Man On the Street: Income Inequality

I’m Omni Horowitz and I’m in the East Village hipster capital of New York I want to find out how important of value is in economy quality [Music] so how important first of all is income equality for you it’s extremely important pretty important I work for the Working Families hundred percent I think that it’s really important and something that has to be taken care of you don’t want things like a trick question income inequality is definitely one of those issues from which everything else sort of stems off of is that important value to us and we should be more income equal yeah yeah how their issues will perpetuated when you want to talk about climate change and that sort of thing okay so clearly income equality is a value I wonder what country we should model ourselves after as I explained to them Venezuela is in the middle of an economic crisis with food shortages day long lines for basic necessities and massive violence this is what income equality looks like sweet Venezuela obviously is in the news a lot now because of all the economic issues that are occurring there as we know the lines food and that kind of stuff but here’s the upside so Bernie Sanders gave a speech about how Venezuela is very income equal even though there’s some downside there’s some violence there and there’s food lines but but still everybody has to do the same thing weight line equally yeah and that’s that is I think a fair system eat I agree even though they’ve got all the food lines and stuff that’s still it’s more important that their income equal correct yes you nothing they do a very good job should we Marcel’s warlike in Venezuela to become more income evil I think so it will be nice because we it would be even full I do think that we shall mana laughter and and I do think that we should look at what they’re doing I feel like that would be a better plan than what we have today Tamara yeah yeah I feel like as an expand akyuu have a good sense about stuff yeah if we all give a little bit you know and become a little bit more socialist that’s how we do it you know if you got away the line for stuff we should all wait in line together right we all have less everybody has more I can’t think of it like that a lot like the rest of the world which is a lot more dignified than us is it fair to say that economics I reckon I can model shouldn’t be about stats but me more about feelings and personal stuff right that’s our side yeah viva la Venezuela hey hope you enjoyed the video did you know Prager U is a hundred percent fan funded we make videos for people like you because of the support of people like you click here to help out and help us keep knowledge free for everyone

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