Hello Morocco! This past summer we did a series on personal finance. But I need to practice what I preach. If I just simply save this money, I throw it into a box, it collects dust in my office. But if I put this money to work, if these dirhams become my employees, they start earning me income. And that’s the key to growing your wealth. Until your money starts working for you, you will always be working for money. If you hide it under your mattress or put it in a box in your office, it’s stupid. That same money, when you go to use it later on, will be able to buy less than it can today. Saving money is for losers. You’ve got to put your money to work for you. I’ve still got all my dirhams at home, collecting dust, not earning any interest, not working for me. Today, I’m gonna change that. We’re gonna bring this money to the bank and deposit it. Let’s go to the bank. Okay, here we go. Off to the bank. All right, I’m outside the bank, a little nervous about what kind of reaction I’m gonna get. I’m gonna have to explain myself a little bit, but we’ll see how it goes. Okay, it’s done. Special thanks to Attijariwafa. The guys were amazing in there. Counted it all – we tried to get a machine to work – but it just wasn’t working, so we had to count it all by hand. They brought in a girl from a different bank close by…amazing. So it’s done. It’s in the bank. Three important lessons from this experience… Number one: small actions done repeatedly over long periods of time generate big results. I’ve built a habit of saving my ten dirham coins, And over a few years collected 14 thousand dirhams. So those small actions compound, they multiply over time. S o don’t underestimate that. Second lesson: Now, those dirhams are my employees – they’re working for me. I’ve put them into an account that grows over time. So instead of sitting in my office, collecting dust…now they’re working 24 hours a day, giving me income. They are my employees. Never take sick days, never take vacations…they work around the clock. And the third lesson is: don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Guy walking through with a little Marjane bag, may be carrying something super valuable. Alright until next time, Get Wisdom.


  1. Abdelaziz El berdai says:

    first of all, I just wanted to say that I love the content and especially the energy that you give ! and I have one question for you: So putting money in the bank instead of keeping it at home is for sure a better way to earn a little % of that whole money, but don't you think that' this money could be used to create a real passive income with time that can generate 2 3 even 10 times that amount in the same period of time where the bank would only give back less than 10% for sure !?

  2. GALAXY says:

    Thanks for video , If someone can explain what kind of account you open in bank? How money work for you in bank?

  3. yassir omari says:

    Saving money is good, good for you, but putting money in the bank is not an investment, the inflation rate is 3% average, i don’t think banks can surpasse more than 2% , you’re still loosing money, i suggest investing in stocks or starting a small business

  4. yassir omari says:

    Good video by the way

  5. Soufiane Tazi says:

    Love your contents <3 <3

    Keep on

  6. Kamal Harrasse says:

    Honestly I needed to see this video
    Thank youuuuuu

  7. Moshe cohen souiri Cohen says:

    Telamo bash tcono miziria 👍🏻😆

  8. Zed TheBoss says:

    Great video maybe i will start saving 10dhs coins 🙂

  9. Ekahi Labad says:

    look at these hypocrits don't even know what just happend! how the F that money is suppose to work on that bank?

  10. zakaria sekkati says:

    Pro 11:24  One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.

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