Pope, wealthy Republican businessman, Parisi urge action on climate change

ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE 06/17/15 trt 1:10 It’s funny and sad: it took the Pope to get some people to pay attention to climate change. Of course not even the Pope is enough to get some people to actually admit to the reality of climate change. And what he’s saying is nothing new. Of course environmental crisis disproportionately affect the poor, and of course climate change is a threat to global stability. And for now what we will see are deniers dismissing the Pope as “not a scientist.” So we prefer to focus on folks taking action; not that more Catholics demanding action won’t help. But for example a couple of weeks ago Republican businessman Jay Faison let it be known he is putting $175 Million of his own money into swaying fellow Republicans to take climate change seriously. That should make a dozen or so presidential candidates a little nervous. And closer to home, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi is updating the county’s Hazard Mitigation Plan to include the threat of climate change for the first time. Money, smart policies and a good sermon. We’ll take ’em all.

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