Murder on Cortes Island – The Fifth Estate

Murder on Cortes Island – The Fifth Estate

[♪♪♪] [Train Announcement] My name is Harvey Cashore. I’m a journalist at
CBC’s the Fifth Estate. It’s not often I find
myself in front of the camera. But this story is quite
unusual, because it involves me. Announcer: We are now arriving
in Bologna [speaking Italian]. [Harvey] I’m in Italy to
meet a guy I’ve never met before. He wants to help
me solve a mystery about a murder that
I’ve been obsessing about for years. [News Anchor] RCMP continue
to secure the property where a 60-year-old man
was found dead on Friday morning. [Harvey] It’s about this
man, Stefano Savioli. The wealthy artist was found
dead in his isolated cliff-top home, Friday. RCMP say the
death is suspicious. [Harvey] The murder
happened on an island that I call home. It’s formed who I am. It’s part of my DNA. On Cortes island tonight,
where they are probing the death of a man in his sixties. It happened to one of
this island’s most beloved and colourful residents. [Harvey] I am obsessed
now about finding out who murdered this guy. Cortes Island is so remote. It is north of Vancouver. You need to take three
ferries to get there. It may take you an entire day,
but for me it’s all worth it. Every time I see that
view, I get goosebumps, no matter how old I am. My family started going to
Cortes when I was seven or eight, and we’ve been
going every year since. There’s this Cathedral
Forest that you go through, and the sun comes through
it, and we thought we were in Disneyland. It’s a magical place,
but on this trip I’m here for a different reason. I am literally coming to
Cortes to find a killer. [♪♪♪] Ladies and gentleman, and
kids and boys and girls, the games will begin for kids of
all ages right over behind the tent over here. [Harvey] We’re just heading
down to Cortes Island’s annual fair. We call it Cortes Days. Hey, how’s it going?
-Good, how are you? [Harvey] This is where the fair
is going to take place, and the parade comes right
down this road down here. [cheering] Cortes Days is this one
event during the year when everyone shows up. You see people you
haven’t seen in months. I like to say it’s the only
time on Cortes where there’s a traffic jam, is
on Cortes Days. So today is really our
first full day of shooting, and I’m trying to start to get
a sense of who will talk to us about Stefano, and get a sense
of what he was like when he would come here as well. That’s the Nail, Sail,
and Bail contest. Come on down! Five, four, three, two, one! [Harvey] The last
time Stefano Savioli walked on these grounds at
Cortes Days was in 2010. Yee-haw! [Harvey] He was brutally
killed shortly after that. Today I’m looking
around and wondering, who among us, who here
might have committed murder? ♪ You and I could get
away with murder ♪♪ [Harvey] This is like
an Agatha Christie novel. We know for sure that someone
here on this island that day committed murder. Who? Ester! Hey! How are you doing? I’m filming a
documentary right now. We’re doing the
Stefano Savioli murder. Oh, my God. We’re doing a
short story on him. I knew him very well.
-[Harvey] Yeah, yeah, yeah. When it happened, it was the
most unawaited and unpredictable thing that happened, because
he wasn’t in any conflicts. [Harvey] Do you know
what brought him here, what brought him to Cortes?
-Stefano? I don’t know, but
who can we ask? Maybe the other Stefano. I saw him here. Here, here, I just look at him. [Harvey] Ester is
my neighbour on Cortes, and she points me in the
direction of another Stefano. Stefano Perdisa. He doesn’t want to
talk here at the fair, but agrees to meet
us later that day. Thanks a lot. He said across
from the clear cut, and he just finished paving. Hello! Hello. This is Leslie, my wife. [Harvey] Hey Leslie, I’m Harvey. Hi, Harvey.
-[Harvey] Hi, how you doing? Good. [Harvey] Stefano Perdisa
and his wife Leslie knew Stefano Savioli better than
anyone on Cortes Island. They’ve known him
since the 1980s. Look.
This was August 5th. We hear the news of
Stefano Savioli’s passing. [Harvey] Oh, wow. And they say that
Stefano Savioli’s life is revealed really
through his art. The artist that he studied
with uses a lot of colour, and so he was very inspired. That’s him right
there with Marino, our oldest boy.
This one. He was nice to kids, Savioli. He was always
interested and kind. This is at Cortes Days,
but years ago, 1990 probably.
-[Harvey] Okay. This is actually–
that’s Abigail, and that’s him. [Harvey] Savioli met his
wife, 20-year-old Abigail, and her son Samuel, on a
visit to Cuba in the late 1990s. She moved to
Cortes shortly after. Abi and Samuel were embraced
by the Cortes community as soon as they arrived. And before long, Abi was
queen of the Cortes Days parade. [Cars Honking] He was happy. Abi too. It had been some time
since I’d seen him actually relaxed and happy. [Harvey] Stefano Perdisa
won’t forget the strange vibe on the island
eight years ago, the day of the murder. There had been
fires somewhere nearby. There was a lot of
smoke in the air, like no moon in the sky. The day after, everything
started to clear up, you know? So it was almost like the last
chance to get away with murder, you know what I mean? [♪♪♪] [Harvey] You’re one of
the first people on the scene after the
police have left. What did you see? We saw the blood,
and this and that. You could stand in the loft and
there was some blood spray on the ceiling of the roof. We are the ones to
clean the place. He died in his bed. [Harvey] You both must’ve
been thinking, well, what are the theories
about what’s possible? Who did this? Abigail said nothing was taken. So it didn’t seem like whoever
murdered him was after cash. I couldn’t, I still can’t think
who might have done something, you know, like that. [♪♪♪] [Harvey] Something gave
me the shivers there. Somebody would’ve had to
go up in that loft and kill him in his sleep. So, why? And then we got a tip
to find a man named Leo. Hello? Hi! We’re looking for Leo. Are we at the right spot? Oh!
Right there. Leo was Stefano’s
neighbour. -Oh, hi there!
-[Harvey] Hey Leo! And was just down the
road the night of the murder. Very generous. He was private in a lot of ways. But he was very generous.
-[Harvey] Yeah? Oh god yeah. Like when he got a new ATV,
he gave me his old one. -[Harvey] Really?
-Yeah! Just like that.
Boom. It was worth a couple
of thousand dollars. [Harvey] Were you
living next to him when it happened?
-Yeah. [Harvey] Did you
hear anything odd? No one heard nothing. [Harvey] Yeah? They knifed him, right. Well probably
stabbed a couple of times. Gutted man. There was blood all
over the walls I heard. [Harvey] Really? And why would
anyone do that? It was either financial
or just pure hate. [Harvey] Leo helps point us in
the direction of the murder scene, a series of twists and
turns on back roads. I have no idea where we are. I have no idea where we are. Steep hill.
Only 4×4 please. We’re 4×4 right?
-We’re good. Yup, think we’re good. Stefano’s wife Abigail wasn’t
home the night of the murder. Hello? And she doesn’t live
in this cabin anymore. It’s beautiful, eh?
-Gorgeous. [Harvey] It’s not
that easy to find. This is the end of the road. We’re at the very
top of the bluff. So this is where
the murder happened? Like right up there
in the loft up there. That’s where he was killed.
Right up there. [♪♪♪] The next day, our investigation
takes an unexpected turn. Maybe they sent the mafia
over there to knock him off. They flew in on a float plane,
they stabbed him to death. [♪♪♪] [Harvey] Here it is! This is like the
most spectacular view. That’s Cortes Bay there. There’s the rock we
would sleep on as kids. We’d take our canoe out
there and sleeping bags, all of us cousins and
sleep over right on that rock, as a kind of
ritual of the summer. I used to come here when
I was young and sit and stare for hours. Today I am thinking
about Stefano Savioli’s brutal killing… and who here would
want him dead. There are almost a thousand
people living year-round on Cortes and I’m beginning to
think that there are as many theories as there are people. The RCMP homicide unit
apparently has its own theory. I’m going to go find the RCMP. But they didn’t appear
to be sharing that with the local detachment. That’s the Quadra RCMP. They didn’t know anything
about the cold case. Before their time. You know call Vancouver
Island Major Crimes. Nice guys but they
don’t know anything. They’re not investigating it.
They have no idea. And then I run into an
old friend of my parents’, Reid Westcott,
with his own theory. Turns out he knew Abigail
and Stefano really well. She’s flamboyant, full of life. She plays volleyball
on Sundays with us. A really fabulous person. And when she came, she
could barely speak English. This is not a Cuban lifestyle
that most Cubans would choose, you know? She hung in there,
she made it her own. [Harvey] On the surface,
they lived a modest lifestyle, but once in a while,
islanders like Reid would notice Stefano had money. Lots of it. We’d seen a float plane
fly in with these two really well-dressed Italian
guys with briefcases. They had been architects. They’d flown from Italy
because he had a project going. The basement was a
million dollars, the street level was going
to be a car dealership for Lamborghini. [Harvey] And Reid remembers
meeting the Italian side of the family at Stefano’s
memorial at Gorge Hall. I think they knew a lot
more than any of us about the situation. That’s the feeling I got. The thing is, it’s easy access
from the water up to his place on a quiet night. Somebody that was
an assassin or paid someone to do something like that. That makes more sense to me than
some wacky loony in the boony. [♪♪♪] Want to thank you
all this evening. We are the Blues Shakers [Harvey] The Gorge Harbour
is one of the jewels of Cortes Island. It’s also the place where
the theory of the Italian assassins begins. Stefano Savioli lived
across the Gorge Harbour, exactly east of
where we are now. One theory is that whoever
killed Stefano Savioli that night came from here on boat
and went across Gorge Harbour. I’m on my way to meet someone
who claims to know even more about that theory. Hello? Anybody? Brian Scott was
Stefano’s art teacher. Stefano was a really
good friend of mine. I get teary-eyed talking about
the guy because it was a real tragedy. He was a real people
person and he was very, very generous. He was very wealthy. Stefano’s father owned
the discotheques, hotels. Stefano Savioli was
all over the town. These guys are all
multimillionaires. [Harvey] And he claims
it was the Italian mafia that killed Stefano Savioli. He really, really irritated
these guys, right. Imagine sending a couple of
guys all the way, you know, from Sicily or wherever
the hell they came from, all the way to
Cortes Island, and, people saw them. Like they were
typical mafia guys, dressed in black. I traced their movements. They had coffee
right by the ferry, coming off the ferry. [♪♪♪] [Harvey] I’ve now heard
countless versions of that mafia story but so far zero
evidence to back it up. What other reasons
might there be? I head to Stefano’s hometown
in Italy in search of answers. So, we’re off to see
Cristiano this morning. Cristiano is
Stefano Savioli’s son. We are in Riccione
where Stefano is from. And of course, Cristiano is the
son who has been wondering for of course, eight years now
what happened to his father. This is not the ocean. It’s the Adriatic Sea. There’s a big difference
in between ocean and sea. Savioli was the nightclub. Everybody came to Riccione
and everybody went to Savioli. This is the most important thing
that I have because Stefano did it for me. We were in Cortes island. I was a kid. It was early ’80s,
me and my mom. [Harvey] After his parents
split up, Cristiano visited Cortes in the summers. I have good memories about
Cortes and the summer there. [Harvey] For him, like me,
it became a second home. Here we were going fishing. [Harvey] But it
wasn’t all summer fun on Cortes Island. For most of his life,
Cristiano’s father was hardly around. We did not have
a real relationship. He was mostly absent. He was not able to be a father. [Harvey] And only
weeks before the murder, Cristiano and his
father reconnected. And we learn
something significant. Stefano was planning
to move back to Italy, for good. He was thinking to get back to
Italy and live this phase of his life here in Italy again. He started to be bored
about Canada and all the situation over there. [Harvey] And Cristiano couldn’t
believe it when he learned that Cortes Island was blaming
Italy for the murder. People in Cortes were
thinking that… a mafia guy came to
Cortes to kill my father. [Harvey] Right. Okay. First, this sounds very funny. Second, this sounds
very offensive, okay? This is truly racist. It’s big bullshit. You have not to think because
just we are Italian we have to be involved with the mafia. I want to find out what
happened and have justice. There are no excuses. A murder is a murder. I want to be clear with
all of them in Cortes. It’s not a foreign problem. It’s much more simple. You have to start thinking that
the problem is on the island. [Harvey] I’m convinced that
Cristiano Savioli is right. The answer to who killed
his father lies right back on Cortes Island. But where? Are we missing something
we’ve already been told? Was there something in
what Reid Westcott said at Manson’s Lagoon that day? I don’t think he
had any malevolent, dark secrets except
he was a chauvinist. Well, he didn’t like women
that had strong opinions and it bothered him you know having to
argue with western women all the time about everything. [Harvey] And then
there’s Brian Scott, the artist, who had even
described physical abuse. The dark side to
Stefano was he’d smack them. He would lose it
for whatever reason. [♪♪♪] Hello? [Harvey] Oh hi, is this Carla?
-Yes. And then we hear from
a former girlfriend. She says she experienced
first-hand Stefano’s dark side. Several years before
he met Abigail, Stefano brought Carla
from Italy to Cortes island. And Carla tells me about
the time she forgot to make Stefano’s lunch
exactly the way he wanted. An axe?! Wow. Well, this is a Cortes
Island I didn’t know. Now what? [voicemail beeps]
Oh hi, Abigail. It’s Harvey Cashore. I wondered if Abigail,
Stefano’s widow, had her own ideas about what
might have happened. Yeah, hope to hear from you. Okay, thanks.
Bye. Hi, Harvey.
It’s Abigail calling. [Harvey] Hey Abigail!
How are you? I’m really no happy about
what you are doing actually. [Harvey] But when she
called back, she was in no mood to help. Super unhappy and
that’s not okay. Only the police can
answer your questions. You need to stop doing that. [disconnected tone] Today some people came
at me and said Abigail is really quite upset. My allegiance is to her first. Please leave your
message after the tone. The whole island knows that
Abigail doesn’t want anyone talking to us and now
everyone is shutting down. I’m getting the feeling that
there’s something more that people know that they would
really rather not talk about and I am getting the feeling
that they would rather us just go away. [♪♪♪] Stay with us over the next
few months as we find out more clues about
who did it and why. Okay, there was two
people there on the property. People told me to stop
doing the story here. The person said, think about
your family, Harvey. You can check out our progress
on our website and newsletter. [♪♪♪]


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    I think it became obvious from the "20 year old Cuban wife and her son" on where this was headed. Older rich man, young woman from another culture, gets tired of waiting for him to die and speeds up the process. No Life Insurance so no investigation. A reporter is the only one to profit off a investigation, he's trying to sell a same old story, only the names have changed. Any plane that flew in that night, while she wasn't home, was from Cuba not Italy.

  75. J says:

    Too bad the Fifth Estate doesn't do equally important stories about regular people. They seem to focus on telling stories that only pertain to the wealthy and connected. The more sordid the story, the better.

  76. ATLHooligan says:

    What kind of half assed bullshit story is this…stayed turned over the next few months?? No thanks.

  77. ATLHooligan says:

    I'll just assume the wife did it…

  78. Max Go says:

    the wife son from cuba who is all grown up can't stand doing nothing watching his mom is being physically and verbally abused by her partner so he killed him that is why when cbc guy called her she does not like it.

  79. J.J. W. says:

    The wife hired a hit man on her husband…

  80. Judie Laraque says:

    The wife killed him obviously

  81. TomJeffersonWasRight says:

    Come on to visit the web site. Waste of 23 minutes.

  82. Jake Doc says:

    where are the other parts? this was from march

  83. Jake Doc says:

    when its a stabbing like this- its always the people from the inner circle. you would start with the wife- and or people close to him, his exs etc. people think the Mafia would hire hit men- to fly to Canada and then stab him? At home? I mean that does not even make sense at all if you think about it for a brieff second. They would shoot him in the head. Thats how an assassin kills.

  84. Jackie Wilde says:

    What feckless journalism.

  85. Sweet Corn says:

    goosebumps are just skin boners

  86. Zoë Evans says:

    There’s no mystery here…

  87. icutrauma1 RS6 says:

    Who's Abigail's current boyfriend. Who benefited the most from his death?

  88. Christopher Rouse says:

    Where is part 2

  89. Rodolfo Ayala says:

    The Wife’s knows what happened.

  90. Vanessa Vanier says:

    Clearly the community knows something. The fact that the wife react this way when someone is trying to find the killer of her husband and the town shutting down after that… it's telling. And everyone painting him to be a good man at first but when asked again, some had stories about how violent he was??? Clearly at first they were trying to cover something. That + the fact they started the whole mafia rumours lmao… c'mon now. My guess is he was a violent, chauvinist man indifferent to parenting and it was known so someone took care of it. end of the story. In the end, he probably got what he deserved.

  91. Marie Jones says:

    ABAGAIL…. period

  92. brenda courneyea says:

    I hate the fact there is no end to the story. No sense watching if i'm left hanging!

  93. Sen Tio says:

    – If and if he was an Italian hot-head towards women then the wife did it or one of her brothers or family came to set the record straight. Not only Italians have a kind of family protection (kind of vendetta), Cubans have that as well.
    – If and if the wife didn't want to go live in Italy (she knows and was probably at the meetings of the Italian businessmen or even her husbands employees) then she could have done it.
    – If it was a mess-up of him concerning business in Italy then they could have sent someone to kill him.
    – Or if Italian business world didn't want him to come (maybe had/have scams/stealing from the firm to hide), they could have arranged it to get him killed…

  94. Mia Harrison says:

    Of course the wife did it! Pretty simple and straightforward.

  95. Natalie Quijada says:

    She knows who did it ….

  96. mrs bird says:

    Let’s see:
    He was planning to “get back to Italy” according to the son.
    According to the ex girlfriend he beats women for the smallest things.
    So could it be that the wife was probably battered.
    She sees that he is going to Italy and may reconnect with his biological son and build a close relationship.
    Wife becomes jealous( maybe she would also lose money to the biological son)
    she fights with him not wanting to go to Italy he beats her…she conveniently she makes it so she is “not home” the night he is murdered and no there still is no justice for her husband for all these years.
    Finally someone wants to find the justice that the son desperately wants and the wife becomes enraged shuts everyone down…what??? Hmmm I wonder who is involved in killing this man?!?! 🤔. The wife is not the only one that lost someone and all those people that are “loyal” to the wife need to help and talk tell what they know. The son deserves to know who killed his father.

  97. JellyBellyMystic says:

    6:03 starving horse.

  98. Mrs.GotDRAMAbringit says:

    Wow, the artist was an abuser, his fate ended in eye for an eye!

  99. jackybaby1999 says:

    Sounds like his violence finally caught up to him.

  100. Looseel Scott says:

    I don't know how this ends, but from the start I suspected it was Abigail. Now we get to the part where Abigail is upset that he's investigating? Guilty.

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