Newsy Live – Rex Tillerson Secretary of State confirmation hearing

Newsy Live – Rex Tillerson Secretary of State confirmation hearing


  1. Michael says:

    why do you keep interupting the hearing

  2. Bitcove says:

    Why aren't the men talking about men's rights while the woman is holding her hand out for billions of dollars more. Its bad enough men have no rights to their children born or unborn. Its even worse when woman want us to pay for their mistakes. Abortion isn't birth control grow up and if it is maybe you should ask your parents why they didn't abort you.

  3. Old Seer says:

    Rex will say what he has to in order to get the job. He is a liar and has let this Nation down time and again. Leader of Robbing Oil Cartels… he is a GREAT Danger! Many will die as he bows down to Putin and  Putin's Puppet TrumpMaggotShitButtSlime.

  4. Debra Bell says:

    The democrat's ran this country so far down, our security has been hacked and the American people have been fooled and taken for a ride long enough!! we need as always some bad ass Republican's to straighten things out! The corruption that the Dem's have done is ridiculous! The liberals are also out of control!! I hope Killary and her team along with Obama get punished to the fullest extent of the law and made to pay back all the money they have stolen from the American people! I only pray that Trump and his team can turn thing's around and left alone to do so!

  5. Real Stonekicker says:

    In response to the Russian hacking concerns, as Rex could reply he would not install a server in his bathroom area. The Dems are always in attack mode. He could shut them up by reminding them that if Hillary had not given all the information away by breaking the law and having a server in her home, we would not have such a HUGE amount of hacking at this time. But there is always the threat of being hacked. Trump has selected people who will do a great job in restoring America as a global power.

  6. souris verte says:

    abortion are not even a question right now buttr cup

  7. The Piper Report says:

    Lmao. Idiot protester at 5:10. The room gets silent and Rex patiently waits for him to get kicked out, doesn't do anything. Then he continues like a boss

  8. Denise Weber says:

    Maybe if the Democrats would not have Hired Hillary a Crook to begin With…We would not have such a Cyber Mess !! You have to wonder Who Voted Hillary in !! It definitely wasn't a Smart move.. everyone already knew She intimidated a minor Rape Victim and helped her Rapist get off the hook. Clinton Foundation is a known receiver of funds from Saudi Arabia that is a Total conflict of interest.

  9. L Fang says:

    when everything is a priority, nothing is priority. so true

  10. Cookinitmax says:

    Democrats want war with Russia not a good thing.

  11. Cookinitmax says:

    How do people like that lady get into theses kinds of meeting.

  12. StellaMaris Gonzales says:

    Tillerson is such a brilliant guy!

  13. Widg3t's Widgets says:

    Wow. Rubio is a political cunt. WTF was he thinking asking those questions? It's obviously going to hamstring the secretary of state if he calls Putin a war criminal, and damage the country. If you call someone a war criminal, they expect you do something about it. Russia has nuclear weapons and they're in the hands of the war criminal. So the fact that we might call him a war criminal and then do nothing about it would absolutely ruin the regime for the cases where we determine someone's a war criminal and we can do something about it.

  14. James C. says:

    Hey, Rubio, go fuck yourself.

  15. Bev Tuft says:

    more class than anyone else in the room.

  16. Pam Johnson says:

    My respect to Mr. Tillerson, all those play for pay politicians are terribly comfortable not serving the American people. May there be a deep draining of the swamp soon.

  17. YahshuaLovesMe says:

    Rex is very sober and objective, I can see why he was appointed by Trump.

  18. phrannymoo De says:

    Wow, by Rubio's logic..he's just described Hillary Clinton as a war criminal..when is she going to go on trial? She's had people murdered, journalists, people who opposed her.

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