1. joe.public says:

    haha Bill Gates, he is not interested in peoples well being. what a very sick joke Mr Singer

  2. Faz A says:

    Most urgent = prevention: modify the distribution of and mindset of those in political power – from the ground up..

  3. Auld Lang Syne says:

    I was shocked when I looked into the salaries of people who run big charities. Many CEO's are earning more than the Prime Minister of the UK for example, then beneath them long lists of directors on huge incomes. Many also have their HQ's in prestigious, thus super expensive, properties in London and other major cities. The salary bill for one I shall not name was over 3 million UK pounds per year. A charity worker, on the minimum wage, defended this by saying that charities need to attract the best of the best.
    Surely there are retired, talented and highly experienced people from industry and business who would be happy to do this work for half the amount or even less. Or, if their heart is in the right place, just volunteer or take the minimum wage topped up by a big fat expense account.
    Let's face it most of us could live very comfortably on their expense accounts alone.
    They argue that only a fraction of what they collect goes on salary expenses. Did my modest contribution buy the CEO's soup on a first class flight to Africa?
    Sadly charities have become self-sustaining businesses in their own right.

  4. Philip Lindecker says:

    I just don't understand this. I mean, I understand what he's saying, in the context of real life it makes no sense.

  5. Lois Davies says:

    "Some people think: 'this can't really be Philosophy, I can understand it", "we can get into deeper questions if we want to, we don't need to make the language more complicated". YES! I have such admiration for Singer for his attempts to make Philosophy accessible.

  6. MegaMementoMori says:

    One advise: take your shoes and suit off before jumping!

    But now seriously, I would expect the parents of this kid to reimburse me for the costs I have taken to save their kid. Sure, if it was an orphan, I would save him too, but the very least I would expect for doing it more then once is to become a news hero.

  7. Beverley Wells says:

    singer is morally bankrupt when it comes to human beings and. thinks parents should have the right to kill their new born baby up to a year old. what a disgusting man

  8. Beverley Wells says:

    singer and gates are both eugenisists

  9. Nicolas Uribe says:

    Not brought up by Singer is the 800 pound gorila in the room: Most developed nations (and hence potential donors) are white, while most potential recipients are black or brown. It is an established fact of biology that we feel greater rapport with those who look like us. We are hard-wired to favor those of our own tribe. Can this really be overcome?

  10. H Agarwal says:

    If I am so well dressed and going to meet someone to impress. I will immediately save the child. When I show up at the meet with my dirty clothes and tell the story. The girl will be immediately impressed. They dig things like that

  11. William Ferraiolo says:

    My name is Dr. William Ferraiolo. I have twenty five years of experience teaching, researching, and publishing articles in academic journals. I have authored a book which contains a collection of meditations in the Stoic tradition that I believe would be an excellent addition to your personal or institutional library. This collection is unique in that each meditation is presented in the second person, encouraging the reader to examine their struggles and failures in the pursuit of self-improvement and enlightenment. The following is a sample meditation that illustrates this:

    “Everything that can suffer, does suffer. Everything that can die, will die. You have suffered, you will suffer much more, and a lifetime of your suffering will culminate in your death. When you can muster genuine gratitude for all of that, then you will have made the kind of progress that is not easily reversed. To develop sincere appreciation for this opportunity to be born in a brutal world, not of your making, to struggle and fail time and time again, to feel repeatedly lost, bewildered, frustrated, and hopeless, to swim in this ocean of misery, and, ultimately, to drown in it—this is the beginning of wisdom. You must embody overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity to fail repeatedly, with no guarantee of eventual success, and to wade cheerfully into a doomed struggle against time and your own limitations. You clamber toward your own death across a landscape of thorns, broken glass, and the corpses of those who have gone before you. Would you have it any other way?”

    You can purchase my book through Amazon (see link below):

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Dr. William Ferraiolo

  12. Carneval says:

    This dude wants to push an objective morality without telling us where this objective morality comes from in the first place. Many people believe morality is subjective, as I am sure Singer does as well. You have to settle this problem first, otherwise you cannot make moral claims and pretend to be credible.

  13. rdor011 says:

    the problem with Singer's argument is that then we can't justify keeping ANY part of our discretionary incomes.

  14. pamela bibby says:


  15. pamela bibby says:

    singer doesn't want to help children he is a liar is wants to kill them should we drown singer make it less of a crime because he is a pido

  16. Isocrates II says:

    Wrote an article about singer be sure to check it out: https://blacksheepweekly.com/2019/02/05/my-thoughts-on-peter-singer-in-famine-affluence-and-morality/

  17. Ben Bangs says:

    this is pure bullshit. essentially telling people that you are obligated to help others no matter what. guy sounds like Bernie sanders gone crazy on p.e.d.'s

  18. Rockpaper Scissors says:

    News Anchor: "This just in: the child left to die on a Chinese street–sparking outrage across the globe–may in fact have had Downs Syndrome."

    Peter Singer: *sweats nervously*

  19. Rune Martin Guldberg says:

    Peter Singers theories will kill more people than 9 million Bangladeshis

  20. pamela bibby says:

    singer is a evil lieing twat worse than a Nazi at least Nazis didn't want to kill disabled people singer should have a taste of his own medicine brutally beat up and bbqued

  21. whatwherethere says:

    Peter Singer is a beard of the establishment. His thought experiment is a false equivalence. The starving children are not a rare acute issue it is systemic. Singer is propped up by his Billionaire backer Bill Gates to hide the ball. Singer’s real job is to make you feel guilty and not challenge the structure that creates starving children. It is to promote Gates’ giving and obscure the Billionaires’ taking.

  22. pamela bibby says:

    karma will get singer god will not forgive him singer is worst than the nazis at least the Nazis didn't want to kill disabled people

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