Another thing I remembered thinking as well is where have all these people gone? Where have all these people gone who used to make a living here? Are they still making a living, how have they coped? The change was just so drastic and my first thought was about where are these people? Are they where they want to be, or did they not have a choice? So Brixton felt to me like it was just a major changing point for travel. The commuters pouring out the station, which is no different from what it was years ago but the amount had increased a lot lot lot more white faces. A lot of white faces. I don’t think I’d seen so many white faces in Brixton in that particular area and
I would definitely say they outnumbered the black faces. I felt sad and I think it was
because I was thinking of times changing and times change for the better, but do they change for the better for everyone? I think what was playing at the back of my mind all the
time was this something that the old Brixton people, they’d moved on had they moved on to better things, I hope so. So i’ve, I’ve got to stop saying so, so I’ve just listened
to what I’ve actually said and I understand that I’m older, it’s been 20 years or so since I’ve had a good look and walk around Brixton things change time goes on but it was just such a drastic change I think was the shock I’ve been all over London and I’ve worked
all over London at different times in my life and the locations the stores and the shops have changed in different locations but not necessarily the community and it just seemed as if the community of Brixton they’d all gone so I do understand with time that things change but I’d never seen that anywhere else in London that the people go as well, the
people had gone.

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