Mental Wealth – Discover the Power of Your Infinite Mind (Subconscious Mind Power)

Mental Wealth – Discover the Power of Your Infinite Mind (Subconscious Mind Power)

The basic mental attitude that brings wealth
and peace of mind. A life of wealth enjoyed by a mind at peace
comes most often to men who maintain a positive mental attitude. With definiteness
of purpose you add great positive power to your own mental
attitude, and you can use definite motives to sustain the actions
which propel you toward your goal. At the same time you can
set up spiritual guardians to keep your attitudes at a high “Yes”
level, avoid conflicts of motive, tune-in on other positive minds. The computers which are beginning to manage
our world are complicated devices. Most of them, however, have a very
simple basic principle: they say Yes or No. They either open a
kind of electrical gate or they keep it closed, and by multiplying
this process they can assimilate and select all kinds of
information. The mind of man is far more wonderful than
any machine. Within it, however, there seems to be a kind
of Yes-No valve at the focal point of thinking. It is as though your awareness of
a circumstance of life, sent to your brain by your sight,
hearing and other senses, presents itself at the Yes-No point
to be processed. A person who maintains a positive attitude
will find every possible Yes in that circumstance and make it
part of his life. A person who maintains a negative mental attitude
will lean toward the No side, miss much that is good, live
with much that is painful and damaging. Nothing but a mental attitude? Nothing but a mental attitude,
but it is right there that your success or your failure, your
peace of mind or your nervous tension, your tendency toward
good health or your tendency toward illness begins. Fortunately, it is possible for anyone to
make the change from negativism to positivism, and thus basically
condition his brain to bring all that is good in life. Moreover, there are certain
“control levers” which the Creator made available to us,
and it is easy to see how successful people use these levers,
once you know what they are. Control your mental attitude with definiteness
of purpose. Emerson said: ‘The world makes way for a man
who knows where he is going.” Think what it means to know where you are
going! Automatically
you rid yourself of all kinds of fears and doubts
which may have crept into the making-up-your-mind process. Your purpose is definite and-presto! all the
limitless forces of your mind focus upon that purpose
and no other. Knowing your purpose, you cannot be led astray
by circumstances or words which have nothing to do with your
purpose. Where, before, a day’s work may have contained
a good deal of wasted motion, now your efforts
are lined up so that each mental or physical motion helps
every other motion. You can see the connection with building wealth,
for work done well is a basic wealth-builder. Now see the connection
with peace of mind. A man who works wholeheartedly at his
job is not concerned with such matters as finding fault with
others, disturbing his conscience by cutting corners in his
work, watching the clock and so forth. Nor will he be discouraged
by any obstacles which may crop up; his positive and
focused mental attitude keeps him in a prime position to
handle problems and overcome them. Is this a secret of “genius”? Many
eminently successful men do not possess any greater intelligence
than most other men possess. Yet their achievements are
such that we may say that these men have “genius.” Surely it is
the positive mental attitude of these men which makes their
brain-power, not greater, but more efficient and more available
than most others. A positive mind tunes in on other positive
minds. In meeting many men I discovered a very valuable
fact: a positive mind automatically obtains benefit
from other positive minds. Are you aware of the general principle of
radio broadcasting? It is this: when electrical vibrations of
rapid frequency are impressed upon a wire, those vibrations
leap into space. Another wire far away-the receiving antenna-can
pick them up, and thus a message or a picture is transmitted
over thousands of miles, or millions of miles in space-age communication. There are electrical currents in the brain. They give you a
private broadcasting station through which you may send out
any kind of thought vibrations you desire. Keep that station
busy sending out thoughts of a positive nature, thoughts which
will benefit others, and you will find you can receive kindred
thought vibrations from other minds whose attitude is tuned to yours. Believe in what you are doing, and you too
will see the great effect of your belief upon those whom you
may request to help you. Doubt yourself and the No part of your mind
takes over and draws defeat instead of victory. This barely sketches in the all-pervasive
power of a positive mental attitude. Let us look at some of the other “control
levers” which combine with a positive mental attitude to give
you wealth and peace of mind for an entire, victorious lifetime. The nine major motives. It is not for nothing that court
trials often concern themselves with questions of motive. Everything you do is the result of one or
more motives. In various
combinations we use nine basic motives. The seven positive motives are:
One. The emotion of LOVE. Two. The emotion of S**. Three. The desire for MATERIAL GAIN. Four. The desire for SELF-PRESERVATION. Five. The desire for FREEDOM OF BODY AND MIND. Six. The desire for SELF-EXPRESSION. Seven. The desire for PERPETUATION OF LIFE AFTER
DEATH. The two negative emotions are:
One. The emotion of ANGER AND REVENGE. Two. The emotion of FEAR. In those nine motives you can find the roots
of everything you do or refrain from doing. Peace of mind is attained only
by the exercise of the seven positive motives as a general pattern
of life. Rarely if ever does a person who has peace
of mind exercise the two negative motives or
emotions. You
cannot have peace of mind while you fear anything or
anyone. You cannot have peace of mind while you entertain
the kind of anger which brings you to a desire for revenge or
a desire to injure another, no matter what the justification
may seem to be. Great men have no time to waste with a desire
to injure others. If they did, they would not be great men. Great men are
not immune to fear, but theirs is not the kind of fear that hangs
on constantly and takes over all of life. Look to small, mean
men to see lifelong patterns of fear and anger. Their minds are
so filled with these negative influences that they cannot find
the power to shape the circumstances they desire. Recently I heard about a man, now seventy,
who fifteen years ago lost all his money in a real estate
venture. Taking the
advice of a friend, he had borrowed heavily in order to invest
in vacant swampland on the assumption that in a couple of
years the land would be in great demand for building lots. This
did not transpire, the man’s notes became due, and he had to
see his retail shoe business sold out from under him. The friend who had badly advised him also
had lost money. Nevertheless this man became filled with hatred
toward his friend and said he would get even “if it’s
the last thing I do.” It
nearly was. Five years of hatred left him incapable even
of doing business. Meanwhile the friend prospered and seemed
far out of reach of any puny revenge. The man who had lost
money at length lost the balance wheel of his mind and had to
spend six months in a quiet place in the country surrounded by
a high wall. In his last month of confinement, however,
he was sufficiently recovered to listen to an adviser who pointed
out to him that hatred and the desire for revenge had
done him far more harm than had been done by his losing his
money. He was persuaded
to forgive the friend who had led him into the real
estate deal. He even wrote to this man, telling of his
change of heart. When he went back into business it was with
love of his fellow men and the determination to keep his
mind filled with positive, constructive motives. Beginning at the age of sixty,
he built a new career. Now, at seventy, he is fairly well off, and
most of all he has peace of mind, the one form of wealth which
is indispensable. You can call upon Ten Princes of Guidance
to stand at the doors of your mind. You can make yourself aware of certain
principles of personal guidance and guardianship; and to
make these principles real and memorable, you can personalize
them-see them as so many Princes in armor who stand
at the doors of your mind. These Princes challenge every
thought-vibration which seeks to enter. They keep your mind
positive, effective and free of discord. I shall name my own
Princes, a list which you may wish to modify to suit your own life-requirements. The Prince of Peace of Mind. He stands at the very outer
door and asks all callers if they come in peace to share my
peace. If not, they are turned away. The Prince of Hope and Faith. He admits only those influences
which keep my mind alerted with belief in my mission in life. The Prince of Love and Romance. He brings into my mind
only those influences which keep love eternally fresh in my heart. The Prince of Sound Physical Health. He knows the kind of
mental influences which can destroy health, and admits only
those states of mind which help the body maintain its vigor. The Prince of Financial Security. When I desire him to
stand on guard, he admits no thoughts save those which bring
me worthy financial benefit. The Prince of Overall Wisdom. He is charged with passing
certain thoughts into my store of knowledge when he sees they
will benefit me or help me benefit others. The Prince of Patience. He keeps away all impulses to rush,
to tackle jobs half-prepared, to be in any way impatient with
the power of time. The Prince of Normhill. “Normhill” is a very personal word
I have created for my own use. Combining certain names, it
means to me what it cannot mean to any other. Just so, create
your own name for your own very personal Prince. This Prince
stands guard along with all the others. The others from time to
time may be relieved of duty; for instance, one hardly may
wish continually to keep out all thoughts except those which
have to do with financial security. Your special personal
Prince is always there, representing all the special personal influences
in your life. Normhill is my ambassador-at-large who
performs services not assigned to the other members of my
invisible family of guides. When you have made yourself well aware of
your corps of spiritual Princes, they serve to rally all
your forces to solve any problem or to set up special lines of defense. Sometimes I find myself talking to someone
whose antagonistic attitude begins to invade my peace of mind. Very
well, I send a special alert to the Prince of Peace of Mind. Immediately he takes charge of the ramparts
with doubled strength, and I am calm and in control of
my own mind once more. Or, let us say, I feel some physical ache
or pain. I call upon
the Prince of Sound Physical Health to look into the cause, and
I get good results. I believe I have received benefits of healing
which are beyond the power of ordinary medical science to
explain. My Princes of Guidance receive a certain compensation
for their services. Their “pay” is my eternal gratitude. Daily I
express this gratitude, first to each of the Princes individually,
then to all of them in their mighty group. You will find this
expression of gratitude of great help in keeping your mind
alerted to its own powers. I know that if I ever neglect it, I feel
a neglect on the part of my Princes. When, once again, I make
myself aware every day that I have great spiritual forces at my
command-there they are once more, as strong as ever. Don’t let the motive of material gain conflict
with the motive of freedom. Freedom of body is easy to see and
understand; but freedom of mind is a subtle matter. Fear and
anger put the mind behind bars. Guilt wraps the mind in
chains. All too often the motive of material gain-excellent
in itself-conflicts with the excellent motive
of freedom of body and mind because in gaining what is material
we give up freedom of mind; we load the mind with guilt
and fear because we do not act honestly. In addition, one who makes his money through
taking dishonest advantage of his fellow men has cheated himself
of the genuine joy which comes with honest success. When you obey
the rules of a game, and win, you have done something for
your soul. When you cheat and win, you only call it winning,
but you have really lost instead.


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