Pawn Stars: Rebecca Praises Nabokov’s Prose as She Appraises “Lolita” (S10) | History

Pawn Stars: Rebecca Praises Nabokov’s Prose as She Appraises “Lolita” (S10) | History

– I’ve got a dirty book for you. [music playing] Um, OK. This is a first edition
of “Lolita” by Nabokov. RICK: Really?
– It’s actually just one book. It was originally
published in two volumes. RICK: All right, I know a
little bit about this book. It’s basically a
book about a really bad guy who has a relationship
with a very young girl. Yep. And throughout
the book, he sort of tries to justify
what he did, but he is obviously just a [bleep]. MICHAEL: This book
was considered controversial when
it first came out, because of its subject matter. It’s about 38-year-old
man who has an ongoing affair with his
12-year-old stepdaughter. There aren’t too many
first editions around, so hopefully it’s
worth some money. RICK: I find it
really interesting. It’s considered one
of the great books. I’ve never read it,
but a lot of people say it’s very, very,
very well written. MICHAEL: Mm-hm. RICK: The author, he was
considered one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. So the first edition was
printed in paperback? MICHAEL: Yes. His regular publishers
wouldn’t publish it, because they were
afraid they’d go to jail because of the subject matter. So the Olympia
Press is a publisher of pornography in Paris,
and all their publications look like this. So this is the way
the first edition this book came out
, in two volumes, sort of plain paperback form. RICK: “Lolita” is
considered a classic, but it almost didn’t
get published. Nabokov was so worried about
what people would think that he actually tried to burn
the unfinished draft, but at the end, his wife
talked him out of it. Just goes to show, sometimes
you should listen to your wife. It is really cool. I know that they can
go for a lot of money in the first edition.
MICHAEL: Yes. But this has a couple
condition issues, so I’m not entirely sure what
the actual value of this book is. RICK: OK, and how much
do you want out of it? MICHAEL: $2,000. [music playing] RICK: Um, books
are a weird thing. I mean, you can be in
the business for 20 years and you’re still
learning about it. So I’m just not that
specialized in books, but I know the most brainiac
person in the world on books. OK. RICK: She’s bigger nerd than
me, which is pretty big. So if you don’t mind, I’ll
have her come down here, I’ll have her take
a look at them. If there’s a deal to be
made, we’ll make the deal. MICHAEL: OK.
RICK: Hang out. I’ll be right back.
MICHAEL: OK. Thanks. Ah. RICK: OK. REBECCA: This is a
very, very important book– one of the most important
books in the 20th century. Here’s the thing–
it sounds shady– it’s about a man who
is criminally attracted to young girls, but it is
this amazing mix of both the tragic and the comic. And Nabokov, his prose
is second to none. Nabokov’s prose
style is amazing. How he’s crafting the words,
what words he chooses in what order, these things can
make a huge difference between a great writer
and an OK writer. RICK: OK, so what’s it worth? REBECCA: OK, there were
actually two issues. Initially, in Volume One, it
has price there, 900 francs. However, the book sold briskly,
and the publisher said, I’m not charging enough. So he upped the price. So if it has the
sticker, we know it’s from the second issue. RICK: OK, so this is a first
edition, but second issue. REBECCA: That’s right. And for a book like
this, condition is pretty much everything. And for the most part, these
wrappers and everything, they look pretty good. But you know the key
thing that’s going on here is the spine. It’s beginning of
the spine perishing, and some chipping
and things like that. Given that it’s a second
issue, given the condition, I would retail this,
optimistically, at $1,300 to $1,500. RICK: OK, cool. Every time you come
down, I learn something and increase my vocabulary.
Thanks. Yeah.
Yeah. And I out-nerd you
every time, don’t I? RICK: Yeah. REBECCA: Rick hasn’t
read the book, so I can see why he’s
a little bit hesitant, but this is one of the
classics of the 20th century. There’s going to be
someone who wants it. OK, I know a little
bit more about it now. So how much do you want? Well, she said they were
about $1,500, so maybe $1,000? RICK: I’m thinking
more like $600 bucks. I mean, she said 13 to 15. I’m just going to assume I’m
going to get 13 for them. MICHAEL: Mm-hm.
Can you go $900? I’ll tell you what,
I’ll go $800 bucks. I can’t go any more. I think that’s more than fair,
because they are perishing, and I have to resell them. MICHAEL: Considering what
we know about it now, I think I can do $800. OK, that’s a deal then.
MICHAEL: Great. Thanks. RICK: OK, I will meet
you right over there, and I’ll write you up. MICHAEL: OK. The expert knows what
she’s talking about. I was happy with her appraisal.
$800 is a fair price for it, definitely. I’ll probably blow
it while I’m in town.


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