Peyton Manning’s worst game was a record-breaking nightmare that cost the Texans millions

Peyton Manning’s worst game was a record-breaking nightmare that cost the Texans millions

– Peyton Manning played a lot of football and, if I’m being honest,
he wasn’t half bad. He earned four MVP awards as a Colt then, after a year missed
because of neck surgeries, Manning won a fifth as a Bronco. Add a couple Super Bowls,
a handful of records, one of the greatest SNL
sketches of all time, and it was a pretty good career. That’s why it’s with so much pleasure that today we get to dig
up a game so terrible, so hysterically inept that, even as Peyton set new NFL records, when they burned the film from the game it smelled like Big Foot’s dick. This is the worst Peyton
Manning performance. November 15th, 2015 in Denver, Colorado at a stadium whose
naming rights belonged to a company less than five months away from filing for bankruptcy. The seven-and-one Broncos were hosting the three-and-five Kansas City Chiefs. It was a divisional rematch from week two, so we’d already seen the
nearly 40-year-old Peyton attack this defense for
250 and three scores. Proof that in a season many
believed would be his last, Manning was still capable of
looking like his old self. The problem was, this year he
more often just looked old. I mean, heading into week 10 he had a worse passer rating on the season than what Brandon Weeden managed in his four games as a Cowboy. And he got benched for Matt Cassel. So, not great. But one thing Peyton had working for him was the Broncos’ defense. They had more than stepped
up to keep Denver near the top of the league
with eight games to go. And even if this wasn’t the best Manning had looked in his career, he was still on track to
pick up a pair of records. First, he was just three yards
away from passing Brett Favre for most passing yards in a career. And second, with one win,
he would also pass Favre for most career, regular season wins. The latter he had just
missed out on in week nine, when Peyton returned to
Indianapolis but fell short. Still, there was half a season left, so plenty of chances for
the future Hall of Famer to notch one more win. And his next crack came
at home against a team he had already beaten that year. Easy. It didn’t matter that a sore foot and ribs had kept him from
practicing the full week, Manning was ready to give the
home crowd reason to cheer. I mean, look at him. That enthusiasm, that energy, that beautiful smile or whatever. Denver got the ball to start, so Manning immediately got
his chance to make history. And after handing off
to Ronnie Hillman twice, Peyton bought time and just launched one, Ggoing for the record in style
and, okay, let’s pause it. So right here is a pretty
good time to let you know that this is going to get real bad. Like, see this frame? This turned into one of the less egregious of his interceptions. So if you like good
football, avert your eyes. Okay Jiazhen, can you rewind a little and we can see this car crash in full? Nice, thanks. – Omaha, hut! – [Announcer] Manning going deep and is intercepted mid-field! – Peyton, you have a literal
passing academy, come on! He entered the game leading
the league in interceptions so maybe this was all
just a ploy to also earn the career record in
that category as well. After the Chiefs’ offense turned
the pick into a touchdown, Manning’s second drop back
of the game resulted in a sack/fumble. But Denver managed to fall on it, which led to the inevitable history. But even that felt like a flop. Needing three yards, Peyton found Hillman who picked up four. He’s done it, with room to spare. Now watch as Manning tried to
just keep things going and, ah man, those bastards had to
stop the game and honor him. Everybody cheered. He waved. Threw his best pass of the
day over to the sideline to begin the ball’s march to Canton and, these guys definitely mixed up
which is which, didn’t they? Y’all had one job. But I guess, so did Peyton and
he forgot how to do it, so… Time for rapid fire near misses. His next pass was high and
behind Emmanuel Sanders and nearly led to his second interception. After a bubble screen gained one yard, Manning forced his receiver
to become the defender and break up another potential pick. Then, with confidence already waning, once the Broncos got the ball back he threw what looked like an
interception in real time, but was a great snag by Demaryius Thomas to give Denver their first
first down of the game. That was followed up by an eight-yard gain from Virgil Green, which
made it almost feel like the offense was finding a rhythm. But this is the Worst,
so his next pass 100% should have been picked by Marcus Peters. Because Manning’s a good sport he knew KC deserved to have the ball, so he gave it to them one down later. Sure, this one’s more on Sanders getting tangled up with Sean Smith, but sometimes it be like that. When Denver got the ball
next, now down 13 nothing, Manning showed his wisdom
by just hitting the turf to avoid a more punishing sack and gave a portrait-worthy pose. I’m choosing to gloss
over two incompletions to get to one more dogshit interception. Manning never saw Josh Mauga
drop back into coverage and seemed to short circuit. Watch Peyton up here just spin around and run in the wrong direction. Like he witnessed his own complacency and looked for the
nearest place to go hide. But you can’t hide from
this stink, Peyton. He wouldn’t complete another
pass in the first half and even his own team looked
to prevent further calamity when a Denver offensive
lineman tried to sack him. Halftime momentarily provided mercy and gave us time to
double check how he did. Oh god, my abacus is on fire. He only got another six snaps, completed one pass for five yards, and finished his day with
this arm punt to Ron Parker. Disaster complete. Peyton had led Denver’s
offense to three first downs, two of which thanks to
the legs of Hillman, five three-and-outs,
plus four interceptions. Those nine drives combined
for 49 total yards of offense and a perfect 0.0 passer rating. The only time that happened
in Manning’s career. Even the time that he
threw six interceptions, he managed to do enough to
put the Colts in position to almost win the game had it not been for Adam Vinatieri missing
a chip-shot field goal. If you’re wondering about if
he ever threw for less yardage, there were just two
other times in his career where he did worse. Both came in week 17 games where he only threw the ball twice. And in most of those week 17, “don’t need 60 minutes of Peyton games,” he at least moved the ball
somewhat when he was throwing it. If you’re really into numbers, let me introduce you to
the most damning one: adjusted yards gained per pass attempt. This is a calculation of yards mixed with touchdowns and interceptions, which generally seems
like it was just built for the sake of quantifying negativity. If you look at some of the
worst quarterback performances, you have to scroll a while
before you find Peyton. That’s because looking
at every post-merger game where someone threw at least 20 passes, there has never been
anyone to finish worse than Manning did against the Chiefs. Joe Namath shares the spot with him thanks to an impressive
six-interception performance, but that duo stands alone
deep at the bottom of a pit. But this game isn’t the worst just because he did football bad. It had a larger impact that
we only recently overcame. It was bigger than just Peyton. Like, literally. This blurred monster was
allowed to become a thing. Schlock Frostweiler, the seven-foot “Twilight”
looking backup took over. While they still lost, he
got the start a week later due to Manning’s foot getting worse. And Schlossweiler
continued to steer the ship even after Peyton got healthy. Manning eventually took over for a struggling Cake Bossweiler in week 17 and led a comeback victory
that earned the Broncos the AFC’s number one seed in the playoffs. He then led them through the playoffs, he beat the Panthers for
another Super Bowl win, got to go out on top, blah blah blah, back to the worst part. This lanky son of a bitch was a free agent and had done enough to
make the Texans believe he was worth a massive contract. One season in Houston
proved that to be a mistake. So much so that the Texans had to pull off one of the most bizarre,
but pretty brilliant, trades in recent history with the Browns. This two-story-tall
black spot on the league wouldn’t have been possible
without Peyton making a mess against the
Chiefs that November day. Or it would have come like a week later because Manning was
pretty shitty that year. While this day was by far the worst, it was the low point of
a low regular season. Peyton finished just one shy of the league lead for interceptions. And Bortles made his
mess over a full 16 games like a respectable idiot. Then again, that’s just proof that even when Manning decided to stink it up, he did it at a Hall of Fame level. He managed to play so poorly that it made the efforts of a Robert
Pattinson impersonator look somewhat competent. It’s quite the achievement really. In a single afternoon he set an NFL record for career yardage, played
poorly enough to get benched, provided a springboard for mediocrity to get paid at an elite level, and then down the road
swooped back in to win it all. Peyton Manning, the
best at being the worst. So Peyton managed to go out on top, but not everyone has been as lucky. Dan Marino, for instance. He got benched in his final game, which came during the playoffs. And I deem that episode a must watch. Or check out this other one, I don’t know, it’s your time, do whatever you want. Subscribe to SB Nation, hit
the bell for notifications, and we’ll see you soon.


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