Posting On Facebook Business Page

Posting On Facebook Business Page

– Need to know how to post
on a Facebook business page? In this video, I’ll show you
how to do it on a computer, a mobile device, as well
as some best practices to keep in mind. All right, let’s get into it. (bright upbeat music) Hey, what’s up, busy people! Welcome to “Five Minute Social Media” where we help businesses
grow their revenue and simplify social media so it takes less of your valuable time. That sounds like something you could use, take a second, hit Subscribe, click that bell,
(bell chimes) that way you’ll be notified each week when we release another helpful video. Also, at the end of this
video, I wanna share my favorite ways to cut your
social media workload in half. My name is Jerry Potter, and, yes, it rhymes with the boy wizard. Today, I’m gonna give you a tutorial on how to post on a
Facebook business page. I’m gonna include best practices that I’ve used with many
clients over the years so that you can benefit
from those, as well. There are two main places
you should post from and one that you shouldn’t,
and the one that you shouldn’t is from right here on your business page in this posting box at the top, and the reason is because
Facebook is slowly phasing out the ability to schedule posts from here. So two places to do it. So one from your business
page up here along the top. You may see it here or
you may have to click More and then choose Publishing Tools, and you can hit this Create button, or the other place is to
use Facebook Creator Studio which is, and you can see there is
a posting box right here, and this is the tool that more
and more people are using, and I think a great one
to get familiar with because there’s so many
other aspects to it. If you want a full run-through
of Facebook Creator Studio, I’ve linked up to one in the
description of this video. So wherever you are,
click in that posting box or hit the Create button. Now as I go through, I’m
not gonna just show you how to do it. I’m also gonna give
you some best practices so that your posts will perform better. So if you’re just doing a text update, you can simply start typing. If you want to put an
emoji in like I did here, you can just tap this little button here and it’ll bring up emojis
that you can choose from, and as quick and simple as that is, I don’t recommend that
on your business page. It’s hard enough to get
your business pages posts to show up in people’s newsfeeds. So it’s really helpful to
have an image or a video or something to grab their attention, but if you wanted to just do text, you can just put your text in like that. One best practice I will give you is if you’re going to have a lot of text, don’t put it into one big block. People are just skimming. So if you break it into
different paragraphs, even if it’s just one
sentence per paragraph, it makes it a lot more readable
for somebody going quick, especially on their phone. So if you are doing a video post, there’s a couple ways to go about it. The simplest way that I often do is I will just drag the
image that I want to use right into the post. Adds it to the bottom, and then I can add my
text here at the top. Video post same thing, you can drag it in. It will add it to the bottom here. There’s a couple more
aspects to a video post that I get into in another tutorial, and I’ve linked up to that in the description of this video. It’ll show you how to choose a thumbnail and add captions and things like that, and then of course at the
top you would just add whatever text you wanted to have. The dragging and dropping
your photo and video files is the quickest and easiest, but you can also click this
Photo/Video button here, and then you can actually go
and select photos or videos from your computer if you’re
more comfortable with that, or you can create photo
albums, photo carousels, which is when the pictures
come up side by side and people can swipe through them, slideshows, and more. So you can play around with those if you wanna get creative
with your photos. If you’re wondering how to share a link on a Facebook business page, here’s something to keep in mind. Facebook’s number one goal is
to keep people on Facebook. That’s how they make their money, right? So they can show more ads. So if you are sending
them off of Facebook, the algorithm is not a huge fan of that, but sometimes you got to
get people to your website or to a sales page or
whatever it might be. So I’m not saying don’t share links, but before you share a link
to somebody else’s site, a news article or something like that just really think about if
it’s going to benefit you, and if you are gonna share
a link, here’s how to do it. The first thing you would
do is paste the link into your posting box like that, and hopefully it’s a high-quality link that will bring up its own image. You can see the title
is down here, as well, and once this is populated
and you have it there, you can actually delete that text. You don’t need it anymore. But I would suggest adding something that compels somebody to click your link. A couple more things to be
aware of when you are posting. You can actually tag other
business pages if you want to, and the way you would do that is by hitting the @ symbol and then
typing the name of their page. Now if it is a very popular
page name, in other words, a ton of pages have it, and
the one you’re trying to tag is not the most popular,
you may have trouble getting it to come up in this list, but otherwise hopefully it will come up. Once you see it in the
list, you can click on it, and then it will actually
show up blue in your post, and then they should be notified, if they monitor their
page’s notifications, that you tagged them in your post. They might even share it. Now if they don’t come up when
you start typing their name, couple things you can try. One, is go to their actual Facebook page and see what their user name is, and then type in their exact
user name after the @ sign, or the other option is type in, and this has been working more recently, type in their actual page
name including capital letters and spaces and that increases
the chances of it coming up. Once you’ve got the post
exactly the way you want it, then you come down here and
you can choose to Share Now which means it will go up right away, and you see this Share Now button here. You can choose to schedule
it, and if I click on that it will actually give me
a date box and a time box, and I can tell it when to go up, or some pages have this,
it’ll say suggested, and it’ll actually suggest
the time that your page has gotten a lot of engagement in the past at as a good time for you to post now. I never use this box down
here, but if it’s a post that you want to stop showing up after a certain amount of time,
because it’s about something that ended or contest
or something like that, you can say Stop News Feed Distribution, and it will still show up on your page, but you can go through and
tell it to stop coming up in other people’s feeds at a certain time. So that’s what you would do
if you gonna schedule it. When you were done, you
would just hit Schedule, and now you’ll see it says later here. If I hover over it, it shows me when, and then I can hit the
Schedule Post button when I’m ready. Another option is to backdate
it if you want it to show up in the feed on your business page. You could put it at a previous date, or if you wanna come back to it later, you can go to Save Draft. Generally all business
page posts are public, and if you’re trying to get people to be aware of your business, then you might as well
keep it public there, but you do have a couple
of other options here. You can choose Restricted Audience if you wanted to have an
age restriction on it. You could also have it
only certain location, certain states, different things like that which can be helpful,
again, if you’re offering a special deal to a
people in a certain area. News Feed targeting, this
is something I haven’t seen as very effective unless
you’re putting money behind your post as a boost or an ad, but you can go through and say okay, this post is about baseball. So I think people who are fans of baseball are more likely to like this post. So let’s show it to people with baseball. Other people may still see it though. You can also choose age, gender, locations, everything like that. So just so we are clear, Restricted means the people that you don’t have selected will not be able to see it. News Feed Targeting just
means that Facebook will try and show it to people that
you have in that group, and then Top Fans, this
will show it to people who are most engaged with your page. So if you had something that
was a little more inside for your most active
people, you might choose that Top Fans one. Like I said, most of the time, public is the best way to go, and then if you wanted to
boost your post ahead of time before it goes up, you can
click that button to boost it, and if you’d like a
tutorial about boosting and best practices, you can find one in the description of this video. If you wanna see what
it’s gonna look like, you can hit Preview, and it’ll bring up a preview of the post. Here I can click Mobile and see how it’ll look on mobile devices, and then when I’m ready,
I just hit Scheduled Post. Now let’s say you put it up, and you realize you messed it up. I’ll show you how to edit your post afterward in just a second. Now your scheduled posts will show up here in publishing tools. In Creator Studio, it’ll show
up under your Content Library, and even on your business
page, it’ll show up right here. It says, “One scheduled post.” If I click on See post,
then it will show me the post that we just scheduled. Now if you wanted to edit your posts, you would simply go back to
it the way that I showed you. If it hasn’t gone up yet,
you can hit Edit right here, and then you can edit the text. You can’t actually change the image. I’ve seen it work
occasionally, but almost never. So if you’ve seen it work,
yes, it does occasionally, but don’t count on that. If you need a new image, generally you’re gonna recreate the post, but otherwise you can edit
the text all you want, and if the post has already
gone up and you want to edit it, then find the post on your page, click these three little dots here, and you can say Edit post right there. This is a video post. So there’s more that I
can edit on this one, but you can see I can edit the text. If you’re somebody who
does as much as you can from your smartphone,
easy to do there too. Just grab the Facebook page manager app in the Google Play or iOS App Store. This is specifically for
managing Facebook business pages, and once you’re in there,
you can see right underneath the big call-to-action button, on my page it says Visit Group, yours might say something else, right underneath that it
says Publish, tap that, and then after that the options
are pretty much the same. You type whatever you want. You do have different colored backgrounds you can choose from, and then down here, if you tap on those, you’ll
see the options for photo, video, live video, everything like that. Other than that, it pretty much runs like the desktop version. A question I often get is how often should I post on my
Facebook business page. Well, I’ve got a tutorial all about that on the screen right now. If you don’t see it here, the link is also in the description of this video. And as promised, six ways to cut your social media workload in half. You can grab the link to that
on your screen in a second or in the description of this video.


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