fans you form indonesian !!

  68. mathilda ff says:

    Indonesiaaaa 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  69. PRO Gamers777 says:

    Thanks chigga


  70. butterNIC says:

    why this chigga floating

  71. telex says:

    “I had a minivan…”

  72. Kawakib 736 says:

    Indonesia n guy…

  73. HexA says:

    Very RICH !!!!

  74. Aditya arya__ says:

    who from indonesia

  75. ツTiga_KD says:


    Brian sitting on air

  76. Young D.E.C says:

    N words🤣🤣🤣🤙

  77. ༄TheWeirdoShow༄ says:

    “All you n word” I’m so dead💀

  78. JJ Too Drippy says:

    Chigga:da stick can be anything
    6ix9ine:judge he has a deadly weapon

  79. MhazG says:

    No wonder that we are proud!!!!!!!

  80. Josspeh is okay says:

    Remember when Genius videos used to look like parodies of Genius videos

  81. Muhhammad Andra arwin says:


  82. Tika Sk says:

    Why is he so damn cool❤️

  83. OCEAN GAMING says:

    Fucking stick 😂

  84. Rich Zeya says:

    Astagfirullah.. Aku rak mudeng mas doi ngomong Opoo😭

  85. A.Arafah Pujantara says:

    Video title: rich chigga

    My brain: rich n*gga

    Oh sorry

  86. Look at to everything says:

    Indonesian money

  87. ditoseafox says:

    As Indonesian our accent is similar to Dutch speaking English.

  88. Insan Muplihah says:

    Swag dude , dang it

  89. iman putra says:

    Hei org indonesia mana suaranyaa 2020

  90. Sleppy Lime says:

    55%people Indonesian
    45%people america

  91. sasa ananda says:

    Yes, you can do it! Indonesia here for you

  92. ZCreator Gaming says:

    Apa cuma Saya Indonesia

  93. Andika Setioaji says:

    Dia kan orang indonesia ya tp knp kok dia gak memakai bahasa indonesia apa dia gak bisa berbahasa indonesia soalnya klo pakai bahasa inggris gua gak ngerti haha wkwkwk

  94. Rifqi Suhada says:

    I like Rich Brian 🇲🇨🔥🤘🔥

  95. tesavocado says:

    issa 2 ribu im ded

  96. Botak'S says:

    Anjay rupiah

  97. PMA DOOD says:

    saying "N word" makes me think it, like mf just say the damn word, that's why our freedom of speech is getting fucked up and the same exact reason why no other racial insult holds any power cause nobody gives a fuck.

  98. Big Willy Haver says:

    This guys looks like he's 17

  99. farfalle pasta says:

    dont give a fuck
    a bout a

    dude sounded so confused when he said it ahaha

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