Prepping Free Easy Cheap No Cost Prepping Tips #7 Preppers Toilet Paper Bug Out Bag Must Have

Prepping Free Easy Cheap No Cost Prepping Tips #7  Preppers Toilet Paper Bug Out Bag Must Have

prepping free easy cheap no cost prepping tips #7 preppers toilet paper must have bug out bag items hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper have you been following along with my series of New Year’s resolutions to be prepping I’ve
been giving a series of free and easy no cost cheap tips that anyone can do just takes a few
minutes a day to make sure that you’re having the emergency survival supplies gear things that you need you have
them organized in a way that is sensible and works for you and that you’re ready
to face whatever comes your way every day is a new day and we don’t know
what the day will bring so we want to be ready to face anything the unknown
today’s tip is to get a roll of toilet paper and put it in a ziploc bag you can smash flatten mush it down so it takes up less room squeeze the air out zip it up and put it
in your Bug Out Bag 72 hour kit get home bag it’s a great idea to get another roll of toilet paper and put it in your car there are a lot of situations when not having toilet paper could be an
emergency all on its own I hope you’re watching my series of free and easy no
cost cheap prepping tips to help us all be ready
for whatever comes our way if you like my video I hope you’ll share it with
someone else you think would enjoy it you can read more about it at and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel prepper prepping youtube channel


  1. Linda Mejia says:

    My mom loves watching ur vids she really enjoys them💖 keep them up💖💖

  2. CT says:

    Can Toilet paper or Paper towels paper be expires? I know foods or water can be expires but what about Toilet or paper towels?

  3. Lexi May says:

    Take the cardboard roll out and it will squish down even more.

  4. Tim K says:

    If your not going to be using a regular toilet, wouldn't regular paper towels make more sense? It's stronger and can be used for more different things.

  5. Audrey Stewart says:

    Take cardboard tube out and vacuum seal.

  6. Dolores Donaghy says:

    T y for another wonderful idea God bless 💚👵

  7. gene gleeson says:


  8. Stouts says:

    Love your New Year's blitz with quick prepping tips! You're really nailing it on the quick "info-mercial" style!!
    We started watching for wet wipes sales for the same use and for overall sanitation clean up. Menards of all places has been selling them at stupid cheap prices and they are so compact and portable. Perfect for the bug out bag. But total props to a good ole fashioned roll of T.P. !! One of my bags has a partial roll and I always have a spare roll in my truck… ya never know!
    Thanks for all your vids Alaska Granny, you're awesome girl!!!

  9. mister-action 1 says:

    Great advice. You never know when the time may come that you will need it.

  10. Bee Real says:

    Thank you Granny !

  11. Michael Murray says:

    I have compressed paper tablets in my bag, about 1 " tall and 1" wide. When you pour water on them they expand to 12" square and are very rugged. I bought some from Amazon.

  12. Bennington76 says:

    I keep a roll in a Ziploc in the back of my car along with a thing of wet wipes and hand sanitizer and a few plastic bags.

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