People Use Flip Phones For A Week

People Use Flip Phones For A Week

– K thanks, bye. (upbeat music) – It’s kinda sad but my
relationship with my phone is my longest, most intimate relationship. – Everybody who knows me
they know what’s going on in my life all the time because I’m always on Snapchat
Stories or Instagram Stories. – Pretty much anything I do
on my phone is a waste of time unless I am doing something for work. I have little to no idea
what I will be doing except for the fact that
it involves my phone and kind of going off
the grid a little bit? – Okay… Am I gonna get it back? (laughs) Oh my God! No! – No. – Oh no, this is the
phone my grandmother has. – I do like the look. But like functionally what am
I supposed to do with this? – Okay, am I supposed
to use this for a week? Oh no! (laughs) – Oh, it has a camera! – This is where I say, “I
love you guys, wish me luck, and hopefully I survive.” You can have it, I can’t
look at it anymore. – One last selfie before I go. – It’s the first official day. I’m taking this challenge very seriously. – Someone over here
doesn’t know how to turn on her own phone
– I don’t know – [Rafa] How to turn my phone on (laughs) – Look at the era we live in, these privileged Millennials these days. – You know the home screen
that we have on our iPhones? This doesn’t have that so
I don’t know what to press. – I am currently in the bathroom. I have to go old school. – I have to go to Staples but
I don’t know where Staples is so I had to print out
Google Maps. (laughs) – Okay, first comes first, learning how to fold a freaking map. Help me! So I added my parents as
contacts for the first time today and it was struggle texting them. Instead of hitting the space
bar which I was trying to find, I hit send. It literally says this – I would go back to flip
phones, to be honest. I feel like life was just a simpler time We appreciated more
when we had flip phones. – [Liz] Yeah, that’s pretty good. Okay! – I’d put that on my Tinder profile. – I actually had to ask my coworkers what they did over this
past weekend and likewise, they had no visibility into
what my weekend looked like, so now I’m super mysterious. – So the alarm on this stupid
flip phone did not go off. It’s now 9:30 and I’m supposed
to be at work at 9:30 so… (subway chatter) – I haven’t charged all week, by the way, and it’s still alive somehow? Now I realize how much battery
smartphones actually drain. As long as I have something
to tell me the time and something to tell me when
the train comes, I am good. – Oh… I am looking at
on a flip phone right now. And it’s a horrible user experience. Yeah, I’m gonna have
to go offline for this. – I’m becoming very
irritable very quickly. It is really hindering my work because I can’t get my
emails, get my Slack messages. – I miss emojis. This is my life now. – So we’re just gonna wander
around the streets of New York while it’s raining. Can I just look at your GPS? Am I allowed to do that? – Over the past few days I’ve
been a lot more productive than I’ve been in a very long time because I’m not texting here and checking in with apps there. – Today is Fri-yay, or the last day that I’m
doing this stupid challenge. Menu? – I am vlogging from Hawaii today. After a week of no iPhone I feel like I’m getting
back from a little mini vaca so I thought this was appropriate. – Learned a trick with my phone, watch! – At this point I’ve
gotten pretty frickin’ good at living life without an iPhone. I’ve even figured out some hacks with my flip phone. – I’m going to treat
myself to a nice dinner, and I think I might go
tech free for dinner. Might just leave everything
including the stupid flip phone. – You would think it’s really dramatic but it’s classical addiction, where you think you can’t
live without something and then you’re like “I’m
fine, the world is fine, they don’t need my InstaStories
and I don’t need theirs.” – The main thing that I noticed was I was just keeping my head up
more and I was looking around and noticing things I
hadn’t noticed before. I read parts of a couple different books. – But it was just mainly
giving up social media that was kind of a struggle, especially because I did go out a lot. Oh my God, that’s actually really cool. – Right? – [Rafa] Thank you Jade, I love you! Also I had to carry around a
map of Manhattan in my purse. – If anything this has made
me more reliant on my iPhone because I felt like a
part of me was missing. I wasn’t so easily accessible
and people couldn’t reach me. – I was just a lot more present
in everything that I did. And I’ve never been so focused. – Sometimes you’ve just
gotta live in the moment. It’s better you liking your own life than posting on social media and having other people envy yours. – I just feel like I’m in a
better mental, spiritual place. – My last words to this flip phone are (phone click) – I’m ready to be reunited with my iPhone. – My baby! – Feels good to have
this back in my hands. It feels good and I feel
like a complete person again. I’m gonna go take a bunch of selfies. (techno music)


  1. Xfurrywolfx says:

    I haven't had a flipphone in a long time

  2. John R. says:

    android flip phone

  3. Cdgame says:

    Why is there internet on the phones 😐

  4. sooty_tord says:

    This video makes me sad

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  6. Awesome Mario Bros Official says:

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  7. Shadman's Shack says:

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  8. IIPixel says:

    Mom of fat dude: "Good luck, millenial."

    I've never laughed so hard in my life…

  9. Jordan Kowarzik says:

    These people are sad. If this is how most people are I have lost faith in humanity.

  10. Violet Williams says:

    My mom only has a flip phone and she will not accept an iPhone. I guess it is both good and bad.

  11. Mike S says:

    What a bunch of babies needing gratification from people who really don't care about them in reality…welcome to the real world

  12. Miss Moonlight says:

    "I read books"

    reads Pusheen book

  13. Super Saiyan Goku says:

    Those damn liberals

  14. Kai H says:

    Now everyone who have seen them thinks they are drug dealers

  15. Laika says:

    I got my first phone when i got my first steady job (19yrs old) it broke within like 6 months then I went without a phone again for like 2 and a half years. I was actually considering a flip phone when my contract is up

  16. Melissa Becerra says:

    Ok but they filmed the video with an iPhone so…..

  17. Super Red Baron says:

    How am I younger than these people but still know a. How to work a flip phone and b. Basic functions expected from adults, like how to FOLD a map. Riddle me that

  18. Mammad FY says:

    Times when I could literally throw my phone for demonstration of its sturdiness – Siemens ME45, the toughest m*f*r ever!

  19. fatim ah says:

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  20. kishore krish says:

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  22. Josephine M. M. says:

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  23. Don't Mind Me says:

    I had to go to basically the same thing since my phone broke and I gotta wait for like a few days or so to get a new one. The one struggle I had is that I couldn't message anyone since everyone I know rarely text and uses facebook messenger as a way of communication. I was only able to use the flip phone I had for calling.

  24. NOOB says:

    2:47 Pornhub? You Wanna Look At Pornhub Out Of All Things?

  25. Skunky Stinkerson says:

    between my friends and 1. there is a rule that we don't go on our phone during various activities.

  26. Nathan Davies says:

    My dad still uses his

  27. Leoniqua Jackson says:

    Ahh, flip phones were part of a much simpler time. The only thing you cared about it having was space for your music and pictures and of course the recording feature to add your own ringtones from the radio!

  28. TMG_GHOST says:

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  36. Boba Fett says:

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  37. Ark01000 says:

    I don’t use my phone for 1 day a week. So that I can get work done, be more productive and focus on being social and a bit more analogue!

  38. Clare Playz says:

    A week is 7 days, not 5

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    As of May 16th,2019,my good friend John King gave me his flip phone and he let me keep it. So right now,I have a flip phone. Little known about this phone…..John said it was made in 2006 (and for some craziest reason It actually still works),The phone model is LG441G,and guess where John got this cell? A auction at somewhere in Jay/Grove. This flip phone is ok but here's a problem,it has no internet,it doesn't have a WIFI,it did not have a flash thing (that's because the phone doesn't have a white thing on its back of its display),and I can't purchase a game on the phone because it requires a internet connection. But overall,this flip phone is fine,OK,and all.

  43. Kallisto AGG says:

    Man I wouldn’t like to talk to these people.

  44. Mr. Allen C. Sokolik Jr. says:

    I am 44yrs old & I remember the start of cellphones which was the 1980's ones which was featured on Saved By The Bell which Zack Morris had those were real & remember one of my friends having one back then. Then the 90's came & I remember having a pager & a flip phone which was a pain in the ass to text on & I am happy those days are over with cuz I love my smart phone cuz u can do so much more.

  45. Fat boi Gamer says:

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  46. Androidbirds , says:

    2:47 I did NOT need to know that, thank you very much.

  47. Neon says:

    Flip phones are better because – You can close them when you don't need them!

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  56. GForceZombie says:

    See this video is a perfect example of the people you dont ever want to talk to or hangout with

  57. GForceZombie says:

    See this video is a perfect example of the people you dont ever want to talk to or hangout with

  58. Youngblood says:

    Best flipphone for 2019? my last one(samsung) broke, lasted for 9years.

  59. Avery Dees says:

    I just ordered a new flip phone… less exposure to radiation and also less days wasted 😄

  60. SophiaDraws Dragons says:

    Id rather have a flip phone than an iphone lol. Switching from android to iphone would be just as awful 😂

  61. Winston Paul says:

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  62. YOLO MAN says:


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    Are these normal people.

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  67. Xander Stephenson says:


  68. Xander Stephenson says:

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  73. Paul Fisher says:

    this shows me every one is hooked on social media iv gone back to my razr v3 flip phone iv had enough of google spying on me and knowing my every move

  74. Paul Fisher says:

    interesting 19 million subscribers but only 4,479 comments and viewed 2million 646,854

  75. Hannah Banana says:

    In asian countries like Japan and Korea, they have full Android flip phone style smart phones.

    The best of both worlds.

    Samsung Galaxy flip!! Believe it!!

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  80. killermetal 991 says:

    Flip phones can be cool. I had a few. I currently use a smart phone but after this one breaks, I'm getting a flip phone. I'm done with smart phones!

  81. Roger Taylor says:

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  82. Roger Taylor says:

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