MSc Digital Marketing at DCU Business School

MSc Digital Marketing at DCU Business School

My name is Jennifer Hyland; I studied the
masters in digital marketing at the DCU Business School. I am currently working in Edelman,
Dublin, as a senior account executive on the digital team. My name is Emer and I studied digital marketing
at DCU business School. I am currently employed at Google as an account strategist on the
agency, small to medium business team. My name is Kevin O’Brien, I’m the marketing
manager for and I studied the Masters in Digital in DCU Business School. Hi I’m Sara Farrell, I’m a recent graduate
from Dublin City University, I currently work as the demand generation manager where I studied
Digital Marketing with the Digital Marketing team in the Bank of Ireland. My name in Fiona O’Hara and I studied Digital
Marketing at DCU business School. What’s really interesting about the Digital
Marketing course is that you get all sorts of people; there was a lot of people, a lot
of marketing professionals, even people from other industry’s who were trying to upskill
in the same area. After twenty years working in the pharmaceutical
industry in roles such as Country Manager and Business Unit Director I felt it was important
to add a Digital Marketing qualification to my skill base. So we learnt a lot by working together and
sharing each other’s experiences. While there were some of us in the class that were
quite good at the Digital thing and quite natural to it, there were other people in
the class that were quite tenured in traditional advertising and traditional marketing so together
we were able to fuse and produce really cool projects. I choose the DCU Business programme because
it combines an academic and a hands on approach to teaching. Hi my name is Mick Lynham and I’m a recent
graduate from Dublin City University Business School where I studied Digital Marketing.
What I liked most about the course was the element of working with real live clients
with your assignments. We got to actually to reach out and work together
with live clients, which give you an incredible experience. One of the key projects that we worked on
over a six-month period was an international relationship and that was with a Mexican airline
called Viva AirBus and we actually as part of the project got the opportunity to travel
over to Mexico City and work with the client on the project for a week. What I loved about the course was the practical
applications I was able to make from the theory plus they had a whole wealth of industry experts
who would come in and give us lectures so we were able to take the learning’s form
what they were doing and apply them back in the real world. I think I benefited most from the actual practical
hands on work such as the Google Adwords campaigns, the Facebook advertising campaigns, where
we got the opportunity to work with live clients. Also as part of the course I had the opportunity
to build a Windows phone mobile App. One of my favorite modules was obviously one
of the Google modules where we got to understand PPC, Google Adwords, we got real experience
on real accounts, on how to set them up, implement them and we even entered the Google Online
Marketing Challenge which was an absolutely brilliant experience and defiantly one of
the reasons I’m here (Google) today. I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough;
the lecturers were very good, very supportive and the course was very beneficial, it was
able let you apply what you had learnt in the classroom. I would absolutely recommend this course;
it is so close to what is happening in the industry at the moment. I didn’t just get practical experience in
terms of analytics and data; I had the opportunity to come at it from multiply angles, academic,
industry and data and it really got your head spinning around the different ways business
operate not just at a local level but nationally and internationally as well. This course is very taught provoking, challenging
and interactive and it does require an awful lot of work. It was a really rewarding experience, I enjoyed
it a lot, made a lot of new friends, was very tough work but defiantly worth it. Digital is a very practical skill to have,
you have to be able to launch into accounts, build them out and optimise them and you learn
all this within the Digital Marketing course. I would recommend the course, I believe it
is applicable to anyone non-industry specific but also people who are trying to carve out
a bespoke career in Digital Marketing. If you would like more information please
visit: Thank You.

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