So you might’ve noticed that I have gotten
pretty minimalistic over the last year, not just in my business, but in my life. And I have basically been on a mission to
figure out how to work less, but make more of an impact and make more money at the same
time. And this all truly stemmed for me from a really
bad burnout I had a couple of years ago, where I basically worked myself into the hospital. It was really scary and it scared me straight. And so I have been on a mission to simplify. And so last year at this time, we had three
times the size of my team. We had three times the amount of products
and services that we were offering, and yet minimizing and not having those team members,
and not having those other offers or services, it sounds weird, but we’ve actually doubled
our revenue in the last year, which is crazy. So generated multiple millions in the business
this year, while working with us and taking a three week vacation to Europe, where I didn’t
even touch my computer. So how the hell did I do this? That’s what I’m going to dive into today because
I really would love it if everyone could find their dream life while running their dream
business. And I think it’s really important to visualize
what you want in your life and what you want your life to look like so that your business
doesn’t rule your world. So if you’re excited about this, give this
video like. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey,
this will be applicable. And these are all things that I wish I knew
when I was first starting my business, and things I wish I knew just a lot earlier than
I figured them out on my own. And hit that subscribe button, hit the bell
to get notified every single time we post a new video. So let’s talk about this. Let’s dive into exactly what I did. So if I look down at all, it’s because I’m
just looking at my notes, but I wanted to make sure that I had everything in here that
really would make a big difference for you and working less and making more, especially
as we head into a new year. So it takes a lot of work. Just a friendly little warning here. It takes a lot of work to make your life easy
and to your business easy. This is not going to be an easy process, but
once you figure it out, it is amazing how much time and space you’re going to free up
and how much happier you’ll be. So the first thing, and I just did a whole
video on this this last week, so you check that out, but it’s just passive income. So figuring out ways that you can, sorry for
my handwriting, I am basically in kindergarten, figuring out ways that you can generate passive
income and there are so many ways that you can do this online and there is so much more
wealth at our fingertips. Thank you internet for that opportunity and
the time that we live in. And so there really is no reason that you
can’t be generating, even if it’s like $100 a month, passive income wise, just to help
out in some way, shape or form, and to create revenue even when you’re not working. So passive income is one, but I know that
every other freaking internet guru is talking about that as well. And that’s not really what you’re here for. So the next thing is removing all complexity. So I made this graph and I was like, “Okay,
I feel like there’s just too much going on in my business right now and in my life. So I’m going to write down all the things
that are taking time and then I’m going to figure out if they’re actually giving me a
return on that investment.” Because I truly do believe more than money,
time is our greatest currency. You don’t get it back and you can’t get back
that time that you want to spend with your family, or you can’t get back the time that
you want to spend with your kids, and you don’t give back those vacations where you
should be spending quality time with your friends or your spouse or whatever it may
be. So time is the greatest currency. So I want you to figure out what was costing
me the most time and was I actually getting anything out of it. So just a prime example of this is you’re
seeing an action right now, editing. I have an amazing editor, videographer on
my team, but editing was taking so much time, and when I used to do this myself, it used
to take so much time as well. So I have learned a lot in the last year about
how we can make our video process a lot simpler. So we just decided we’re going to edit a lot
less and we’re going to spend less time on the post-production because it’s not necessary. So that’s the thing, like was fancy editing
actually making more revenue in our business? Nope, not at all. And no one really cared. And the sweet, sweet irony is that I made
a video, you can check it out here and it’s called Stop Watching YouTube videos. It’s unedited entirely. I literally shot it by myself and it soared. And I think that’s because people just want
value. People just want to feel like they can relate
to you. They don’t give a crap about what your editing
looks like. So it depends on what niche you’re in. Obviously if you’re like very super cinematic
and that’s what you do, you do you boo. But for me, that was one thing that was costing
me a lot of time, costing our team a lot of time causing a lot of stress and it was giving
us zero return. Plus just on a super technical term, on YouTube,
the less editing you do, what I’ve found is, the more watch time you get and watch time
is super important. I have a lot of videos on that too. You check them out here, so that’s just one
other piece of the puzzle here as well. And then the other thing is removing complexity
is in terms of travel, for me, I was traveling so much and I was needing to be in a different
location every month and for me, I’m not a great traveler. I love traveling, but I don’t love doing it
when it’s for work and for specific things because it’s a lot of complexity. It’s a lot of coordination. So I just minimize to the things that I really
wanted to do. I stopped saying yes to everything, so I took
that out of the equation as well. Also, I found that when I was traveling, I
was actually seeing a negative return as far as my business because I was taking time away
from the business and taking myself out of the business, when it was a little too premature
to do that. So I was seeing no return here. So that was really, really important. What I do know that I should be doing with
my time is creating content for our paid programs and for our free content as well because that
gives us a huge return of building our audience on autopilot and bringing in new customers
every day. So that’s a hard yes for me. So travel, I cut out, any sort of complexity
in the business, we cut out. And I’ll talk a little bit more about that
in a second because it really is relevant to so many things and it’s really hard to
figure out what to say no to. But this little graph of like time and are
you getting a return out of it is so helpful. So if you want to just do this exercise with
me or after this video, it’s going to open your eyes to a lot. Because I also found that I kept sort of doing
things because I felt like I should without actually looking at if it was actually going
to help the business or actually help me or if it was actually making things more complicated. So the other weird thing was that a year ago,
we had three times the amount of products and services that we now have in the business
as well, which you would think we were making like triple the amount of money, but we actually
weren’t. And the thing that I realized was that the
more that we had all of these different products, the more problems there were to worry about. So if you think about one offer without one
offer, and the interesting thing is that the products and services that we cut out were
actually our most expensive products and services. So we minimize down to the things that we
knew were the most potent and that worked the best, that weren’t necessarily the most
expensive because the more expensive our products and services got, the more customized the
work became. And I found that if I was customizing my work
for every client that came in, it was such a nightmare because I was basically having
to start from scratch with each one. So with each offer, you have to think about
the fact that you need to have marketing, you need to have sales. I know you’re probably not even able to read
this, but let’s just go with it. You need to have operations, you need to have
fulfillment, you need to have customer service, which goes under fulfillment. You need to have… Ahhh, customer service. You need to have teams associated to that
offer to make sure it’s actually getting done. You have to update the content, and an actual
offer itself. So there’s all of these things that go into
one offer. So if you’re trying to build like 50 of these,
then you’re basically spreading yourself so thin that nothing’s going to get done well
and this offer is ultimately going to suffer. So minimizing down to the two core offers
and being able to test what really worked best with our marketplace allowed us to double
down, which I always talk about on the offers that worked the best and only sell those and
only market those because it’s a heck of a lot easier to market one offer and focus just
on that then trying to offer 50 million different things. So that’s really important to understand here. And then the other piece of this is that with
our team, same thing goes. I found that I was hiring people because I
felt like that’s what I should do. And our business had grown so much, we had
doubled our revenue the year prior as well. And our business had grown so much that I
was in my head thinking, “Well, if our business is growing, we definitely need more people
on the team.” Wrong. So the more people I hired because I felt
like I should, the more complex the business got, and the less of a leader I became. And I wasn’t happy with the way I was actually
managing my team. I didn’t feel good about it because I wasn’t
able able to actually speak to everybody and be a good leader. So having more people on your team, also is
the same thing. You have to manage. You have to set targets for them and you have
to communicate with them. And so I’m a big believer, and we say this
all the time in our company, is that we are a tiny, but mighty team. We are all about efficiency. We are all about making sure that each person
in the team is a ninja who can basically do multiple different things and that takes time
to build up. But it starts with me. It starts with you as the leader of the business. You should know how to do everything that’s
happening in your business so that you can properly lead and manage everybody in your
business to be the best that they’re capable of being. So I have found in my business that less is
more, especially when it comes to teams, especially when it comes to offers. So really important to understand that, just
because your business is growing and your revenue is growing, doesn’t necessarily meet
mean that you need more people. So the next thing is goals. And I’ve talked about this a lot on our channel,
but let’s just dive into it further. So my main goals every single day never change. And this has stayed consistent for the last
year. So my goals every day are sales, whether that’s
driving traffic to our webinar or actually both of our webinars, for our both of our
offers, I’m getting traffic there, booking sales calls. Making sure that we’re getting amazing results
and testimonials, and that we’re making the best product on the market. Minimizing to these three goals has allowed
me to stay focused in the last year. And that’s what’s helped us to double revenue
yet again, because I’ve actually just minimized all complexity from what I need to be doing
on a daily basis. So in my opinion, these are the only goals
that really should matter for me every single day. And everything I do is based on judging if
it’s actually leading to these three things. If it’s not, then I probably don’t need to
be doing it or I don’t even be doing it right away or someone else could take it off my
plate for me. So goals and paying a close attention to these,
really, really important. The next thing is I stopped listening to people’s
shoulds. For the first three years of my business,
I feel like I was getting shoulded all over the place. I was getting should on. Let’s say that. So you just want to be really cautious and
this is more something that I’ve learned that I would love to pass on to you is that you
want to be really cautious of shoulds versus musts, and unless it’s a must and it’s totally
necessary to your growth as a person or the growth of your business, and something that
is a full body, yes or no, then you don’t need to be doing it. So if it’s a should and it’s strictly a should,
it’s not a must, you don’t need to be doing it. Really important to understand that concept. So as I just mentioned, the full body, yes
or no, this is also something that I’ve practiced in the last year to figure out what I need
to be doing and what I don’t need to be doing, and what feels right, and what is a definite
no for me because I think saying no is a really hard thing for a lot of people. But saying no has made me so much more money
than saying yes to everything. So for me, I just started practicing by basically
getting people to ask me super obvious questions like, “Do I like green peppers?” I hate green peppers. So I whole body would be like, “Nope.” And so I literally physically would feel what
it felt like for a no. Or, “Do I love chocolate?” “Yes I do.” And that’s a full body yes. So when you’re having a struggle between saying
yes or no, really tap into that. And the other thing that I tapped into when
I was figuring out how to say no to things and how to remove complexity, and how to just
minimize the business, while still growing the business revenue wise, is when opportunity
opportunities come your way, which they will, someone asks you to do something and you don’t
want to do it tomorrow, and I learned this from Marie Forleo. You can check out that interview with her
on my channel right here, but if someone asks you to do something and you wouldn’t say yes
to it for tomorrow, you’re not going to want to do it in like six months from now. It’s just not a thing. So putting something off, does it make it
a yes all of a sudden? So don’t say yes to things if you don’t want
to do it tomorrow. If it were to come up for you tomorrow, would
you want to do it? No. Then you probably won’t want to do it in the
future either. And that’s going to help you say no to a lot
more. So just going back to the whole minimal business
model, it’s really important to understand that there’s really six pillars to every successful
business. And these six pillars, one of my mentors taught
me this, and to help me stay on track with the business over the last year, I review
these every single week. Every Friday morning, I go through the six
pillars of my business, sales, marketing, finance, operations, fulfillment, and team. How are all these things doing? Is there anything that’s unnecessary that
we’re doing that we don’t need to be doing? Is there anything that we can cut out? Is there anything that we need or we’re missing? And I just basically write a few notes. It takes me no more than half an hour to do
it. And it keeps me in tune with the business
in what we need to do moving forward and what we can also get rid of moving forward to make
us a lean mean machine. And I think also, it’s really important to
understand that we’re in a really interesting time right now with online business because
obviously, it’s booming and everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, which I love, but we’ve
gone through this period of everyone’s sort of like having the Ferrari and being so perfect
looking and having like the perfect brand photos, and I fell victim to that too. I was like, “Oh, I have to be perfect in order
for me to actually have a successful business.” And then this last year I’ve been the most
imperfect, the most raw and the most real, and it’s been really hard. It’s been a process for me because I’m so
used to like having a certain aesthetic. But in doing that, everything has grown. I post less on social media. I posted like once a month maybe on Instagram
and my account has almost tripled at this point in the last year. Whereas before that it was super slow growth
because I’m super intentional with what I post now. And I’m not necessarily editing every single
YouTube video perfectly because I don’t know, you tell me. Do you actually care if it’s edited perfectly
or you really just want to get the information in the knowledge? And truthfully, if you’re watching this and
you’re thinking, “This is boring because it’s not perfectly edited,” then maybe you’re not
meant to be here. And I think that’s the thing too is like you
have to be a full body yes or no, but you also want people who are tuning into your
content or working with you or hiring you to be a full body yes or no too, because that
leads to much better results for everybody. And if you look at a platform like TikTok,
which has exploded this year and no, I’m not using it, but I do have a username there,
but I’m not using it. But there is a really good indication from
that platform as to what’s working everywhere else, which is raw, real, in the moment. That’s part of the charm of that app because
people are sick of seeing perfection. So minimizing means showing up as who you
are. And there’s nothing more liberating that than
that. And it’s scary, but for me, I can just tell
you in my own experience by doing less, by working less, by not driving myself into the
ground, I’ve been able to make more money for all the reasons that I’ve just explained
to you. So let me know how this… Hello. Landed for you. Let me know how this way landed for you. Play to your strengths and make sure that
if you’re doing something, you’re not doing it because you’ve been told you should, but
you’re doing it from a place of, “I want to do this and I know this is going to be helpful
to me, and to my business.” Because we all have enough information out
there, but you’re the only person that truly has the answers and truly knows. So again, I really hope this was helpful for
you because I really wished that I had seen a video like this when I was building my business,
when I was thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. This just would have been so helpful to me. So maybe you’re thinking, “Well, this is way
beyond where I am right now,” but I can guarantee you there’s going to be things that I just
talked about, that five years from now, you’re probably going to come back to you and be
like, “Oh, I get it now.” So again, let me know how this landed in the
comments. Give it a like if you enjoyed it, and subscribe. Hit the bell to get notified every single
time we post new videos and you can check out these videos right here because they’re
going to help you build an amazing business as we head into the new year and make even
more money. I’ll see in the next video. Thanks for watching. Bye.


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