One Reason Homes Cost So Much

One Reason Homes Cost So Much

In the UK and many other countries houses are expensive very expensive prices have been rising consistently for many decades In England, prices rose by 4255% between 1971 and 2011 If the price of a supermarket chicken had inflated by the same rate, It would cost 51 pounds and 18 pence by now Around 1950, you could get a 3 bedroom house in northwest London on the northern line, between West Finchley and Woodside Park for just £1050 This was 2.5 times the average wage of £400 a year The head teacher of the local school could very comfortably have bought this kind of house with a total mortgage somewhere around twice their annual salary Today, a similar house, in the same area, would cost close to one million pounds, forty times the average income. It’s nearly ten times the salary of the local head teacher house prices in the UK haven’t just increased, they have skyrocketed But why is housing so expensive? The cost of houses has very little to do with the building materials The value is almost all in the land on which the house sits So why does land cost so much? One reason is that demand for housing keeps growing. The UK population increases by between 300 and 400 thousand people a year And also, the number of people in each household is getting smaller More people live alone or just as couples without children So the demand for accommodation is growing all the time In order to keep up with the demand the UK would need about 240 thousand new flats and houses a year It’s building less than half of this That’s not just a UK problem. France is building only 330 of the 500 thousand new homes needed per annum Major cities fair worse London will face a shortfall of over 700 thousand homes by 2031 In response to the cost of housing crisis governments have tried to intervene to help people to buy their own home In the US there are schemes like the federal home loan banks and the community reinvestment act In the UK, there is “Help to Buy” and there are interest-free loans in France The underlying idea is that the people would buy houses if only they had the money But really, most governments are just crying crocodile tears about high property prices. They know that the bulk of their voters actually like expensive houses a lot The number of people who want new houses at any time is very small, only 10% or so. In relation to the huge numbers who already have a home. And therefore, the property-owning side of society has a vested interest in seeing the value of homes go up Creating easy credit doesn’t actually make housing more affordable, the real issue is one of supply if we simply ease credit without increasing supply, you’ll just stoke house inflation, which is precisely what’s happened It’s the same with the big expansion of mortgage lending You may be able to borrow more, but so can other people You’re all chasing the same limited number of homes so this just pushes prices up and up So why is building houses so difficult? Well, because there is enormous opposition to the building of new homes and great restrictions on the use of land There are lots of immediate answers to do with planning regulations and zoning, but dig deeper and what we have really are society-wide fears of new housing For one large reason above all others, because almost all new housing development are very, very ugly And no one in their right mind wants a new development anywhere near them Most of the large housing developments built in the southeast of england in the last 25 years share one common, generally undiscussed feature they’re very ugly. Or, to be more precise, they’re far uglier than the countryside that they’ve replaced In the mid 18th century, people looked on without dismay, as the hills around the little town of Bath were given up to Queens Square, the Royal Crescent and Somerset Place Likewise, a little further back, when the wetlands, scrubby weed beds and sandy islands at the mouth of the river Po were sacrificed to urban expansion, few people were likely to have raised protests, given what would come to replace them, the city of Venice History shows us that people don’t object to new housing per se, They object when the houses are less beautiful than the natural landscape they have devoured. This starts to isolate the cause of expensive houses, as well as point the way to a solution to the issue It is, literally, ugliness, that is largely to blame for the current social catastrophe of high house prices What seems like negative and entrenched nimbyism (not in my back yard) is at heart an inarticulated, disguised but understandable plea for grace, elegance and a touch of grandeur in architecture We love towns and cities, when they’re attractive. But we’ve no confidence we can make today the kinds of places we actually really like. And the reason for that has nothing to do with prices The argument isn’t that we should build replicas of Georgian crescents let alone rows of canal-sided gothic palaces anymore than it would be an idea for someone who loves the english language to begin addressing strangers in shakespearean dialect The answer is to create housing developments in the best architectural idiom of our times Places like, for example, the exceptional Accordia housing scheme in the suburbs of Cambridge to which, unsurprisingly, no one objected Solving the housing crisis requires that we get better at grasping the nature of the problem we’re facing The issue isn’t stopping selfishness it’s a longing that we shouldn’t build unless we can build beautifully Crack that and no one will mind a fell trees to much, and mortgages will come down too So, what’s the solution? It’s to stop thinking that creating credit for house purchases does anything: it just stokes house inflation What we should be doing is creating not-for-profit housing corporations that are incentivised by volumes, rather than prices reached And most importantly, we should build so beautifully that no one minds a patch of land near them being developed Tantalizingly, all this, could be done.


  1. F Harrison says:

    What a stupid video, people complain house ugly so no house has been built, that’s a great theory

  2. Chloe Wang says:

    The american population is 300 million now. And while technology continues to improve. 8K television, 5G networks, 7nm fabs etc. But land is still the same. Now people here will tell you they can fit 300 million people in Texas and everyone could still own 1 family homes. But thats not whats happening. They are still pricing houses like there isnt enough land.

  3. Mark Nostrant says:

    supply and demand. If there was no immigration the population would not increase

  4. jsamc says:

    GREED period

  5. Travel Diary Trending says:

    Put the theory of 'supply and demand' in place and that will answer question. And, it's time to introduce and enforce one child policy for next 200 years at least.

  6. Owen Klingbell says:

    I really don’t think ugliness is a big factor

  7. Owen Klingbell says:

    The main thing is that people either believe new development gentrifies areas and raises prices or that it lowers prices for homeowners by increasing supply

  8. shmagi bokuchava says:

    Don't matter houses are ugly or not. Price in the market determine by demand and supply. What does it mean. This means when demand go up and supply less than demand, price go up in this case and vice versa. This all how to price determine in the market. The second reason why prices go up is the inflation.

  9. sosunfreak says:

    Lol so you are solving the housing problem by just making houses pretty? Good one m8…

  10. sosunfreak says:

    Honestly, what a horrible conclusion to make from the housing problem. Stop misinforming people!!!! THERE IS HOUSING INFLATION BECAUSE SOCIETY BENEFITS FROM IT; GOOD OLD RULE OF POWERFUL TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE POWERLESS!!! Yes, populations are increasing, but WE NEED TO BUILD MORE HOUSES REGARDLESS OF THEIR PRETTINESS!!! Owning a house is NOT A RIGHT FOR OUR GENERATIONS, STOP PUSHING IT ONTO US!! We need new houses that are PRACTICAL (beauty can be practical too!) AND STOP ASKING FOR MORTGAGES, we don't really need to OWE houses…

  11. Van Vocalist says:

    The reason is very simple: we are selfish monsters
    The world wars ended up ages behind but we're still in the same selfishness, these stupid heartless rich people don't care is anyone is homeless, have a roof over their heads.
    A beautiful house is a matter of taste, what looks like a beautiful view for ones may look like a jungle to others.

  12. aListers says:

    Wish they didn't demolish the tower blocks. Could do with a cheap and ugly place to live – even if the lift smells like pish

  13. Matt M. says:

    IN the USA, Banks jacked up the price of houses 500% from 1999 to 2006, so they could sell Blue Collar property as a bigger property on paper, bundled to investors as a CDO, they made a ton of money off of the investors and gave the home buyers BAD mortgages, so millions of families were ripped off and entire cities property was neglected by the banks who owned them. It is why 99% of America is broke and houses cost 5 times what they cost in 2000.

  14. Bainsworth says:

    jim carrs day job

  15. Defy Convention says:

    Supply and demand

  16. Spikes says:

    what if i don't want people building houses because i'd rather have the land as a park or trees?

  17. David R says:

    I don't think ugliness is the reason, it is often the politics that surround new buildings..arguments against gentrification, zoning laws and environmental regulations plus things like rental control all add to housing inflation

  18. Joefest99 says:

    I can tell you exactly why. It is simple supply and demand. Population is pacing faster than development. Development is slow because of INSANE RED TAPE, COST AND REGULATION to build! They can't make the supply meet the demand. It is as simple as that.

  19. Tim Bates says:

    Video is laughably wrong. Housing prices have skyrocketed because impediments to construction/development have blossomed. Zoning, Building Codes, Environmentalism, Rules, Regulations, Fees, Public Input, Lower Densities, Layers of Bureaucracy, Building Height Restrictions, Protest, Protest, Protest. The "do-goodism" of the political left is not malicious by intent. But the result of all the additional burdens and costs has pinched supply, and added to cost of construction, while demand has increased steadily. Funny how you never see a protester at a Maternity Ward.

  20. James P says:

    a house is a house my dude, ugliness is a non issue.. people want somewhere to live to fulfill basic living needs, anywhere will do at the right price

  21. Anagnorisis- for the love of learning says:

    In the US it also has a lot to do with how much lobbyists changed building code since 1950.

  22. kerryav says:

    You forgot the part about mortgage backed securities and housing resources as commodities on the market. Those all are driving the cost so much higher. Ppl think their houses are worth the cost when much of the cost is driven by the market. It is false.

  23. Shay Gordon says:

    It’s simple
    It takes materials
    Construction workers
    Equipment to build it
    I have a beautiful home that I could easily afford
    Also, houses were much smaller in the past
    They are made bigger to accommodate obesity and “keeping up with the Jones”
    I don’t know why this video needed to be made

  24. MarkBTW says:

    Tell a homeless person that visual appeal is more important than being comfortable and dry. The excessive regulation of this very basic necessity is disgusting. Our priority should be that no one is suffering out on the streets or working 50 hours a week to maintain a sub-optimal place to live. People seem to frown upon housing that isn't up to their ridiculous standards, as if a home has to be complicated or professionally built to be considered adequate. Some people are content living in the tent cities of Skid Row or in their van, and it should be easy for them to find a small plot of land to truly call home in whatever way they see fit. In a lot of places the problem isn't land prices, it's municipal regulation.

  25. Коханыч says:

    Very soon big part of your population will live in hostels, like in east Europe

  26. Lonely Ranger says:

    Money laundering and competition from immigration

  27. vegaspro gambler says:

    this video is the true example of liberal garbage….build neat stuff!!! and expect to pay nothing for it. NOBODY is stoping you liberals from building whatever you want. take a loan and build your utopia…and i and people like me will buy it back for pennies when you file bankruptcy.

  28. IamGilgamesh666 says:

    It's an interesting theory, though it's completely unsubstantiated with facts.

  29. Lazarus Gethsemane says:

    There are more people – even though people are having less children?

  30. mike mikey says:

    so the government and the banks are to blame,
    if only the leftists could understand that the government is the problem.

  31. milky jap says:

    m8 those modern houses you said were not ugly are some of the most ugly pieces of shit i have ever seen in my whole fucking life

  32. ross twemlow says:

    bullshit. its because anyone with the power to effect the market or development of affordable housing has no interest in providing affordable housing, why build somthing you can charge a minimal ammount for when you can build somthing that you can charge more for. on top of that you have everyone with the power to actually make affordable housing in the government doing everything they can to not provide it as anyone with money or power already owns property and its in their interest that the prices rise. it is quite literally the rich vs the poor, the powerful against the powerless. then theres also the fact that workers wages have not really increased since the 50's and early 60's compared to inflation, we've been kept on the same bs money while the cost of property and living constantly rises, the only answer is credit, which essentially turns you into the banks little wage slave bitch in its pocket, but oh joy, you get to pay it off when youre 60, sell your house which is now worth 1000 000 000 000 pounds stirling and migrate to spain or some shit before dying at 75, your whole life spent and lived solely to make the rich richer and all you get, if youre LUCKY is a few years retirement before you die. Im not suggesting reducing the cost of property, as it would negatively effect the economy and fuck the whole country up BUT if wages increased then more people would be able to afford property and would be injecting the same ammount of money directly back into the economy, also the rate of new property being built should coincide with the population/imigration rate so as to keep the market stable and prevent a crash or unmanageable inflation. it wont happen though because a) noone fucking cares that can do anything about it and b) the rich want EVERYTHING they want more MORE, people like me and you aren't ALLOWED even the oportunity to own property, you just sit there and be a good little wage slave in the pockets of the bank and pay them for the pleasure of a life of servitude.

    or yknow….. its cos theyre ugly…….

  33. Jonathan Hughes says:

    God did not invent cost. Why then do we use it? God invented ask and receive. The world needs to change.

  34. Desi Car Guy PK says:

    The Only thing new property buyers can do is just to boycott this shit and wait for prices to go down at least by some percentage

  35. Wesley Taylor-Rendal says:

    300k just the net migration in… What is actual growth with addition of babies being born?

  36. Wesley Taylor-Rendal says:

    The homeowners are getting to a stage where their adult offspring cant move out. This idea that this is what voters want is absurd. The majority is not hedonist, and will gladly go without to benefit the next generation.
    Problem is we have very few honourable MPs left.

  37. Nevermore says:

    Overpopulation is generally the main factor that pushes up demand & prices. If you limit migration, eventually the prices will come down in the UK.

  38. Adam Victor Nazareth Brandizzi says:

    What is great about The School of Life is that I don't necessarily agree with it but I sure get new useful tools to think.

  39. Aria Beyea says:

    This is so unbelievable i just received a transfer of $32,000 from cryptonhackers.wordpress,com now i can payoff of my bills

  40. gila primak says:

    I adore you, Mr DeBotton! :))

  41. Jeff polara says:

    Let more immigrants pour in and destroy Europe…Zionist goals 101

  42. Solfay243 says:

    I enjoy School of Life a great deal and have agreed with or come to agree with much of the presentations given. That said, I don't agree with the strength of reasoning presented here. Could beauty of architecture be a part of the explanation of resistance-to-development? Sure. I could easily see that, but to suggest that it is a main driver is, in my opinion, grossly simplifying the issue. That said, I'm looking at this from a USA-centric lens and am not as familiar with the UK housing market, although I would be willing to bet that the two are not altogether different.

  43. Ramesh Kumaran says:

    The underworld mafia real estate agents are behind this as well. They are hand in gloves with the builders politicians and bankers.

  44. Ephesians 5:11 says:

    the probelm is GREED always has been always will be.

  45. UnitedEarthEmpire says:

    You videos are becoming more nonsense bullshit crap…

  46. XxAndie_ XDxX says:

    OMG ?

  47. Pedro Paiva says:

    I dont care if it is ugly… I just want a roof over my head.

  48. OxM says:

    Welp, guess I’m moving to canada

  49. Ana Bonn says:

    And here he is again, Alain De Botton, speaking wisely about different topics. The Da Vinci of solutions for the modern world

  50. Lackadaisical says:

    ugliness is the reason cost so much ? not because wealthy businessman from to Tokyo , Russia, Arabs …who buy them for speculation and never live in them? next video…

  51. Tien Doan says:

    It's not that housing prices are going up, supply production is being blocked by regulation and the dollars are becoming more and more worthless. In the U.S, housing price have only gone up by 0.2% from 1950 to now adjusted for inflation

  52. Jeff polara says:

    Because people only look at monthly payment amount and not actual price. Banks offering low interest allow Sellers to ask far more than a home is really worth. Imagine if paying cash was only option in home buying. You would suddenly see homes priced at their true value same with cars…..

  53. Christine S says:

    Spoken like a true architect.

  54. Gold Digger Dave says:

    A well articulated video, however misleading. The reason why house price ratio between earnings and cost is to do with manufactured entrapment, not because they are ugly housing there is a free for all of new builds and what are they building cheap small houses for the masses? No 4-5 bedroom detached homes 14-16 times more expensive than the average wage. We have 100,000's of home that would be very easy to modernise but the banks would not make anywhere near as much return so they build new homes, sell for a lifetimes worth of debt under these subsidised government schemes, nail the new owner for maintenance and trap them as a holding company owns the lease for the land which doubles every 10 years…….Look if anything needs to be subsidised it means its does not work in the real world, in a decade from now and people will only just wakeup to realise just how much they have been ripped off.

  55. Nancy Smith says:

    We need to go back to buying a place of land and put a tiny house on it. Contractors have lost their minds.

  56. LovelyPolishPerson says:

    it would be perfect if uk only had 10 million people, when i see women with 1+ kids, i wanna puke; why can't they stop breeding

  57. Ammar Mousali says:

    I see Scrutopia all over your thoughts

  58. Neo says:

    Actually, if beautiful houses start to emerge in my neigborhood I will probably have to leave it, because de value of the neigborhood will increase. That unless I get a better job, but that's not a certainty.

  59. Pablo Quirós says:

    Controversial. But it makes sense.

  60. perfect stranger says:

    I think prices are so high because the government can obtain a lot of taxes, developers obtain high profits, banks obtain high profits. Look at taxes:
    Property or lease premium or transfer value SDLT rate

    Up to £125,000 Zero

    The next £125,000 (the portion from £125,001 to £250,000) 2%

    The next £675,000 (the portion from £250,001 to £925,000) 5%

    The next £575,000 (the portion from £925,001 to £1.5 million) 10%

    The remaining amount (the portion above £1.5 million) 12%


    If you buy a house for £275,000, the SDLT you owe is calculated as follows:

    0% on the first £125,000 = £0
    2% on the next £125,000 = £2,500

    5% on the final £25,000 = £1,250

    Total SDLT = £3,750

  61. Asim Malik says:


  62. N. D says:

    I agree with the ugliness reason.twice my council took the developpers of an VERY ugly development block to stop its construction. The council lost twice. Now the whole population has to put up with an absolute horrible eyesore. Burwood. NSW

  63. Gavin Hudson says:

    Australia should look at this. Some of the housing developments and apartments certainly show a distinct lack of imagination. At least with the coming property deflation, it should make housing a bit more affordable at least.

  64. Eddy Hooden says:

    How can everyone want expensive houses. Does not explain how wages have stagnated and houses gone way up

  65. Fingers Crossed says:

    sometimes these videos miss the mark…

  66. Modulize Commerce says:

    Stop letting so many immigrants into the UK every year, and housing shortages wouldn’t be the norm. This is done on purpose by your government.

  67. Ab Abc says:

    Abolish central banks then we can see the real free market work without currency being created out of nothing

  68. yasmani martinez says:

    That is why the economy as a whole will not get better, there's your answer.

  69. haggiss says:



  70. John Lamb says:

    There is no need to build on the greenbelt there’s plenty of unused urban of wasteland that we can develop in Stead of destroying the countryside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. anglekan says:

    Western world is a shit hole.

  72. ashref salem says:

    I would say people aren't earning enough, it's a debt and usery economy, there's a notable and unjustifiable congestion of wealth accumulated through debt, could it be the financial system itself is rigged? idk

  73. Scott says:

    Most Americans believe that more development will lead to more traffic, which is usually the case. You didn't mention another economic reason housing prices keep going up, it's because people are still willing to pay higher and higher prices.

  74. Maria The Temptress says:

    Government, politicians, land developers are the real cause of properties getting so expensive. The government taxes you a percentage of your home or property value. The more that your property value goes up, the more government can tax you. For example, say if you have a home that's worth $100,000. Then land developers build 5 big mansions next door to your $100,000 home. Then the government can raise your property value. Therefore, now your $100,000 house is now worth $350,000. Then your property taxes skyrocket along with rents.

  75. HOMER ALONZO says:

    Excellent Proposal

  76. Jose says:

    Ok I got the idea so why the hell are houses so expensive in us or even more y Australia like for real Australia?
    Do you guys know how much land per capita those guys have?

  77. I H says:

    I think is more simple than that. Real estate is a Ponzi scheme. People don't mind spending too much in a house because they expect that they can sell it for more money than they paid to someone else if they need to.

    The state and the banks take a piece of the cake, so it also encouraged.

  78. May the Science be with You says:

    Old people have too much money to throw around

  79. Dariune says:

    Crowded is worse than ugly, I dont like when they build right outside my window, plus the never ending noise and filth of build site

  80. scott left says:

    It's purely because the people who want to profit from this pyramid sceme and the estate shysters that sellvthem the "dream', support massive immigration to prop it up, regardless of the amount of native born homeless….greed is back with a vengence.

  81. Liberty AboveAllElse says:

    I rarely disagree with a video like this but this guy's totally off here. Most people who live in an established area object to new housing because it brings PEOPLE and commensurate crowding/traffic/competition for local resources. Additionally given the new demographic shifts, it brings people UNLIKE OURSELVES from foreign lands with different values and behaviors. It has nothing to do with aesthetics.

  82. Brenda Drew says:

    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" even when it comes to architecture! So while someone may think one form of architecture is beautiful another person may think it's ugly and we can't please everyone so that's another problem as well! While I agree in part with the not designing using the "Shakespearean dialect" analogy, one should also remember to maintain the integrity of a place, and remember to have a sense of history. Contemporary architecture has a place among more traditional architecture, but who is to say which is beautiful and which is not ..hence, the aforementioned famous quote says this professional artist/designer.

  83. Rajesh Upadhyay says:

    Nice blog. Very nicely explained

  84. Pixel Martyr says:

    In America, we have a different and ever changing problem with housing. The housing bubble came and went. It was devastating. I think I can confidently say no one recovered from it and it has led to a new mess. Consumers have to compete with large investment firms for housing. A good bit of the money they are supplied with is from foreign investment. So Americans have to compete for housing with people from everywhere in the world. I think I can confidently say many of them are from China and the oil rich middle east where citizens of those countries are born with a salary granted to them by their government and the have never had to work a day in their lives. The US government will allow it because it draws money into the country, increases competition for residential real estate, hence increasing property values and taxable value. Which in turn, feeds money into our already too large government to pay for pensions and other overly generous benefits most government workers do not deserve.

  85. No Hope Equals no fear says:

    I think thats not why homes are expensive

    5,000 year low interest rates are. People can borrow lots of money

  86. allon33 says:

    Never talks about 'land barons' nor people buying houses to sell later to earn money. Lame.

  87. Snapso says:

    Loved this till you showed those Cambridge houses that were ugly af

  88. MsSunhappy says:

    Huh i thought the houses look nice.

  89. monchichiyoshi says:

    The reason homes cost so much is because we live in greed. Everyone needs and wants more and it’s never enough. Capitalist system while creating a lot of goods and services is proven failure at sustainability and human happiness.

  90. Khan The Video game hunter says:

    UK in general has ugly homes

  91. Checo A says:

    I don't care if people or government think that new developments are ugly or that current home owners want to increase the value of their homes. The reality is, the government and other home owners have no right to interfere with people building homes. The markets should be free so that with the increased supply of homes and equal demand, the price of homes would go down and become more affordable

  92. mehtab bandesha says:

    WOW u nailed it, (people don't want ugly people living close to them, hood is no good and the cost is a filter)

  93. David says:

    Yes, housing policy and new building are dreadful at every level in the UK. It not only that the houses are exorbitant in price or that that we want crappy backward looking back styles. We cant match the skills and materials that our forebears used. Today, British society lacks the workforce, planning systems and, well pretty well everything that would produce good quality and high volume home building. There is no immediate possibility or likelihood that this will change. For rich intellectuals with their north London Georgian townhouses, such as the narrator here, this is just an interesting set of ideas to play with. The video is catchy though, fair play.

  94. KA C says:

    Im pretty sure a lot of mortgaged houses are sitting on banks balance sheets. Dont see that changing anytime soon. We could build more social housing with the stipulation that it remains so. I still dont know why this doesnt work. Im sure if it did some bright spark would've suggested it by now? Am I wrong?

  95. Eli Suryana says:

    Even funnier, it's cheaper to build a house than buy one. This is a sign to me of how governments don't know how to take care of people properly. Many governments have the best of intentions, but they seem to make the situation get worse because they don't understand what people want. Modern capitalism always has the best of intentions, but we keep getting very few fulfilling jobs and expensive and ugly housing.
    Thank you for the great videos 🙂

  96. Barbara Smith says:

    I wouldn't care how ugly a house was if It's FUNCTIONAL. It's airtight, has a mechanical HR ventilation system, is superinsulated and non-toxic. Unfortunately, as these really important things filter into the building codes, houses seem to become more expensive and architecturally fancy (except in Canada).

  97. Ramphastos says:

    A few factors to consider:

    Foreign (primarily Chinese) money laundering is the major contributor to the outrageous prices, with spendthrift local governments also being addicted to the resulting high property taxes.

    The situation is exacerbated by systemic corruption whereby the government and property developers collude to keep prices high by impeding development through regulations, not reasoning and restricting land releases to ensure scarcity.

    Banking cartels and financiers are also complicit as they benefit through higher bank fees and charges over the longer lifetimes of larger loans.

    Finally the government is also complicit through 1) its policy of deliberate inflation and quantitative easing, whereby an ever expanding money supply (equivalent to the romans debasing their coinage) continually erodes the purchasing power of the pound/dollar, and 2) deliberately encouraging mass immigration which stimulates housing demand.

    Government has no incentive to fix the problem (particularly as voters feel wealthiest with high property prices) as they’re addicted to high taxes and importing dependent voter base to replace the native population

  98. Tom Alexander says:

    British new build houses are horendous, this is true, why would anybody want one, desperation i suppose, he never mentioned how many people die in a year, so therefore i conclude this is a propaganda video, that ol' chesnut of the mysterious overpopulation situation

  99. Scott kraft says:

    I just realized this guy has an agenda the minute you tell people what they should do

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