Reading Series | The Last Book 18 | God’s Judgment Upon Babylon

Reading Series | The Last Book 18 | God’s Judgment Upon Babylon

there will be no explanation needed as
to why they can’t stop reading this chapter 18 of the book of Revelation I
am taking a tea break with the Tigger Cup for my voice after all this I saw another angel come
down from heaven with great Authority and the earth grew bright with his
splendor he gave a mighty shout Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen
she has become a den of demons a haunt of devils and every kind of evil spirit
for all the nations have drunk the fatal wine of her intense immorality the
rulers of Earth have enjoyed themselves with her and businessmen throughout the
world have grown rich from all her luxurious living then I heard another
voice calling from heaven come away from her my people do not take part in her
sins or you will be punished with her for her sins are piled as high as heaven
and God is ready to judge her for her crimes do to her
as she has done to you and more give a double penalty for all her evil deeds
she proved many a cup of woe for others give twice as much to her she has lived
in luxury and pleasure men should know with torments and with sorrows she
boasts I am a queen upon my throne I am no helpless Widow
I will not experience sorrow therefore the sorrows of death and mourning and
famine shall overtake her in a single day and she shall be utterly consumed by
fire for mighty is the Lord who judges her and the world leaders who took part
in her immoral acts and enjoyed her favors will mourn for her as they see
the smoke rising from her chart remains they will stand far off trembling with
fear and crying out alas Babylon that mighty city in one moment her judgement
fell the merchants of the earth will weep and more
her for there is no one left to buy their goods she was their biggest
customer for gold and silver precious stones pearls finest linens purple silks
and scarlet and every kind of perfumed wood and ivory goods and most expensive
wooden carvings and brass and iron and marble and spices and perfumes and
incense and pointment and frankincense wine olive oil and flank flour wheat
cattle sheep horses chariots and slaves and even the souls of men all the fancy
things you live so much are gone they cry the dainty luxuries and splendor
that you prized so much will never be yours again they are gone forever
and so the merchants who have become wealthy by selling her these things
shall stand at a distance fearing danger to themselves weeping and crying alas
that great city so beautiful like a woman clothed in finest purple and
scarlet linens decked out with gold and precious stones and pearls in one moment
all the wealth of the city is gone and all the ship owners and captains of the
merchant ships and cruise will stand a long way off crying as they watched the
smoke ascend and saying where in all the world is there another city such as this
and they will throw dust on their heads in their sorrow and say alas alas for
that great city she made us all rich from her great wealth and now in a
single hour all is gone but you o heaven rejoice over her fate in you O children
of God and the prophets and the apostles for at last God has given
judgment against hurt for you then a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped
like a millstone and threw it into the ocean and shouted Babylon that great
city shall be thrown away as I have thrown away this stone and she shall
disappear forever never again will the sound of music be there no more piano
saxophones and trumpets no industry of any kind will ever again exist there and
there will be no more milling of the grain dark dark will be her nights not
even a lamp in a window will ever be seen again
no more joyous wedding bells and happy voices of the bright rooms and the
bride’s her businessmen were known around the world and she deceived all
nations with her sorceries and she was responsible for the blood of all the
martyrs prophets and the saints that was chapter 18 of the book of Revelation I’m
gonna wrap this up for this morning wee hours of the morning and hopefully I’ll
see you tomorrow have a good night and a good night’s rest if you’re going to
sleep have a wonderful day if it’s daytime




  2. Bengal Cats React To says:

    Congrats on the 200!!! Great reading as always!! SO HAPPY❤😍🐈

  3. Lynne Dunlap says:

    I always wonder what city it will be…Hollywood, NY or Rome? or some other?

  4. Terry Christ says:

    Money can't buy love. That is the Jezebel spirit. Those who are tied to the worldly things will lose everything.God bless.🙏♥️😄

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