Rich Brian “Cold” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Rich Brian “Cold” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I kinda believe in horoscopes. Virgos are like…they kind of put other people
before themselves. And we kind of know that it’s bad for us. We just care about other people a lot. I think I was listening to the one Drake song
that had this weird drum pattern and I just wanted to try it out. I went on FL Studio and I laid the beat down
and I was like, “Okay, this is kind of weird.” I just wanted to try making a melody. So I did the *sings*. And when I heard that it just fit with faster
drums so I put it there. I was just like fuck it. That was just me trying to be deep. I didn’t really see a car crash. I’ve never been in one. Thank God. But I assume it’s pretty fucking bad if your
date reminds you of a car crash. The best advice that my dad gave me was probably
don’t feel sorry for yourself. Don’t give yourself too much pity just ‘cause
if you put yourself in that victim kind of mentality then you’re not going to get through
shit. You’re just going to focus on being like,
“Yo, this sucks.” “This is bad.” Instead of being like, “OK, how do I get out
of this?” There are definitely days where I’m just like,
“You know, I just want to just be at home.” I would hit up my friends and then I would
hang out with them for an hour and I’m like “Dude, I miss being alone.” I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s just
guys in general, but I’m a very jealous person. I get jealous way too easily. It’s so bad. It’s not fair. It’s not fair because I do things that make
people jealous and I have absolutely no right to be jealous, man. The GoFundMe culture is insane. People literally put up GoFundMe’s that are
like, “I broke my Xbox.” “Help me buy a new one.” And it’s like $4000 or something. And they actually, a lot of the times they
get the money. My favorite thing, man, to play in the bedroom
is probably “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. That’s just a perfect way to just set the
mood. “I can feel it coming in the air tonight.” That shit’s just like… I have a vision and I just try try my best
to get people onboard with it and make sure everybody knows what my vision is. When I make things, when I make art I try
to make sure that what comes out is exactly what I visualize in my head. ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ the movie, taught
me a lot of things. ‘Defiant Ones’ was an amazing documentary. I’m in hip-hop so I need to know a lot about
these things. I really can’t wait to see what happens within
the next 10 years. Just like seeing the new era ‘Defiant Ones’
or movies about SoundCloud rappers. The craziest shit that I thought about was
we’re going to live long enough to witness Drake die and that’s so sad. It’s like when Michael Jackson passed away. And how sad our parents were. But I wasn’t really around long enough to
really get to know Michael Jackson and his music, so it’s kind of like, “Oh, that sucks.” But I can’t imagine seeing Drake die. I’d be crying. Lucid dreaming is so tight and it only happens
every time I take naps for some reason. Sometimes I would take naps just to lucid
dream. It feels like I’m high as fuck. It feels like I’m super high and I’m just
like, “Oh my God.” “This is awesome.” And then I wake up and I’m like, “Oh wow.” This is absolutely not a shot at the Migos. I love the Migos. Very much. I have a song with Offset dude. It’s crazy seeing how much hate some people
have in their hearts. Some dude was just like, “I hope you fall
off and I hope your project never sells.” “I fucking hate you.” Like dude, what did I do to you?


  1. Kim Tae Ria says:

    Cold yes COLD

  2. Olivia says:

    Yo he did not fucking say that his fucking thing to play in the bedroom is "in the air tonight" this man is a meme god

  3. XxGGhomiexX says:

    "Bumpin oldies"
    Fuck i thought he meant Oldies by odd future.

  4. John Obando says:

    The goat??

  5. Dian Ayuningtyas Puspasari says:

    My favorite one ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Skye Adams says:

    Hate how he doesn't explain the verses I wanna know about the most

  7. LightSkin Norman says:

    The vocals

  8. Atia Tobing says:

    The thing brian said in the beginning about virgos is so damn true

  9. clout covaen says:

    brian looks high everytime lol

  10. ashisademon says:

    Brian looking like a coke head in the thumbnail

  11. Maud C says:

    one of my favs from the album

  12. enidy says:

    i want that 88rising chain

  13. Steven94th says:

    kinda believe in horoscopes, lol, no

  14. Edgar Allan Poe says:

    He's really good he has really good lyrics

  15. MrTarri123 says:


  16. niko hasan says:

    This guy is my inspiration 🙂

  17. Nexuality says:


  18. Guillermo Marquez says:

    “Like to smoke cigs everytime I feel the outside” what does he mean

  19. Eka Perwati Dewi says:


  20. Paul Lo says:

    Yo that Virgo interpretation is fr tho

  21. Minato Namikaze says:

    Shout-out to all my Soundcloud rappers

  22. Brian.K says:

    Let's play a game. Get a shot every time he says 'like'.

  23. Newton Luu says:

    I lucid dream almost every day

  24. 王元恩 says:

    I like this hoodie, where can I get this?

  25. Sofie says:

    But I still don't know what he means with 'my dick is like my ego'. So big or small I don't know

  26. zZo0Yue Brandon says:

    Learning the meaning of this song has taught me so much, and I thank Rich Brian so much.

  27. Syro Venomous says:

    What happened to Rich Chigga

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  29. Maylee Sexton says:


  30. Dante's Woman says:

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  31. Jordan St. Martin says:

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  32. fender says:

    Im a virgo as well.

  33. ShiroTheSorrow says:

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    Hey Im a Phil Collins Fan to, Who doesn't Love the 80's

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    1:14. Facts

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    For real, I was shook when he said he takes naps just to lucid dream lol I thought I was the only one!!

  59. Tommy Spam says:

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  60. Namuun Tso says:

    Joji is Virgo too

  61. Snake indagrass says:

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  68. kalinda ho says:


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    anyone sing/rap along with brian cuz I did lmao

  75. Lzb Lmvm says:

    gua gue ya
    a gu yi
    li ya bu
    gu ya we

  76. Raposo Soso says:

    At least he's honest about being jealous. I hope he overcomes it one day, it an epidemic.

  77. skraa ttata says:

    what if brian dies first than drake

  78. Yzabella. B says:


  79. Idalia Rosales says:

    Brian: I’m a very jealous person
    Me: boy ima get jealous when someone dates you

  80. Cloud says:

    Why should we say the N word, when we can just say Chigga, Like Chigga whatt

  81. Warren Wen says:

    Dude this guy is a lyrical genius. Easily one of my top favorite rappers of this era.

  82. ievyn says:

    I love him no homo

  83. ali says:

    I want to kiss him so fucking bad boy do you have any idea how attractive you are fucking hell this sound so creepy

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