Pope Francis Says The Bible Calls For Wealth Redistribution

Pope Francis Says The Bible Calls For Wealth Redistribution

pope Francis recently said the
following: II nothing this guy said the maze me now don’t get me wrong if the
work on although sexual abuse stuff happening in the
Catholic Church unpacked that put to the side everybody has a place them to put that
in its place to the side right now right but he said the Bible demands the
redistribution a well in here is that what he said arm Pope made the comments while
speaking before a gathering up several United Nations agency aids
with including the secretary-general himself and he
said the following: in the case over global global politics and
economic organizations much more needs to be achieved since an
important part of humanity does not share the belief progress and is in fact arm relegated to the status of second-class
citizens all love this and he goes on to say he
quotes the Bible book 19 look nineteen verses 1 at 3:10 with saccharide yes ever know zachariah
s was overcome by tightness was overcome
by Jesus kindness and he said zachariah yes made a radical decision I’m sharing
justice because his concert because his consensus has
been the awakening awakening by the gays have got right he
goes on to say the same spirit should be at the beginning and and of pop all
politics and economic activity you the story of Zachariah yes to talk about how arm and it’s not exactly a skewed I said
that arise analyzed exactly is and everybody knows about that he threw
a short any continues we got my tree on right any you that story to
masterfully talk about how we must have wealth distribution in
this country so that everybody can be first class citizens because the whole
idea was story was he was certain classes and because
he could not be jesus is that no I’m going to your house for tea because he felt as though you you know we’re less awesome stuff
awesome stuff love this pope awesomesauce welcome


  1. HiiiPoWeR918 says:

    This is why it is harder for a rich person to go to heaven than a poor person

  2. Keltik0ne says:

    I'm sure Hannity will phone him up and put him straight about God's message.
    In other news, Sean Hannity, Still a Douche.

  3. chris garbutt says:

    I Love This Pope 

  4. genie0390 says:

    the Bible also says that man shall not lay down with man, i.e. no ass fucking permitted. we all know how well that's being heeded in America, Hey?

    as for wealth redistribution, the church should begin by ridding itself of its fabulous wealth. The best scheme is for people to get off their lazy asses, work hard and certain measures of wealth will follow. Works for most

  5. Artemirr says:

    Here's a problem of today.

    We have predatory behavior caused by undisciplined nature that allowed unclean stock to grow wild, which is devouring the good stock of people. Turning good men into hated men and liars and unclean men into what is loved. That is today for the most part. Life Is quite simple but it seems it is made a hard but those that live without simplicity and breed without reason make it quite hard for others. Especially in the circumstance of a corrupt taxation process of the people in cahoots with businesses. The jobs offered are quite un realistic.

    This multicultural kick is actually exterminating good men, the first thing these people seem to do is breed on the land when coming from far and wide. Literally disrupting class of courting and breeding. Attacking the romance of society still through the use of women. basically women are killing off their good stock of men for generations, do to the petty control of social constructs. rather then women being in control of what society is dictating socially. Thus failing to defend men earnestly while they built, mined for the  comfort of luxuries. Women abandoned their mother post to become like men. Which is an impossibility. If we talk about X (library), Women are literally killing themselves generationally by killing their men. Many reek of fear from al the propaganda. Thus we have a strange breeding dynamic. We have a loss of innocence. We have a myriad of men and women that hypnotize people to strange beliefs that are partly true and they go about doing as they please. Society now is nothing more then debauchery and Racism is classed as, too many of the same people in one area. Then adopt mosaic and diverse group by the means of capital thievery and pillaging of the lands. This summer  will be the hottest ever, followed by a sharp cold. Lands with out justice deserve to be deserts.
    There is absolute no authority of MAN in the west at the moment just a rampaging sex fest of growing women. The only place left of male voices are not in the younger generations of the civil(apparent) society. However, some groups of the regions that maintain the words correctly still allow men ot have a voice on a grounds of equal relationship, some are skewed. Much… strangeness.

    If you ask the question what is a sound mind? Perhaps you should read your bible and do math and speak little and observe thoughts themselves. For what are they? Find your answer in the calmness. Things that know not what they do are merely creatures of the dark. Trapped in their own suffering and the cause of others to suffer.

    Then we have infiltration, almost every other branch that has broken way gone against the main root. Now we have a strange confusion to the concept of God, GOD Lord LORD and as such it is quite sad. Even more disappointing that people flock to actors and liars rather then knowledge learning and love. For they are more lovers of themselves and false things, they adore more another culture in jealously and thus try to e like but they destroy it in the process. (David Chappelle: racist Jargon about where he lives; does he not question what is going on) A rational person would not do as he had done to gain what he had gained, thus he is serving the destruction and enemy very conveniently. Quite sad. He knows not really , how much a tool he is. Thieves by words and remember the Father of lies is the AUTHOR of lies. What is the Truth? What reality do you presume to be in? There is a fine line  to the swift tongue that bellows through the sphere that holds itself sway, for upon, the prophets or profit lies two paths. For upon the heart of hearts lies, deceit or truth? For a real heart mends and tends, is not indecisive and loose, it is firm without movement. Where are we today..

    That's my current rant.  I have never seen so much bias use of history. Act of war is being used as a direct measure by words and persuasive means without credible evidence or viewing of the facts. Thus an action must be made to take place to serve that which is done many times more to that which it is done too. For there is no forgiveness in an act of knowing and doing for ill-gain.

  6. emtom1966 says:

    He's a slick marketer. Wearing humble clothes. The church is as rich as sin, and can start with their own house. Judge them by their deeds.

  7. Benjamin Dover says:

    Pope Francis is a catholic, Catholics believe thievery  is wrong. Now, he recommends we should redistribute wealth using the state, I.E. we tax people (forceablely take away money from someone against their will) which fits into the definition of thievery which is "take (another person's property) without permission and without intending to return it." and then we give that money to the less fortunate. This would not be charity as the story of Zachariah promotes because charity is (The voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.), the difference between this and redistribution is obviously the VOLUNTARY part. Charity is great, it could also be called wealth redistribution. Now this video did not specify what the pope meant by wealth redistribution so I can not tell you  whether or not the pope is saying here, does he mean welfare as a modern liberal would find great yet goes against the Catholic Bible, or does he mean charity which everyone finds great, I have no idea, wish the video would've specified on this, if it was the latter Francis was referring to, great, go pope Francis, if it was not however, this is extremely disturbing.

  8. horseman1st1 says:

    The bible speaks to charity being given from neighbor to neighbor at a rate of 10%. The bible says nothing about 3rd party intervention (socialist government) forcefully taking far more (25-50%) and arbitrarily decimating it . This rational coming from the mouthpiece of the wealthiest institution on planet earth, what a joke!

  9. bubbiesdad says:

    The Pope is not telling the truth.

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