POLAND, how is it getting RICH? – VisualPolitik EN

POLAND, how is it getting RICH? – VisualPolitik EN


  1. Kasha says:

    I love you Poland. I found an old Beta (yes beta) tape yesterday of my brother and I in Poland in 1987, it was still communist. Ahhhhhh, memories.

  2. Edvin Megerdichian says:

    Caught taxes caught stupid regulations stay away from George Soros they will be prosperou s and reach

  3. Stormcloak Nord says:

    Mmmmm it seems that we don’t need all these rocket scientists imported from the Middle East and Africa after all…..

  4. Zippy Off rainbow says:

    Good on Poland ! Takes no shit..

  5. Alexander Alex says:

    we love poland from georgia

  6. Phil Sims says:

    Poland was Germany

  7. Circus Midgets says:

    Don't allow the EU turn your country into an Islamic shit hole like they have to us. Good luck Poland

  8. Michal K says:

    dude, Poland is eastern europe's germany? … First of all, Poland is not Eastern Europe lol

  9. PawelGBW says:

    Polska to montownie zachodnich koncernów na terenie europy wschodniej, tania siła robocza i rynek zbytu.

  10. Telwin ThomazZz says:

    germany failed by muslim migrants…christian areas will always developed..thats why poland wins

  11. Telwin ThomazZz says:

    love to polond from india❤

  12. Thomas Mann says:

    Dude, this is nothing compared to the Poland of the 1920s. They built over 2000km of railroads in the first 6 months after gaining independence after 123 years, they built universities, trains that set speed records, they had a massive industry, they had internationally renowned scientists in all fields, they were actually MUCH closer to pre-war Germany than they're now.

  13. Mgtow Jones says:

    I have known many Polish people and I think the people are the key to success . Hard-working fiscally responsible very family-oriented and a huge emphasis on education, one of my daughters lives there and she absolutely loves it, my hats off to the Polish people much respect . Irish man living in Chicago.

  14. Mrmr says:

    I'm scottish but lived in Poland for many years and it truly is a wonderful country

  15. James Mccarthy says:

    Polish power bitches

  16. James Mccarthy says:

    Thank god for poland.they have the best freedom frys

  17. Sophie Lala says:

    Bravo Poland! England, Germany, France, Norway all turned into dumps. Why???MUSLIMS! MUSLIMS! MUSLIMS!!!

  18. Jason Sieckmann says:

    Are there Polish songs you could play during this video? The Witcher 3 soundtrack maybe.

  19. Omaid Shokouri says:

    Make me icecream, I am coming ladies!

  20. Alex Rhone says:

    Also the country with zero Islamic attacks.

  21. Michael Cheeser says:

    Where are all the mosque's ?… Where are all the face's of the third world multicultural economic/religious migrants ?… Why haven't we heard anything of jihadist bombings and terror attacks ?… Where are the immigrant criminal gang's ?… The answer is "obvious, the Poles are building a racist, xenophobic, islamaphobic, anti criminal immigrant, fascist hellhole" !… Political correctness, perhaps, has not been embraced by the pragmatic Polish people, who have tragic first hand experience of totalitarianism, both fascist and communist, and have a less naive view of political bullshit and corruption, than is typical of we in the West… (Australia) Who are daily being immersed in the cesspool of sophisticated Orwellian political manipulation/correctness/corruption by a "professional spin doctors, for vested interests", growth industry !…

  22. sjoerd meijer says:

    No Islam in poland,thats wy poland is growing fast

  23. james lynch says:

    The most sensible and sane country in Europe keep it up.

  24. Max Camillion says:

    The background music is incredibly obnoxious and misrepresents the topic and especially Poland. The style of presentation is sophomoric and discredits the idea of Poland having achieved the wonderful society that it has. Don't mean to be so crtitical but I just believe Poland should have a more glorious presentation. BUT good information though!

  25. pursuit of wisdom says:

    Hey man ! How many YouTube channel do you have ?

    By the way i appreciate your video !

  26. my English R I P? ? says:


  27. Al Tay says:

    I am from the United States and out of all the European cultures the Polish people are the nicest hard-working and dedicated people we welcome more of them into the United States I'm glad that we built up our forces in Poland the United States stands with you our Brothers 🇺🇸💪😎

  28. Christopher Carmody says:

    They deserve everything they get their great people to work and they love their culture and their people and their country and they took in a million imergrians only a matter of time before Europe will be shit like the UK and Ireland as well thanks to Merkel and the left but polland will still be great and more than likely will be the leading country in Europe god bless you polland from eire

  29. GDJ Animations - Animations and Gaming says:

    Das "Polski" ist nicht gut.

  30. Jentul J says:

    Unlike Italy, the mafia are fleeceing the EU, Poland is using EU money to develop their economy. I hope they would able to stand on their on feet when EU money as it is dried up by 2025.

  31. Historia Konsol says:

    Next: Why Poland is such a video game industry powerhouse?

  32. Phillip turner says:

    There are more Polynesians in Auckland new zealand then all of Polynesian put togther

  33. John Rogan says:

    Poznan Poland…jenkuiwi chi bordzo…dobre…dobry!!!

  34. Na Mo says:

    I think personal happiness is the ultimate measure and I think relative to those other countries you mentioned they are well ahead. They started from a very low base due to much oppression but historically they where a great people so really just water finding it`s own level as I am sure all Poles would agree.

  35. OgGSUS says:

    i was born in poland in 85 basiclly the last few years of the communism, my parents and left poland and we moved to germany in 1990… i remember my grandfather talking to my father what are you waiting for the people are standing in line to get a piece of bread if you have the opportunity leave.
    i was visiting poland and my grandparents frequently once or twice a year and the discrepancy in living standards during the 90s and early 2000s was indeed noticable but this has changed in a rapid fashion. it is not comparable to the early years post communism, there are still people leaving the country to earn more money in other western eu countries but this is becoming less common than 10-15 years ago.
    i can only encourage everyone to visit poland enjoy the hospitality, cuisine, historical cities and discover the new and modern poland.

  36. Mind & Qi are One says:

    Poland is rich now, but watch out, look at it's population pyramid, which looks like the population pyramid of all of Europe!

  37. Marc O'Dell says:

    China tax model is 3 to 45 percent. Will not a communist aggressive taxation model always be stronger, constitutionally it doesnt have to add in the exceedingly high cost in lawyer fees inherited in protecting human freedoms. are not part of its equation "if" you can call living in fear living.

  38. Geistreich says:

    …meanwhile Germany is becoming the next Poland.

  39. Eze Madridista says:

    9:25 Vamos Argentina!

  40. Robert S says:

    Since you have so many maps hanged on the wall, try to find one describing Europe as a continent, and then tell me where Poland is located? On Europas' east side? Or maybe in its center?

  41. Diego Sebastián Aguado says:

    Great video! Poland is a very good example of progress in Europe and they are definitely doing many things right. Great people too! I found there is one detail about the grow in the number of companies missing: low labour cost. Many european factories are deciding to transfer production to Poland and at the same time there are many company supporting areas which are externalize there like IT-support, Human Resources and so on. I am looking forward to visiting Poland 🙂

  42. Sebastian Krajewski says:

    Nationalistic party is a great choice…however PIS needs to be crushed and replaced…

  43. Hans M says:

    Bolek Lech walesa

  44. Laura Larrett says:

    They stopped taking in too many immigrants.

  45. David Isaacson says:

    They are not participating in the third world war.

  46. YPO6 says:

    How many terrorist attacks in Poland vs rest of the europe?

  47. Zak A says:

    He said they went from having an average salary of $10k-$15k to having an economy better than…..!. Proof read your vids before posting.

  48. michi hofer says:

    From the Eastern Europe only one country Poland will become 29th biggest economy power by 2030. Poland should innovate its own technologies like Germany.

  49. playhere121 says:

    Poland will only be rich after all Polish construction workers in UK wire the money to Poland from UK

  50. koczisek says:

    Hey baldman! If you wanna say something nice about Poland, here's the 1st thing you should know before doing this vid – NEVER EVER CALL POLAND A NEW GERMANY!!? That's worse than calling England a new France… or the other way around.
    2. Remove that silly-fashioned ignoramus – Caesar Valens from the thumbnail, don't proliferate his cult anymore and don't overestimate his role, even if he has been the icon of Polish "transformation" for too many years.
    3. Bolesław Bierut traveled to Moscow in '56 and returned in a coffin. According to Wiki he died of heart attack after listening to Khrushchev's de-Stalinisation speech. In Poland we suspect that he didn't bear the weight of typescript.
    4. Leszek Balcerowicz was responsible for DESTROYING our industrial potential and resetting everything from almost NULL. Our factories (e.g. textile and heavy textile machinery) were literally ripped from foundations and scraped or carried elsewhere. This couldn't be called good approach by our standards, but our productive potential was feared to destabilize western market if it's allowed to survive into it. We had to base our economy on different kinds of services.
    5. When you're talking about 4 main ingredients of our recipe for success, why are you showing things like: Freedom March (?!) – a rally of Civic Platform (PO) with banners of Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD) and EU, then ppl like Katarzyna Lubnauer from Modern party (.Nowoczesna – already sponged by PO) and Grzegorz Schetyna ?? They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with our success. On the contrary, Freedom March is the vehicle for neo-liberals, ultra-liberals and post-commies to express their utter contempt for modern Poland and smuggle LGBTQ+ and Gender ideologies into our culture, destroying it from within. The only thing these ppl want is TOTAL FEDERALIZATION with EU. Are you really so naive to think, that because they have Democracy in their name, and that Caesar Valens and Roger Waters wore their KON-STY-TUC-JA T-shirts, they're at the spearhead of our progress? They just do a LOT OF NOISE! Our success happens because we WORK OUR ASSES OFF and DESPITE EU's struggle to rip us apart and swallow!
    6. Why did you actually choose to show our president Andrzej Duda receiving a visit from Communist China leader Xi Jinping when talking about our… education ?? Weren't there any other materials around? What has Xi Jinping in common with our education?
    7. When you're talking about our Law and Justice (PiS) party, you're only mentioning them in the final "not everything is so great" section, emphasizing that they're "very nationalist" and "very conservative". Well… maybe by your standards. In fact, they're really center-right and by mine observation even center-left. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, as you also had to admit, they're now winning, ruling and are mostly responsible for all these policies, which inspired you to make this vid AT ALL! If PO was in control, the only thing you'd see would be our country following EU's policies to the letter and enthusiastically awaiting the time of being sucked without a trace to the great "European Nation", whatever it is or will be.
    Finally, perhaps you see our PiS party as very conservative and our country as exceptionally rising, because you in the west have been ALMOST TOTALLY OVERRUN BY SOCIALISTS, COMMIES and other leftist and "progressive" parties and activists? After the Revolution '68 various revolutionaries and political terrorists (neo-Trotskyists, Maoists, neo-Marxists) were lifted to important and prominent positions in politics, economy and education. Other even created real terrorist orgs and used to bomb and kidnap those "bad" capitalists. This happened when Poland was following the VERY OPPOSITE direction, though not without hiccups, outright subversion and political sabotage. Do something with this SH*T and perhaps we'll ALL be able to enjoy growth and prosperity, not ideological crap like "steady-state economy" or "zero-growth economy". We, Poles, don't need to be elevated as examples. We want to see multilateral cooperation across the globe of nations, which stay to be nations, with their own rich cultures, and promote our Western Civilization of Christianitas legacy. What we DON'T WANT to see is the (unfortunately emerging) Global Communist State!
    DA HELL WITH COMMIES, EU, UN and World Government!
    Otherwise… THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!!!

  51. Some Guy says:

    "Poland is becoming something of a new Germany" – careful dude, something along those lines happened in 1939 and as a result the Poles are understandably quite sensitive about… careless wording… 😛

  52. Tom Sokolowski says:

    Its great to hear how the country of my ancestors and of my first language is doing so well. I just hope that they somehow manage to disentangle themselves from the EU ship before it sinks, though it doesn't seem likely right now.

  53. Stanislaw Lenart says:

    Great video but we don't like when somebody will say that we are Eastern Europe, just look up the map we are in center of Europe

  54. Anthony Whelan says:

    Lots of young people to stabilise taxes.

  55. captmack007 says:

    Poland Lithuanian Hungarian Commonwealth. I'd like to see that.

  56. captmack007 says:

    Poland is not the new Germany, Germany are bad. Poland is regaining it's former glory

  57. captmack007 says:

    Poland isn't Eastern Europe, it is central Europe

  58. Al Al says:

    Poland is most patriotic, catolic and comon sense country in these crazzy liberalistic EU . Their army is stronger as was in time when they save europ from Turk invasions Winged Husars. I love Polsih people they are super friendly and as good catolic are down to earth people. Their product are becoming (on same areas superior) but also for super price to.. Poland was backstabed and betrayed by UK after WW2 and still now many simple hard working people are bad treated in UK. Famous Wing Hussaria Poles save Wienna and Europe 2 times from Ottoman invasion. I think Slavs need with Hungarians to conect on their own unity. Western liberalistc Eurpe becoming to so self destructive and their liberalistic ideas are going alredy too far. Dont forget new migrations are on horizon – becouse lack of water in Sub Sahara . Milions can stay withouth water and only direction for all of them is again North and taht is mean Europe. Liberalistic EU is becoming weeker so we canot count on them. Strong comon sese conection betwen comonssense nations will be important. Western EU teach ass all only about money values and morals are forgoten – Important is how to be greedy how to buy and sell things we not need and how to on end hate each other. They teach us and force us to listen nostop selling proaganada and force us beauty stupid standards ..all is on end only about money and newer about fellow human person..

  59. Enric Gonzalez says:

    Strong leadership, keep globalists power and their immigrants out and that's it.

  60. peter c says:

    It's because they tell the leftie globalists to get fooooked

  61. Bartifi says:

    Polska nie jest biedna, po prostu sama historia o tym zadecydowała jest jak jest ale coraz mocniej zaczynamy się bogaci gospodarczo. Zawsze byliśmy częścią Europy zachodniej a niechołoty że wschodu

  62. Nath Fer says:

    I think he has a problem with Poland, or he's one of stupid western liberals. I am not white or a European. All I can say love u Poland. Keep it up ❤❤❤❤ dont fallow EU, long live Poland😘

  63. Bartifi says:

    2,5 tys Niemców się zbulwersowalo

  64. emre akkoc says:

    Eu substitution and high avarage IQ that’s all.

  65. johannronny rengers says:

    POLAND receives about 200 BILLION from the EU not bad to aid a country's economy

  66. Pet Mot says:

    Poland economical growth 5% in 10 years Poland changed a lot for good. 1000 km of new highways.After joining EU lots of money were used for infastructure and education. Poland note BIG ACCELERATION now with lots of proffesional and hard working people ( big % of skill builders).

  67. Pet Mot says:

    There is lot of talking about joining HUNGARY POLAND CROATIA SLOVAKIA AND OTHERS TO UNION from SEA TO SEA (NORTH SOUTH).trust is there which is a good start.

  68. celtbell says:

    I was there a couple of years ago..saw a man ploughing a field with a horse…not what you see in an economic power house

  69. Darek Matuszewski says:

    Polands success is being based on the achivements, skills, mobility and intelligence of the Polish people only, their energy, cleverness, hopes and dreams after years of wide stagnation. On the other side we have a spoiled, autoritarian, money thirsty political party system draining the National budget on itself and self election related activities, constantly fighting, arguing without proofs for the arguments, shovinistic and obsessed with anxiety for hurting the political oponents. Their sometimes stupid and unprofessional discussions take from the Polish Nation sometimes most of the media time giving poor examples in place of educating programes. This mess is being called the "national public debate" that aims at prooving that this country lets the people to decide in various matters. Really it is for presenting various political candidates before elections and ocasion to give a public punch to opponents. Third class is the administration – unconstitutionally almost totally politisized, nepotic and favoristic, fighting for best paid posts and making fortunes on the national budget. They are cared for or come from equally favoritistic uniform and ununiform services which constantly fight for best posts, best salaries and atractive "work", do not care for nobody else and have no success in the occupied fields. Civil, unrelated, apolitical servants – if stay – have poor salaries, hard work, in many posts mobbing, bullying and hard time. At the administration for years now there are constant little or bigger silent coups made by all kinds of secret services, army and police that aims at surrendering departments, ministries and other institutions and filling them with their own people. People from the outside of these groups are being invigilated in order to gather negative information about them and their relatives. If there's no negative informatorom the services will make them up gladly. This makes the best posts out of reach of the unrelated, independent servants. The fourth side is the Church that cares a lot for the income, doesn't pay taxes and fees and exists almost completely outside of the countrys legal system and Police order. Legal system of the country is over and over being destructed by every next ruling political party and poorly exists for the people. Media are extremly politisized. They call themselves the "forth authority" that does'nt exist in the Polish constitutionsl order. People are tired, work hard and fear loosing their jobs so they care mostly for their own lives and on basis of reciprocity ignore the "System" if possible. There are people being hurt in this country and there are institutions where mortal deseases and deaths related with mobbing, bullying and bad treatment by high ranking functionaries are not seldom. Some peaople from the services seem like and have manners like convicts or a mafia rather than public administration or services. In public service there are islands of normal practices too and lets hope that the system changes for better in the future.

  70. MarkoMan 09 says:

    Gotta love polish people❤️ I know a few of them and have a polish friend, very nice friendly people😘😊

  71. Yurii Ivliushkin says:

    Prosper and remain the country of the Poles 🇵🇱
    Greetings from Ukraine 🇺🇦

  72. Western Defector says:

    as soon as you asked the question about polish cities and the most inhabitants I knew it was a trick question, and I knew it was chicago. I don't know if the metrics youre using include suburban chicago or just the city itself, also if you mean polish as in fresh off the boat or polish heritage. As a polish suburbanite I knew chicago was going to have more poles than any polish city. the plurality of white people around chicago land area are polish. However, there are still large amounts of polish people fresh off the boat moving to chicago. Wisconsin and Illinois both are very polish. that and german. Maybe the flat land and the climate attracted us here idk. Similarly the scandinavian population in the U.S lives primarily in the frigid states like the dakotas, wyoming, montana etc. I also spent some time living in the U.P (northern michigan) and practically everyone there is Finish.

  73. Western Defector says:

    poland and polish people seem to be absolutely loved or absolutely hated. Poland and the Polish in my opinion are the best.

  74. BuzzFeedRight says:

    Poland's GDP growth is so high because its quickly becoming one of the only countrys where you can see growth on investment. As everyone well knows europe is on the path economic stagnation, even the loans at -0.5 percent interest.

  75. OLIgator92 says:

    1. Lech Wałęsa was and still is a soviet puppet.

    2. Some Poles may now complain that you call Poland as Eastern Europe.


  76. Copper Golem says:

    "Oh this looks interesting clicks oh ITs v sauce clicks away."

  77. Max van Driel says:

    Poland is a province of Germany

  78. selorius28 says:

    workforce in Poland is cheaper and people are more educated and versatile, for several years, many millions of Poles worked abroad and imported capital to Poland.a large number of loans taken by the Polish government and better tax collection, and huge number of investors and companies drive the economy. many entrepreneurs fled from countries such as France and Germany to Poland.the progressing crisis fuels the Polish economy

  79. MrZiva82 says:

    The screaming music is really anoying

  80. Matthew Turner says:

    There rich because they don't let foreigners in lol.

  81. The Industry Man says:

    Poland is rich because they have great work ethic and they really care about their country.

  82. The Comment says:

    Yes, it’s called joining the EU, migrating to England, and bringing back £1 Billion every year.

  83. Anafe Camingue says:

    Poland is an embarassement. Germany shall not tolerate its need to be that close to the USA and Britain. EU or anglo-saxons. One or the other. Germans, stop to pamper them.

  84. Felix-Sebastian Cosma says:

    Greetings from Romania! We consider Poland our main ally in Eastern Europe and also a role model. Stay strong!

  85. Aafif Sabu says:

    I thought Poland was a highly developed nation even before Germany. Nice to see this country grow .

  86. Tywin Lannister says:

    It contributes nothing but is simultaneously the largest net recipient of EU cash. Simple. No need to make a video over it.

  87. Kaj Lenck says:

    I agree with everything except that part about schooling system


  88. Crazy Guy says:

    Korva mats. I love poland..

  89. Tim Gillette says:

    The J’s are back baby!

  90. Mr. Nobody says:

    Currently, Poland is the 22 richest country in the world by nominal GDP and also it has become the first and only country from the former Soviet bloc to join the list of 25 most advanced global economies.

  91. Shadow's World YT says:

    *When Poland tels EU that Poland is not gonna take in muslim migrants and EU laws



    Germany and Russia: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ztVMib1T4T4

  93. Mack M says:

    well we do not like muslims.. the religion is for the brainless masses.. if that makes me a hateful person so be it.. Poland First.

  94. n0 m5rcy says:

    Poland has become different country during the last 30 years, for sure! We can be proud and i am saying this as a Pole, polish native and citizen. We have still a lot to accomplish. Please have in mind that average income in PL is 1400 usd gross , median income in poland is lower ( data october 2018 ) roughly 760 usd net per month that means that half of workforce of 16,6 million people which is 8,3 million Poles earn 760 usd net per month. 14% of working poles earn the minimum wage here which in 2020 is 677 usd per month net, in czech republic it's only 2% of workforce that earns minimum wage. We have moved forward a lot but still many things need to be settled ahead of us! 2 million people earn 490 usd net per month and 6 mln people earn 760 usd net per month or less. If you are in that lower income bracket life is not so bright in this country. If you work in international corporation you earn much more than average national income and if 10 years of experianced gained there and moved in the carrier ladder couple of times your salary equals ofter to 4x even 5x average national. Then it's another story. // usd to pln taken to calculation value 3,83 pln for 1 usd. All depends of the perspective but let me say this – taking into account the quality of life in general in Poland and compared it to other ex-soviet states we should be proud. The Gini index is decent here the same as in western european countries we can say.

  95. Jeffrey Bozko says:

    their national unemployment rate is only 3.2%, they belong to the top of the world in that criteria.

  96. Si-Yuan Dong says:

    Poland had not always been backward, it was quite rich during the era of Po-Litho commonwealth. The country always has good education and infrastructure, very different from Balkan.

  97. CHANGE_NICK says:

    Please don't put Bolek the traitor on the thumbnail

  98. Dirk Weigl says:

    How get ritch? 20 Years in EU, payt by germans!
    But I love how our Brothers and Sisters take care of poland!
    Stay strong!

  99. JPZW 31A says:

    nie będzie bogata jako terytorium marionetkowe

  100. Lord Kenneth says:

    The music in this video was really annoying. Aside from that nice vid.

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