Pinch of salt can make you rich Remove vastu dosh and negativity with astrological remedies of salt

Pinch of salt can make you rich Remove vastu dosh and negativity with astrological remedies of salt


  1. Jackline Ayodi says:

    thanks alot for this information will try right away

  2. Lim Limilia says:

    How about if i only hav onlineshop, dropshipper? i put salt in red clothes then where to hang in?

  3. catamandow1 says:

    thanks , for the first tip which requires someone to rotate the salt around my head , i have a problem because i live by myself and have no partner , any suggestion

  4. Greta Holliway says:

    this music is so intoxicating, very sexy

  5. Sorsogon Bicol says:

    is it really possible to happen

  6. Lali Tha says:

    Can I put cup of salt in both bathroom and toilet?
    Bathroom was in left and toilet is in right???

  7. Afro Atheist says:

    Very interesting.

  8. Aubie Marimootoo says:

    Your Facebook book link

  9. naveen saklecha says:

    Sir Water should be added or not to the glass of Salt while keeping in bathroom and the glass should be covered with a plate or it should be open ..pls reply

  10. om shiva says:

    Even our grandmas doing ds

  11. Danladi Audi says:

    Thank you so much I will give it a try

  12. Putli Satrina Majinji says:

    How about if your kids always fight??

  13. hina sampat says:

    My daughter is 33yrs old.can u tell me wen will she get married?will she get someone who will tk care of her

  14. The Cool Pranks says:

    i have only normal salt that we use for food , please tell me if does it work ????

  15. ಸೋಮಶೇಖರ್ ಬಿ says:

    which finger we wear a tortoise ring

  16. The Cool Pranks says:

    i have another question what does Vastu dosh mean exactly

  17. hina sampat says:

    13 .4 .85

  18. hina sampat says:

    How do i go to fbinbox

  19. colby brooks says:

    Hope this works

  20. Panchali Das says:

    Does that really work?

  21. basil Lemon says:

    Why except Thursday?? May I know pls. Thanks

  22. pratima Sawant says:

    If seasalt will not be available then
    Can we use the normal salt used for cooking

  23. Fadumo Guled says:

    Kiss you hand 5 times and report in a another vod

  24. Gayatri Rao says:

    Is there an email address where I can email you ? Have some personal questions thanks

  25. Shehija PT says:

    Hi can I know tip to get rid of financial problems

  26. Wally's War ZONE says:

    Thank U… I'll hit U up in a few day's..

  27. Karee Clark says:

    Thank you for that never thought salt could be so powerful.

  28. p l says:

    Can I use Himalayan salt.

  29. Manorama Selvaraj says:

    Why such noisy music for a nice useful video

  30. gladys florentino says:

    What is the best day to do this ritual?

  31. sally nie says:

    My father always believe in salt.. he took salt from mountain. It is very smelly.. btw what kind of salt should i use? Epsom salt?

  32. Christa Roman says:

    how can i win money with salt

  33. Mitchelle Jesca says:

    If am paid monthly, hw to increase on my income? ??


    thank you very much. but if my house is not yet sminted and it is for sweeping. what can i do?

  35. rahul singh2611 says:

    There some miss understanding between my wife and my family member…we cant understand how to manage …small thing become big issue …and in my professional life there same work r pending because of silly reason… I am reall estate agent…so plz help out in this matter…

  36. Rebecca Achieng says:

    Why is Thursday exempted while adding a pinch of salt to clean the floor?

  37. Everlasting love says:

    You talked about putting salt in a red cloth, can i put it under the table where my computer is?

  38. Rakesh Kumar says:

    did you become rich ?????

  39. Wasseh Ahmad says:

    Great job

  40. Carishma 115 says:

    (Excepting on Thursday )meaning ?

  41. pramila veena says:

    Crystal salt is good or powder one is good

  42. Bibi Ali says:

    Why not on Thursday

  43. Purnima Mayekar says:

    Indian mythology

  44. steemit mwanje says:

    am in Uganda, where can I get sea salt? can I use the from lake

  45. AMEET NIPPANI says:

    Is it ok if we keep the salt in our locker in the house?

  46. celly Garchi says:

    What shod i do to gain back my everything becouse of bad peoples

  47. Parisenthil84 Parisenthil84 says:

    How to get rid of evil eyes on students

  48. Lou Wainwright says:

    just would like to know what type of salt we should use for all da remedies.. can we use cooking salt. plse suggest me

  49. Yogesvari Vadivelu says:

    Why Thursday cannot?

  50. Mbabazi Zaitunu says:

    Is this normal salt?

  51. Raheela Naz says:

    Plz Hindi me bole

  52. Mrudula V says:

    Health problems mam

  53. BOB LEE SWAGGER says:

    why not on thursday?

  54. PADMINI Srinivas says:

    Property not getting sold, what to do

  55. noorhk k says:

    Thank you for sharing 😍

  56. Lydia Federico says:

    Thanks ma'am i try in Tha bathroom. One glass of salt. Ask something. Stay 4 ever n bathroom the salt no change thank u so much ma'am.

  57. Johnpaul Kasujja says:

    If I want to get money to pay all debtors ..wat shd I do?

  58. Richard Amoah says:

    Pls can I do that to my self the first one

  59. Marlana Edwards says:

    Wow! I never knew that salt could do something like that. Great video. It was very helpful.

  60. Priyanka Conda says: looking for a new job with good income. Will it be useful for me or which one should i try. Please reply

  61. Rinku Guhathakurta says:

    Can I use Himalayan rock salt in water to wipe d floor?

  62. Rebbi Boro says:


  63. Bel Asempa says:

    I need money for my business but all the people who promised to give me money have disappointed me. what should I do? I'm home jobless

  64. Shirley Ali says:

    Very good

  65. Kim izaguirre says:


  66. Slindelo Mkhize says:

    I know this works guys, my mother used to mix sea salt with water and pray n amazing things would happen, other ppl even came for it

  67. Amidu Y Jalloh says:

    What is 2_3 days?

  68. NM says:

    What a waste of time

  69. RockstahRolln says:

    when do I take bath with salt?

  70. mary Fernandez says:

    I well try this if effective and i will back after a week..hopefully🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞thank you to the video

  71. Lydia Federico says:

    So o try

  72. Princess roland Rhoda says:

    I can use any salt apart of Rock SALT

  73. Manjula Jalanila says:

    Thanks you super exclent gurege

  74. Peter Ketcha says:

    Thanks for this vidéo . Please how Can l use salt to look for a job?? Can l use cooking salt ??

  75. Tubaei Khandokar says:

    Soooooo are you rich.

  76. sulaimon Haminat says:

    Please this is my first time here
    Hope Africa salt can work for this
    Please I need reply


    Apparently this video is for entertainment purposes only as said in the disclaimer.

  78. Angie Nyambura says:

    It really works 🙏

  79. Lena Mut says:

    Salt is powerful. It’s even mentioned in the Bible

  80. rohit kumar says:

    Sir how to remove evil eyes by self any suggestions for working professionals taht they can do at home I get affected by evil eye pretty easily

  81. Tekraj Bastola says:

    can we use common salt ..which generally used in kitchen?

  82. freedom fighter 4 the next generation says:

    We Will try it out 🙏🏽

  83. Lisa Longo says:


  84. BrightMan Donald says:

    Please my question goes to action number no:3, what about a person whom uses rug carpet in his or her room?

  85. ma Eee king says:

    I want my company to get big jobs, which way I can use salt?

  86. Ma'kayla Burnell says:

    So is the 3nd tip for putting salt in mop water saying DO NOT do this technic on Thursday. Do I throw the water outside afterwards once done?

    For first tip is it okay to do twice in one day since it have to be done in 2–3 days? Or do I do it once a day for 3 days? Thank you for responding quickly. 💟

  87. Marlana Edwards says:

    Wow! That is amazing. I never thought that salt could do so many magical wonders.

  88. Tara Kuzma says:

    What about the love life for Relationship,please what remedy is it?

  89. Bilal Sarfras says:

    Is there any difference between rock salt and sea salt

  90. Copy Cat says:

    Mineral salt can be used instead of Sea salt …??we use mineral salt its easily available

  91. Rafael Flores says:


  92. peasinthehotpot rocko says:

    in my feed not sure why, clicked anyways, AND loved no annoying talking, and also shall try,,, ty🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️

  93. marina leven says:


  94. mau Tweety says:


  95. sidra kiran says:

    Hi can you send me your number plz i wanna ask something thanks 🌹

  96. asim zeb says:

    is it be normal table salt or sea salt

  97. asim zeb says:

    is it be normal table salt or sea salt

  98. Robert Severson says:

    By putting a pinch of salt in your hand the sweat from your hand will make it wet therefore y unable to throw it

  99. Nuwagaba Allen says:

    Thank you so much me I use to bath water then I mixst with salt bt this normal salt even to mopped the house is it ok to use normal salt we use to eat at home or cooking food?

  100. Lé Exodus says:

    This is nothing less than idol worship

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