MARS TSW-2000 – Low-Cost Quantum Board Competitor – LED Grow Light Review

MARS TSW-2000 – Low-Cost Quantum Board Competitor – LED Grow Light Review

– Hello everybody, do you want to know what’s great about
having a YouTube channel? Every now and then companies send you free stuff, and this time Mars Pro Lights have sent me their latest unit, TSW2000. And in this video, I’m going
to show you all about it. It is built relatively
strong, does not flex much. The workmanship is pretty good. There are two drivers
attached to the back. It says 310 watt real draw. A lot of people tend
to judge LED grow light by this real draw number. That is not the right way to judge. You wanna find out what are
the LED chips used on it. One type of chip that has been used all the time is this Epistar chip. This technology is totally outdated now. They use a lot of
electricity and they produce very little light and a lot of heat. This is the first time that Mars has moved away from these Epistars
and they are using surface mount technology LEDs. The chips are still made by Epistar, but it’s a new generation. It’s new technology and
this is more efficient. They produce more light
out of less electricity and they don’t produce as much heat. They have mixed the colors. You’ve got the whiteish
LEDs in there which are there for the vegetative state. Then you’ve got the
orangy ones for flowering and on top of that you’ve
got the deep red ones which also help for flowering. The light coming out of the thing is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen of any grow lights. It’s beautiful, clear, white light. You could almost use
it in your living room. The color is really, really good. In my opinion, whatever is
closest to sunlight is best. When you don’t see this
much color very often, LED grow lights, most of them
are just blue and just red. Unfortunately there’s
no ultraviolet UV color in there which would make
your weed taste better, but hey, can’t have everything. Let’s put her into my grow tent. It is a large unit. It is 21 by 20 inches, the
light is very evenly spread. The menu says it works for five by five. The Mars website says it’s
only for a four by four, but I think the website
is a bit too humble. This would work for a
five by five vegetative and four by four flowering. Here’s how the dimmer works. You remove this, plop, and you go in there with a screw driver and once you’ve overcome your fear of
getting electrocuted, you can turn this and see how
the back half got glow up. Now the front, the whole
thing’s now at 25%. The dimmer is kind of a cool feature because let’s say you
got little baby plants. You don’t have to blast
them at full power 100%. You can instead dim the
light all the way down and hang it very low,
just above the plants. All LED chips lose their
brightness over time. They burn out, but if you run them on a lower brightness, they will last much, much longer and
you save electricity. Some of you have heat
problems with your tent becoming too hot, so
I’m gonna test this now. I’ve let it cool down completely, and I crank up the brightness
to 100% full power. When I switch it on, there’s a fan running through an air filter. So, a pretty standard set-up. I’m gonna close the tent now. We can find out if it
gets really hot in there. Starting point right
now is 66.8 Fahrenheit. My tent is a one meter by one meter tent, and I will be back in 30 minutes. Okay here, I’m back 30 minutes later and the temperature has gone up by exactly 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s not rising any more so
this set up would work fine. The unit gets hot. In fact, it gets too hot to touch. But if you were to discuss
this in your average Facebook group you would have people probably say something
like, meh, this unit gets so hot, it will heat up your tent. You shouldn’t use it. Well, the thing is that this unit doesn’t have any fans to blow away the heat. Given the very large
area this thing covers of four by four feet, the heat
it produces is not that much. Is this a good grow light,
and should you buy it? To be really honest, I would have to measure more to give you
a perfect answer to that. Let’s just compare it to the real thing. And with the real thing
I mean the genuine, original quantum boards here. They, of course, have the
real Samsung chips on it and something with a
comparable size costs $850. The Mars unit costs $249. So it’s about one third and are these Samsung boards
really that much better? Do they produce that much more light? For now, I’ve gotta say
this Mars grow light is a serious, serious competitor. This thing will grow cannabis. If you read the booklets, look, it starts with dearest client. They give you some tips. They give you the technical data and at the back they even
include this test result. You also get this warranty card. Here are the support
numbers and I’m just gonna call them now to see what happens. The UK support number. It’s 4:30 a.m. in the UK. I wouldn’t expect anyone to pick up. Let’s see what happens. – [Support] You have
reached service.providers, the lab expert system. Please leave your name and number, and we’ll get back to you as
soon as we can, thank you. – There seems to be some
service provider there. And sounded like a real person. Now calling the American number. It is midnight in New
York on a Sunday night. – [Support] You have
reached the mailbox of, please leave your message after the tone. (tone beeps) – The UK number is better, I think. I’m almost surprised at how
well this thing is made. I mean the connectors, the cables, that is all good quality stuff. The fact that it doesn’t have any fans means there’s less that
can go wrong with it. (gentle piano music) If I’ve forgot anything, please leave a comment, subscribe if you like. I hope to see you soon. Thank you for watching.


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    Mars Hydro phone number only accept leaving voice mail, because the time difference. But we will get back to all the phone call every other day when we get back to work. 🙂

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    Currently testing the long model, so far pretty impressed. This puts out a lot of light and very even too. Each power supply draws 4A at 36V on max. Most impressive is that it is 4 foot long with LEDs evenly spaced. The power supplies do get hotter than a meanwell and they are not as well made, but they are efficient. With 288 true watts of power drawing 315W at the wall.

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    Why are they always a step behind the led game. Wish theyd get with the program. Not hating just constructive criticism. Anyone buying leds with half a brain wouldn't buy these outdated leds

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    I hate to say it… but this is one of the best and very well may be the very best LED grow light for dollars spent. I have many HLG fixtures and I'm setting up a 4×8 tent just to run 3 of these in it and grow 3 pounds with 930 watts.

  23. Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 says:

    Ya know… at 0.80 dollars per watt it's really a great buy. It will not last as long due to it heating up more than the HLGz… but ya… they are a legit clone copy of a working design.

  24. F D says:

    The TSW-2000 is in no way shape or form comparable to the HLG 550V2 that costs $850. What are you taking about? You can clearly see the Mars has two boards placed together side by side to form a square, where as the HLG has two boards on each side placed end to end the same way as with the TSL-2000, not the TSW-2000. The HLG 550 would be comparable to buying two TSL-2000 lights.

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    The 300w power draw is the only way to compare a light to another light. The reason the HLG 550 is $850, is because it uses 480w. Actual power draw is literally the only way to judge how much light your getting for the power it's consuming. Not trying to be mean, but that's false information your spreading to a new growing industry.

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    Ok so I was just about to order one of these

    So I am now wondering what the benefits of this Mars light would be over the one I was due to buy and if anyone can answer or even find a better alternative around the same price I am all ears. 🙂

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    Thanks for the video! Very interesting! Do you know if there's a bigger one on the way? I heard something about a TSW 3000, or TS 3000. Because some say that the TSW 2000 is not enough for 4 by 4 grow tent.

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    Ok… this does not compare to an HLG. The HLG 600-h r-spec will flower a 6.5' the way the tsw2000 flowers a 4' area. The HLG can be hung almost a foot higher and maintain the intensity the tsw2000 has. It's really not a good comparison.

    BUT!!!! This light is a game changer…. it will flower a very well reflective 4×4 area well. And the middle 3×3 of the 4xr will be on par with the size and quality from the more expensive hlg… the hlg will just grow an extra 50% more… for the hlg 600-h… maybe 30% on the 550. All diodes being equal
    … and their not… the hlg has samsungblm301b and cree 660 nm…. they have epistar flat mount gen 1..
    Almost as good… but not… and the hlg is 620 watts… 2100ma… and this is 310 watts and probably 1750nm to 2200nm…. so the math says…. but for the dollar…. you will not beat this light for dollar spent. I would recommend this to any new grower… ot the tsl2000. But I like the sp250.

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    I have one and you dont.

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