Reiki to Create a Wealth Mentality/Reiki Healing/Energy Healing

Reiki to Create a Wealth Mentality/Reiki Healing/Energy Healing

Hi everyone, this is Lourdes The Reiki in this video is to assist you a wealth mentality. If you are new to Reiki my videos or my channel, please check out My Frequently Asked Questions Playlist. There is a link to it above my head. If you are interested in Reiki sessions, classes, services or readings, please go to my website. Please subscribe to my channel. And while you are on my channel’s home page, check out the Community Tab. The Community Tab is where I post Reiki infused photos an occasional poll, sometimes an exclusive video, and on occasion an offer for free Reiki in real time. So if you are ready, please sit back. relax and let this Reiki flow to you. Thank you for watching this video. And for more videos that my interest you, please check out the videos around me. Thank you.


  1. Ozlem Kirac says:

    thank you Lourdes

  2. Sevda 27 says:

    Thank You for this super Video dear Lourdes!
    Today 2 a.m. i resived your free Reiki and i could feel that. I feel me today better and my headache is away. Sorry my englisch is not so good. Greetings from germany. Thanks from my Heart for every Reiki healing Energie!♥

  3. Rhonda Garvin says:

    Thanks Lourdes your Reiki sessions have really help me improve so much.

  4. Avia Johnson says:

    Thank You so much, many blessings to you always

  5. Luci Bloom says:

    Thankyou again lourdes. I felt a real boost using all the money videos tonight. Can't wait to see what unfolds…

  6. Ultimate Shining says:

    Can we do other things while the reiki is playing ? I can’t always sit back and relax during the daytime 🙂

  7. Oznur Ramoglu says:

    Thank You Lourdes ??

  8. r n says:

    Thank you☺️?

  9. najma yassin says:

    Thank you for all your video I feel each one and see so many positive changes in my life ??❤️

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