MERIDA – Why are expats flocking here?!?

MERIDA – Why are expats flocking here?!?

What is up Tangerineys! If you
recognize where I’m standing right now It is because it’s the very
well-known paseo de montejo in Merida. The very highly-recommended city,
expats come here, it’s touted as at the safest place in Mexico. So we’re going to
check out the city today and see what it has to offer. And you might notice that
there’s a lot of traffic behind us right now, but tomorrow, it’s going to be
completely clear for bikes, skateboards, people walking dogs, to have free rein of
the road. So, that’s more like it. So this is what, in merida, is called paseo
recreativo. And as you can see, bikes, walking, dogs. We’re gonna enjoy this a very beautiful
Sunday morning. It is like 75 degrees I think, maybe heading out 80 today. Quite
nice! So if you’ve watched our previous videos, you
know we love doing this in any city that has it. It seems like most of the big
Mexican cities like Guadalajara, Puebla, here, Morelia, Morelia. Pretty much all of them have it on Sunday, and it happens every Sunday from around 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
depending on the place. So this is just a great time to like go out, and walk
around, meet people, pet dogs. [Laughter] That’s my favorite part, anyway. And Laska’s
favorite part is that she gets to smell all the smells, and eat all the trash on
the ground, and get into trouble. Do you want to be Laska the pink nosed reindog? Santa’s Little Helper? [Laughter] Laska the pink nose reindog. [Laughter] So one thing we really liked about this here, is that there were so many different kinds of bikes
available for rent. Tandem bikes in various ways – like sitting next to each
other, or in front and back, with shade above you. Like tricycle, adult tricycle
types. Yeah that was really cool! Maddie, I have a question for you, what is
this? Cute! [Laughter] I noticed an interesting similarity
between here and where we lived for a while in Guadalajara. Off of Avenida Vallarta in Guadalajara, that’s where every Sunday they would close down the roads,
and you could bike, walk, ride your bike, walk your dog, whatever. Bike, walk, ride your bike? Yes, exactly. [Laughter] Lining Avenida Vallarta are a bunch of mansions. That’s where a lot of
the money was back in the day. Well here, on the same street where they close down
every Sunday, there’s a bunch of old mansions. Like this one! So it wasn’t long before Jordan found
himself a giant liter of fresh-squeezed juice for 45 pesos. One of
the great joys of being in Mexico is that this is an affordable thing that
you can buy even on a fancy-pants street like Paseo de Montejo. [Laughter] How does it taste? Really good, and I actually like even better that this isn’t squeezed
juice. It’s like a smoothie of a whole bunch of vegetables and fruits blended
all together so you, have all the fiber? Don’t lose all the nutrients. Yeah, and fiber slows down
the absorption of sugar, which is better than drinking just straight-up juice.
Sure. Come on a date with me. [Laughter] Oh, I got a cute one! This is one
mansion that’s currently for rent on Paseo de montejo. One of our friends in
Guadalajara used to live in one of those mansions, and it was haunted. So, if you
rent this place, you might be hanging out with some other spirits. Also, on this road, along with tons of coffee shops, and restaurants, and banks, there’s this
Walmart here that’s pretty hidden away. I actually thought, with the design of the
outside, that it was a museum or something. [Laughter] And before we forget, where
have we been for a while? Well, I was recovering from being sick after san
cristobal de las casas, and immediately after getting sick, we had to
drive long day of driving to get to Villahermosa. We only spent one night there,
and then had another long day of driving to get to, where did we go?
Campeche. Campeche. It wasn’t that long. I mean long for being sick, so It did not help me get better, at all. So then once we got to Merida, we needed to like chill for a little bit. And then also, I was
feeling like I needed a break because of some intense trolling that we got on
Facebook. And so, I was sort of reconsidering all my life decisions that led us up to
that point. But once we were finally ready to start making videos again, for a
few days straight, it was like hurricane windy here in Merida. Like really, really
bad! And one flaw that this camera has is that it picks up wind noise like crazy,
even with the wind reduction, and There’s no muff or anything that we
could put on it to protect it from that. There’s just nothing made that we could
buy. We can work with a breeze but hurricane-force winds… It would just,
it would be annoying, and the audio would sound terrible. So now, we are seriously
looking into investing in some external microphones, so if anyone has any
thoughts on that or anything they recommend, let us know in the comments.
Because we’re always looking for ways we can improve our videos, and
this would be a huge one! We were told that all the parks in mérida have free Wi-Fi,
and I noticed there was a free Wi-Fi sign here along Paseo de montejo as well.
But it seems like Internet is super fast here! I see signs for speeds up to 200
megabytes per second or 500, so if you’re looking for a fast internet, they got you
covered! I do imagine that this is the most wealthy area of all of Merida. But
this is also the cleanest, most well-kept, and nicest area of merida that we’ve
seen. Of the places in the city that we’ve seen, this is where I’d want to
live here. I imagine if it’s anything like in the other big cities we’ve seen,
there’s some very wealthy neighborhoods around. Good afternoon. So we just took a, about 20 minute Uber
to Plaza Uptown Merida. This really nice-looking mall. It has like a Best Buy, and this theater here, Which we’re gonna see of the Grinch in
total holiday spirit. In Total Spanish. In total Spanish! Our
second ever Spanish movie in the theater. Usually, we try to see the English ones
with Spanish subtitles. But anyway, on the way here, we wanted to share… Like if
you’re looking into Merida, some of the nicest, most clean, and newer
neighborhoods that we’ve seen in the city so far are around Paseo de montejo. And north and east of there. Where we’re staying right now is the Centro Historico
area. So it’s much more aged, historic obviously. A little rough around the
edges, Lots more trash. But in the meantime, we
are going to our first ever upscale Mexican movie theater, Cinemex. And if you get that reference, you’re a true, true Tangeriney! This is a Cinemex premium. I
believe there’s three levels of Cinemex: Cinemex regular, Cinemex premium, and then Cinemex Platinum or something, or Platino. And these tickets were 79 pesos
each. And I think they’re going to be nice reclining seats but we’ll see what
they’re like when we get in there. So what did you think of this theater,
Cinemex versus Cinepolis, which we always go to Cinepolis. Well, it’s hard
to compare, because we’ve been to Cinepolis, like the standard version, many
many times, and the VIP once. But this it’s like a step above Cinepolis standard
because you have the nicer seats. They don’t recline, you don’t have service at
your seat. But they are bigger and nicer than regular movie theater seats. And
pretty reasonably priced, 79 pesos a person. What did you think of the Grinch
in Español? Well, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to follow
along for most of it. But I didn’t understand every single word. Pretty good movie though. How about you? I thought that was a super cute movie! And I agree
with everything you said about the theater. So we were looking to go to this
delicious place called Chaya Maya, which we’ve now had for breakfast and dinner.
And if there was one restaurant that I would recommend, it would be that
one. But, it literally had a line out the door, so we did not want to wait like two
hours for a table. Not today! Not today! We were meandering around. It’s a little before 5 p.m. and found this
restaurant called Coyote Maya. Chaya Maya to Coyote Maya. [Laughter] It turns out that, in this city, a lot of the restaurants have weird
hours. Like they’re all closed from like four to six or seven. Or some don’t open
until six or seven. So it’s tough to find a restaurant around this time of day. But
this looks pretty good, So we’re gonna check it out. One thing
that’s pretty unique to maybe the Yucatan but, this is the
first time we’ve seen it here in Merida, Is Chaya and Chaya Tea specifically. Well
actually, we saw Chaya the first time in Tulum. So maybe it’s like a Yucatan
thing. But they make this green tea. Tea, Juice, I’m messing all of this up! First of
all, we’re in the Yucatan Peninsula, not the Yucatan. I always want to I
abbreviate it that way but apparently that’s not correct. Second of all, Chaya
is like a leaf, leaf-like vegetable, Similar to spinach but with the taste of
basil. Here, they make it into an agua fresca type deal. This one, what do you
think of it? It makes me feel like I’m drinking something healthy. It’s still good but it
has lots of leafy essence. [Laughter] Leafy essence. [Laughter] Well you have a little bit of leafy essence in your
teeth, so… [Laughter] What did you get for dinner? A Tamarindo chicken and it was 170 pesos. How about you? I got a chaya salad and it was 125 pesos. No meat or anything, so… I thought you got the Mayan salad? A Mayan Chaya salad. It had Chaya Leafs on it. Oh, okay. [Laughter] The prices are notably higher in this city, I think. And I don’t know if
that’s something I should have expected or not being in the Yucatan Peninsula. They’re lower then place like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, but higher than most
cities in Mexico. Yeah. But anyway, that wraps up our day for today. We’re going
to head home and see you tomorrow. We are currently in Cafe Riqueza? Cafe Riqueza. Which we have found, it’s some of the best coffee we’ve tried in the whole city
with really good prices as well. So we’re kicking off the day here. We’re at this brand-new place in Mérida
called Paseo Sesenta. Or Paseo 60. [Applause] Wow, that was a great speech, Jordan! Everyone’s applauding you! [Laughter] No, it’s probably the live music. The live Christmas music. Yay! Christmas Music! [Laughter] She has been wanting her Christmas music so badly! No one is playing Christmas music, it makes me a little sad. But anyway, there’s a few restaurants in here right now. More are
coming in. But they’re all high fine dining restaurants. High? Classy fine-dining restaurants. Very, very classy. Great ambiance, cool live
music, fountains. This fountain over top of the escalators up from a parking
garage, I mean it’s like fancy! I’m surprised they let us in this place. [Laughter] This place is more expensive than what we’re used to eating. But for example, Maddie
found about the cheapest salad she could Here, and it was 95 pesos. And I
got a really good wok thing with like rice, and chicken, and various stuff for 140 pesos. So the prices could be worse. And it was really good
food, and this is a great ambiance! Especially since there’s gonna be more
restaurants very soon and a hotel that’s gonna open up. Especially considering
there’s gonna be more restaurants very soon, and there’s a hotel that’s going to be opening up. [Laughter] We have some exciting stuff coming up for you guys, like a Red Lake with flamingos. So
be sure to subscribe to our channel so you see those, and! Ow! Oh God. I pulled my leg. GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put out a new video about This pink shit, I mean this pink stuff. [Laughter] And we’ll see you there.


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    This video spends most of it's time along Paseo de Montejo and in new restaurants and malls north of the center of town – I prefer the center of town and south of the center, which is the old part of the city. They have a great Mercado, and lots of shops and local lunch restaurants which are less expensive than in the upscale neighborhoods. And I like the parks. In the old part of town the houses are sometimes very old, and they all have plain facades facing the street – they do not advertise their charms. But many of them have lovely courtyards and are much more interesting inside. A lot of Merida's beauty is hidden. South of downtown, too, is a more local and traditional area with few tourists, where strangers will say "buenos dias" or "buenas tardes" or "buenas noches" to you as they pass (and which you should return). I found the people of Mérida to be friendly, interesting and helpful.

    Most of the restaurants that are open on an American's schedule are around the central square or perhaps in the northern wealthy suburbs – most Mexicans still eat at home most of the time, and their main meal is at mid-day, not in the evening (this is true in Oaxaca and many other parts of Mexico, too), so there are fewer restaurants in traditional neighborhoods.

    All that being said – Mérida is too slow and too relaxed for my taste. I prefer the hustle and bustle of Guadalajara. And Merida is very, very hot and humid most of the year. I prefer the weather in Central Mexico.

  84. Kelly Anam Cara says:

    I’m leaving for Merida and Yucatán August. One Way. No looking back.I love your work. YouTube is just ugly. Vida Libre !??

  85. Kelly Anam Cara says:

    I’m leaving for Merida and Yucatán August. One Way. No looking back.I love your work. YouTube is just ugly. Vida Libre !??

  86. RDC says:

    have you been in Querétaro ?

  87. d m says:

    Like your vids a lot :)….I am thinking of living in Mexico…have chatted with several expats there and my impression is – half of city is (for Mexico) very upscale and expensive–sounds like in big part to affluent expats that moved there and the other half (generalizing) is poor.  
    I see you guys went near Christmas time (wise choice ) as the BIGGEST complaint from expats there is that summer feels like summer in Arizona(feels like 110F) – but with 110% humidity!…several have told me its "like an Oven" during day in summer months there………not sure why, maybe not much gulf breezes or ?  
    I like tropical but not sure about super hot summers where everyone stays indoors during day to avoid major daily heat waves is where I would want to settle down…and I dont seek upscale places …I was going to go this summer to check it out, now not sure if thats the place for me to each trip costs at least 1k+ —Ill keep researching and watching your vids .

  88. simon lee says:

    You would ring a bell and bang a gong ' just saying

  89. BrianJJones1 says:

    It looks hooker-less, pass

  90. Sergio Serrano says:

    I love you guys, please do not let some stupid trolls get in your way. Your videos are great.

  91. R S says:

    I am glad you made this video. My fiancee and I are considering moving to Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan (I have family in Mazatlan). But as of lately, we have been wondering more and more about haciendas in Merida. Look forward to your videos in Merida.

  92. Pat B says:

    I liked the look Jordan when she said fiber slows down the absorption of sugar, Jordan "no fiber from know on" look.

  93. DeeDee Appenfeldt says:

    Cute Couple 👍

  94. DeeDee Appenfeldt says:

    I am sorry that you two have been trolled, jealous people who are mean.
    You two just stay cool and smile 🌹🌹☕️🌈🌎

  95. Joey Blades says:

    I like you guys but your use of the word expat makes me feel kind of uncomfortable, I’m an immigrant in Canada and it’s funny how we are never called expats, the word expats only applies to white, old retired people?

  96. Ashley Meers says:

    Hello there! Love your videos btw. They are helping us decide where to visit and eventually move to Mexico. I realize this is a personal decision but I’m curious as to what you would say. If you had to choose between these 4 places to live, where would you choose and why? Mérida, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel. Thanks 🙂

  97. Marilynn Arnold says:

    I spend way more at Fridays etc. in America. So the fancy upscale restaurant prices you paid sound great to me.

  98. Linda Cianchetti says:

    CHEMTRAILS there, too???!!!

  99. John Carroll says:

    My wife and I love the city great walking city very flat great restaurants cheap taxis are very easy to get and cheap people were friendly

  100. DYNABIKE1 says:

    Sooooooooo. much TRASH in the streets at the beginning of this !! Yuck – Is that normal there ???

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