Make Money Online | Honest Legendary Marketer Review 🤦‍♀️No Holds Barred 😮

Make Money Online | Honest Legendary Marketer Review 🤦‍♀️No Holds Barred 😮

– Boom; check out this six figure ring we just got last weekend
at an awesome Mastermind from one, one, just one, of
our multiple income streams. Hey, this LeahRae from, and in this video, I’m gonna show you exactly what we did to
generate over six figures in commissions, not in
sales, but in commissions with the affiliate program
through Legendary Marketer. Trust me, you’re gonna
want each and every one of these steps and gold nuggets to build either Legendary
or whatever business that you’re building online,
there’s massive things that you can learn to help you get success and to go faster from what
I’m going through today. Now it’s actually less than a year that we hit that $100,000 mark with one of our multiple streams of income with Legendary Marketer. Now how did we that? Well, I’m gonna be totally honest. When we got started, we
already had an audience. We had a large email
list, and we were driving a lot of traffic through
Facebook to sell our courses. So we had people who were paying attention to us, essentially. But what did I do? This entire time, all I’ve done is promote it through YouTube videos. That’s it, just shooting videos. Really not complicated. Not technical marketing, you know, really good copywriting type stuff. It’s simply just getting
out in front of an audience, providing value, and driving traffic. And that’s really what
I like about this offer is that your job as an affiliate
with Legendary Marketer isn’t to do all this
complicated sales stuff and marketing stuff. Your job is simply to drive traffic. Just drive the traffic. They handle the sales and the upsales, and the way that they have
everything structured, it really works beautifully
for the affiliates. So you can focus only
on building an audience and driving traffic to the offer. Now most of the top affiliates with them I believe are using YouTube
as our main strategy, but I know one of our good
friends who’s doing really well has used Google Adwords and blogging and Facebook ads and some different stuff in addition to that. So you don’t have to just use YouTube. You can really use anything where you’re building an audience and you’re pushing them towards an offer. Lead with value, and then put
an offer in front of them. Now how does this really work? Well, they set it up really beautifully. Now I love what the program
offers its customers. So not everybody who’s
involved with Legendary is promoting it, definitely not. There’s a lot of people who
are just involved with it ’cause they wanna learn more
about digital marketing, about how to become an affiliate marketer, about how to build an online business. And so they’ve got great training
that teaches all of that, how to build your audience,
how to start writing ads, how to give, do content
and develop your audience, engage that audience,
and then to make sales. So they’ve got really great training and amazing live
Masterminds that they offer through their program. You know, I love the product. I love how it serves. I love the vision that
they have for the company and where it’s headed. I can definitely stand behind the product and the training and
everything they’re doing. So that makes me really happy
and excited and comfortable promoting it to our
audience, because I know that it’s great stuff. I’ve been through the training, I’ve been to the live Masterminds, and it’s all phenomenal. But how does that all
come together for you as an affiliate promoting this? Well here’s the beauty of it, guys. They have what’s called a value ladder. If you follow Russell Brunson
at all, click funnels, he talks about this a lot. It’s important. So you start with a very
low ticket offer up front, so something that’s anywhere
from free plus shipping up to thirty, forty bucks,
something in that range, something low ticket. You get that in front of your audience, and so as the affiliate, all you do is drive people into the front end, into that low ticket offer. Now because they
over-deliver and they give a lot of value on that low ticket offer, a lot of people wanna go further. They want more. And so they offer them more. They’ve got great marketing in place, helping people who want
to take the next step, get more advanced training,
go to live Masterminds, and really just, they
want the kit and caboodle. They like what they’ve seen, and they wanna spend more money. Fabulous. So they offer that to
them, and they take care of all of that. As the affiliate, you
don’t do any of that stuff. You don’t deal with the high ticket stuff. All you do is drive traffic into the low ticket front end offer, which makes it really
easy, and a great place to start with affiliate marketing because they’re doing the selling for you. It makes it a much, much simpler place to get big money as just a beginner, because they do that for you. All you have to learn how to
do is to drive the traffic. That’s it. So build an audience, drive traffic. You don’t have to learn how to sell. Yes, someday you should
learn how to do that. It’s good to do, but it’s not required for you to start making money, for you to start making big money, and you can make a ton of money with this because of the value ladder
that they have in place, because they have several
high ticket items. They’re liking what they’re
getting at the lower end. They have money to
invest in their business. They want more help, they want more time, they want more done for them. Whatever the case may be, they’re taken to the next step, to the next level, and you as affiliate, you just wake up to an email that says you
made a few thousand dollars, and it’s great. And what’s really a
blessing for me as a leader is being able to connect with people at these live Masterminds
who are just getting started and have them tell me how much that my talk at the Mastermind
or the one on one discussions that happened afterwards,
how much that impacted them and their business, and
seeing them 90 days later or whatever at the next Mastermind, and seeing the growth in them as a person and them as an entrepreneur,
and in their business, you know, the number of
followers, subscribers, the money coming in, all of that stuff. And being able to be a part of that is really exciting to me, and I’m blessed to be a part of it. I think it’s awesome. Now you can learn more
about their program, all about it. Click on the top link of the description. Get access. If you’re not involved
with this already, guys, you need to be. It is an amazing program, even just from a customer perspective. You don’t have to be affiliate
if you don’t want to. Look at what they have to
offer to the customers. It’s a great training platform that’s gonna help jumpstart your business. Now please know that
we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So if this is the very first video that you’re seeing of ours, guess what? Subscribe; hit that
subscribe button right here so that we can help you
create that time freedom. Once again this is LeahRae
from Watch this video next
that’s floating oddly above my head, and I’ll see ya’ soon.


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