1. Grandmas Boy says:

    Mayor Stevante Clarke will clean this problem up definitely! Clark 2019!!!

  2. CaliforniaMISC says:

    Omg poor people don’t want to see homeless people Don’t like it MOVE

  3. S. Michael DeHart aka WVUmounties8 says:

    Awwww….bet they are all pro illegal immigration but just NOT in their area. Welcome to the Communist Republic of CaliMexico. Lmao!!😂😂😂😂

  4. Daniel H says:

    Infilrated…. LMAO. Like the homeless are foreign invaders.

  5. Iz B says:

    Now its a problem because there in the "affluent" area and an "invasion" really bro? Really?

  6. Team Americana says:

    Poverty in America is making people migrate out west. Lots of these transplants cant cut it in society.

  7. insomthegreat says:

    Those bums are our own.

  8. tim mc says:

    The wealthy want their little paradise undisturbed..maybe their needs to be some low income housing built ya think?

  9. Fila Kri says:

    I reside on the other side of the river, directly across from Wlihaggin. We had the same issues last year and we rallied together to get everything cleaned up. They set up camps on the islands; we reported that. A helicopter had to lift all the trash that was left. All camps were continuosly cleared out and they eventually stopped coming. The people on the other side didn't give two shits until now.

  10. Kary Cook says:

    Where do you want them to go?

  11. Conway Red Bear says:

    Well help them out then shees..

  12. Cob 702 says:

    Don't worry Sacramento, Trump is sending all the detained immigrants directly to California hahaha lol

  13. TravelPoint says:

    Same ol class/racism: "I don't want homeless camps in my neighborhood. I want my kids to be safe…" I can almost guarantee you that many of the people camping there are black and whites that are looked down on the same way. Excessive Money really does corrupt. It turns people into conceited apathetic bastards.

  14. Varacen says:

    They be complaining about people without homes while they're just working a 9-5 job sipping coffee from their lazybois. Really? I'd love to see em cry after actually getting a taste of the street life. People die out there and as a former homeless dude the reason they are all there has to do with safety. The downtown encampments are riddled with disease, gang activity, murder and meth and the people you got chillin down there are the ones who are just down on their luck and want nothing to do with that sort of stuff. Imagine for one second that you lost your job your, your home, your car and your money. You now find yourself and your family with only what you can carry on your back. You sleep on the street you get jumped or harassed by cops, you go downtown and hear gun shots and people screaming at imaginary demons high on meth and your kid sees a man whip his junk out and pee in front of 20 people or you can go down to the river and try to live as normally as you can manage. What would you do? I have been in both places on 2 separate occasions and it is much easier to hold a job and get off the streets and stay safe when you are living in the woods than in downtown. These privileged d-bags have no idea how little right they have to complain.

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