Rich Brian “Amen” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Rich Brian “Amen” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I only realized this recently, but all the
girls that I went for they’re at least a year older than me or more, but I’ve
never gotten with girls that are younger than me. I’ve met girls that are 29, 30, that I’m like,
“Yo, you’re kind of cute.” I say the word amen a lot. I’m a pretty religious person, but like I’m
also very optimistic. But at the same time my whole thing is you
can never be too sure about things because anything can happen. And I feel like that’s a big part of why it’s
called “Amen.” We’re talking about Ronda
Rousey because she’s really cute and I like strong girls. The first time I saw her in the ring I was
like, “Damn.” $uicide Boy$, man, they’re like such a big
influence. And I used to listen to them a lot. And then I finally got to meet them in real
life when I was on tour. I went to New Orleans and they’re just the
most lovely people ever. I don’t even know why I wrote that line. I gotta like focus on getting a driver’s
license first. I feel like I talk to myself a little extra
more because I used to do it to practice my pronunciation in English. So I would just talk to myself every time
I have the chance to be by myself. If you see me, if I’m just by myself at home
and you put a camera and I don’t know about it, it would be a lot of these. It would just be like, “probably, yeah.” It’s just like straight up me answering these
questions in my head. Sean, man. He is my dad. He’s my manager and I talk to him almost
every day on the phone. He’s one of my most favorite people. When we’re in LA together we just fuckin’
go and get massages together and talk about new ideas. Never been in a fist fight. It would just be random YouTube comment fights,
man. A lot of the friends that I’m friends with
today were the kids that used to come to the café. Sometimes there were some cute females that
come by. But then this one girl became an intern. I was 13 at the time and then she was 17. And I was just crushing on her like crazy. So she came up to me on the first day that
we met. She was like, “Yo. What’s up.” She was super chatty and then she was like. “Yo, let’s take a picture together.” And I was like, “Damn, this is super tight.” The girl and I still talk, yeah. My dad and my mom would FaceTime me. Mostly asking me about my schedule or what
I’m doing. It’s mostly take your vitamins. Go
to sleep early. Don’t have sex. Some people are always like, “Yo, you’re like
barely speak Indonesian. Did you forget about us?” You know, just stuff like that. And that’s just kind of reminding people that
I absolutely did not forget about my home country, the country that I was born in and
the country that I grew up in. When me and Sean are talking or anybody that
they’re like, “Yo man that’s just going to go super well.” Yeah. Or “Yo man, I’m really excited about this
song. It’s going to like blow up.” And I’m just like, “Amen.” I’ve had a lot of Asian kids come up to me
and be like, “Yo.” And they kind of look like me, kind of like
a skinny, a little ugly kind of look, and then they’re like, “Yo. I’m more confident now because someone like
you exist. Girls kind of like that look now. And then you’re like helping me get girls
and shit.” And then another thing is also not just about
girls, it’s just Asian kids and even just teenagers in general, and they come up to
me and they’re like, “Yo, what you’re doing is making me feel like what was impossible
before like, possible now.” And it was a crazy feeling in knowing that
I do that for people. It’s amazing.


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