Preventing Gout Attacks with Diet

Preventing Gout Attacks with Diet


  1. Deep Ecology Vegan says:

    Dr. Greger, is it reasonable to consider metabolic syndrome and its associated diseases mealy a symptom of eating animal products and processed food? This seems to be the hypothesis that gets confirmed over and over again the more I learn about nutrition.

  2. T2N31E2 says:

    How do one find these trails of studies. One study showing something, researchers next step is now to do this other kind of study.

    Also I know Dr Greger have some videos on bad cholesterol studies, saturated fat studies and so on. How do we know which ones are good or bad?

  3. Ausra P says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Greger! My dad has gout and I was wondering whether i could somehow add subtitles of my native language (lithuanian) to this video so he could understand?

  4. Aurelë Spahiu says:

    I love your videos Dr. Greger. I have a question regarding h.pylori infection. I have been taking medications(antibiotics) to kill the bacteria, but they keep coming back, and I always feel bloated. What do you think about this issue? Would you recommend the plant-based diet over the antibiotic treatment?

  5. Eelke Aptroot says:

    My right baby toe sometimes looks like it has a gout-like symptom, but I quit all animal products more than a year ago. Sometimes the symptoms reduce after a foot bath of baking soda, who knows ingesting baking soda might work about as well as that medication you mentioned, since it's considered to alkalize the body too. Great video(s).

  6. Doug bananaboy says:

    So many diseases get reversed on meatless diet

  7. Karsten Weseth says:

    Until… just a decade ago.

  8. Life Content says:

    Just eat raw or vegan and you will never have any problems.

  9. Dolly Woofwoofer says:

    loolollolo darksydephil needs to watch this video lololololo

  10. Nicholas Plazio Jr says:

    Wow thats probably your best video yet. Thanks

  11. kokoro nagomu says:

    thank you for this information.
    i've been completely plant based for over five years but this winter i've started having problems with gout when i eat beans but not mushrooms or other non-bean sources. i've got MCS and i was wondering if that would be a contributing factor. i'm sticking to my 'vegan' diet but i'll continue to avoid or limit legumes.

  12. DreamingTata VeganMama says:

    Thank you, Dr. Gregor! My husband had gout since in his twenties and bad enough to be immobile for weeks or months from time to time. Now he's 38, vegan and didn't have any attacks at all for two whole years. However, this past year he started to have inflammation again and walking on crutches (not sure why, could be work stress, but still much better than years before where he couldn't even stand). Now, we are working on this by avoiding oil (we ate a lot of oily foods). He also has RA. Hopefully, a carefully designed vegan diet will help him rid of pain.

  13. Peter Rabitt says:

    Note to self: no more Dog Chow.

  14. Mario Tomic says:

    Nice one!

  15. SandyzSerious says:

    I do not drink, but every time I go on a diet, I get gout badly. It's crazy, and it hurts so badly.

  16. Erik L says:

    Further proof humans are herbivores as humans do not produce the enzyme uricase in our saliva like other carnivores do. Hence why lions don't get gout.

  17. FillUmUpp says:

    here is how to get rid of gout: eat a shit load of pro-biotics, especially on those days at the beach when you just finished your 15th stout, and that plate of a dozen oysters… my father has been taking probiotics and coq10 ever since his second really bad out break and hasnt had one since.

  18. Jonathan Checo says:

    Good one!

  19. Sidilicious says:

    I got a nasty case of gout one winter in my mid twenties, as a slim and active person. At the time I was eating a diet of mostly beans and some rice. We had no stores nearby so rarely had anything else to eat. I cut back on the beans and it went away never to return even forty years later.

  20. Sidilicious says:

    I'm opting for the vegan route😊👍

  21. 7in1 says:

    Nice again!

  22. Plant Sugar says:

    A lot of people eat like kings or queens..

  23. Griffon Dahrk says:

    Can't wait until everyone in my house is on board. I've been filling the cabinets and fridge with fruits, veggies and vegan alternatives so nothing else can fit. Haha.

  24. Jeff Lebowski says:

    4:35 Just cut out the alcohol and keep the meat, alcohol has many negative effects on the body(mainly pancreas and liver). My Dad had gout many years ago so he stopped drinking and it went away.

  25. White Kita says:

    yea a drug that will kill you 20% of the time is in the "save" category……lol

  26. happyhound13 says:

    I had gout at age 30. Went vegetarian shortly thereafter, made a determined effort to stay better hydrated and DID not take any gout preventative medications. I eat plenty of mushrooms, asparagus when in season and NEVER had a gout attack since my first one 21 years ago! I wondered if somehow the purine rich plant foods really did not precipitate a gout attack. This information you have presented in this video does not surprise me. I do eat dairy and raise my own free-ranging hens and roosters for our eggs. I do not eat shellfish but do eat the occasional fish. I do eat a very veggie and fruit rich diet and I run and workout almost daily. Stay away from the meds if you can people!

  27. john wall says:

    Could the cure be as simple as ionized water?

  28. UltraJordanGaming says:

    Until… n- just a decade ago

  29. G Tron says:

    Hey doc, you rock!

  30. Veganism Unspun says:

    I'm constantly surprised by the depth and breadth of health benefits a Vegan diet provides, but when you think about it from the other way it's not surprising at all that eating things our bodies are not well-adapted to eat would cause a wide array of maladies.

  31. TheZynk5 says:

    not the only way just the best way 😉

  32. Running on Empty says:

    As a gout Sufferer and a long term Vegan (20 years) I can say in my case a Vegan diet has not cured my issues

  33. rough rough says:

    so it has to be alkaline vegan diet no acidic grains and veggies at all??

  34. Mom's World says:

    I am right now at the tail end of a bad 2-week long gout attack. I am vegan. I was thinking maybe it was beans or oatmeal…? But I will confess. I am a drinker :/. And I'm now having to admit that my nightly cocktail may in fact be the culprit of me having 4 gout attacks in 2 years. Gout is the most painful thing I've EVER experienced….and I've had 4 children all natural. I would literally rather give birth than have a gout flare up. So…I guess I am now a non-drinker. Totally worth it. The pain is horrific!

  35. Nikola Lukić says:

    I have spent months studying treating gout at home and found a great website at Nakedra Remedy Plan (check it out on google)

  36. Morgan says:

    My dad never listens to me, now he has gout so bad that he can hardly stand up or walk, it hurts to watch 🙁

  37. Wade James says:

    I was limping around with gout in my left big toe for a few weeks, attempting several of the suggested remedies on the different sites. A superb technique is the gout treatment “Vοvοpαm Azb” (Google it). I took it 2 times a day for two weeks and there`s almost no pain any more. I`m presently on my quest to removing the gout completely, so I`ve lessened my intake to once a day.

  38. Germaine Scott says:

    Within just 72 hours, the gout pain gone away due to this gout treatment method “Vοvοpαm Azb” (Google it). It really seems to function. For now, I`ll need to keep taking the product to see whether the signs and symptoms will go away or keep coming back. Best item for my gout! There is no need for drugs every day, also. I`m happy I discovered this simply because my body system has become capable of many every day tasks!

  39. Camila Jaramillo says:


  40. helicart says:

    In the 1990s, I was lucky to have a meeting with one of the world's leading researchers into gout, Byran Emmerson, a few years before he passed. We talked at length about gout. He was quite emphatic one of the greatest risks to crystal formation is hypertension. He was a product of his time though, and did not place much importance on dietary changes, apart from no more than light alcohol intake, and eating a 'balanced' diet.

  41. David Weaver says:

    I've suffered from gout for 15 years and take allopurinol. I became vegan about 1 year ago and noticed a stark decline in gout attack frequency. I was having an attack about every 2-3 months prior to becoming vegan, now I've had just 1 in the past year. That one attack happened the day after I ate asparagus. It used to be my favorite vegetable but since having gout I can't eat it no matter if I'm on allopurinol, vegan diet, whatever…asparagus does it every time without fail for me. I have no problems with beans (I eat about 2 cups/day), mushrooms, spinach, or any other high purine vegetables just asparagus.

  42. Donner Party says:

    Nice vegan spin using small studies to conclude vegans don't ever ger gout and live forever. More Greger BS.

  43. Martha says:

    Beans cause gout !
    Never eat more than a 1/4 cup of beans in a 24 hour period and some gout suffers cannot tolerate a 1/4 cup of beans…!

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