hey everyone welcome to your June 2019
love pick a card reading this is Lauren with the clarity cure welcome back so
we’re gonna dive right in I do have a big announcement to make at the end
hopefully I don’t forget I didn’t want to bore you with the details in the
beginning it’s something I did last year but I’m really excited to offer it again
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and I’m just playing around right now I may go back to doing my who’s my future
partner and love reading combination all the time I just wanted to I was inclined
just to try something different for June so okay so let’s jump right in we have
four piles one two three or four you’re more than welcome to choose based on the
color orgonite stone on top or whatever resonates for you you can pause the
video take a few minutes out as well if that works for you okay so let’s get
going let’s dive right in here to pile number one let’s see what we have for
you for June in love stay optimistic about your love life Mars need to take
action king of Wands in your recent past the High Priestess Moon Moon I’m seeing
the collaborating here so a lot of you could be cancer not necessarily but the
moon is definitely going to affect how you transition through the month it’s
pretty significant now we already had a little late with these you already had a
new moon in Gemini on the 3rd we’re moving into a full moon in Sagittarius
on June 17th so I just feel moon it’s significant as well as Mars we have the
Mars card here Mars is also in cancer you know it’s kind of it’s kind of
forcing us to really look at our emotions where
in this cancer Capricorn South node North node access so I feel there’s a
certain need of connection that you need to make here with yourself you’re the
collaborator by nature let’s just start here sorry guys
I love this card this is like the world card to me and you could be completing a
cycle but this is also about really looking at your desire for commitment
for relationships which I feel like maybe hmm let me see here okay so what
they’re telling me is that you need to stay optimistic this this makes sense
positive thinking and faith will bring you romance maybe some of you have been
so focused on work the shadow side to the collaborator okay is being needy
feeling scattered over committed overworked maybe you need a time out and
a break because here’s the deal like you are supposed to be in a relationship
that’s your energy that’s your destiny you are to be yeah in a commitment
that’s what works for you yes the bigger picture as well because there’s a lot of
humanitarian energy here with the collaborator but maybe somewhere along
the line you veered off course and look it happens you know I mean we have a bad
experience and it’s like never dating again you know so I would really check
your mindset here pile number one and take action get energized and confront
the issues that maybe you need to face and how you communicate with others
there could be some codependency here as well like you know feeling you’re not
being recognized through you know your significant other
to get what you deserve it’s this intense needing to belong but
you need an authentic partnership that’s the other thing that’s coming through
and maybe the king of Wands wasn’t quite the right person this is in your past
now you could be a fire sign I’m seeing possibly cancer and I’m seeing a lot of
fire energy here too with Mars and uh maybe you need to confront this king of
Wands maybe you need to close the drawer wow they just said that Lauren Aries Leo
or sad person significant somebody that is a visionary that kind of energy maybe
they’re in a leadership position how that might relate to you guys out there
and this is somebody that you know the wands car look these guys I love the
ones I mean I love the king and queen of Wands because they’re my manifest errs
they have this energy of going out and getting a baby okay now for some of you
I feel this is definitely you needing to confront and resolve some issues here
for some of you I feel that once you do that new opportunities are gonna come in
you have the High Priestess here so this is my other moon card this is my cancer
card you really need to step in your power here and the way you do that is
relying on your gut intuition maybe getting back to yourself maybe taking it
in wood journey as to your own spiritual growth your your flashes of insight so
Jun could bring you a lot of crazy dreams messages your spirit guides and
angels are trying to communicate with you there’s there’s something you need
to work on here for personal development in order to bring in and resonate okay
this new beginning and I think you’re moving their pile number one I mean I’m
being really honest with this is extremely positive with the Ace of Wands
here this is the seats to grow this is definitely being attracted to somebody
maybe definitely moving into a new relationship I think you need to close
the door on the end here you know on the past stay optimistic about your love
life take action to create the changes that you need if you’re dealing with an
old ex or you’re dealing with a an ex partner or somebody you could even still
be involved with because this is something that could still potentially
be in your life maybe it’s not good for you you know because because you are the
collaborator you need like a partner in crime like your significant other it’s
gonna be really really relative to have you how you move through life as a team
and a partner maybe as a team you’re supposed to really change things in the
world or work together okay something like that so if this person’s not the
one move on end it if you’re struggling and you know you have to follow your
destiny you’re here to co-create you’re here to feel connected deeply being
empathetic as well that’s a cancer moon energy really taking responsibility and
using your insight and all your gifts to help others this is like my humanitarian
card I have to be honest with you I feel maybe there could even be some Aquarian
energy here as well so very very interesting I really love this for you
guys listen I hope that made sense we’re gonna move on to pile number two make
sure that you check them I pick a card weeklies I didn’t get to do one last
week because I was late with my monthly June readings please please please I
would love your feedback on my new readings that I did for June I just
switched it up I’m trying to I don’t know expand a little bit more
you know of how I present my readings I’m getting a lot of feedback people
want their future partner readings because I’ve been doing them for so long
so we’ll see how it goes alright god bless you guys
we’re gonna move on to pile number two all right okay and pile number two we
have for you the great nurturer oh that’s a moon card that’s the second
moon card it is a completely different vibe from the moon card from pile one
but you may want to check out pile number one too might be some connection
here ah let’s see what we got oh you guys have been really burned in
the past huh whoa but you got some beautiful new beginnings here this is
ace of coins and that and and pound number one had ace of wands so some
beautiful new beginnings here give your relationship a chance maybe you’ve been
cheated on maybe I always hate to say third party
influence but it is you know it is very possible for some of you not all of you
there’s definitely bit some issues with your partner maybe some disappointment
hurt feelings maybe you guys could have been you know going a couple of rounds
you know feeling frustrated with each other this is all about the matters of
the heart the three of swords it is a growth card though that’s so that’s a
that’s that’s a really really good thing it also means that we learn the truth
about ourselves and I’m saying that only because I see this influence of the
first house these are my karma cards that contains some astrology I love
these because this is in the first house so the cards come up either planets or
houses so astrologically speaking some influence years so this is about who you
are what are your desires okay and your actions so I mean I hate to tell you
this but you know there’s two sides to every story right and sometimes we need
to look at shifting our perspective and maybe looking at the bigger picture here
you’re being called to really give your relationship a chance I mean
I wouldn’t tell you to take a look at yourself look in the mirror or come from
that angle if this wasn’t here work on your partnership the great nurturer ok
this so this is who you are you know you’re the mother you’re extremely
nurturing your devoted your loving your why’s you give you give you give you
give you give unconditionally so maybe you’re giving too much in your feel
resentment that’s the shadow side of the great nurturer this is over giving
feeling like a martyr maybe being over emotional and too attached you
definitely need to check out pile number one that’s for sure very similar energy
but you know we’re all going through this cancer Capricorn access so I think
that’s why there’s a lot of this North nodal placement I should say there’s
this energy going on until about I think 2020 would the the nodal access shifts
again we’re really being called to be vulnerable to look at our you know
underbelly to feel more exposed to really connect to our feelings and to
deal with feelings that maybe we haven’t dealt with so this is really pretty much
right on cue for the energy that’s going on in the universe right now as well
what your actions are deciding even though you’ve been hurt what you want
because that’s pretty critical too you have to really decide here what you want
I see that right now with the 7 of Pentacles there is some progress you are
reviewing maybe assessing your situation for the month of June deciding what your
next move is gonna be I’m feeling some money here too
could you be fighting over money um this is really interesting but of course it’s
a love reading so this is I would say focused and working on and building the
foundation of your relationship you know the coins are just symbolic they are
growing you’re kind of kicking back and see where the relationship goes your
on the fence so this is you feeling like maybe you’ve done your part and you’re
reflecting on the assessment of your relationship but maybe you need to go
deeper maybe you need to go deeper here it’s almost saying yeah this is where
you are you’re right on track but maybe more work is done here
needs to be done all in all at the end of the day you got the ace of coins so
here’s a solid new beginning through whoo this is definitely a new
relationship and it’s of what you value in your life so it doesn’t really mean
that has to be tangible all the relationships so tangible just would
have been nice if this was the Ace of Cups right but this is a love reading so
I feel like you know this isn’t existing relationships and this could be the
rekindling of those romantic feelings a brand new start once you evaluate where
you are and the seeds come to fruition now the timing might be slow here guys
so if you resonate with this I mean you could always hit me up for a private
reading because these changes may not really come to pass until the fall this
is my summer card so you well yeah I mean this may spring card you planted
these seeds but this is summer they’re halfway grown you’re looking you know
what I mean symbolically to see ok well time is
gonna tell here you know so they may not come to fruition or fully bloom or you
may not really know exactly where you are moving in your relationship into the
fall but maybe this reading will give you a newfound solid beginning in a
realistic kind of way kind of make used to be like okay I’m going to really take
a look at what I value in my relationship what I have planted and
maybe you know what is my next move yes I’m investing in the future but maybe
this is going back now listen we’re going into a lot of we’re hitting
Eclipse season in July so really I would take this opportunity in June to really
kind of find out just take a look at the situation deeper than
maybe you know beyond what you’re looking at so I don’t know guys I hope
that made sense to you I think it’s I think you’re a beautiful person I think
you’re cancer I don’t see you necessarily if there’s any children here
but the suggestion is that you do work on your relationship maybe you won’t
feel so taken advantage of you know this could very well be for some of you that
may be take taking more of an independent stance for yourself as well
because this could be a new job this could be you know if you are a working
nurturer whether you’re staying at home mom or save-a-ho dad this could be you
moving into you know an additional income maybe maybe something to make you
feel a little bit more dependent so you can be interdependent in your
relationship and you’re not feeling taken advantage of I hope that makes
sense all right guys so god bless would love you to check out my June readings I
switched them up a little bit for ya for the month I mean everybody’s kind of
grappling for my who’s my future partner and love reading so sorry guys but I I
like what I did for June and we’re gonna continue to mix it up here as I bring
you more and more content anyway so leave a comment below how you like the
reading I would really appreciate that and share my share this video – this
kind of tells the algorithm hey I like this video it’s very good alright guys
we’ll see in the next one take care okay and pile number three see what we have
the leader that’s my son card honeymoon the North
node the chariot page of coins and judgment all right let me take a look
here um you need to get out of town that’s what I’m gonna tell you right now
you need to plan a trip you get the honeymoon card which also means travel
justness leaving honeymoon but it is getting a
with your significant other maybe you’ve been really stressed out we have the
leader card here you are the leader this is my son card although you could be a
fire sign Aries Lee or sad as well you know sometimes the ego gets out of
control as a leader you’re very confident you’re extremely purposeful
and you have a vision you know and and I feel very positive energy from this card
I mean you can see through the colors as well have vibrant it feels right the
energy but sometimes when we get really stressed we could be over controlling
you know feeling like which then kind of creates like this frustration like if
you’re working with a team or obviously here with your spouse or your
significant other or your partner or your boyfriend/girlfriend so with the
chariot card here I would definitely say it’s time to get out of town clear the
decks clear your head I mean travel is very prevalent here in this reading for
the month of June it is a big travel vacation time anyway heading into the
summer months but you’re really to focus yeah there will be success from you and
highly benefiting travel ok you have the north node and the North node right now
is in cancer I can’t get over how much cancer energy has come through this
reading pound number one a pile number two you guys might want to check those
out too I mean I know you’re only only supposed to pick one pile but there’s a
lot of this energy for June about the cancer Capricorn nodal access and Wow
Mars is in cancer Mercury’s gonna be in cancer that’s all going on this week yes
the Sun still in Gemini and we could be going a mile a minute
our brains might be having difficulty turning off but that’s why it’s
significant here for you to take a time out feel vulnerable get connected stay
in the moment focus on the ones that you love taking
some time out to nurture yourself getting out of your head okay this is
definitely rising above conflicts here moving forward taking a trip traveling
is what’s gonna benefit you the most okay
and getting out of your head and connected to your heart because the
leader right add it’s in its prime benefit is you lead from the heart so
maybe if you lost your way here okay and this would be a great way to connect
with your partner by getting out of town or taking a little vacation this is
about you know being able to live up to your highest potential and guide others
to their greatest good right does the sorry the leadership card you
can’t do this if you’ve lost your way and I say that because you have the
judgment card here this is gonna be a June is gonna give you this sense of
renewal and hope for your future this is also moon okay we got some leo aries sad
energy here as well as cancer yes another cancer card in the north
noticing cancer Wow everybody needs to just really get connected to their
vulnerability and stay in this place of an open heart this patriarchal like
energy of Capricorn is in the past yet and nobody’s going for it anymore the
control you know mmm-hmm very much so coming through this reading where we’re
moving away from that we’re moving into our creative hearts for our future the
world is changing right before us as we know it too and globally I think we’re
gonna see a big change in government and in corporate America as far as where we
find our success and it trick down to how we run our household how we
run our lives as well okay so travel is gonna greatly benefit
from you you’re gonna be very successful by spending time with your significant
other here and it’s going to give you a new sense of opportunity there could
even be an inspiration of manifesting your dreams and goals like what I was
saying like if this is there’s some huge growth potential here for you this is
maybe maybe where you’ve been struggling in business and taking it out on your
significant others this is how you’re going to be able to make now a clear
plan make set some new goals for yourself and take action Patriot
Pentacles is all about a new beginning even maybe getting to go ahead to do
something new this is money being offered to you as well there’s money
coming into this growth and potential this is an opportunity to move forward
in your life also you know finding your truth you know this is about the new
truth that yeah that connection that I’ve been talking about with this cancer
access it’s also going to help you reign you’re back and forth here with the
cancer you know this being right next to the north know this Capricorn cancer
energy it’s really quite profound but very simple and I think for the month of
June this is just what you need to do you need to get out of your head you
need to plan a trip spend it with the ones that you love take a look at what
you doesn’t serve you anymore and I wouldn’t focus so much on making any
plans or just relax okay and then these things will come in for you this trigger
of renewal okay is definitely going to bring some clarity for you how you feel
in your relationship as well as business I mean I’m picking up definitely this
relates to your life as a whole here seeing the truth this is another truth
card okay you got new truths here with the page of
Pentacles so it’s really quite profound and powerful wake up call wake-up call
you’re going to be renewed in a way that you’ve never expected in your life at
this time like maybe where you’re just and maybe right now you don’t even
realize okay that you could be over-controlling right now that’s the
shadow side and it’s not necessarily for everybody but I mean I do need to say
that I mean based on the other card not that you’re doing anything wrong but you
know it’s a time timeout right you need to you need to take a timeout and can’t
get out of Dodge and clear your head and open the door for new possibilities and
I think that’s what the cards are saying like in other words you may not even
realize until you get out of town and and shift your mindset that you’re gonna
be flooded with all these new ideas you’re gonna hear the call may be
something that’s been bothering you here in your business or your leadership
skills it’s gonna come to fruition here like you’re gonna see the truth in the
situation you’re gonna be like holy shit cuz this is a crossroads and this is a
crossroads and this is making a decision and carving out a path for yourself
mm-hmm and moving and taking action for it in that direction so Wow all these
readings are powerful pile one two and three so far a damn beautiful very very
nice oh I’m not supposed to curse I don’t know if dam is considered a curse
word yeah I think it is YouTube is just really busting down on cursing and not
that I curse a lot anyway my reading in my readings but seems to be a thing
right now I don’t know there’s always something going on with the algorithm
can’t keep up you know but anyway guys so this is really amazing I hope you
enjoyed this pile number three I’m available always for private readings if
you feel so inclined I’m always running specials or doing something so make sure
you subscribe not only to my channel here and I probably said that in the
beginning so I’m sorry I don’t mean to repeat myself but get on my mailing list
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alright guys so god bless and we’ll see you in the next one alright take care
okay and pile number three ooh the mystic beautiful flirt the second house
a short astrological house just FYI the magician will show me an energy six of
cops oh nice and a wish card nine of cups okay what’s going on pilot number
four and let me take a look here you know you are the mystic you are I feel
like on this super independent spiritual path in your life okay you have studied
very hard to I won’t say study but you have practiced you have grown to stand
in this power of being the magician this is in your past so this is very very
powerful you could be the magician’s ruled by mercury this could be Gemini or
Virgo but not necessarily we have K 2 which is the mystic so that’s living in
your south node you know this is what you already know and maybe this is why
your spirituality is so prevalent and maybe easy for you in this life not to
say that it’s easy but this is you being able to transition in your power in a
very authentic way but what I’m feeling is that you need to strike a balance
here you need to flirt you need to make a wish baby for a soul mate because it’s
coming in that’s all I can say like in the real world you need to find this
balance getting your you know feet on the ground is not to say that you’re
upside down or anything but listen you you are spiritually wealthy you are the
mystic I want to show you this card your spiritual you’re sensitive you could be
uncommon you know you could be an Aquarius I feel
a lot of Aquarian energy here although k2 right now which is the South
node is in Capricorn which is really kind of interesting so maybe you are
struggling it’s funny because you have to embrace the nodal accesses as they’re
happening right now between cancer and capital maybe you’re the opposite maybe
you need to be more practical and grounded and disciplined here because
you are very intuitive you are maybe artistic ingenious I’m have an amazing
imagination okay so I’m feeling like probably even Pisces maybe a Sagittarius
here as well I’m being flooded with a lot of messages right now so you’re you
got it because to me this is what matters in life the most that we follow
our authentic path that we know what our purpose is so we can move forward in
life but sometimes it can work the opposite right like we don’t have our
feet on the ground we’re not in reality okay so not that that’s bad but again
life is about balance you are the channel for transcending
into the material world so that’s why you need to get grounded you’re to
bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material worlds to create true
freedom for you not only yourself but humanity so the shadow side is isolation
maybe you’ve been isolating yourself like I said the lack of balance feeling
like a victim living in a fantasy land there’s some Pisces energy here too so
get out get connected okay spend some time with your friends
get out in that material world and what you really need to look at right now is
what do you value you know and your rawness is still in Taurus what are your
resources who are your friends what can you do here even financially to be able to maybe travel or get out of
town okay what are your beliefs your value
system what do you want in a mate what do you want in a relationship okay this
is my money card and it is in the second house maybe somehow someway money plays
a role but that’s what you need to look at the monetary value and your resources
how maybe that plays into your belief system right and what you want in a
partner this is a love reading gonna so I’m gonna stick with that okay you have
the independence and the know-how in the belief you’ve taken a leap of faith into
your spirituality rising up there’s a lot of confidence up here I’m feeling
you know and maybe doors are opening for you maybe you’re building a business
here you’re coming out but it’s your past so I feel like you know you already
have been the butterfly okay and this is soul mate here for you absolutely this
is my soul mate card this is being and finding that soul mate in a good match
good relationships this could be a past opportunity for some of you coming back
around as well if this is all about memories and better times then you need
to let go of what doesn’t serve you in the past there’s something definitely
some significance here with that maybe you’re hung up on the past love maybe
some closure is needed in some way but I feel like this is you getting together
with people that you love maybe some could be from your past
friends family okay so I think by creating this taking the stance to
create the relationships that you want bringing in a soul mate finding that
good match is yeah the ultimate wish here coming true so I would get on a
pile number four you know we just had that new moon and Jim and I might be a
little late on the third yeah – well look intentions our intention so I would
just put it out there that you’re looking for emotional abundance and you
and the balance that you need to make you happy
getting more of what you want and feeling fulfilled this is Lady Luck here
baby so I also feel this could be a strong spiritual connection with a
soulmate as well you’re gonna get the exact person that you wish and hope for
so wow that is really powerful you guys are so beautiful I love your energy I
would love to connect with you guys that’s my tribe you know and I just
don’t want you struggling I don’t want you to lose your way here because you’ve
been so engrossed in working so hard to grow spiritually but you have to share
your gifts with the world too that if there’s an interesting dichotomy here
with the magician and we have let’s see mom right now cancers in I mean mercury
is in cancer so you could be struggling you could be feeling like you’re
drowning because maybe there’s too much ethereal energy for you and you have no
problem being in this you know cancer energy we actually move into this the
Sun moves into cancer on the 22nd but I also feel like maybe with Gemini going a
mile a minute and then the nodal access could be too much for you so that’s why
even more so you need to get grounded so looking at your beliefs your your values
your honest in Taurus yep getting your feet on the ground Taurus is an earth
sign checking in with yourself what do I really want what do you really value like what brings you that happiness is
what you need to look at also magician’ it is about expanding your social circle
so it’s time to get out there – there’s still some of that energy floating
through the month of June for you manifesting what you want very
entrepreneurial energy here also lots of community
ocation Gemini you know we’re going a mile a minute here that could be
difficult for you as well you know you’re moving to the real you I feel
like you’re almost there a pile number four this is all about you living an
authentic life and finding that partner bringing that partner along with you for
those of you that already coupled this could be about you rekindling what you
already have if there’s issues about past wounds here it’s about breaking
down that communication so you can get back on the same page and you will be
able to work it out with the 9 of cups here so make a wish pound number four
okay for June and I think that’s it for you if there’s anything else coming
through that I’m picking up on I mean I’m really being flooded with so much
information it’s like I can’t spit it out fast enough but I love this energy I
love that you are connected to finding your soul purpose like this mission that
you have to become it more in alignment with your future don’t live in the past
though okay because closure is needed here too some of you could be struggling
with that as well like a balance if you’re in if you’re feeling isolated or
feeling like a victim you got it you got a look at what you got baby you know
look at what you got sometimes we feel sorry for ourselves or we can’t get out
of our own way maybe even doing some charity work here and now I’m just
spinning and spinning but you get where I’m going like if you’ve lost your way
because you feel like you don’t have what you want look at what other people
don’t have you know be appreciative of what you do have okay guys so I’m gonna
leave it at that guys I hope you really enjoyed the reading pile number four I
hope it resonated for you I am available for private readings for those of you
that are interested I’m always running special so please check out my website
the clarity cure com get on my mailing list for coupons and specials and I
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alright guys so god bless you all the best we’ll see you in the next one and
that’s it have a great day alright bye bye


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    #2 wow spot on

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    I keep getting travel in different readings that’s so crazy and I’m a cancer

  10. Sarah May Low says:

    What a GREAT video ?

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