Most Profitable Strategy For Beginners

Most Profitable Strategy For Beginners

What is the best strategy for beginners
when it comes to the game of real estate? My name is Kris Krohn and today, I’m
going to be talking about the big 3 which means we’re going to be tackling
3 of the biggest most popular strategies that there are in real estate
and really get down to the gritty nitty gritties of which one is going to be
best for you. Is it going to be multi-family real estate? Is it going to
be single-family rentals or is it going to be flipping property? So, let’s go check out my trusty
whiteboard here. And what I want to do is this basic comparison. Flips, multifamily,
rentals. And as we talk about them, let me make sure you first have some context on
what all those are. First of all, for those either new to the game real estate,
flipping is this game of I’m going to buy a property really low and I’m going to sell
it really high. And it’s really short. Right? I’m going to do this for like like
one month, 2 or 3 months. And I’m going to see if I can make 10,000 or 20,000
or 50,000 dollars on a single deal. Then you have multi-family. Multi-family is
like think high-rises. Think many families in one building, right? It could
be a multi-family, it could be like a 12 unit, it could be a 20 unit. It could be a
hundred and fifty unit. And the idea is I’m going to do 1 property and it’s going to
have several different many apartments that I can run out for money. And then
lastly, you’ve got single-family rentals, right? It’s just reducing it down to, “I’m
buying a home that I’m going to be renting out. And I like that one because
I’m going to be renting out. I can buy something really small. it’s not as big
and scary.” There’s no flipping this is and that. That’s
what we really get into the pro and con of this. So now that you understand a
little bit more about what these are, let’s talk about the differences. So,
flips. If I’m going to buy a property, I’m going to flip a property, one of the things
that you need to understand is that one of the big pros is that you have really
big upfront money. I mean, if you successfully do one of these deals,
someone in my private real estate community just completed a flip and he
made $70,000. False, he made sixty nine thousand eight hundred and something
dollars, right? He made seventy thousand dollars. And he did all that and I think
like a 6 week time frame. The pro is you got really big money but if you’re
new to the game, there’s also a certain level of risk that you need to be aware
of. Because what if something goes wrong? What if you intended to make a 20
thousand dollar, because 20 grand sounds great. Riding a flip those deal, I’m going to
make $20,000. But what if something goes wrong and the foundation
has a bigger problem or I miscalculated and I can’t sell it for as much as I
thought. And all of a sudden to get it off your hands. You’re now, 10 thousand
underwater. That happens to new investors. So you can make really big money but you
need to understand that there is some risk and
game. Let’s talk multifamily, okay? Here’s the cool thing about multifamily. This
money that you get here on a flip, this is what I call upfront money. But here
are multi-family, what you’re going to get is a really big cash flow. You’re going to
get a superior cash flow. And what I mean by cash flow is it costs 10 thousand
dollars a month to maintain my building. But I collect 15 thousand dollars a
month. Which means there’s 5 thousand in the gap. And that 5 thousand comes
to me when it’s all done and said. So that can be a really big cash flow. But
one of the negatives, especially if you’re brand new is that if you want to
buy a really big building, guess what it takes? Takes a lot of money. These are
multi multi-million dollar deals. And you might need $500,000 out of pocket. You might need a million dollars. So if you’re brand new, one of
the cons is that it takes a lot of money. Now, you might be watching this saying, “I
got a lot of money.” But if you’re like most people are like when I got started
with nothing. That’s like, “Dude, I don’t have 2 pennies to rub together.” So
that’s not going to work for me. And then lastly, we have rentals. Now, the game here
on rentals is that rentals have the ability if you hold single family homes
long enough, they can really go up in value. And what it can produce is what I
call a long-term gain. Which means, “Hey, on this property, I might not get a whole
lot of cash flow compared to a multi-family like a big apartment
complex.” But you know what? When I go to sell that house, if I do it right, maybe
I’ll make 50 grand when it’s time to sell it. Maybe I’ll make $100,000 when
it’s time to sell it. And that can be exciting for some people. But you know
what? One of the cons on rentals is that if you buy a home at market value and
you rent it out, it often has a very small cash flow compared to multifamily.
Look at these 3 strategies for just a moment. Flipping offers you the big
upfront money. Multifamily gives you that every month big residual income money.
And rentals gives you the long-term gains. If you were to ask me, “Kris, of
these 3 strategies, which one should I put my time and effort in? If I’m
brand-new, if I’m a beginner and I really want to crush it in real estate, which is
it Kris? Is it flips? Is it multifamily? Is it rentals?
None of them. They’re all popular. They’re all good. You can make money with all of
them. But I do a little bit of a different strategy. Because I’m a little
greedy. Meaning I want it all. I want to have the upfront money, I want the cash
flow. And I also want the long-term gains. And by the way, is there a way to do that
while eliminating my risk or at least severely reducing it? Is there a way to
do it that doesn’t even necessarily even require money as opposed to a lot of
money? And is there a way to get an awesome cash flow instead of a small
cash flow? There is a perfect solution. When I first got starting the game of
real estate, I mathematically was evaluating not just these 3 but the
top 30 strategies. And I was asking myself, which of all of these strategies
is going to be best? And I would ask my mentors and people that were really
successful in real estate. None of them could give me a clean answer. You see,
every single one of them they would say basically, “Well, this one’s has merit for
this reason and this one…” Like for example, flips. This one’s good because as
good up for a money. I like rentals because as long-term gains. And it’s like
wait a second, that’s not a good answer. There’s got to be a best. I ended up
writing a book about a special mathematical equation that I wrote. An
algorithm. I dumped in the top 30 strategies and one emerged. And what I’m
going to do right now is I’m going to share with you what I would do if I were you
if you’re a beginner. On how you can get the upfront money of flips, you can get a
really awesome cash flow and you can get long-term gains. I call it compassionate
financing. It’s a lease option with the twist. And here’s what it basically means.
What I’m doing instead with my special lease option system. I am buying
single-family homes underneath the median that do offer me
the long-term gains of a rental. But I’m not just buying the home and renting it
out. I’m using a special contract and I’m basically saying, “I don’t want a renter. I
want a future homeowner.” Did you get that? I want someone that wants to make this
their home. They want to maintain it. They want to manage it. They want to take care
of it and they want to buy it. TVhat person is going to give you double the cash
flow. So now, we picked up double the cash flow than we would have gotten here
while still keeping the long-term gains. And finally, these individuals got to
give you not just a refundable deposit or first month’s rent. They got to give
you a bigger commitment than that. It’s almost like what you’d call it down
payment when buying a house. Because their intention is to make this home
their own. So they’re going to give you an average $5,000 up front as a down
payment. You get that upfront kicker. So here’s what it really means. It means
that with my system that I that… By the way, you can click the link below and
I’ll tell you all about it. And if it’s useful for you, get started with it. I
actually mentor people. I have a private community where I help people do this
because when you’re brand-new, you need help. Right now, I’m buying hundreds of
homes personally every single year. I’ve got my wealth figured out. I was
financially free at the age of 26. But I take a little bit of my time and I
basically help those that really want to learn how to do this. I want $5,000 up
front when I actually do this deal. Because on average, that’s what I collect.
Cash flow, I don’t want like a 1 or 2 hundred dollar a month
risky cash flow. I want on average, it’s $500 a month. I mean just imagine for a
moment having 500 extra dollars every single month. And then this last
1. The long-term gains? When I go to sell this house, I’m making tens of
thousands of dollars at that point. So 5 grand upfront, 500 a month,
tens of thousands of dollars. And here’s the best part.
This strategy, it doesn’t have the risk of flips. It doesn’t require a lot of
money. In fact, I can show you how to do it with very little or no money at all.
Which is perfect for people like you and I, if we’re starting with nothing. And it
has an amazing cash flow. So, we’re eliminating the cons, we’re picking up
all the benefits. And if I were a beginner and if I were you, that’s what I
would do. Like I said. The information is in the description. And the link below is
what I want you to understand. I got really insecure about society’s game
plan for me. Society basically said, “Kris, go to college work for somebody else.” And
I started going down that path and then it didn’t work out. And I got discouraged
because I was like, “Man, society’s not really going to help me. My parents told me
that if I got a college degree that I’d be set for life and that a company would
help take care of me.” That is not what my experience was. It all hit me like a ton
of bricks when I came home and I was newly married and I found my wife in
tears because we couldn’t pay the bills. For me, as a
husband trying to be a good provider, it was a really sucky moment. I could have
said, “Well, I’m in college and I even though I have this full-time
telemarketing job which sucks. I’m doing my best.” But my best wasn’t enough it.
Wasn’t it… Wasn’t putting food on the table literally. That’s why she was
crying. That’s when I decided that I needed to have a game plan for my life.
And what I’m really sharing with you right now is the game plan that I used
on my first 25 properties in a 4-year period of time that bought me back my
independence. My emancipation. I created a 6-figure residual income and I quit my
job just the same year I graduated from college. And my life has never been the
same since. So, I want to you understand that I’m not just sharing with you
logical ideas for your consideration. I’m really sharing with you my life. I’m
sharing with you what I did that created my financial independence. Made a huge
difference for me. And now, I’ve created all this wealth and have made millions
of dollars. And the way that I give back these days is by finding serious action
takers. People that are committed, people that know they need a mentor. People that
know they need help getting outside the system. And that’s what I do. Might be for
you, it might not. If you like in the video, I want to invite you to subscribe
and watch more of these videos and let it be useful for you. But for those of
you that are saying, “Oh my gosh Kris, I can identify with that, right?” I mean…
Especially in today’s world. Dude, we have been cheated. Society’s been
telling us what to do and it’s not working.
College is not producing what we wanted to. And you fast forward 40 years and
people aren’t getting what they want. You got to take financial control of your
own life. You got to take bull by the horns and you got to make that happen.
But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. I had mentors helping me out. You
know, I take some of my time and I help other people out. And if you feel like
that really resonates with you, I want to invite you to click the link in the
description below. And let me share with you more about the details of exactly
how this works. Talk to a member of my team. Get the details and let me mentor
you and show you how you can in your life. Thanks for watching the
video guys. Make sure you are a subscriber. Click that link below
and I look forward to seeing you on the next video.


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