Make Money in Landscaping and Lawn Care (Increase Income and Sales)

Make Money in Landscaping and Lawn Care (Increase Income and Sales)

a little side note before we start and i started my company about 13 months ago I was told it’s gonna be very hard to make money yes that’s true if you think small if you think little baby if you think you’re only going to make five hundred dollars that a day and be happy and yeah it’s gonna be very difficult to become very wealthy however there are people on this planet that make a million dollars a minute an hour a day ok there’s so much money on this planet right so that was the biggest thing for me is when I stop thinking like this and started thinking like this and now I’m like here thinking like that but eventually I want to get to like thinking huge the only reason you think $3200 is a lot of money because you never made thirty two hundred dollars the reason I think million dollars in a day is a lot of money is because I’ve never made a million dollars once you make a million dollars in the day you like god damn i want to make two million dollars in the day right is pushing for that next thing man it’s always pushing for that next thing so come on push with me dawg push with me Man were early guys when i was in school learning all this stuff about being a contractor they always talked about price gouging right they said don’t price gouge you have to charge materials labor and then on top of that twenty percent profit over it but that would mean i would make 200 bucks a day 200 bucks a day you kidding me are you joking I can’t be making 200 bucks day being an entrepreneur being a business owner put everything I know on the line you gave me have some respect so after a few months I completely decided to ditch that and going on with charge materials charge labor and add fifty percent because that only makes sense fifty percent if the whole job is that they cost me thirty-five hundred I’m a charge seven grand right and that’s what i’ve been doing lately and it’s been working great some people fifty percent of the people there is too much money icie area i understand you’re gonna get it done might as well do it sooner than later let’s do it let’s do this come on the more time that you spend making a decision is going to cost you more let’s take time out of the decision-making process but sometimes that works sometimes it doesn’t sometimes they go for a cheaper person not a big deal I’m not here to be the cheapest guy I’m here to make money a lot of people are business and they break even though i’m not here to break even dog i’m here to make some by me i’m here to make some bank because if I’m not gonna make it someone else’s today I’m gonna share with you how i can make around and dirty 3200 to 3400 dollars and two days and you might be like wow that’s big money right I what about those big money to shit if you ask me the same question last year I would’ve told you I can make 600 bucks in a day I would be thrilled analysis hundred dollars a day that joke to me so I’m sure next year 3200 dollars and two days will be a joke to me also but that’s good we’re growing so come up i’ll show you what we got so this is how we get the thing up in places where it doesn’t fit ok come on man look at this we finished and guess what I wrapped it up real tight over here we need to brand new concrete everything right retaining wall this nice color so you can come here and just sit on down oh this is how we do it just how i do it i don’t know how you do it i wish you would tell me how you do it


  1. NWlawnDog says:

    People with money would rather pay up for a high quality fast job than deal with a contractor that takes For…EVER. Just hard to keep feeding the monster.

  2. Daniel Starr says:

    Be Obsessed or Be Average?! Just saw your vlog and watched every video! Keep it up! Great daily vlog!

  3. D4x4Bronc says:

    whats your workers equipment/tools and what is yours? What do you do with excess material?

  4. JP PA says:

    Thanks for the information bro

  5. k0edm0nkeys says:

    when you mentioned it costs you $3500 and then add 50% as the price, so $7000. is the cost the materials and equipments plus the hourly wage you pay your employees?

  6. MiniTrail50 says:

    50%? That a good deal for clients. Contractors markups are
    from 100 to 200%. That why shady contractors and diy'ers are born.

  7. james read says:

    You said if the job costs $3,500 then you are going to charge 7 grand. Thats cost plus 100%. $3,500 x 1.5 = $5,250 would be cost plus 50% mark up.

  8. richie thebest says:

    which state is this

  9. Nathaniel Brown says:

    Quick little math note 50 percent of 3500 is 1750 so you are really just charging 200 percent of your cost

  10. manny cardi says:

    good job !! there's always customers preying on contractors to do the job cheap .i had a few of them..they win you is time away from family and friends and doing things you want to do.. so when you put a price on a job there's factors not alot of people understand

  11. Ricardo Mariscal says:

    I wanna do what you do. I'm serious. what's the first step?

  12. SkilledEddie says:

    You aren't ripping or gouging anyone if the client agrees on the price. Nobody forces anyone to hire anyone. If the price is too high they can simply decline and look for someone cheaper. I rather work less for more than work more for less any day. Lastly this guy is a unique case because of his millionaire/billionaire market area he lives in California. Celebrities and millionaires don't care about dropping $3200

  13. Benny Pena says:

    everybody's worried about the price. But nobody is saying anything about the quality of work

  14. Segundo Aguayza says:

    Did you go to collage after highschool to be a contractor or you just went for it?

  15. That One Guy * says:

    I like your YouTube channel. Looking forward to other videos. …

  16. Brianna Cardenas says:

    Get into the pool business you'd make good money

  17. J1.92c says:

    I subbed.

  18. gsrhatch14 says:

    Sounds to me like you need to humble up a bit. I feel your positiveness but saying $600 a day is a joke to you makes you sound like an ungrateful piece of shit.

  19. JULIO15747 says:

    I'm starting my own home improvement company, and I need some guidance, the biggest challenge for me is advertising and getting customers in, how do you do it?

  20. gabriel oneal says:

    so much motivation right here,i used to do landscaping for a company here in portland,or! lots of money in that field if you know what your doing. i wouldnt mind getting a work truck some tools and maybe 2 co workers with me and starting my own business.

  21. james freeman says:

    New subscriber here. Just wondering if you know how to do all this work your self or just hire people that do?

  22. 错鞘 says:

    i make 125 dollar an hour cutting down trees, whole langscaping job, fuck that

  23. 错鞘 says:

    how many employees do you have

  24. Luis Jarama says:

    Dog you don’t do the work latinos do the work for you dog so stop having credit to you own have credit to the people who work for you

  25. johnnyt621 says:

    Love the comments.. I want to make money!

  26. Anno Niem says:

    So almost a year later is 3200 bucks in 2 days a joke to you?

  27. UnblockedOne2 says:

    After just 2 years I'm so overrun with with my lawn care business. All I have time to do is mow & go. It's driving me nuts. All I ever really wanted to do was quit my day job & make at least $400 a week. Going to hire it all out this season & start getting into junk removal.

  28. Lucy Salinas says:

    How do you have 9K when you deserve a lotttt more 🏡🏡 I see growth in you !

  29. YaBoi says:

    How much do you pay your employees? Is it a salary or hourly?

  30. Bailey Fowler says:

    All your videos are is of you bragging about getting money not actually telling anyone how to run a landscaping business

  31. Gary Maldonado says:

    Stop bragging about money dude like Jesus dude you always talk about money money money

  32. Maycroft says:

    I'm just getting into landscaping

  33. Matt Munn says:

    Be obsessed or be average grant cardone listened to that book like 4 times now. Tryna do big things out here in Utah with landscape installs. Have some questions about how you did yours so I can get mine to your level. If you could possibly give me a min of your time man answer a couple questions you would be helping me out a ton. Thanks man.

  34. Matt Munn says:

    Everyone needs to stop hating on this man. He’s getting his money. Learn from the man.

  35. Aventuras y retos Garcia Guzman says:

    Perfect work and I want to be like you i do different work but i get ideas watching your videos and any tip to get more jobs and keep working every day I will like to ear from you thank you and keep the perfect and good work up

  36. Patrick Wheatley says:

    Do you know grant Cardone personally

  37. andi butrus says:

    Nice truck

  38. Trevor Rice says:

    Can you make a video on how you market and get these projects?

  39. Whats Up says:

    What is his job??

  40. Cassette Walkman says:

    Your 100% mark up (3500 + 3500 is not 50%) is exactly what the experienced painting business owners charge to. They actually quote on a sqft rate but paying their workers by the hour, plus material costs always works out 50/50 costs/profit. It's also how I started doing my construction work. Even when I'm labouring myself, I pay myself hourly rate plus add materials then pretty much double it. If I don't I won't be in business 2 years from now.

  41. John B. Bizzlle says:

    You’re about 20 years younger than me and you’re my new hero

  42. Dawid Richardson says:

    I ain’t pushing anything with you thank you very much 😂😂😂

  43. Domanique Beham says:

    My only real question is how do you get your name after that fast like I'm not scared to hire someone or even Five Guys it's just I'm not about to waste grown men's time if I know I only got one to two jobs lined up and I'm hoping and praying on the next job but some people have certain strategies on how they get lots of jobs lined up for example I'm living in a town and I just found out today that you can pay $300 a year and get put on the Congress list of recommendations for what your services are so do you got any strategies that you probably paid for or care to elaborate other than Word of Mouth cuz that seems to get me my most jobs but like you said I'm thinking small cuz $600 a day to me yes awesome but I need to start thinking $3,200 a day but I also like to know more information so I can make me comfortable in my decision making two people are talked to be cautious and watch their steps and do things this way and do things that way you just go straight at it head first and I know you got a good team at all but you still got to have the balls to do what you're doing the way you doing it and I just feel like you have some type of system where you get all your paperwork done and how you do your quote so fast what prices you use like did you build yourself a book of where you shop at for material so that you can come up with quotes within 5 hours I'm just curious cuz you get shit done and I'm trying to get that motivation that you have!

  44. Kasey Saunders says:

    for someone looking to start a business in this industry that doesnt have experience in landscaping, where would you go for the training or knowledge of the job?

  45. Explore Junkie says:

    dam dawg you're videos inspire me so much I'm a new sub :]

  46. Juan Arredondo says:

    I like the way u think. I wish there was more people though like u.

  47. Asap Goms says:

    Thank for the info.!

  48. Maria das Santos says:

    Money is the life blood of a business.You have got to make the scratch.

  49. connor roach says:

    You watch too much grant cardone bud. And by the way 50% mark up of a $3500 job does not equate to a $7,000 job.

  50. David Burden says:

    Mate we would charge $10k for that in did great job

  51. Dan Larkin says:

    Let me you tell you something kid I was making a lot more money then your talking about as a landscaper when your in New York come visit me at Sloan Kettering cancer hostipal and I would love to talk to you as I get my chemo treatments I was cutting 500 lawns a week 3 landscape crew and without your health you not worth anything money can get me of here any faster and Iam only 34 you have a lot of growing up 2 do.

  52. Christopher Sinni says:

    Smoke and mirrors put in the end can everybody just by a program

  53. Liam Bambery says:

    did you go to college?

  54. William Grey says:

    Ahhhhhh, chasing money. Wait till you hit a certain age and realize it doesn't even make you happy. Looks like you have about 20 years before it sets in.

  55. MusicTube says:

    Nobody makes 1m in a minute.

  56. NIXON ALI says:

    Latin power only.

  57. George Martinez says:

    You’ve been listening to Uncle G! Great video!

  58. Darcy Torpey says:

    People don’t get 1mil a minute

  59. Titan Lawn & Landscape says:

    That's crazy growth. Can you let us know how you financed the growth? Traditional banking? Family? Inheritance? Also what gross profit margin did you make on the $1.41M in gross revenue?

  60. Tony Doherty says:

    Your health is your wealth dawg, 50%🤣🤣🤣

  61. Travis Tran says:

    How do you find pavers and what is their payscale with you? Do you pay them for the day or per hour? Thank you for being a friend Tigran!

  62. CrzyAuto Chic says:


  63. Noel Molina says:

    Hey buddy how do you go about hiring the people who work for you??

  64. FredoHeadHunchoDtx says:


  65. WillisOnThaBeat says:

    Damn bruh, are you hiring?

  66. Colin Maharaj says:

    yep same thing I tell others……

  67. Josep Cortez says:

    How much for your programs ? Saw on Facebook you post about a goat member named Alex make $80k his first month

  68. jonathan terrazas says:

    I know how you do it, look at all those Mexican brothers working for you!! Seriously l give to them a big recognition that so far l haven’t hear from you!
    Cheers, and l also recognize your great work and mind set that makes all the magic!

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