Mutilated Money? This Place Will Give You a Fresh Stack

Mutilated Money? This Place Will Give You a Fresh Stack

(curious music) – If you have money that’s
been damaged in a fire, in a flood, that’s been
eaten by insects or animals, we’ll evaluate and
determine how much is there and reimburse you for it. (curious music) My name is Eric Walsh,
I’m the assistant manager at the Mutilated Currency Division. Every year, the Mutilated
Currency Division receives about 23,000 cases,
people will send money that’s been somehow damaged, and we reimburse, annually,
about 40 million dollars. It’s a free service
the government provides that we pay dollar in dollar out. We require 51 percent of the
note present to pay on it and that just protects us from paying twice on the same note. Once we determine the amount, we will send a treasury
check for what we discover. We’re pretty low-tech here, so the tools of the trade are
scissors, knives, scalpels, glue and tape, and maybe
a pair of tweezers. The most challenging cases
are usually cases that the money has gotten wet and
sat for long periods of times, and it’ll actually petrify
and be solid as a brick. A lot of it is “the dog ate my money.” We get hundreds of those cases a year. A lot of people will hide their money in the
oven and forget about it, or they’ll get it wet and
put it in the microwave and that will ignite the currency. Our most infamous case
took place in the ’80s, and what happened was a farmer
lost his wallet in a field and discovered that his cow had eaten it, and we always encourage the submitter to send in the package as it is; and the farmer sent in the cow’s stomach, which we were able to
retrieve the wallet from and reimburse the farmer his currency. Our office consists of
just under 20 people, and we have 12 people that examine and process the submissions, and they do roughly between 1,000 and 2,000 claims each year. We do get an increased amount of cases after a natural disaster. Over the past year between the hurricanes and wildfires out in California, we’ve reimbursed over two million dollars. We’re called upon when a lot
of people hit their low point, so any relief that you
could provide someone after they lost all their money in a flood or after their house burned
down is very rewarding. Hopefully we’re a service that
you will never need to use, but in case something does
happen, we’re here for you. (electronic chime)


  1. Joshua Williams says:

    My kid just ate my dollar….iam about to one up that farmer….

  2. Gaurav Pangarkar says:

    I hope every other country do this

  3. 2.0 Gamer says:

    This don’t happen in Australia since our notes are made of plastic

  4. turbofire7 says:

    1:12 she actually looking for money in there

  5. peter yeung says:

    Wow! Who knew?

  6. Jozee says:

    If you rob a bank and the serial numbers are being tracked or something you could wet the notes , dry em then burn off the part with the serial number thank me later

  7. John Quest says:

    That job would suuuuck!

  8. MAN_US FITNESS says:

    And how would be able to determine if the money wasn't fake?

    I'm sure this would be a great way to pass off all the fake money, by burning most or wetting everything

  9. Nate Valentine says:

    So does this include money that was damaged by die packs?… asking for a friend

  10. Randy Yananto says:

    But what do u get out of these broken notes?

  11. my name is jeff says:

    what kind of dumbass hides money in the oven?

  12. Rashid P says:

    The question is, how does this company make money? Do they have a charge fee? Why would they take junk and pay back new money?

  13. Ismam Mursalin says:

    Me: yea so my child kinda ate my wallet
    Government: just send us the whole package
    me sending in my child’s stomach

  14. Froggy says:

    America should make their notes out of polymer because it’s more durable

  15. Hillbilly Rig says:

    Yeah my dog ate a 40 grand and I need it back

  16. Andrew Gerety says:

    Just by minted gold or silver

  17. Anita Jalowitz says:'s alot of money..

  18. Kogre says:

    who else thought the title said multiplied money

  19. saul g hernandez says:

    So the amount of money in the wallet was worth more than the cow?

  20. FiftyTheFox says:

    Modern slavery. Started in a field. White boss only black workers.?

  21. Martinez Diaz says:

    No cows were harmed in the making of this video
    Oh wait….

  22. Area 51 Liberation says:

    Who hides their money in the oven?!….what even…

  23. Goran Ramovic says:

    How on Earth did you end up with that kind of a job I guarantee you you did not go to college or University t. Why do they always send the poor

  24. Dwight Schrute says:

    Who leaves money in the oven? To get a pizza somehow?

  25. eeehmm what says:

    I store my money in the Exhaust of my car

  26. Random Media says:

    The story about the cow, & the fact that he sent in the entire stomach ????

  27. Jeramithehuman says:

    Didn’t know the government has a useful division that actually helps people.

  28. Jacob Macdonald says:

    Rip Betsy cow

  29. VERY RARE says:

    You Give the money to the cashier he looks at you your response is it been through a lot

  30. FattyInAction says:

    Soo what do they actually do with the money, and how the hell do they profit off of this?

  31. Snowflex PxP says:

    Can they use a machine to calculate the exact dimensions of the bills and go off of that to determine how many bills are in a stack instead of going through each one of them and piecing them together?

  32. Erik giron says:

    So they killed the cow?

  33. Cyan Rainbow says:

    0:38 dat face doe

  34. v t says:

    I would love to have that job for a year. It's like a game of puzzle pieces, fascinating! Great story.

  35. mattsumus says:

    Can we talk about the crazy dude who just happened to murder his cow, cut its stomach out, sent it to the place just to retrieve his wallet…

  36. First Last says:

    Is everyone out there Rich but me !? WTF . Seems like everyone got money but me .

  37. CrazyCaluz says:

    You must be an idiot to leave large amounts of money outside of a fire/water proof safe.

  38. Pew Pew says:

    Why would you place the money in a oven, you should obviously leave it in the campfire.

  39. JoyTheGeek says:

    "The farmer sent in the cow's stomach."
    Well. That's one way to do it

  40. M antis says:

    So he killed the cow to get his wallet.

  41. Manjeet joshi says:

    Dog at my ? money???

  42. Pendulous Testicularis says:

    So will they reimburse me the next time I rob a bank and the dye packs go off??

  43. Jacksepticeye 3 says:

    Pablo Escobar has entered the chat

  44. carlos estrada says:

    Still don't trust anybody that works for the gov bunch of ex welfare check cashiers

  45. Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel says:

    bro seeing them older bills just hurts..

  46. RapiDSpacE13 says:

    Kids: My dog ate my homework.
    Adults: My dog ate my money

  47. Mo Mo says:

    Good to know

  48. Fin The human says:

    YouTube recommended a year late:

  49. DuBB900 says:

    When they were showing the pile of bills all burned and black how the hell do they determine the actual bill?

  50. AidzAim says:

    I wonder if you got counterfeit money and then burned it and sent it in.. would they investigate it or just reimburse it as real money

  51. Kim A says:

    Ml lo u

  52. Adrian Alvarez says:

    Ways to keep capitalism alive.

  53. rad says:

    0:20 Gotta admit, that dude is pretty fuckin good at folding his arms.

  54. Re Re says:

    Went up in that cows guts for his money by any means necessary baby

  55. Donnell Clark says:

    So you mean to tell me a cow ate a leather wallet?

  56. Jon Anderson says:


  57. ItzLayla says:

    After watching lots of crime documentaries, the word “mutilated” makes me shudder ?

  58. Eleazar Guevara says:

    I wonder what they do with the burned money.

  59. JEHOVA NISSI says:

    Good job hopefully I never need you're help ,but ty for being a just in case situation

  60. Richard Mijangos says:

    America the Great!

  61. rafalpanwojny says:

    >rob a bank
    >burn the money
    >send it in to the government
    >your money is now laundered

  62. Northside chicanos says:

    Zoey 101 sushi bar money

  63. Dadson worldwide says:

    great country

  64. Jaswinder Bansal says:

    Anyone can make fake money then burn it a little and get paid out for that… this isn’t a service in uk

  65. Chicken Draws Dogs says:

    But…was the money in the wallet worth the cow's value!!?

  66. Ally Bamma says:

    Who doesn't like this? Dickheads

  67. digital1911 says:

    I have literally Register-mailed $70k in mutilated bills to the treasury in three separate boxes (25k max insurance is why). This money was so filthy. I was so happy to get that money out of the vault. We had so much because no one ever did it ever since the credit union was created.

  68. Nisha Sanchez says:

    Good info to know !,thank u

  69. dab thr says:

    legends says that farmer had 10$ in violet..

  70. aze says:

    He shipped in the stomach of the cow? What happened to the cow???

  71. granuzlek says:

    The examiners probably all drive Porsche.. ?

  72. Puking Dino says:

    ? : “I ate your wallet.”

    ??‍? : “You will die for that!”

  73. X Skid says:

    My name is"?

  74. Good luck everyone says:

    Money is plastic in many western countries now

  75. BlankNeverLose Gaming says:

    Use cryptocurrency, problem solved.

  76. Jason Caguioa says:

    I hope that there also here in the Philippines like that

  77. قناة ماهر maher channel says:

    0:20 the "mewley" currency division. It's pronounced mew-ti-lay-ted

  78. Hajar Renate Midbrød says:

    Hmmmmm Not a single white face to be seen working that job ..all the employees doing the actual dirty work were African American !!!!! what does that say ?……………………..

  79. Specops915 says:

    This is fucking awesome.

  80. fish talk says:

    Easy job

  81. CRYIPTIC CREEP says:

    How did the farmer know the cow ate it? Did he only have one…animal on his farm?

  82. MissBee MakingYouThink says:

    They make it sound so simple and easy. But I can guarantee you that you gotta go through hell and hot water just to get it back. They gonna be all up in your business like "how did you acquire this money" "what you do for living?" "let me see your bank statements" etc

  83. Dazzling Jasmin says:

    Yall killed a cow just to get the chewed money in the cow stomach ..

  84. Tabithia Moore says:

    Shitty farmer killing an innocent Animal. Hope he got eaten. POS.

  85. Tabithia Moore says:

    It's called a BANK, FDIC INSURANCE.

  86. CrazyLegs says:

    Farmer said "I ain't sifting thru doodoo, who wants steaks?"

  87. Toywerty DId says:

    Like the vid to Spread the word

  88. Martin Godinez says:

    That farmer killed his pet cow for $2 in that wallet.

  89. Venkatesh K says:

    That farmer is an idiot and you people too… That Cow might be more asset than money inside stomach…

  90. sha bang says:

    My son just came in the house and asked if he could tape his $20 bill back together then this comes up in my recommendation ?

  91. a lil bit of aussie down under says:

    Come to Australia where we are smart and laminate our money 🙂 put it through the wash? Oh smells nice thanks 🙂

  92. John Goldman says:

    That's a awesome service.

  93. dkgong says:

    Thanks for this! My Dad had some waterlogged money and we submitted to the US Treasury a year ago. Last week we got a check for $25,000. ?

  94. REHMAT EXPRESS says:

    I have million but they are deface

  95. angel 78 says:

    Great ?

  96. wyiss beauty aroake says:

  97. j gabriel says:

    The only white guy their was the assistant manager and all the minority’s were working!


  98. Nichole Crawford says:

    Pretty sure they still tax you for issuing a check

  99. FBI says:

    My money got caught in a bike chain. ;-; dont ask how. It’s about 3 dollars.

  100. coin paradise says:


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