Radha Krishna Jayanthi – Secrets For Wealth Creation Revealed

Radha Krishna Jayanthi  – Secrets For Wealth Creation Revealed

the discovery of Krishna is a very important event that took place in my life I have right from a very engage and aversion towards Vishnu that’s how I grew up and that had a great impact on my finances from a very early time on but then a couple of years ago a miracle happened that I was drawn to Vishnu there was a special India trip where I was forced to go to a nine of the Vishnu temples Krishna is the ultimate expression of Vishnu now ever since that happened my visits to the nine temples my attitude towards many change and then that had tremendous amount of impact on my life and then after that we went to the birthplace of Krishna and then we also went to the birthplace of Radha and all their shrines associated with Krishna then I began to take a very keen insist on Krishna and then he began to come to me more and more often the solution for people who have financial problem because I’m very committed as you know to solve the financial problems of the people is that Krishna can solve it that’s why the upcoming the birthday celebration of Krishna called Christian tea is very important for all of my devotees who might sincerely want to help on the financial plan so it’s a day to be celebrated remembered and and worshipped for changing the financial problems so what we are going to do is to make available a very special statue that can carry the image the energy of Krishna and I have ordered the makers of the statue to follow certain procedures so that the energy is kept within the statute I am deeply into the image worship because any image for instance can replicate your energy one of the devotees who are able to make my statue to drink milk and that is in the website also so we will keep a statue and the strategy is properly made then this statue comes alive so we are making the statue cutting two prescriptions that I have given to them sans collected from some important temples are included in the statue and you have to worship the statue with some Tulsi leaves they are available even in the United States in Indian stores it can have also grow it we can actually grow this even in the East Coast where and at room temperature they will survive so if you put some totes he leaves he will come alive and these statues I have instructed people who have to be taken to a particular temple Pacific a temple where where the wedding ceremony between Krishna and rather to be performed so the the statues that you would be going to receive would have gone through ceremony I want everyone to have the statue energized in two ways one with the herbs and all the sand collected from shrines of Krishna and also the wedding ceremony performed between Radha and Krishna just to say Radha and Krishna is to access their energy and if you want more information on Krishna’s advice on money you have to go to the bhagavad-gita third chapter he says how you can get whatever you want to get materially whatever you want to enjoy Eastern bogart you decided to enjoy you can receive all of them through doing a pie ritual for Krishna so all these statues after energization will be offered a fire ritual how the stretch is going to be full of power you have my blessings so that everybody can live without any financial problems it’s not doesn’t only represent financial problems is against everything that is painful because his world itself is full of joy the pleasure garden of Krishna the youthful ports of Krishna the romance of Krishna the need to keep the experience on the earth claim in a pleasant way you know it’s all Krishna’s so let’s remember these activities of Krishna and his very important a his birthday you

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