Personal Productivity Hacks 2019 (How To Stay Laser Focused) ๐Ÿ‘€

Personal Productivity Hacks 2019 (How To Stay Laser Focused) ๐Ÿ‘€

What’s up everybody! Welcome back to my channel! Today video, I’m gonna talk about personal
productivity. If you have an iPhone, you must know there’s
a feature that’s showing you how many hours you spent on your phone. Screen Time; it shows what apps you were on,
what social media you were on. Are you productive or you just wasting your
time? If you want to know these productivity hacks,
how to stay laser focused, keep on watching. If you are on your phone with a bunch of social
media, it is not your fault because social media create by making you addicted. This is like slot machine, the more you spend
time with it, it will give you instant reward like share, like, comment, heart. Even politics,
seeing what Donald trump just said. “Russia, please, if you can get us Hillary
Clinton’s emails, please watch her please! He asked Russia to go get the emails”. If you are continuous on social media, it
does not make you become a better person or self-development. Everywhere is bad news! I speak to myself too. I easily get distracted. Bird bird bird bird bird, oh there’s bird! I am guilty of this. You go on watching a YouTube video and next
thing you know, you watching some prank video, “how to spot a gold digger”. Yo, ca-ca-ca can – are you kidding me! Oh my! I’m calling the cops! Yo, guys – oh my god. Two hours later, you’ve not done
anything productive other than just watching these stupid video. I will give you these hacks that you can implement
right away. Start with the most easy first and difficult
last. Number one: Pomodoro technique. You can get any stop timer like your timer
on your phone. You set it 25 minutes, the hack is within
25 minutes, you are committed to do the project or the tasks you need to be done. So, let’s say you have a task you need to
be done and you don’t want to get distracted, all you need to do is set a timer for 25 minutes
using Pomodoro technique. You are committing not touching social media,
don’t talk to your coworker, don’t go to pee. Oh! You’ll be like “oh, that sounds simple, would
that work for me?” well, test it out for yourself, it worked
for me! The first time will get hard, like five minutes. My hand while looking for the social media
because it’s my habit. But when I look at a timer, I still got 22
minutes left. I was like “wait, I still need to finish my
shit”. After 25 minutes, you can go stretch, go
to the bathroom, drink water for 5 minutes and after that, get back to 25 minutes again. Comment below which social media platform
distract you the most; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Number two: Input-output, this is you. What you put in will dictate your day. Let’s say that you can eat burger, fried.. What do you think the output will be? You will get sleepy, lazy, bloated. If you drink ten bottles of beer, what do
you think the outcome for tomorrow will be? You will get hangover, you will get head ache,
you will be sleepy. And what happened to your productivity? Instead of eating and drinking all this toxic
shit, why don’t you just drink green tea instead? Why? Green tea. Why do you need to drink green tea? Because green tea will help you to stay focused
as a beast, help you to digest and also not get hungry. Not get hungry. Do you see all this benefit output? Just drinking one thing. Let’s talk about your brain because your
brain is the same function as your body. If you’re consuming shit like social media… Bad news! The outcome is gonna be negative. Seeking
the small instant reward. And of course, you will get jealous and envy. Do you know why? Because your friend has a better car than
you, you envy their life. Your friend travel around the world, you do
not, stay in a cubicle and work, you envy their life, you get jealous. It is toxic, garbage in, garbage out. Instead of watching all this toxic stuff,
why don’t you read books or listen to audio books. Books, audio books. You are acquiring new
knowledge, new idea, innovation, a new strategy, the list goes on and on. You might ask me this question “what does
this have to do with the stay laser focus?” well, if you can sit still and read 25 minutes,
you are training your mind to staying focused. I delete all my social media app, not account,
app because those are really distracting. When I hop to my computer, when I check my
Facebook, my newsfeed is gone. When I hop on my YouTube, my newsfeed is gone. So I use the chrome extension to hide my feed. The first one that I used for Facebook is
called Kill News Feed. The second one I use for YouTube is called
High Recommendation. I will leave the link on the description,
make sure you guys check it out. Number three: optimize your sleep. Sleep is really important to you and me because
it’s recovering your energy. If you’re sleepy during the day, how the hell
are you gonna stay in focus? You sleep with no phone. Are you having sex with your phone? If not, then put your phone away from your
bedroom. If you put your phone on your bed, I guarantee
you this, your robot mind in the morning will automatically check Facebook first, Instagram, Twitter, mail. Why do you think I put this hack last? Because it’s really difficult. It took me a long time to get rid of my phone. It becomes a habit, so I need to change. You should do too. One thing that wealthy people finding most
precious assets, is their time. They want to make sure they value and be productive
as much as they can, so they do not distract themselves with a stupid thing or eating junk. If you apply all this three hacks, it’s gonna
help you to stay laser focus and get shit done. If you want to enjoy the community of hungry
entrepreneurs, business owners and gladiator just like you, I have a secret society where
I can share up-to-date making money online advice to help you navigate to financial freedom. Check the link down below. If you want to learn more about how to make
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