Rich Brian “History” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Rich Brian “History” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

So the day I made the beat for “History,”
I was watching a YouTube video of a dude just reviewing an airsoft gun. And then he like had this intro song and there
was like this melody. And I tried shazaming it so I can like…
but I couldn’t find it. So I just went on Fruity Loops and just remade
the whole thing. So the inspiration behind “History” was about this girl that I was with. You know, no matter how shitty a person can
be, you always just wanna get back together with them because you just miss having somebody
to depend on because you know, your heart is just like empty after the person leaves
no matter how many bad things that person did to you. Nostalgia is bullshit. Nostalgia is like not real and it just kind
of like blinds people and makes them think that a lot of things in the past are sweet
when it’s not. When you break up with somebody, you’re
usually just lost and you don’t know what to do and once you see that familiar face
again, you’re just kind of like, “Oh wow. I’ve found happiness again and I need to
go back to that,” or you know, whatever that is. That’s probably not the right thing to do. A lot of people told me about their breakups
and the other person would just act like nothing happened. They don’t actually say it but they just
kind of treat you like a stranger. You ever seen just like a girl wearing your
t-shirt and it’s like a little bit too big on them? It’s perfect. It’s so crazy like when you break up like
in a relationship, you don’t know what to do with all the pictures you took ‘cause
there’s just so many of them in your phone. Sometimes, it’s all those pictures just
pop in your mind because you haven’t deleted them. It’s all in your phone. You can’t force something that’s just
not meant to happen. I just really love being personal in my music
sometimes. The actual thing that happened was I was the
one who said, “Give me a hug” and she was like, “Give me a sec.” And I was like, “Whoa that’s a fire ass
line” and I wrote it down. But then I was like, “Give me a break”
sounds better and it sounds better if I was the one that said that because I wanna be
dominant in this relationship. I feel like it’s cool to be mature but also,
it’s like cool to kind of let the young people live and not shit on them for just
like living. I feel like that’s kind of where that line
comes from. I think it’s great that she has self control
but you now, maybe now she can change for me so we can get back together. You never know what you have until you lose
it. When people hear that kind of line or like
that term, it’s like a really over-used and corny thing, but like it’s a real thing. You really don’t know what you have until
you lose it. There’s no use for revenge. If somebody does some bad shit to you and
you do some bad shit to them after, it’s not gonna solve anything. You kind of sometimes have to be the bigger
person and just kind of like end the whole bullshit. When you break up with somebody, they just
assume that you just fucking hate them forever and that’s just not always the case. It’s very possible to still wish them the
best, that they find their happiness. Like a real moment in my relationship was
when I like came home this one night and she was at my place and I was like, “Babe I’m
home.” I was like… I just said that like without thinking about
it. I was like, “Oh wow.“ And saying, “I’m home,” is like I feel
like the most official ass relationship thing to say when you’re with somebody.


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    This is so relatable to me… considering the fact that my ex introduced me to this song…

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    Yo all is music has good flow and lyrics. THATS A BIT RARE. Especially the fact that he blew up recently..most music I listen to has either good beat/flow or good lyrics..rarely do you bump into an artist who has multiple talents in 1..this kids like only 18 too.

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    He is from Indonesia
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